Basically. Before having a second child, I was worried that I would like the boss more. After all, everything is the first time, and the second child is not new anymore. But the second child was really born and found that he could still be flat. The eldest daughter and the second son are three years old. When the second child is fun (after one and a half years old), the eldest is rebellious to the point of going to work, and there are many fallacies and heresies. The thing we can’t bear most is that she is eager for the attention of me and her father. If she feels that we are not paying attention to her, she will shout for attention. The younger brother probably knew from the beginning that there was a competitor like his sister, so he had a calm temper and was content and happy. He didn’t require much attention from us, so he could play by himself for a long time. Another thing is that my sister is very picky. She eats like medicine. It’s the last one to get off the table every time. I feel furious when I see her eating. She is small and she is the bottom of the class. I can’t let her eat, every time. To force her to finish eating, she is very anxious. My younger brother just loves food from the heart. He eats very well, and he is chubby and cute. There are two siblings. The elder sister has always felt very clever since she was a child, and she has been very careful. She will turn around and talk to you when she is three years old. The younger brother is very simple, stupid, and optimistic. I feel that my stupid brother has evened out my love for them. I think my love for them is basically the same. Usually, all clothes and toys are given to each person. There is no difference in material treatment. I will invest in the fund for both people. , Save a sum of money every month, the same amount, and plan to give them when they grow up. Before I sorted out my sister’s videos, our aunt said that you made so many videos for your sister, but you didn’t make much for your younger brother. I said the second one, it’s nothing new. Besides, it feels like a bowl of water is flat. When they grow up, I will give each of them a sum of money based on my financial ability as a starting capital, maybe a little more for my sister, because this society is not fair enough for women, but the gap should be controlled within one to twenty percent. Well, it won’t be too much. And I don’t have the idea of ​​helping the bad brothers and sisters who have been good. If they can get along, they will be blood-related friends. If they can’t get along, they will be blood-related nod and make friends. It’s over at first sight. I love them two, and I hope they love each other too, but don’t force it.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I don’t think it can, and it’s impossible. But just pay attention to how to distribute this kind of fairness. Do you think fairness is left or right? In fact, even if the parents feel that they are already fair, it is not for the children, especially for Dabao. Basically everything he felt wronged could be attributed to it because his mother gave birth to Xiaobao. Mom felt that I spent an hour with Dabao and half an hour with Xiaobao, but why was Dabao still unhappy? Because for Dabao, he used to take up an hour and a half of you. So I feel that since no matter how I can do it, I can’t meet the needs of the two children, so I should try my best to meet the needs of the babies and have a clear conscience.

6 months ago

The so-called level of water in a bowl, in my opinion, is not just about sharing everything equally, but giving the two children their own needs and allowing them to be met separately. I think that as long as the two children feel satisfied emotionally and materially, then a bowl of water will be smooth. Because each child is an independent individual, he likes different things, and his parents’ emotional appeals are also different. Maybe the boss likes food and the second child likes new clothes; the boss likes reading books, and the second child likes toys. If they are treated as evenly distributed, neither will be satisfied. Then one more food for those who like food, one more new clothes for those who like new clothes. If you like books, buy one more book, and if you like toys, buy one more toy. Let them be satisfied on the points they like, rather than being absolutely evenly distributed. If you encounter something that two children like at the same time, then buy enough that they can both be satisfied, so that no one child feels that it is not enough. From this point of view, I should have made a bowl of water smooth and not let any child feel that it is not enough.

6 months ago

The unevenness can only get stuck on the material first. After all, where is the money? Then there is company. Try to have both children. Try to allocate time as evenly as possible. Attitude too. Inwardly. There must be a gap. This belongs to the tail grass. It floats as the wind blows. Like the boss, the naughty second, obedient. That must be eccentric second child. But the second child rolled naughty. If the boss can reason with you, he will be partial to the boss. ——-At present, the boss thinks that he is favored. The second child thinks so too. keep working hard

6 months ago

The eldest daughter is 8 years old and the youngest daughter is 5 years old. As their fathers, I have achieved a balance in all aspects of eating and wearing, learning and playing. Two different individuals have different needs. It is impossible to do all of them. Same, so the word balance is used here. The eldest daughter is 99% the same as her mother’s looks and personality, so she can’t bear two tigers, so her mother prefers to be like the father’s younger daughter, but it’s not the kind of imbalance. She asks her sister to take care of her younger sister. The elder sister undertakes part of the housework, but the younger sister has not asked for it for the time being, but she can’t hold back what she wants to do (sweep the floor with a high broom, fold clothes, learn to tie her hair and braid, step on a stool to wash dishes, step on a stool to dry clothes …), some people are just lovable and lovable

6 months ago

I also chatted with my sister yesterday. Her Dabao was not very obedient last semester. Is it because my younger brother became jealous of being sensible. My sister said that she spends far more time with Dabao than Xiaobao every day. Because I took Dabao out to school every day, I went home together in the afternoon (Dabao went to school at my sister’s school) and watched him take a nap at noon. I went home every day to accompany him with homework. Xiaobao is basically a nanny belt. But for Dabao, his mother would not criticize what the younger brother said, and the older brother would criticize him if he made a mistake. So on the surface, the elder brother will definitely get more love, but the elder brother will feel that the younger brother is more favored.

