As soon as I got up, Zelda’s mobile phone was held in his hand, and then went to restore all the functions inside;
Then, the former king gave Link to the equipment that could obtain a certain flying ability;
Opening the temple and pulling out the sword of the master, on the one hand, is to restore the original strength, on the other hand, it is to obtain better quality resources;
Invaded the Four Sacred Beasts, rescued Heroes, gained control of the Four Sacred Beasts (infrared rays were fired at the palace), and at the same time integrated the abilities of the Four Heroes to Link.
In other words, to integrate the high-quality resources of the entire Hailaru continent into Link alone.
If Link chooses to betray, it seems that no one can stop it (in fact, if you don’t save the princess, to a certain extent, saving is tantamount to betrayal)…After all, in the end, the great devil was also defeated by Link. In other words, as long as Link is willing, he can not save the princess and become the true demon king who bullies the mobs, monsters (horses), and tortures the beasts (three dragons) everywhere in Helallu (seems like many people choose Do not save the princess, and after saving it, she will still retreat).

Shika stone is made by Shika people. The technology is in Shika people. The master sword of Shika goddess of allegiance needs to be recognized by the person who chooses by Fayi to use it. Fayi is created by the goddess and directly obeys the goddess. . Although Link was the chosen person, the contract (that is when Link drew his sword to the sky) was only temporary. Faye, at the request of the goddess, could provide different levels of trials according to Link’s situation, including the physical body. And spiritually. In other words, if Link really betrayed as the subject said, and the trial cannot be passed, he will not be able to use the Exorcism Sword to liberate the beast, but the control is still in the hands of the four heroes, because Link was sent out of the beast. The most important point… The Wilderness Link can’t beat the Wilderness Zelda, this Zelda has a complete triangle of gods… 120 temples are the goddess (via the Shika) to Link Refining you think there are a lot of resources… These resources are given to you by Zelda (Goddess Reincarnation)… and can be recycled… The Zelda series is old tradition, only swordsmanship and pot cover are your own , The Wilderness Helya Shield was given by the royal family. Oh, to add… the boxer shorts on your body were also replaced by the Shika tribe. It is said that a special technique (Book of Masters) is used to ensure that it will not be corrupted for a hundred years. … take a 10,000 step back, let’s not discuss Zelda, and Link won’t fight Guinon. Sooner or later, Guinon (or Guinondorf) will repair his body completely and find his old enemy Link…Five Guinon are all clones of Guinon… The real Guinon hasn’t appeared in the wilderness so far, and Zelda and the Exorcism Sword will not be finished sooner or later.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Your question is very interesting, so let’s analyze it a little bit. First of all, you said that Link took Zelda’s phone in his hand to gradually restore the function. This is the beginning of the plot, and the initial significance of the game is to guide players to learn to use Shika Stone. But through the plot, we can know that Zelda did not thoroughly study the Shika Stone a hundred years ago, which is mainly reflected in the fact that the temple has not been opened. However, as soon as Link woke up, the old king asked Link to open the tower and find four temples. This was slightly different from the image of the old king who opposed Zelda’s research on ancient technology in the following plot. Perhaps he saw it after turning into a soul. Zelda’s research notes understand this, right? After opening the four temples, Link got a paraglider, which is actually not too advanced. Second, open temples and draw swords. There is a passage in the memory of Zelda and Link quarreling in front of a temple a hundred years ago (actually Zelda was unilaterally awkward, similar to the conflict between a young couple). In this memory, you can see that Zelda did not Knowing the role of the temple, but a hundred years later Link directly entered the initial four temples under the guidance of the old king, and looked for the temple after he got off the platform. It can be considered that Zelda a hundred years ago did not understand the role of the temple at first, but gradually studied what the temple was for and recorded it, so that the king would know how to open the temple and be able to guide Link. After entering the temple, we can also know that the temple is a trial given to the brave by the Shika instructors. Only through the trial can we obtain the voucher and seek the help of the goddess (life limit and energy limit). There are two key points in this, the brave and Shika’s stone. Only the brave who holds the Shika Stone can enter the temple to complete the trial. The brave is Link. There is no doubt that there is no new brave in a hundred years because Link is not dead. And even if a new brave appeared, he could not enter the temple for trial, because the “key” to enter the temple was locked in another temple. After talking about the temple, let’s talk about drawing the sword. The master sword obtained by Link a hundred years ago, but the process is not elaborated in Breath of the Wild. Referring to the following plot, we think Link is still the master sword drawn from the misty forest a hundred years ago. But there is something worth talking about here. A hundred years ago, Link could draw his sword directly without entering the temple. From the player’s point of view, Link had already had thirteen hearts a hundred years ago. However, a