Fake matches are devastating to all e-sports events. If TJ does not want LOL to fall into a situation where the credibility of the dead2 match is lost, then it must strictly investigate the LDL. To uproot; be sure to learn the lesson that dead2 next door becomes spinach 2. At the same time, TJ should take this opportunity to think carefully about the meaning of LDL. It is absolutely right to cancel the league of relegation. The rapid development of LPL in recent years is the best proof, but how to create a dynamic and valuable secondary event, TJ obviously has not kept up. The consequence of this is that LDL’s situation has become more and more awkward, and it is not surprising that it has been eroded by spinach and even kidnapped. I would like to make a few immature opinions: 1. Clean out the non-governmental teams and follow the example of LCS and LCK. LDL has completely become the college league of LPL clubs; 2. The intercommunication between LPL and LDL should be closer, and the flow of members should not be There are too many restrictions to form a healthy competitive relationship between LPL-LDL, and to give LDL players more channels to rise; 3. LPL-LDL should learn from the NBA, set up drafts, and make gimmicks while discovering more excellence. Newcomers; 4. NEST, German Cup and other private third-party events should give the LDL team more opportunities. The LDL team should not stick to the second team’s positioning, but can also have its own appropriate brand development, which in turn can also be enhanced LDL competitiveness, gain attention; 5. Increase the rewards of LDL events, and even make LDL scores as an influencing factor for the home team’s share of the LPL league; similarly, LPL clubs must also be responsible for their LDL teams, the best Joint and several responsibility system can be implemented; 6. LOL now has a very large scale of lower-level events, and the fist may refer to the Champions League-Europa League to create some international competitions specifically for the secondary leagues and provide some valuable rewards. The specific effect of rectification remains to be seen.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

If bo is not because tian can’t beat fpx, if fpx is not an s9 champion (a bunch of champion fans), tian is not fmvp, not a high-level second uncle. If it’s not because he and the team have a wave of winning streaks, it attracts attention. , Will anyone notice that he has been coerced and played those performances? Sin has existed for a long time, but in the past it was just letting go

7 months ago

It is really impossible for the official to be ruthless. The fake match is devastating to the league. Which player will not play well in the future, the full screen of the game, how the players and the competition are? In other words, shouldn’t gambling players unite to resist the fake match? If anyone knows that there are too many fake matches for lpl, who will bet? Come to send money? Besides, the actor on the top of the canyon will also be ruled. Now, as the anchor of Van Gogh scores, whether it is the canyon or chess, a bunch of spinach players are making trouble in it, and if it is not renovated, it will really suck.

7 months ago

Owners of LPL teams: difficult? Don’t do it if it’s difficult! Turning the table, the LDL, one of the important channels for local newcomers to be discovered and played, has been exposed to fake matches one after another. There are teams that have been investigated, and 5 people are not collected to play the game. No matter who dares to sign the LDL after the LPL is played. Newcomer? As soon as the newcomers have the strength, they will be trapped in the LPL counterfeit match? Why does the boss of an LDL team dare to say that LDL is more profitable than LPL? The LPL management has the strength to cure the players and the LDL. It depends on whether you want to. This time it is a betting player. Next time, which LDL will come up again? Some dealers stretched their hands too long. I believe that the players are now being held hostage. Last year, RW Wei Yan, who dared to play a counterfeit match in the LPL, was investigated. The result was nothing. I hope this thorough investigation! Otherwise, if you buy an LDL player in the future, the club’s first consideration is whether this person is a time bomb for counterfeiting matches, and the remote control of this time bomb is not in your hands. When others want to detonate, they will detonate it. FPX was unlucky and bought a player from the infamous club ES.Y, and the spring split exploded. Otherwise, if it detonates in the late summer or even at the World Championships, it will be the entire LPL that will be disgraced, the sponsorship ratings and even game players in the coming year The heat will definitely fall off a cliff

7 months ago

I was very worried when it was rumored that Bochaitou was only suspended for three months. The rules of the Liberty League are as to how the betting head is punished. If the league judges that he has no subjective intentions + the report is meritorious, so he can be punished lightly, then he can naturally act according to the rules. I am afraid that the official feels that the water is too deep to dare to dive, so it is forbidden for three months to appease the club’s emotions. , The future of LPL is bleak. LDL’s gambling power is probably going to get bigger and bigger. In the future, all the cutting-edge players will keep their case in the gambling company. How can LPL have a future? The news of the suspension and rectification came. It is not clear how much determination the official has made. At least it is certain that the official does not want to perfunctory.

