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Elementary school mathematics seems simple. When parents teach their children, they often find that their children do not understand. I still don’t understand how to tell such a simple topic several times! That’s because you use abstraction to explain abstraction! Similarly, learning a thing or doing a thing, the efficiency can be high or low, and the speed can be fast or slow. Some people walk on one leg; some walk on two legs; some ride on the road; some drive on the road; different ways bring different results. There are also four ways of expression in mathematics: text, relational expressions, diagrams, and examples. 1. Text expression: column formula calculation, choose to fill in the blanks, word problems belong to this type. The main feature is that this type of topic is described by a large paragraph of text, and you need to judge the meaning of the topic from it. The best way to judge the meaning is to consciously circle the keywords and key sentences. The purpose is to shorten the sentence, remove the irrelevant components, and change the long sentence into short sentence, so as to quickly find the conditions and requirements given by the title. If you can use a short sentence, don’t use a long sentence. If you can use one word, don’t use two words, leaving only the subject, predicate, and object. Circle keywords and abbreviations can help you quickly understand the topic, avoid many low-level mistakes, and is the first step to learning mathematics well. 2. Relational formula: express the topic with one or several interrelated formulas. All formulas are actually a kind of relational formula, which emphasizes the relationship between number and number, and between quantity and quantity. An equation is also a kind of relational formula, which emphasizes the relationship between equal quantities. The function emphasizes the relationship between the independent variable and the dependent variable. For example: two chairs and three tables total 180 yuan; three chairs and four tables total 270 yuan. What is the unit price of the chairs and tables? If you count directly, you will find it difficult to get started. Here you can list two relational expressions and compare them by comparing the relationship and properties between the equations. Another example: A is 5 times less than 4 times that of B, and A is 95. How much is B? You can list the relational expression: A=4×B−5, bring in the number, and use the relational expression to assist in the calculation. How to find the relationship, column relationship? One is to abbreviate sentences with key words; the other is to segment sentences on this basis. Complicated topics have a lot of words, and not all numbers are related. The purpose of sentence segmentation is to find out who has a relationship with whom, and where does their relationship end. Divide a topic into several sentences, one sentence corresponds to a relationship, and then list the formula according to the relationship contained in the sentence, which is the relational formula. The biggest advantage of listing the relationship is to clarify the relationship between the quantities and the conditions. This is also the essence of mathematics: it is a subject that studies quantitative relationships. Calculating the answer is the last step, but it is simple; finding relationships is the most important and the most difficult. It can be said that mathematical thinking is to a large extent looking for relational thinking. Working harder in this area will make your learning quicker and more effective. 3. Chart: Show the problem in the form of a chart. For example: line graphs, flowcharts, tree graphs, bar graphs, line graphs, mind maps and various tables. The chart is characterized by simplifying the complexity and being clear at a glance. A single table is enough for the students’ grades in a class, and the relationship between multiple numbers can be easily expressed with a single table. The biggest advantage of the chart is to deal with multi-step problems. There are only 5 cells in the working memory area of ​​a person. You cannot remember more than 5 conditions or relationships for a topic at the same time. Some people may be confused by remembering 3 conditions. If you want to take something new, you must throw away the old one, because there are only a few spaces. You remember this and forget that. As a result, I got a slightly more complicated topic. No matter how many times you read it, your mind is still a mess. I don’t know what the topic means. Using diagrams, various steps and multiple quantitative relationships can be shown, simplifying complexity. Effectively help you remember and understand the meaning of the question. How to draw a list of pictures: First determine whether to draw a picture or a list. Drawing is suitable for multiple steps, and the list is suitable for multiple quantities. The drawing focuses on the sequence, drawing the corresponding process in sequence, and then proceeding forward or backward. The list focuses on classification, first determine how to divide it into several categories, and then fill in the data of the same kind in the corresponding table, and solve the problem by analogy. (Comparing top and bottom, comparing left and right) When encountering a problem, I consciously draw a list of pictures and simplify the conditions. Sometimes I can do it myself without the teacher. The higher the grade, the more important the ability to draw a list of pictures. 4. Example: Use images to explain abstraction. When our teacher talks about a certain concept, he usually introduces it through an example in life, and analyzes the principle behind it through the example. The concept is abstract, while the example is vivid. Explaining abstract concepts through vivid examples is an ability to be integrated. If a student can cite an example to explain the concepts learned, it means that he has reached the level of a teacher. Without a deep understanding of the concepts and principles, there is no way to cite easy-to-understand examples. The reason why some teachers like the students in class and can use the vernacular to explain the boring and difficult concepts vividly and interestingly, to a large extent, lies in his ability to cite vivid examples that students can accept, and then analyze the principles behind them. Examples need to pay attention to two aspects: one is representative, that is, give examples that most people know, not just examples that you know but others don’t. The second is easy to understand, that is, it is easy to explain the principle behind this example. For example: how to explain 1÷2=? Explain through an example: What if 1 yuan is divided among 2 people? First change 1 yuan to 10 jiao, and then divide the 10 jiao to 2 people, each to 5 jiao, 5 jiao is not enough to 1 yuan, can not be expressed by 1, so use a decimal to express. 5 jiao=0.5 yuan, so 1÷2=0.5. The reason why many parents give their children questions that children don’t understand is because you use abstractions to explain abstractions, but you don’t use examples to explain them. The ability to give examples is an advanced skill, which belongs to the category of explaining principles; while abbreviations, column relations, and drawing lists belong to the category of problem-solving steps. On the basis of understanding concepts and principles, pay attention to what you see and hear in your life, and keep accumulating corresponding examples. Just like good words and sentences in Chinese, it is a process in which water drops through the stone and changes in quantity to cause qualitative changes. The above four methods can be used interchangeably in the learning process to quickly improve learning efficiency. Thinking in one more dimension, rather than limited to one method, will make you more firmly grasped, and the pattern and vision will be broader.


