Three months ago, I joined Rhode Island. For some reasons, I cannot disclose my code name.
When I was working in Rhode Island, I found that what I could do was almost rounded up by my seniors, which resulted in me not getting enough work quota. In the end, my salary can only get subsistence allowance. And there is no expectation of promotion.
On the other hand, when following Rhode Island to prevent the city from hitting, because the power of our crossbow was too small, it could not attack the enemy’s high-armor units. As a result, I could only act as a human shield for the warlock team to attract the attention of enemy mortars and bombers throughout the mission.
I heard that warlocks are very popular now, should I change my job?
Another: My infrastructure skills only have to enhance the dormitory restoration.

I have been in contact with Rhode Island for a while. As someone who knows the company relatively well, I don’t recommend you to switch to a Warlock. Warlock is one of the most competitive positions in Rhode Island. Before, the Eyjafjallajokull volcano destroyed the world in 360 degrees, and then the Ifrit captains attacked without losing. These two also include the reduction of armor and resistance, the old Rhode Island magic god, the existence of the top of the warlock pyramid, and the tax on the magic god of the warlock has been received in 2077. Don’t be boring to compare with them. To speed up the charging of teammates, there are White Faces and Blue Angels, this branch is not recommended, there is no future, the Blue Angels have not seen it for a long time, three years? Five years? I forgot. When the high monomer broke out, there was no Warlock occupying this position, but I don’t know if you have ever seen the grumpy old lady who likes to eat ice cream from the Rhode Island Guards (last time I asked her to eat the special Sichuan spicy ice cream last time, what are the consequences? , I only remembered what Levantine she yelled at that night, and I lost consciousness), she is now the first sister of the law, and it is unrealistic to compete with her. As for the bells and whistles, when she ate Mala Tang with Nian last time, she mentioned that her good sister had also gone to the island. She was comfortable listening to her talking about everything. I didn’t understand anything about blocking 20 high-level operators, just listen. It didn’t matter until she said that her sister was of the more brave and vigorous type. After playing for a long time, the damage panel would be outrageous. The point was that the doctor gave Jessica and the tigress from the Guards Bureau a steel ball for several months. It was only when I was working as a part-time worker that I collected the money to recruit her. At that time, I went to steal her painting, but she found it and was locked in the painting and beaten up. Can you call it a steal? It wouldn’t be good to go directly to grab her job. It’s not a big deal. Don’t provoke her. Speaking of playing with flowers, I bought a bag of honey cakes on the side of the road last time, just to go to Rhode Island to find a silly cute dog, but she didn’t even look at the honey cakes in my hand. I learned from Sister Vulcan that she picked it up. She doesn’t eat other people’s honey cakes. She is also a warlock by profession. It’s just a special kind. To describe it as a supersonic depleted uranium armor piercing dog, I don’t know if you have seen it. There is no stalking picture. The enemy’s armor is just like paper on her, and all axes, knives, and spears can be played here. Is this a warlock? Do you think you have any advantage other than IQ compared to a silly warlock with 18 martial arts skills? (That honey cake is obviously delicious, and even those who don’t like sweets think it’s okay. In her words, it’s a pity that the dough is not coated in red oil.) In summary, Warlock, it’s too late to switch to Warlock now. But as a senior, there is a position that recommends you. After listening to the benefits, you will understand. There is such a good position in Rhode Island, and the mission is always in the safest position. When the battle reaches the white-hot stage, you will retreat to eat melon and watch the show. The professional branch is just needed, just like people want to eat. Cannot be deployed. The scope of business is also wide, ranging from daily tasks to crisis contracts, as well as the joint operations or cooperation models that the doctors are currently receiving. In short, the salary is very high. The most important point is that the competition is not fierce. Seeing this, you should have understood it, presumably you must have seen Myrtle and Extreme Realm when you went out on a mission. What is the surrender vanguard called by the doctor. And there is still a branch that is currently vacant, don’t you think Myrtle is low-cost and quick-returning, and the extreme reduction and prevention slowdown? None of them cooperated with the warlock. You just practice what subtraction method to resist vertigo and add back the fee. Tell you that you will be very old. The next time the doctor encounters the kind of stone man in the cave, he will use your salary to go up. The key is to have a relaxed job. Just sit there and shake the flag. Oh, by the way, go to the Personnel Department again after training. If the doctor has a dark face, he will have to clean the bowl to recruit you. When that happens, remember to ask the Personnel Department to mention the share. You have the final say on the price. how about it? Isn’t it exciting? When you get rich in Rhode Island, remember to ask me to go to the spicy hot pot restaurant in Longmen Old Town to eat beef. My old friend often goes there every year. You must like her character.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