hundred years later, there were only three hearts. Perhaps it can be attributed to the injury too. He has not recovered to a complete state (there is also a loss of memory). A hundred years ago, Link had thirteen hearts, and he was the one chosen by the master sword. These were two conditions for Link to draw the sword, and one was indispensable. This also led to the fact that for a hundred years, the master sword was in the misty forest but no one could make the master sword appear again. Third, invade the four mythical beasts. You use the word invasion, I don’t think it is very good, because the description in the game is “liberation”, the behavior of the player and the settings in the game are to get back the four great beasts that originally belonged to the Hailaru Kingdom. The Four Mythical Beasts are weapons of decisive battle against Ganon discovered by the Kingdom of Hailaru a hundred years ago. This thing is essentially the property of the Kingdom of Hailaru. It is just four capable people selected from the citizens to drive. The system was hacked by Gannon, so Link’s behavior was to liberate the beast from Gannon’s control rather than invading (I can’t help it if it is an invasion from the perspective of Gannon). Closer to home, liberating the four mythical beasts is the key to defeating Gannon, so there is nothing to say about this step, except for the super bosses, basically liberating them. After liberating the beasts and freeing Yingjie, what did Link get? Obtained the protection of the four heroes: avoid a death, updraft, thunder and lightning, shield block. Otherwise, Link didn’t get the control of the four beasts at all, because the beasts were controlled by the four heroes. Before killing the curse of Eghnon, the four heroes were suppressed by the curse. The internal system of the beast was basically paralyzed, but the back door was left (referring to the stone of Shika can operate part of the inner area of ​​the beast), so that Link had the opportunity to take the beast. Initialize to force out the curse of Egenon, and then kill. After the kill, the control right still belongs to Yingjie. It was also the heroes who took the initiative to control the beast to aim at Gannon, because they knew that Link would eventually step into the palace and fight Gannon. Now we can talk about the problem that the subject is worried about. First of all, are high-quality resources concentrated on Link? Yes, because this concentration is necessary. Now, unlike in the past, the only person who can control these resources is Link: a user Zelda on Shika’s Stone is suppressing Gannon, and the master sword is only Lin. It can be used. The four beasts can only be controlled by the heroes, and the heroes’ protection is because the four heroes are dead and only a soul is left, and the skills are useless if you keep them. It is better to give it to Link, so Can also help Link. Second, will Link choose to betray? Let’s think about it carefully: You are an ordinary person and have found a decent job. Your boss of the opposite sex has a good impression of you. You have a childhood sweetheart, a arrogant friend (although this friend always says you can’t do it, but he doesn’t play with you, he doesn’t help you), and a reliable senior. Your work unit has made a major research breakthrough. This breakthrough may affect the world. It is this major breakthrough that allowed you to meet tsundere friends and reliable seniors. The relationship between you and the boss of the opposite sex has gradually deepened (childhood: What about me? ?). Your childhood sweetheart, arrogant friend, reliable senior and godmother of the opposite-sex boss have obtained the administrative rights of the four parts of this major research achievement. After that, you have also made a key breakthrough. The father of the opposite-sex boss (the company chairman) ) Appointed as an assistant to your boss. Everything is developing in a good direction. But at this time, the opposing company suddenly hacked your company’s system and robbed your research results, leading to the death of your childhood sweetheart, your arrogant friend, your reliable senior, and the godmother of your boss of the opposite sex. Because of your serious injury, the hospital even gave you a critical illness notice, but your boss of the opposite sex desperately sent you to the ICU, turned around and went to a stalemate with the opponent company. During this period, the gangsters of the opponent company were mixed with rogues. We beat, smashed and looted in your company, which eventually led to your company’s bankruptcy and almost all employees were unemployed. Finally, you woke up from the ICU and saw the program left by your boss of the opposite sex. When you walked out of the ICU, you saw an old man who taught you how to use the program, then took you out of the hospital and gave you a car to save his child. Only then did you know that he is the chairman of the company and you The father of the boss of the opposite sex. When you walked out of the hospital, you went to the hometown of childhood sweethearts, tsundere friends, reliable seniors, and boss godmothers. Relying on the back door of the program, you regained the company’s research results. At this time, are you going to save your boss of the opposite sex or betrayal? What? Gaynon destroyed Link’s living country, killed Link’s friends and relatives, and destroyed everything that Link valued. In the face of all this, Link could only be forced to sleep for a hundred years. What will he do when he wakes up? I don’t remember anymore, I can only slowly find out who I am, where I came from, and what I want to do. And when Link remembered everything, I couldn’t think of other possibilities besides linking to blasting Gannon with the master sword.

