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Tell me some personal truth. As an old watch myself, I never really considered marrying a girl from my hometown. I refused it from the very beginning. Unless she and her parents are not affected by Jiangxi tradition, but the probability is really slim. Whether it was urged by my parents or introduced by their friends, I really feel that I am a modern young man who has crawled out of the ravine, so I will never accept these “dregs” again. I am not saying that I am poor. I was so poor that I didn’t have the money for the betrothal gift. It really wasn’t. If there is a need, I can treat her parents materially well. However, please pay attention to this but, but their mentality cannot be “My daughter married you, you have to give us money to compensate us”, no matter what they say, their mentality absolutely cannot be this way. If this is the case, it will make me feel that they don’t love their daughter, but are just trying to exchange value through her, including but not limited to the part of marrying. It is possible to do so in various ways. The key to this question is whether they love her or whether they care about her being happy, not just whether they can bring more money in the future, including “getting” more money from her husband’s house. Parents are very, very scary. And, if she happens to agree or acquiesce to her parents’ mentality and behavior, it will be even worse. Then she may not really love me, but is just cooperating with her parents to “fight” me… But too many encounters. Simply put, “If I want to give, I can give, even a little more, a little more, but if I don’t want to give, I don’t want to give a point.” This is the same as love. If I love you, I can give you anything, but if I don’t love you, I don’t want to give it a bit.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

They are all dissenting voices. Let me talk a little bit differently… I think this is a great thing. There are countless people who know about the mess of the bride price. The user said: This is a sincerity gold. The woman will put the bride price together with the dowry Return it to the small family together. Seeing that so many idiots and women on Zhihu are stunned because they can’t agree with the gift, Lao Yan is divided. Isn’t the bank launching loan services at the right time to solve this problem? You see, the gift will be refunded anyway, so let’s take out the loan first, and then wait for the gift to be returned and then return it to the bank. What are you saying not to return? It’s okay, what is the nature of marriage? The essence is to reshape the property relationship. When the two get married, this debt becomes a joint debt of the husband and wife, and the woman is obliged to repay it. Even if the payback is ten thousand steps, the spouse’s concealment of the debts caused by the spouse is not included in the joint debt. Isn’t there still a rule that the payer needs to return the gift if it causes difficulties in life for the payer? The money can still be paid back. Speaking of pre-marriage debts, you didn’t get your marriage certificate. How does the bank know that you are in a relationship? Is it possible to have a lover’s card? Therefore, this loan must be obtained first, and it is normal to get the license first and then get the wine. Therefore, this wave of banks does not lose money, but also allows lovers in the world to finally get married, and also allows the Zhihu Emotion Zone to have a standard solution to all kinds of chicken and egg problems: take a loan. It can be said to be an immeasurable merit for the benefit of the Lebanese community…

8 months ago

Those who said that Jiangxi’s male-female ratio is out of balance should be stopped, and your rumors are also encouraging the betrothal. According to the sixth census, the sex ratio of the population of marriageable age in Jiangxi is: 20-24 years old 1992465/2033252=0.9725-29 years old 1466019/1566032=0.9330-34 years old 1775553/1813400=0.98 [1] According to Sun Chengfang et al. ( 2017) A study of rural areas in Jiangxi Province found that the so-called so-called more boys and less girls actually meant that many girls did not register in time after they were born. Failure to register the birth of a girl in time is also a phenomenon that appeared after the 1980s. The reasons for this phenomenon are: First of all, according to the family planning policy, if rural residents have a girl in their first or previous births and want boys, they will choose to conceal the existence of these girls and not register them so that they can give birth to boys in the future. Secondly, after the reform and opening up, grassroots control has declined, local family planning management is not strict, and village cadres are willing to let the peasants stand between the higher-level instructions and the village community’s sentiments to conceal the existence of girls to cope with the family planning policy; third, big Most people are reluctant to kill female infants. Instead, boys have a higher mortality rate than girls. Farmers tend to give birth to and raise girls so that girls can help take care of the housework, and get married in the future and earn gift money. Villagers do not have no feelings for girls, they also send girls to school, and local schools also need more children to pay for school, so they acquiesced in enrolling unregistered children-this shows that the proportion of primary school girls is higher than that of births. The phenomenon of the proportion of girls. In recent years, crimes caused by the bride price, especially loan sharks and fraud, have become more and more intense. This has completely affected the social stability in some areas and induced serious poverty and poverty return. However, this serious social problem has been deliberately covered up by certain forces, resulting in the whole society not being aware of the seriousness of the problem. For the bride price, it has long been classified as an illegal behavior. This application has been solved with a one-size-fits-all method. At the same time, related criminal activities began to blatantly tend to be rationalized or even legalized. As far as this incident is concerned, the bank’s practice is illegal, it violates the Marriage Law and the Financial Industry Management Regulations, it is a disguised loan shark, but no one has reported the bank, and the bank has not been punished in any form. What reflects is the serious lack of people’s legal awareness and social public supervision. I hereby appeal to the relevant parties to strictly investigate the incident and prevent similar incidents from happening again.