It is not recommended to be a warlock, the development of the warlock is very deformed. The boss is a lamb with hearing problems, a silly dog, and a Sakaz who even burns himself. And they are very young. Although the owner of Rhode Island was also a warlock, he was also pressed down by these two to become a magic guard. As for the group method, they were overwhelmed by these two. In contrast, the situation of sniping is much better, and the two seniors who quickly sniped are very kind. Although both of them are religious, they have not had any disputes with others due to religious issues. Especially the open string, I like to provide colleagues with jobs in her hometown. In fact, although the rapid sniper can’t be the leader, it can be the second line. The second-line quick sniper is also very popular, but you should pay attention to find some specialties for yourself. It is said that a certain Samsung Custer is about to be promoted. You are not to blame for the difficulty of breaking armor and being a meat shield. It was originally the job of the ground unit to be a meat shield. There is also a way to break armor, but the sniper doing this kind of thing can easily be refrigerated. I suggest that you continue to maintain the current position of rapid sniper. But try to acquire some skills or talents that add attack and reduce defense. Note: Don’t choose the one that warms up the engine and reduces the attack speed. In the case of infrastructure skills, if your skills are not just to add mood to yourself.

8 months ago

People are in Xista, just got off the bad guys. As a senior, I really don’t recommend you to go to Warlock, it is too difficult. Look at the little fire dragon, one square does not lose, two squares make blood, and three squares destroy the world. This kid is crazy and even burns himself. This honesty can’t compete with him. There are also silly dogs, not only good at precise strikes, but also silent skills. What’s more terrifying is that they are still energetic, how can they be so versatile. The most terrifying thing is that the regular season MVP, the difficult FMVP, the living volcano, and the lamb who will never be banned in the crisis contract, have not got their own skin now. Neither Mastima nor Xi can make a mission. So the warlock is the most difficult to develop. But the guards are a good department. Look at the tank with the machine gun, the buff is cool. Who else is this treatment besides Aneng. Or go to a pioneer, you see Doumiao now has more crabs, and the ghost knows how much money the doctor has allocated. Big deal, nanny. Hey? What do you say you can only shoot? No problem, you can ask Shining about this, she understands. If it doesn’t work, you can also go to Warfarin and Ah. Why are you looking for her? See if they lack the test product…