7 months ago

I. An ordinary red-skinned pig. What I do every day is to carry my little stick and chase the wild boar hunting. Carrying a stick to scare travelers passing by. Then I sat around the campfire with the little blue pig and the black pig, and listened to Uncle Golden Pig and Uncle Silver Pig telling stories about their past while eating barbecue. However, each husband is not guilty, and he is guilty. It was pouring rain that day, and a pig in strange clothes ran in. We thought he was just coming to hide from the rain, and we all curiously circled around him. After talking, I told the secret that we have a treasure chest here. His originally kind eyes changed, like a tiger picking a pig and eating it. He took off his headgear abruptly! It turns out that he is not a pig, he is a demon! He took out a rare weapon that only big men like Golden Centaur had, and immediately drove Uncle Golden Pig and Uncle Silver Pig into the river. I watched the two uncles continue to struggle in the river…until they died…Big Brother Black Pig took up his weapon and wanted to fight back against the invading Demon King. As a result, I saw that he took out a brick-like object and waved it at Big Brother Hei. He was set in mid-air, and his head was cut off easily. Little Blue Pig blew the horn, and he attracted the attention of the Demon King. The little brother gave me an apologetic smile: I’m sorry, brother, I didn’t protect you, run! How can I run? I turned around to get my little stick, and when I turned around, I saw that the Demon King shot five arrows through my little brother… I roared and charged with tears, that is my brother, that is my home! Since you cannot be born in the same year and month and day, then die in the same year and month and day! The devil stopped me again, my body didn’t listen to my orders, no matter how hard I tried, it just floated in the air. The devil smiled and approached me… I had nothing to do, all I could do was stare at him with bloodshot eyes. “If you don’t kill you, how can I open the treasure chest?” This was the last sentence I heard in my pig life.

7 months ago

Link (link) means the link between the player and the protagonist controlled by the player, which means that the player is the protagonist and you are Link.
So if you think Link is more like the big devil, then you think you are like the big devil.
Like I never thought that, I was always just a lonely brave, except for the little train Link, who can always fight with Zelda.