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8 months ago

It just so happens that I am sharing my experience on Zhihu. The title is “Parental Counseling for Primary School Mathematics”, with a total of 24 articles. Then publish the “Primary School Chinese Parents Counseling”, “Hard Pen Quick-start Parent Counseling” and so on. Those who are interested can browse my homepage, please communicate! Please correct me! I divided elementary school mathematics into two parts: operation and application. Operation: elementary school mathematics, junior high school mathematics, 90% of the scores are linked to calculations, the formulas are used correctly, the calculations are wrong, resulting in all errors. Therefore, computing skills must be solid! I train calculations, mainly playing digital games with poker cards, and I have a lot of training in learning interest, concentration and so on. Parents across the country reported that, for the first time, the normal state of parents yelling and children crying was changed, and the family was full of laughter! Application: I have summarized the six major links, which are particularly useful for learning mathematics. I train elementary school students. I like to comprehensively train dozens of habits such as language, math, handwriting, and correction of inattention, homework, homework roughness, panic, and carelessness in homework exams. According to the actual results of many years of training, I propose: regular examinations, 95 points in Chinese and mathematics in grade one, two and three in elementary school, and 90 points in Chinese and mathematics in grades four, five and six. If you fail to meet this passing standard, there must be a problem. The problem is either with the child, or with the teacher, or with the parent, or there are problems. Throughout the training, mathematics is the best entry point. Because: Primary school math is the fastest! Easiest to stimulate children’s interest in learning! It is easiest to enhance children’s self-confidence! It is easiest to guide children to take the initiative to move forward and run forward! Easiest to train children to concentrate! The easiest to train children to improve their learning efficiency! It’s easiest to train children not to be procrastinating or procrastinating! Etc., etc. Many specific methods and examples will be introduced in the article. Children will learn as soon as they read them, and parents will teach them as soon as they see them. Because, from the perspective of parents, you don’t need to be exhaustive and comprehensive like the teacher, but you only need to firmly grasp a few key points, and you can cooperate well with the teacher to quickly improve your child’s mathematics score to 90 points or more. 95 points or more! And since then secure high scores! And it’s easy and happy! And get a lot of money in one fell swoop!