8 months ago

After hearing your question, I feel your difficult situation in Rhode Island. The Rhode Island sniper competition is indeed too fierce. In your description, the subject is that you should be a regular sniper operator. This position is also the most fierce competition among all sniper operators. You said that being an angel is indeed the most competitive one. Once as a sniper operator with some special abilities, you can still receive a lot of tasks that suit you, such as Blue Poison and Platinum Senior. They all have their own characteristics. Comparing with Neng Angels and competing for a bit, but the uncharacteristic seniors like Grey Throat can only be suppressed by Neng Angels to completely unable to take up the task (strong request to redo Little Yanzi). But later, Rhode Island recruited a sniper operator with open strings. This time, he grabbed the jobs of all conventional sniper operators. Basically, only angels and open strings can compete in the competition of conventional snipers. Now there is a sniper operator who does not know which country is from. He is obviously not a Lateran, but he can use all kinds of guns. There is also a particularly powerful explosive launcher, and it runs very fast. The disadvantage is that her guns are on. In any case, I can’t install a high-magnification scope, and the engineering department still doesn’t know why. Of course she is also a super competitive sniper operator, so it is even more difficult to be a sniper operator in Rhode Island. (I just remembered that the graythroat infrastructure skills were also exploded by the Rainbow Six’s linkage operators, and the combat skills were exploded by the empty strings. What did the designer of Xiaoyan think at that time…) And now the enemy’s defense awareness is getting more and more. High, knowing that wearing all kinds of powerful armor, the crossbow and crossbow arrows that are not as powerful as the black predecessor are also difficult to deal with most enemies. Even if you receive a mission, it’s hard to get military exploits, and it’s even harder to get ahead. However, I don’t want the subject to change to become a warlock. The competition for warlocks can be described as fierce. Senior Ayyafala hasn’t bought new clothes for almost two years in order to learn the art of rough stone. Her hard work has also made her become a Rhode Island warlock The strongest combat power, whether it is the distinctively carved Miss Ober or the boss Amiya on the face of Rhode Island cannot be compared with it. So if the subject became a warlock operator, it might be worse than it is now. Not to be able to be a medical cadre, Rhode Island’s medical treatment believes that the subject has also heard of it. Without a little bit of strength, it is simply untenable. Guards…Don’t even think about the subject. If the subject can play acrobatics or some very special rough skills, maybe consider going to a special post. There are many categories of special posts and the competitive pressure is small, which may be very suitable for the subject.

8 months ago

Personally recommend to be a sniper milk The Rhode Island Medical Department has a lot of seniors who can fight, but it also means that they are rich in resources. They don’t know how to hide themselves. They will learn something, and they will be iron jobs in the future! Didn’t the subject have learned to sniper? Just change the bullet to a bottle. You are the nurse with the widest range in Rhode Island, much better than the group of umbrellas. Finally, I will give some career advice. Whether you are a man or a woman, you must take a good-looking entry photo. It is definitely worth the extra money. This way, even if you are melancholic and blues, the promotion probability can be higher. If you have experience in trade and manufacturing, don’t Speaking out, easy 007.

8 months ago

The man is at the manufacturing station and just left the dormitory. A junior and unskilled Rhode Island operator. Good guy, I just persuaded a gangfa brother in the morning, little brother, and in a blink of an eye I ran into a sniper brother. I still said that, don’t turn it! Hi, don’t you operators watch the news? Same as that old man in the morning. Have you heard of the recent “Rainbow Six Team” incident? Judging from the battle report, the group law is undoubtedly the highlight profession in this incident, allowing the group law to see hope. But, haven’t you read the combat log? This time, thanks to the old man of the forest ranger, if it weren’t for him and the machine gun brother to defend the line, no one else would have the time to deal with the disgusting “essence” of the thief. Besides, it’s not good for you to change this profession. The source stone skill is very talented. The average person will have some results after three or five years of practice, but it is not as good as that… What is the name of the one who always wears all clothes? Forget, hey, it’s not as good as other people’s practice for a day. In the end, I would like to advise the old man in the morning and give the subject an idea. This time I don’t recommend transferring to Ethan’s special type, after all, it is too difficult. But I think those who put the clips are also quite good, and they are also on the field for this mission. How easy they are! Basically no enemy, relying on clamps. The subject may consider applying to the Engineering Department for a few wears, but it is estimated that Kluhir will not approve it directly to you, and it may cause a wave of bleeding. Of course, what I recommend the most is to raise some flowers, cats, dogs and cats. Look at Dou Miao, people are also sniping, but rely on their own crabs to go to the battlefield. Oops, I can’t fish anymore, the CEO will be in class for a while, that’s it, good luck to the subject, bye~