7 months ago

It is recommended to take a good look at the game plot. This is a mistake of sympathizing with the aggressor. No matter how miserable the aggressor is, the breath of the aggressor’s wilderness is called the “breath of the wilderness”. Because the Kingdom of Hiraru was destroyed, most of the people were crowded into small towns to survive. The houses belonging to Hailaru citizens collapsed, the land was barren, and most of the land was degraded into wilderness and monster dens. Why would the Kingdom of Hailaru be destroyed? First, ten thousand years ago, the royal family was afraid of the strength and black technology of the Shika tribe, and exiled them to small valleys, which led to the dynasty of science and technology in the kingdom. It degraded to a hundred years ago when Ganon awakened and predicted, and hurriedly dig out the beasts and protect Even the function of Shika’s slate only developed a camera, and the temple did not know what facility it was (previously used to train the brave); second, the resurrection of Gannon led to a sharp increase in the number of evil monsters, and even appeared A rare high-level monster like a sagittarius is mentioned in Mifa’s diary and DLC memories; third, the dug out mythical beasts and guardians were stolen by Gannon, and the huge defense system became a terminator. The high-efficiency combat power instantly turned against the enemy. The death of Princess Zelda’s mother too early prevented her from using sacred power, so the Kingdom of Hellaru was destroyed. In other words, 100 years later, these monsters on Hailalu are all invaders, the descendants of monsters that have ruined the country and killed countless ordinary people. They are not innocent themselves, they will come to kill them when they see people, and it is no exception for ordinary npc travelers. The Pokerbrin lair itself is built on the basis of various remains. It is not here for mother-in-law to analyze the pitifulness and righteousness of these monsters. At least in the wild, the opposition between monsters and people is very clear. Monsters are evil, and they are completely evil. They are not at the same time as humans. They will not get along with humans. They will only use any means to destroy all intelligent creatures that are not monsters. Either you die or I die. The breath of the wilderness is a story of revenge, salvation, and liberation. , That is, the kingly brave fighting the devil, it is impossible for the situation in the problem to occur. There are three well-known powers in the Zelda series-the triangular power of the gods: wisdom, strength, and courage. If Link is not an upright brave, then the villagers of Impa and the four tribes will not help him, and the goddess will not give him power. , The trial of the temple will not be open to him, the fog of Kroger Forest will blur his eyes, and the master sword will also turn his back on his fallen master. Power is a copyable real power from inner courage, justice, Is the idea to protect and save others

7 months ago

If the player’s will is imposed on Link, then Link must be the devil, surely, but in doing so, you have overlooked a problem, that is, you have completely ignored the plot inside. So my answer is that Link cannot be the devil. If you betray the king, betray Impa, and betray all the people who support you on the mainland, then you still have to oppose Gannon. But who are Guynon’s men? It’s Bockbrin, the Lizardman, Molibrin, and Linier, who makes you desperate. The monsters who give you the first stick on the platform are them. When you jump off the platform and on the adventure road, the monsters who will fight you are also the monsters, and the ones who will fight your kind are also these cubs. Besides, I stand on my own mountain as you said, and I have to betray people of all races. I have a reason to betray Impa, the amiable grandma who guided me back to my memory? There is a reason to betray that Papaya, who prayed for me for countless days and nights for my way forward, and that Pulya who shouted to check it to help you unlock the Shika stone item ability, the people of all kinds who have been guiding you on your path? What kind of things does Link have to encounter to produce hatred of these people? It doesn’t make sense, the plot doesn’t make sense. The second is the setting. Why did Link lose a hundred years ago? The beast was taken away, Zelda did not unlock the power of the seal, and the Guardian turned against the water. Real gameplay, no matter how ridiculous the player’s performance is, you can’t forget the setting. What did the king say to you? Zelda is about to run out of strength, she spent a hundred years fighting against Gannon. The game is for your gameplay considerations. Since Nintendo has not made the world after liberation, it is impossible for you to challenge Gannon for a limited time if you want to open up exploration, but in fact? What if this world is not a game, but a real world? You Link is embarrassed to be lazy for a few more days. Zelda is not strong enough, and the seal is lifted. After some time, Gannon will return to the original force. The four beasts and Link’s ashes will all be raised for you. Don’t really think that the black octopus in the game is a lot of waste. People have been suppressed by Zelda’s power for more than a hundred years, and it has no breakthrough ability. It can only be slowly consumed instead of at least 10 success. I’ll spend five or six floors for you, and then hit the four mythical beasts and collapse. Do you really think that Link, who has the ability to reach the sky, can kill Ganon without relying on the four beasts and Zelda? You can’t just look at the performance in the game, and then take the barrage of our game “Twenty-seven minutes speed pass, how did Link lose when he was so strong a hundred years ago?” Take it seriously? How can I explain? I can only say that you are right.