8 months ago

Unfortunately, the core of elementary school mathematics is competition intelligence. The most typical example is that although equations are taught in elementary schools, they are not allowed to be used in principle, and it is a foul to use them. Therefore, in the case of intelligence competition, if a child’s intelligence does not reach a certain level, it will not be able to keep up. As for how to improve intelligence, let’s do what we can. In junior high school mathematics, the algebra part is diligent, and the geometry part is IQ, so some children get better in junior high school mathematics. In addition, because of the IQ of elementary school mathematics, many children do not like mathematics. When they arrive in middle and high school, they gradually feel that mathematics is not so difficult. If they are willing to learn, their grades will go up.

8 months ago

Elementary school mathematics requires a certain amount of calculation ability, not only accurate, but also fast. You can try a small program to exercise your oral arithmetic skills [Tu Xiao Le Kou Ma], which provides corresponding oral arithmetic exercises to cooperate with challenges, battles, punch cards, and groups Motivation forms such as learning and rankings are very helpful to children’s verbal arithmetic skills. Our children have always insisted on using the rabbit little music to calculate. Now the oral calculation has become faster, and the answering speed of math questions has also increased. It is really easy to use, and the subject can give the child a try.

8 months ago

Many people believe that the subject of mathematics is monotonous, abstract, and divorced from our lives. It is this kind of thinking that stifles children’s interest in learning mathematics. Elementary school mathematics Free high-speed download | Tianyi cloud disk Extremely fast and safe Learning is like building a tall building. To have a beautiful and magnificent building, you must first have a solid “foundation.” These foundations are not as exquisite and luxurious as the “mansion”, but it is precisely with these monotonous foundations that success and brilliance can be constructed. Divide the cake, learn points; walk, learn the journey; play poker, learn the four arithmetic…Through a typical example, or through the children’s personal experience and role transformation, let the children keep their knowledge firmly in their hearts. At the same time, children also feel the infinite joy of learning. Learning while playing is not only happy, but also able to have a thorough understanding and deep memory of knowledge. There are many basic knowledge of mathematics, but there are also connections between them. “Chaining memory” through their connections with each other is also a good way to lay a good foundation. For example, from the four arithmetic operations of integers to the four arithmetic operations of decimals and fractions, from observing objects to recognizing planes and three-dimensional figures… to string each knowledge into a complete knowledge chain, which helps children to grasp the basic knowledge more firmly.

8 months ago

What exactly do you learn in elementary school mathematics? To sum up, it is nothing more than understanding number, quantity, shape and basic calculations and application problems. So, how can we quickly and comprehensively establish mathematical thinking in primary school? Mind mapping is a scientific model that is applied to the thinking “map” of memory, learning, thinking, etc., which is conducive to the development of the human brain’s diffusion thinking. The following is a summary of mind maps of elementary school mathematics knowledge points compiled by teacher Nixin, which is suitable for (primary school grades one to six), hurry up and like the collection! Contents: Chapter 1: Understanding of Numbers Chapter 2: Operation of Numbers Chapter 3: Common Quantities Chapter 4: Formulas and Equations Chapter 5: Ratios and Proportions Chapter 6: Solving Problems Chapter 7: Exploring Laws Chapter 8: Understanding of Figures Chapter 9: Measurement Chapter 10: Figure Position and Movement Chapter 11: Statistics Chapter 12: Probability Chapter 13: Synthesis and Practice