8 months ago

Whether the loan violates the agreed use depends on the nature of the gift. According to many knowledgeable friends, the types of loans are consumer loans. It can be seen that consumer loans are used for shopping and generally cannot be used for investment expenditures such as house purchases and stock trading, nor can they be used for replacement loans or loans to support loans. Therefore, when it is considered that the bride price is used for purchase, the loan is suitable for the purpose of consumer loan. The only thing that needs to be determined is what the bride price is used for the purchase. In traditional women, the bride price can be regarded as the purchase of the right to choose marriage, housework after marriage, childbirth or other considerations that women need to pay. The bride price is obviously established as a consumer loan. But it’s a different story for feminists. Feminist rights often claim that this betrothal, to be honest, is enough for it? Obviously, it is not recognized that the bride price is sufficient to purchase any right of feminism. But dowry does exist. Feminist rights neither recognizes its purchase attributes nor the moral value of its gift. So what exactly is the dowry? It can be inferred from the consistent proposition of feminism that the bride price is because 30 million female babies were beaten, and the blood debt owed to women’s rights such as the cruel persecution of (Chinese) men for thousands of years. Such a small bride price is only used to repay (Chinese) men. The amount owed is not equal to the blood debt. Here, the meaning of the bride price is the act of paying off debts. Obviously, in the feminist logic, consumer loans are also a kind of debt replacement behavior, replacing the blood debts owed to women’s rights with cash debts owed to the bank. Women’s rights once again showed their high morale. In summary, it is not possible to simply conclude whether the bank’s lottery gift loan involves illegally changing the use of the loan, but to comprehensively examine whether the lottery gift is for women’s rights. strict.

8 months ago

This advertisement really makes me bewildered. In the advertisement, Jiujiang Bank said that the purpose of this loan is to “buy cars, buy jewelry, buy home appliances, and travel for weddings.” In reality, when you get engaged, you usually need to buy some jewelry and then get some cash, right? Although houses, cars, and home appliances are generally required for marriage, the money is generally not counted in the bride price-because nominally speaking, the bride price is all given to the wife’s family. For example, I have a 500,000 car in my family, but I haven’t heard of any place where this car will be discounted as a gift. (If there is, I’m ignorant of it). Since this is not considered a bride price, it may be more appropriate to refer to the consumption of car purchases, electronic purchases, and wedding trips as “wedding expenses”. And if you want to promote it, can’t you call this “new marriage loan” or “honeymoon loan”? Or, call it something like “honeymoon peace of mind,” and that’s okay. Obviously it has nothing to do with beauties, but I just want to use “beautiful loans” to recruit gangsters for myself. I’m really a big suit. By the way, in fact, many banks now have similar products. For example, the bank of the credit card that I use now has a consumer loan product. You can choose the purpose for approval when you apply. One of the options is “getting married and buying household products.” Under this issue, some people also say that the so-called “beautiful gift loan” is actually a consumer loan in exchange for skins. I basically agree with this point of view. In fact, in my personal opinion, the existence of such products still has its value. Because for most people, the cost of marriage during this period is relatively large. In the case of tight cash flow, consumer loan products can indeed alleviate the economic situation of the family to a certain extent. There is not much to blame for carrying out corresponding publicity and promotion for newlyweds. It’s just that the name “Cai Li Dai” is really hard to come up with after twenty years of dementia.

8 months ago

There is no need for everyone to get too angry because of this. I have also engaged in marketing before. In fact, the bankers themselves are also very disgusted with this marketing method. Moreover, this kind of product is unlikely to be sold. City commercial banks, in fact, the practitioners themselves know that the work of city commercial banks is not as tall as they imagined. It is no different from the supermarkets and convenience stores on the roadside. Now that the economy is in recession, it is natural to think of ways to sell products. We sell deposit loan products, and the supermarket buys fruits and vegetables for the same reason. They are all earning money from grandpa and aunt. Therefore, a small city commercial bank cannot represent the official attitude. Moreover, you will know once you have done credit. If you really lend, you would rather give it to employees of state-owned enterprises and teachers than to civil servants or people in public institutions. They have low income.