7 months ago

What are you thinking (? Look in the book of disaster and disaster, Link, as an ordinary soldier, has been equipped with hang gliding wings, which proves that hang gliding wings are not high-end equipment. Mythical beasts, I personally think that the heroes of the four heroes are still the heroes who control the mythical beasts, and the four heroes It just passed on his abilities to Link. Zelda has contributed. One hundred years ago in Hella Lu, Poker Brin appeared in units of one hundred, and ordinary soldiers could not even kill a Molibrin. , Let alone civilians. After Link wakes up, monsters can only live in small groups. The lives of ordinary people are basically undisturbed except for individual deaths. This shows that Zelda has been suppressing Gannon’s power. And, it was during the decisive battle. Zelda suppressed Gannon to make it appear flawed. Link’s normal attack could not move at all. In fact, Zelda also made the last blow that made Gannon disappear. Zelda and Link, in this story It’s indispensable. As for Link, the protagonist of Zelda in the past, it seems to say that it is a reincarnation (I haven’t learned about the past, please forgive me if you say it wrong). It is his mission to save Hailaru, even the children in the village are not accompanied. A man can’t find a male mother (non-derogatory) that his wife has to take care of. You tell him betrayal. The big devil you are talking about is the player, not Link. I personally think that the player’s behavior after leaving the main line branch is just It can’t be used as a test of the character’s character. You can’t say that he is a travel enthusiast just because you control Link to run half a halalu a day, and you can’t say that Link also likes to eat durian because you only eat life durian. (Although He eats everything. I also read the comments of the subject under other answers. My personal opinion is that Link wanted to save the world because he had memories and recalled everything he had cherished. The original Link He was indeed running to follow his memory, but when he learned that the fate of the world was on his shoulders, he could not sit back and watch, and still chose to fight.

7 months ago

Good steel is used on the blade, but only if you have the blade. For example, does our Olympic champion and our national team occupy the country’s best training resources? Two bombs and one star, is it the power of the whole country? Give you these resources, can you succeed? Concentrate all resources on the most likely group of people so that you can succeed. Therefore, it is not that Link can succeed by gathering all the resources, but Link is the most likely person to do it, so everyone gives him the resources. Link was the most likely person a hundred years ago, and he will still be a hundred years later. why? Because the skills of the Four Heroes were not directly given to Link after he was awakened, but must be obtained by defeating the clone of the corresponding sacred beast. This in itself is a kind of proof, after all, it is a monster that the four heroes can’t beat. Defeated the monster, comforted the undead, was pinned on hope, gained the ability, and carried the mission. When only one person can do a thing, as long as he can do it and is willing to do it, what else can he ask of? After all, it has been a hundred years, and according to the life span of human beings, it is almost four or five generations. Guinong is there, the master sword is there, the monsters are there, anyone can fight monsters, and anyone can draw a sword. But in the end, we still have to wait for Link, who has been sleeping for a hundred years, because others can’t do it. For not saving the princess is tantamount to betrayal, so I can only say that it is mixing game design and plot guessing together. For example, if I play a game and something else goes out in the middle, the game keeps stopping at that interface, neither pause nor cut to the interface that stops the time in the game plot, but makes the time in the game not period. With the passage of time, have the characters in the game betrayed its mission? After all, he has been standing there without completing his task. You can’t mix player choices with the story of the game and draw a conclusion. Whether the protagonist of the game has betrayed the mission, just see whether the protagonist has completed the mission when the game is finally cleared. Regarding the statement of the Great Devil, I think that as long as Link does not kill people, he is definitely not the Great Devil. In reality, we eat beef, mutton and chicken. How many human beings bullied by monsters did Link save? If you are a human being, you have to judge from the standpoint of human beings, not from the standpoint of cattle and sheep. That is meaningless. Regardless of the story, no one knows what he is thinking, but everyone can see what he did.