8 months ago

I recently read “Mathematics Taught by Mothers”, which mainly talked about how to guide and cultivate children’s interest in learning mathematics in the role of mother in primary school. It is worthy of reference. In the book, the author uses a diary to recall his mother’s experience in teaching him mathematics when he was a child, combined with years of experience as a mathematics teacher after he grew up, plus the scientific knowledge of children’s learning, it has both practical cases and combined with life, which makes it very open to read. Ideas. In the author’s pen, mathematics is by no means a subject that is divorced from reality, but can be closely integrated with daily life. There are mathematics in the process of collecting electricity bills, measuring body temperature, and choosing vegetables. The key to parent education in elementary school is to mobilize children’s learning enthusiasm and arouse interest, which is more important than just focusing on grades. Children who can learn mathematics well have not only good logic skills, but also strong semantic comprehension skills. Stimulating interest in mathematics in daily life is of great significance not only to children’s academic performance, but also to children’s ability to develop abstract thinking, and to understand and use rules. For elementary school parents who are struggling to tutor their children with homework, this book has great practical significance. For example, the author summarized five situations of doing wrong questions in elementary school, so that parents can not only classify the children’s wrong questions, but also know how to deal with and guide the children in each situation to avoid being too irritable. For example, what to do if children are always careless and don’t like to check their homework. Because the child does not like repetitive actions, parents should not just give a problem-solving process, they can recalculate it in another way in front of him, not just verbal accusations. In short, it is suitable for every mother with elementary school students to read, and it will definitely be inspired by it. How to cultivate children’s interest in mathematics? The author has another book called “Mathematics Taught by Dad”. I haven’t had time to read it. In the book “Mathematics Taught by Mom”, the author’s focus is that mothers can spend little time in daily life such as food, clothing, housing and transportation. To inspire children and arouse their interest in mathematics. For example, you can learn the concept of decimal point when measuring temperature, you can learn addition rules when you go up the stairs, and you can perceive the concept of jins when weighing. A child who starts to learn mathematics from counting 123 must change his thinking from concrete to abstract thinking. For example, a duck is a concrete object and 7 is an abstract number. Take the child to count from 1 to 7 ducks, so that the child will be more abstract The 7 has a concrete concept. In this way, there is no need to deliberately teach children what addition and subtraction is, but to integrate mathematics into life, so that children will not feel that mathematics is a subject far from life, and the threshold for learning will be greatly reduced. This requires parents to spend a lot of effort, but it will be worth it if they can cultivate the enthusiasm of their children for learning throughout their lives. The main points of mathematics learning in elementary school In elementary school, there are two main points for children to do math problems, one is to be familiar with the rules, and the other is to understand the concepts. Such as multiplication and division followed by addition and subtraction are rules, rules are basic skills, you can only learn these rules through constant practice. Some people say that children who are good at mathematics should have good reading comprehension skills. This is the understanding of concepts. After all, to be able to read a problem correctly, you must first be able to read it. For example, when it comes to word problems, the child should first ask what is meant by “two cars walking towards each other.” Teachers may not be able to grasp the progress of each child, which requires the patience of parents. Parents can use toy cars to demonstrate the specific meaning of “walking towards each other” for their children. How to judge whether the child understands the topic? You can guide your children to explain this topic in their own words. After the children gradually understand the topic during the elaboration process, they will be able to solve the problem smoothly. Speaking of this behavior can not only deepen the child’s understanding of the topic, but also improve the child’s understanding and expression skills, which is beneficial to the child’s life. What should I do if my child encounters a problem that he cannot do? I often see some short videos on the Internet, and parents are furious when they tutor their children to do homework. When I remembered that my mother taught me homework when I was a child, I still had some thoughts. She yelled at me and scared me so that one plus one was almost forgotten. Some parents will make out the questions and tell them one by one. In fact, parents should not give the answer directly, but should discuss the question with the child, listen to the child’s understanding of the question, see if there is any deviation, and understand his Thinking process. Perhaps in the process of elaborating, the child gradually understood the topic, or perhaps still did not understand, but this is a blank area of ​​his cognition, which is just a learning opportunity. Children do not know how to do questions. There are generally three situations: unable to understand more vocabulary; unable to understand the purpose of the question; unable to understand the situation explained in the question. Through the discussion with the child, understand which step is the problem, and then in the process of solving the problem, let the child learn the method of understanding the problem and the method of finding clues to the problem, this is to teach them how to fish.

8 months ago

Elementary school mathematics learning, on the one hand, is understanding, on the other hand is practicing. Mathematics does not need to be memorized, it needs to be understood and used. My experience in teaching my daughter is that children start to learn mathematics in the same way, and many don’t understand. Parents must be patient to teach them to understand, and don’t be rude. The other is to keep practicing to deepen understanding and impression. If you don’t practice, children can easily forget. She is now in the second grade of elementary school. She is the representative of the math class. The math is not bad, and her grade was third in the class last time. Recommend a primary school math learning website: http://www.52edu.vip. The simple math calculations in this online exercise, such as multiplication formula exercises, addition and subtraction within 100 are free, you can check the Internet or the public account. After logging in, you can do all the math test papers for elementary school, practice continuously, automatically correct the test papers, and record the results. Children continue to practice and understand, and mathematics will improve.