8 months ago

Let me sing a counterpoint, I am very optimistic about this credit product. I have always maintained an attitude towards male friends regarding the bride price: whether the bride price is not the key, whether the girl herself has the same heart with you, and whether she is willing to bear it with you is the key. Sometimes, it’s not easy to give up family ties (it’s hard to cut your relationship with your parents), and the old ideas of your parents can’t turn around (it’s easy to change your nature), but the person you want to marry is the girl herself. , Not her parents. If the relationship is indeed in place and the girl is willing to bear the pressure with you, then I do not recommend breaking up for the bride price. And this credit product fits my philosophy very well. Let’s take a look at a few key points in its advertising content: 1. The couple needs to be a formal employee of an administrative institution. For couples, there is no emphasis on men and women here. That is to say, this credit product is not developed for men, and it may even be a joint loan. The names of both spouses/couples must be signed at the same time to take effect. With the joint guarantee of the credibility of both parties, no one can escape, not only the man, but the woman also has to bear the responsibility of repayment. 2. The longest loan is 1 year / the maximum loan is 300,000. There are two key points here: ① The loan amount is usually linked to the annual income. The amount of consumer loans issued by formal financial institutions will generally not exceed the applicant’s normal repayment ability, so most of the money that can be brought out through this product will not be very affected. The quality of life of the applicant; ②The employees of administrative institutions receive sunshine salary, and the income of most civil servants is not high. The maximum loan amount in one year can reach 300,000 yuan, which confirms my guess about joint loans above. In summary, if a girl from Jiangxi says that her parents require a high amount of gift, I would suggest that boys consider this consumer loan: 1. Both parties jointly borrow to share the cost of the gift. 2. How much dowry is given depends on the country. As the country has said, we can only lend one hundred thousand beauties, so let’s not get angry with the country. On a larger scale, one of us has a formal employee in an administrative institution who eats national food and does not listen to the national language, my mother, if this is spread out, it will affect the official career every minute. 3. The longest gift loan cannot exceed one year, and the repayment is big. All other etiquettes, let’s simplify it.

8 months ago

Some answers have already mentioned that the focus is on small print. As long as you work in a public institution or a civil servant, it doesn’t matter if you don’t get married. There are many products that are suitable for you. If your career is not so stable, even if you are starting a business, or if you are a freelancer, then I’m sorry, it’s useless to get married, and there is no product that suits you. In essence, this is a manifestation of the bank’s insufficient risk control capabilities. Take a look at the microfinance loan, do you care about your occupation? Hundreds of thousands of credits are given without meeting, which has nothing to do with the support of Tencent’s underlying data. Social data to lend money does sound mysterious. In fact, the amount and interest rate mainly rely on the PBC credit report, but the most difficult point: anti-fraud, you can do it through social data. The number of red envelopes you send, the age of your WeChat account, the number of friends, the number of groups you have added, the frequency of posting your circle of friends, the number of times you open WeChat every day, etc., can all prove that you are a living person or a device farm. Phone, or even a piece of code in the cloud control. How do traditional banks know this? Both cats and dogs can’t figure out the loans that come in online. If the loan is cheated by the black property, who will bear the loss? Therefore, the core risk control methods of traditional banks are still the same, real estate mortgage, stable career, salary flow, etc. This is an era of data hegemony. If batj has your data, you can evaluate your credit and collect data with the left hand. The right hand puts out a loan, while accumulating data, while making profit margins, you can not only use high-tech valuation, but also make financial money. Far away, traditional banks have no choice but to think of a solution on the gimmick, that’s it.