8 months ago

Do you think Nangang’s gun is a physical gun? It is a variant staff used when using rough stone art! So I think it is necessary for you to study rough stone art. The development direction can be to use rough stone art to increase the rate of fire or simply use a similar enchantment method on the crossbow arrow to increase the spell damage and increase the power of the crossbow arrow. As for the conversion of a magician, unless your rough craft type is of that elemental type and has a certain lethality, you are afraid that even the basic threshold of a magician will not be reached. The research on rough stone skills is not for the purpose of transferring technicians, but to do better in the position of quick sniper. In this Terra world, there are many skills without overwhelming oneself, and you can use a variety of skills to perform your own job. Better is king. p.s. If you really can’t find a way out, should you consider putting some stimulant on the crossbow and shooting yourself?

8 months ago

When you are sluggish, you have to consider and plan later. It is very important to cultivate a skill that has magical injuries. Jing Yi lays a good foundation, and the talent skill multiplier must be enough. Jing Yi directly comes out to find a position to follow the team, and waits for the full-level master nine to go straight to the first tier. Just remember to stare at the magnification. Don’t fix any useless crooked ways such as self-abduction or injury, waste time, wasted energy, and become a model. Ah yes, it is also very important to find CP Lalang. It is best to engage in CP at this point in time when you just entered the pool. If you miss it, you may not have much opportunity.

8 months ago

I have some personal acquaintances with Dr. Dao, so let’s tell you the inside story. In fact, it is really not recommended to enter a job in the warlock industry now! To be honest, the warlock business is now very serious and the competition is fierce! Now the prospects for new warlocks are not. Very good, unless you are particularly capable, or the resources are really good. Temimi has no resources, what about the six-star single method? No one brings it! Absinthe, five-star method, and there are fewer people than Mimi , Now I can only find clues to Uthas in the infrastructure! Krypton two hundred beloved by Dr. Xi, the background is hard enough, they can be promoted, you see that they are beautiful. But I will reveal an inside story to you, they earn even Aya Less than one-third of Farah! Rhode Island doesn’t have the ability to design fashion for Ai, do you really think she is the original leather? People buy it outside, and the 20-square-meter cloakroom at home can’t put her clothes! Xihe The high level of engraving is indeed good, but the two pick up relatively little work, go out to fight monsters infrequently, and can’t make extra money. It can only be said that there is money, and there is still a distance from the rich! Look at the veterans of Yuanshan Tianhuo, before The treatment is good, but now the wages are rising very slowly. Last time I watched the sky fire, she wanted to change to a bigger house, she couldn’t pay the full amount, think about it and went back without borrowing the mortgage, and complained to me for a while. If the level of the transfer warlock is not enough, the income may still drop! Looking back, your salary is enough to buy a down payment in the suburbs…The current warlock, the salary and treatment are what you see, but the income other than the salary is basically Ai Yafala eats meat, Amia eats some, and other famous five or six stars eat leftovers and some soup. Ordinary warlocks who want to earn more can only work overtime in the infrastructure, but this is not everyone can add Go up! If you go there, the situation will not be better, and the pressure may be even greater. Here I see you have some experience as a meat shield. Although it is forced, you have to do it. Let me give you a trick, you Don’t even talk about being a heavy outfit. If you’re not tough enough for those six stars, then you should consider becoming a special. You can endure hardship so much, it’s better to put some effort in this aspect. I’ll tell you that special is like this for you Operators of sci-fi is a very good way! I also think you have a fate to tell you! Specialty is not a good job in Rhode Island, but there are very few people paying attention to this speciality! Push and pull this kind of cadre you add If you don’t go in, Ah Xiao Ansuo is the veteran, the iron-eater, and Yaxin’s operators are relying on the high star rating, and the salary income is slowly catching up with the two of them. You can directly work as a meat shield and carry this stuff forward! There are only a few quick resurrects in Rhode Island. It seems that there are only a few. Although you are not a six-star, the quick resurrection is not only popular with six stars. It’s a lot! The doctor also likes to write a sum of credit to her. Don’t look at her low level and get bombed every day. In fact, she is treated well within the system, and she also settled a lot of money when she went out to fight monsters. In addition to infrastructure, she also Expert, let me tell you quietly that his four-star income is a little bit lower than that of the newcomer! Who has this ability for a local four-star in Rhode Island?! Gravel is easy to get along with, without the domineering feeling of Gaoxing. You can go and get involved with her now, and you’re practicing hard by yourself Practice hard. Reduce weight by yourself, make your body a little lighter, and you will take off after one fee reduction! It is difficult to reduce the fee, then you practice speed, and return to the field quickly is also very popular. Looking back, there is nothing wrong with the doctor. Does your chance of earning money come soon? Not to mention that it is the same as Li, it is not a problem for you to be a middle class! Being a meat shield is really hard, but you will pay attention to it, and there will be more opportunities to fight monsters to make money. Isn’t it better than getting a basic salary now?