7 months ago

Link can become a “big devil”-as long as the subject thinks he is the big devil. Don’t forget that in the “Legend of Zelda” series, one of the main reasons for naming the protagonist Link (Link) is to hope that the player can substitute himself for the role of Link—for this reason, Link also had to Become a “dumb”. Going back to the storyline of Breath of the Wild, of course, there is no problem with you doing this-but by doing this (bullying mobs, big monsters around), you are doing harm to the people. Why do you say that? Because all the monsters on the map, including Rainier, do not belong to the Hiraru Kingdom themselves, they were revived because of the resurrection of Gannon and then invaded Hiraru! They themselves were the chief culprits of the subjugation of the Hailaru Kingdom-until now, if you buy a house in Harnott, you can still see Pokbrin chasing people in the forest outside Harnott village. If you think that defending your homeland is a big devil, does it mean that all intruders are good people? In addition, in the worldview of The Legend of Zelda, there are three powers in the world-courage (Link), wisdom (Princess Zelda), and strength (villain forces such as Gannon). Whenever disasters are resurrected, Link, the reincarnation of the brave, and Princess Zelda, the incarnation of the goddess Helia, will save the land of Hiraru. How can it prove that Link is a brave? Pull out the sword of the master! The Sword of the Master has been translated into the Sword of Exorcism in the Apocalypse of Calamity-I believe the meaning of this sword is straightforward enough under this translated name, right? Judging from the setting of the game since “Sword in the Sky”, only the sword of the real hero master will emit a dazzling light (the story of the sword in the stone in the legend of King Arthur). In other words, if you are really a “big devil”, you will not be able to pull out the sword of the master at all. Even setting aside the game settings, just talk about the game itself. If you really put yourself in the role of Link and like the character portrayed in this game, I will ask you:
Your future wife (Zelda) believes that you can save the Kingdom of Hailaru one day, so she will do her best to send you back to the original plateau while fighting against the disaster alone for a hundred years; the person who likes you (Mifa), Your old enemy (Libal), your eldest brother (Dalkir), and your godmother (Ulboza) died in order to protect their homeland. The heroic spirits wandered over Hailaru and did not want to disperse. You are so embarrassed to say: Actually, do I want to be a big devil? If I choose, I don’t want the power of a beast at all.

7 months ago

First of all, Link’s ability to pull out the master sword is almost second only to the triangle power in the Zelda series. The master sword must not only be strong enough, but also need to be recognized by the master sword. Pulling out the Master Sword means that Link bears the fate and responsibility of saving Hailaru, and Link is destined not to betray. Regarding Link’s concentration of all resources 100 years ago, due to Gannon’s raid, the four heroes and the king died in battle. Hailaru almost fell. After Zelda awakened, he stayed in the castle to suppress Gannon. Link wanted to protect Zelda. Exhausted and fell asleep, only a few people survived. A hundred years later, Link woke up. At this time, only Link had the ability and Gannon Gang. Who wouldn’t the resources be given to him? In addition, these resources Link is not for nothing. The four mythical beasts are all cut out by Link himself. If you don’t collect resources, you expect Link to go to the castle with branches in pants and Gannon? (Ignore this sentence, please ignore this sentence) As for bullying pigs, pigs and horses, please take a closer look at the description of Pokbrin in the illustration: by nature, he is very aggressive and aggressive. The so-called old gangsters of Hailaru bullying the pigs are just complaints from the players. It was these thousands of monsters that destroyed the mainland of Hailaru a hundred years ago. Until a hundred years later, Link could also see some of them everywhere. Passersby besieged by Poker Brin. What’s interesting is that Link can attack all NPCs, and they will react in shock, but Link will not cause effective damage to NPCs. So please remember that every Pokbrin and Rainier you kill is for the people, and your comrades-in-arms were killed by this group of thieves a hundred years ago. Finally, the most important question: Doesn’t save Zelda count as a betrayal? What Link will ultimately face is the disaster of hundreds of thousands of years of calamity, Ganon Hellaru, can only seal and cannot kill what was sufficient a hundred years ago Prepared, but Ganon completely controlled the situation. But this time facing Gannon, only Link was alone. A centenarian who has been sleeping for a hundred years before waking up and has amnesia. This battle can only be won, not lost. So I upgraded all my clothes to the full level, collected the best weapons and shields and traveled around the world In the temple, I exercised myself and stocked 999 kinds of fruits just in case of searching. Haha, what about carrying more weapons? Who said I won’t save the princess? ! Of course I have to be fully prepared for such an important thing (manually funny) Who would have thought that Ganon is not as good as a man.

7 months ago

The monsters were all resurrected by Gannon, that is, under the control of Gannon, the blood moon will be refreshed, which is equivalent to rebirth from the dirty soil. Those monsters have died long ago. The horses and horses have been extinct for thousands of years. They are the species that have been resurrected by Gannon recently. Link is a brave man, so he can get the master sword through the misty forest. The princess is the reincarnation of the goddess of Hailia. She should be able to perceive Link’s good and evil, and she gave Sika the stone slab to allow Link to practice in the temple. Let’s just play a few words, don’t you have this independent judgment ability?

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