8 months ago

In some villages and towns in an area where the beauties are extremely high (much higher than in Jiangxi), after a blind date, the woman’s parents do not allow her daughter to meet the man privately-including dating, eating, watching movies and shopping. why? Afraid to really talk about feelings, the daughter was “abducted”. I asked the partner over there who needs a blind date, why not talk about a foreigner? People can cost tens of thousands of dollars at most, so I have to find a matchmaker to have these crooked melons and cracked dates? The answer is: parents must be local. Ask again, can you talk about a local one yourself? Your conditions are not bad, right? The answer is: parents not only need to be local, but also from nearby villages. But the daughters of neighboring villages are basically forbidden to fall in love. Oh, dare to love Bitcoin. Except for the slightly lower urban area, the beauties in the rural areas of this area range from 38~88 (backward villages) to 88~188 (rich villages), and the unit is 10,000. There, clever businessmen have long since found out the Jiujiang Bank’s model: borrow money to pay the son’s betrothal gift, and then repay the money when the daughter gets married. You said the betrothal gift is returned? Too underestimated others. The return ratio is Schrodinger’s cat, which cannot be known until the lid is opened (marriage). And even if it is 100% returned, it is equivalent to half of the money turned into post-marital property. Only with ignorant thinking and flexible operation can it give birth to such a deformed market with extremely asymmetric information. The biggest obstacle to the cancellation of the betrothal gift is the old and stubborn group of self-proclaimed and imprisoned, and retailers who stock up on odds and wait for a price. Unfortunately, from the current point of view, these two “thieves in the heart” are difficult to break. Housing is not speculation, but who can afford it?

8 months ago

Niu Ye Niu Ye this loan, just look at the third condition: at least one party needs to be a staff member of the public institution. I know that this kind of product, in fact, in every bank has a simple, that is to rely on the provident fund as the basis, borrow some Money to customers means that, on the other hand, if there are customers working in public institutions, they can borrow some credit loans from the bank based on the provident fund. Therefore, this product is actually a simple consumer loan in essence, just a set of one The name of Choi Gift Loan is nothing but where is this loan cow? As a banker, I have been dealing with provident fund loans for several years. I never thought of using consumer loans to give Lottery. When I saw this poster, Suddenly it became clear. Wow, so I can borrow money from the bank to give the betrothal gift! ! A word to wake up the dreamer But, will I do this? Surely not, the money borrowed will eventually have to be repaid. The fool made his debt so high. However, I have to say that this gift loan has brought new terms and new functions to consumer loans. If you have a broad mind, this will work. In the future, “luxury loans”, “travel loans”, “red envelope loans”, “IQ loans”, and “welfare lottery loans” are no longer a dream! Chinese youth are increasingly in debt, capitalists are happy, young people are also happy, the economy takes off and consumption is stimulated, and the rise of China is not a dream of mental retardation

8 months ago

Didn’t you say you’re not selling girls? Are you still licking your face and saying it’s an attitude? Are you still licking your face and saying that buying and selling are objectified women? The bank will finalize the case for you. If a slap doesn’t make a sound, the bank is just blaming the matter. Jiujiang Bank competes high ha ha ha ha ha, step up efforts, and the higher price will win. See who ends up in the end. The bank recognized it and proved the fact that the essence of the facts is certain. Banks are blood-sucking transactions. Banks do business transactions and do not participate in ethics. However, banks must consider ethical risks. Obviously, if they participate, they are either unilaterally whimsical, or both parties do not. Dissent, the bank bridges the gap. Is there a way to buy a house and a car with a loan? It’s selling and buying. Hahahahaha, the dust has settled, step up efforts, the last fig leaf is pulled, the buyer and the seller are on the right path, the problem of covering their faces in the pants is saved, take all the pants off, it is recommended to start 700,000 gifts. See who is over, do you think I am the seller with the pricing power in your hands? You also have to look at how many goods will come in the market. If you want to sell at a higher price, don’t you have to look at the pros and cons of the goods? Jade is also divided into ABC. You must not be proficient in piano, chess, calligraphy and calligraphy, and hand over the itinerary from field to delivery. It is commonly known as the source is poor. Is the source certified? What QQ, WeChat, Tantan, Momo, account password, ID card public security inquiries so the room opening records are everything. All the records of the hospital, want to sell the price. You have to be worthy of the price. Is it the old saying that you get what you pay for? I still want to fish in troubled waters as I do now, let others ruin their families, talk with some nonsense, and use ethical feminism to suppress others. Don’t even think about it, the capital is all over. Your set is not working well. If I want to play, I’ve had two friends. I smoke, drink, and have tattoos, but I’m pure. If you love me, you have to believe in me. What are you thinking about? The bank is in debt, it’s real money in exchange for it. Jiujiang Bank has a high competition, and it is recommended to promote it nationwide. Anyway, if you don’t have money, you still can’t afford to marry. The rich have to worry about ethics. Those who are cheated are also unspeakable. Men and women are the same. Women who have the ability to go directly to choose men, take the little fresh meat directly, and spend money. Pick, fish in troubled waters are prohibited. I just look at the high-quality women who are on the verge of getting better. There are a few playful ones to see who finishes first.

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