6 months ago

For children, it is not necessary for the parents to be equal. Rather, even if there is partiality, it is fine. However, you can’t be partial and refuse to admit that you are partial. When the other party is wronged, you can record how difficult it is to cry. If you can’t handle it yourself, you need the one with the strong ability to help you handle it, and don’t acknowledge his contribution, for fear that he will care about you. In this way, the child will be chilled.

6 months ago

I once asked my second child’s best friend and she said she felt the same in love. I didn’t believe it at the time. Later I had my little son. He and his daughter are ten years old, and now ask yourself. I feel that love is the same. I love both children very much. It’s just that now the 11-year-old is in the early stages of puberty, he is neither obedient nor sensible, especially if he doesn’t study well, he gets scolded a lot. he

6 months ago

Four children. I think absolute flatness may not exist. The baby’s age and personality are different, and the material, psychological, and spiritual needs are different. It is not necessary to force it to be absolutely fair. To be honest, I can’t say which one is eccentric at the moment. When this is naughty, I will look at the other ones that are particularly pleasing to the eye. But when they grow up, I think my parents will inevitably prefer the one with their own interests. I think that the rationality of parents is good when facing their own emotions. No matter how their own children have preferences, they will love. For the one they love, it is still possible to use rationality to restrain their behavior. Many things are difficult to measure. I am an only child myself, and the family conditions were better when I was a child. But compared with my parents, I think our husband and wife have more energy in the four children than my parents put in my only daughter. When I was growing up, I actually never felt lonely, but now I am envious of seeing the 4 children in my family being with each other (this term seems to be inappropriate). My husband grew up in a family of 4 brothers, and the relationship between their brothers is not particularly close now, and my husband is not the favorite child of parents-in-law. The relationship between our mother-in-law and our mother-in-law is very normal (the father-in-law has passed away). He said that when he was a child, there was a moment when he wished he was the only child, and he enjoyed the time alone with his parents. But if he is given the opportunity to choose, he still hopes that he was born in a family with many children. Of course, he has chosen Duosheng Duoyuha himself. It seems a bit too far. In conclusion, if you are unfair, you should face your own unfairness rationally, don’t blame yourself, and try your best to be fair.

6 months ago

can. The premise is that the two children are about the same age, and I have a son and a daughter, only 16 months apart. I think I can do this. No matter what I do, I split equally. No matter what I buy or eat, there are two. Even when watching TV, whoever takes the remote control is rotated every 10 minutes… I don’t think so. A bowl of water is flat, mainly because the age gap is large. The second child will be more cute and cute than the boss, so most people will prefer the second child. If the age gap is smaller, this problem can be improved, and the mother will be more tired. ……Released on 03-14

6 months ago

Parents of the second child, can they really make a bowl of water? This is absolutely impossible, because I am the best example. I was born with great expectations, because I was the eldest son and grandson. Unexpectedly, my mother was born after untold hardships and saw that it was a baby girl. Although disappointed, because it was the first child of the Nth generation in the family, everyone loved me very much at first. After that, the cousin was born in the second year and the cousin was born in the third year. The most important year was when my sister was born when I was 5 years old. She is also the last child of the Nth generation in this family. This generation has me starting a start. They are all girls. She wants to be patriarchal, but can’t do it. However, after my parents had a younger sister, I became like a stepmother. I had to give her unconditionally what the younger sister wanted, because the older children had to let the younger ones for one reason. She can snatch my things endlessly, I have to give it to her, as long as she resists, mother can hit S. You may think that “it was born from the same root, so why not be too anxious”, but I did experience this when I was a kid. But this has also created my forbearing character. As long as I don’t touch the bottom line, it doesn’t matter if I suffer. Although I suffered a lot of grievances when I was young, my mother is now getting older and always miss me who was married far away. As soon as I got home, I was treated like a kid, and my sister would not bully me like before, but took care of me. I think I’ve survived, but in China, how many one child is an elder sister, and the second child is a younger sister or even a younger brother. Can this kind of sister’s situation be better than me? The palms of the palms and the backs of the hands are all fleshy. I hope that all parents in the world can understand and cherish each of their children.

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