8 months ago

You are pursuing change yourself. Don’t expect mixed food and wait to die at a young age to become a special service operator. The future is indeed promising, but this is a multi-person cooperation. How cruel the outside world is. Don’t you know if you go out and see who you have beaten by throwing integrated sports. It’s from over there. Do you think there is treatment for integrated sports besides that mentality is not normal? You can learn more about infrastructure skills and go to a class, which day will be white-faced Hemo attending work or Penguin will return to your job, you can replace the Ph.D. If you think it’s pretty good, you have a chance, or you can dress up well, maybe the doctor is obsessed with it. Four stars and down there is a good mess, but more people don’t even remember their names. The salary in Rhode Island is not much. But at least it’s a job that you usually pay more attention not to contract rough stone disease. It’s also useful to make friends with others, and you also see that you have the way to go. Warlock or sniper is better than to be a special one. It seems that you are quite effective against beatings.

8 months ago

Huh, you guys have no way out as soon as possible? What do you call me this group method? I am… eh! It was Rhode Island against Sakaz. I saw Skyfire sitting in a chair decadently. At that moment I was impressed. At that time, I was thinking if I could enter Rhode Island, I must win everything! Now that the opportunity is right in front of me, I have to think about whether this will be the only opportunity in my life! I believe that Qunfa can have its current status. Heavenly fire is indispensable. It is our duty to recast the glory of Qunfa! Now, OD-8 is right in front of my eyes, I am convinced that I will recast the glory of the group law! Oh! Can the lamb clean out the bugs? The lamb can do what the group method can do for ten cheaper fees, that’s all right. As you can see, there is no early day for group art. One sheep and one dog dominate the list. The invincible little fire dragon often fails to play its full role due to its characteristics. Fortunately, one square does not lose two squares of blood to earn, but fortunately, the new The evening when I came to Rhode Island was very strong, and it was a recast of the glory of the group, but what about us ordinary warlocks? Below the evening, there are Skyfire, Reinhardt, Far Mountains, Hell Flame Melt and Flame Melt, it is hard to have a bright future like mine! So Warlock is not that good at doing it. The competition is particularly fierce. The guards next door are even more fierce. There is a high-ranking six-star operator who is often humiliated. It is often said that she can stop even if she succeeds, eh. The competition in Rhode Island is too fierce. If you want to have a way out, you have to work hard to become stronger or think of other ways. Look at Amia, she is not particularly powerful. Although the big move is very strong, it is the final end. Skill! However, relying on the ability to raise the edge, he just got a lot of resources from the Knife Tower. Or, like Yan Rong, he was promoted to five stars in a different style, and he took off in no time. But in the final analysis, in Rhode Island, you either have unusual talents or someone behind them, who can make you different or get promoted. Otherwise, you will not get the resources for your whole life and you can only stay at 996. I’m going to work in infrastructure. .

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