7 months ago

This is the double-edged sword of the cancellation of the promotion and promotion system. Although the quota of LPL is therefore stable, the sponsored brands can have no worries. However, LDL has no stimulation of upgrading and upgrading, and it has been stagnant since then. Before, whether it was IM’s triple jump or DAN’s Lingshilu killer, they all gave the ldl team a feeling—I’m not weak, as long as I play well, even if I’m not selected, I can still advance to the LPL killer. Quartet. But now that there is no relegation system, many LPL teams can be called nursing homes. Especially in this year’s LPL, the last four teams can be called scoring boys. As for the people and team of ldl, what are they still playing? Might as well get some points. Officially, spinach has always closed one eye. But now that I have been investigating for so long and have suspended the game for rectification, I can imagine how deep the water is inside.

7 months ago

Judging from the recent bo and sjg incidents, ldl seems to have broken the roots.
It’s too dangerous to buy an LDL player, you don’t know if he has fake pre-match, if he wins the lottery, it will be terrible.
No wonder the ldl players of ig and we are popular, at least they will not be returned suddenly.

7 months ago

Rectification is inevitable and urgently needed. Now every player’s mistakes seem to be so dangerous, and it’s not conducive to the players to make some bold operations, because some mistakes are often difficult for ordinary people to understand. We can also know that this is caused by an urgent desire to win. The performance of nervousness, of course, may be regarded by the audience as an operation that seems to be unwilling to win, right? For example, rushing to grab a pioneer to grab a big dragon, flashing punishment, but it seems that the damage is calculated wrong, etc., these are very bad for the entire game public opinion environment. And LDL will definitely affect lpl, right? Especially the teams in the middle and lower reaches of the middle and upper reaches of the team, it seems very weird, and there are suspicious illusions everywhere. It will inevitably arouse everyone’s doubts. The public opinion environment is very bad, and the barrage is spraying all over the screen, so rectification is inevitable.

7 months ago

I feel that the essence of this matter is that the upper layer eats meat and does not give soup, and the lower layer digs foundations to survive. These dolls retired in five or six years at most. It is impossible for everyone to be an anchor, and it is not impossible to be a factory worker. If he can’t earn 10 years’ salary in it, he might as well go to school. The wages are low, the length of service is short, there are many work sicknesses, and the room for improvement is slim. What to eat without foundation? By the way, the ldl salary is 10,000+/month at the end, 20,000. Those who can become kings are dragons and phoenixes among the people. It’s not the same as those of us who are slow to react. No soup.

7 months ago

It seems that the official is going to be ruthless

I hope it’s not a bluff

But in the comment area I saw someone mentioned OTTO

It suddenly occurred to me that I went to beat LDL with electric batons this year, and there are still a group of elderly people.

Hey, the environment of LDL, I hope the official will be a bit more thorough this time

Without a steady stream of excellent fresh blood, LPL will become less and less interesting

7 months ago

Because the plate can’t go on. The gambling king Stanley Ho has stated in public that I am not afraid that you will come to my place to win money, but I am afraid that you will not come to play. The truth is the same. The dealer eats the entire plate. The larger the plate, the more money it makes. They should be the ones who need to fight fake matches the most, because this thing is the biggest pusher to destroy the plate. Everyone knows that there will be a lot of leeks playing with you after a fake match? Everyone’s money comes from the wind? What’s more, in the current situation of Ldl, even if it is officially for the purpose of protecting the game, the suspension is completely reasonable. No one is watching, there is no money to make, the players who come out are all being coerced, so what are you doing in this league?

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