8 months ago

Mathematics learning does not mean that you must have a lot of mathematics knowledge, but in the process of mathematics learning, you need to develop children’s thinking, improve children’s mathematics literacy, use mathematical thinking to analyze and solve practical problems. 1. The most important thing in elementary school is the ability to calculate. If children often do but do mistakes, and do not have time to do things, it means that the child lacks the corresponding numeracy skills. The cultivation of calculation ability must be practiced every day. For example, when learning two-digit addition and subtraction or related algorithms, practice 10-15 questions every day, which can not only cultivate children’s sense of number, but also cultivate good study habits and the willpower to not give up. The child always said that the midterm exam was wrong because of carelessness. Is the child still saying something like this: This question was done wrong because of carelessness? Actually, I will do this question, but I will be more careful next time. Just one point. Parents must not think that carelessness is a trivial matter. The occurrence of carelessness can be summarized as the following three types of reasons: First, do not have a thorough understanding of the knowledge learned, or have a little understanding, or the training of relevant skills is not in place, and the operation is not proficient; Second, the concentration is not enough, and the problem is solved. Third, the writing habits are not good, which leads to errors in the problem-solving process of copying the draft. Parents should encourage their children to correctly understand the real causes of carelessness in order to learn more down-to-earth. 3. Is there a need for children to attend extracurricular tutoring classes Geek Mathematics Help Teacher Wang believes that when we find that children are already excellent, they still need to be further improved. For example, if the child has scored 105 points in this mid-term exam, and the final exam hopes that the child scores 115 points, at this time, he can go to the extracurricular tutoring class to find a teacher to make a call, so that the child can master more mathematics concepts and methods. Or, when a child enters the bottleneck period of learning, no matter how hard he tries, his grades are not significantly improved. At this time, you can also go to the tutoring class to let the teacher help the child analyze the problems in the study and provide professional guidance. 4. Coordination between home and school is very important. Faced with the teacher’s requirements in the WeChat parent group, such as homework arrangements, learning task arrangements, etc., many parents will complain about the delay in time and are unwilling to cooperate. In fact, when parents and children complete the learning tasks of the day together, they can clearly feel their children’s attitude towards learning and their understanding of the knowledge points of the day. Once they find that a certain knowledge point is not well grasped, parents can communicate with the teacher in time to help Children learn better.

8 months ago

If you want to learn mathematics well in elementary school, you need to have a learning style that suits you, and have good study habits. Pay attention to listening in class, because mathematics is a relatively logical subject, you must not be distracted when the teacher lectures, otherwise It’s easy to not understand. After class, you should also carefully review what the teacher said today, review some important knowledge points to learn new things, allocate your study time reasonably, and be good at using some of the listed math games or toys in your life to cultivate your mathematics thinking ability. In fact, the most important thing about math learning is thinking ability. After all, mathematics is the product of thinking. Parents should also use their spare time to let their children participate in some thinking courses and interest classes, and recommend courses that spark thinking.

8 months ago

To learn elementary school mathematics well, parents need to pay attention to the following aspects: First, some children who have passed the numeracy ability reach the second and third grades, they still break their fingers; or, children who have learned abacus mental arithmetic also like to use their fingers; but personally feel that , I still memorize the addition and subtraction formula table; because the addition and subtraction formula table can be memorized, the accuracy and speed of the child’s calculation can be greatly improved; and the calculation ability runs through the entire process of mathematics. Second, pay attention to drafts. It is a good habit to cultivate drafts from an early age to be tidy. Otherwise, the numbers are scribbled and the drafts are messy, and the children themselves will misread and copy them. Third, cultivate children’s abstract thinking ability. At the beginning of the first grade, children will learn the concept of quantity from specific items, teaching materials, etc., and make additions, subtractions, and understanding. But after the fourth grade, you should pay attention to the training of abstract thinking ability. Drawing is a very effective way. Fourth, there is nothing wrong with cultivating language comprehension skills. Some children don’t know how to calculate or can’t read the questions. So if you want to learn mathematics, you must learn Chinese well and pass the language comprehension skills. Of course, parents need to spend time, energy, and patience. When children encounter difficulties, they must analyze the reasons and provide help. In addition, parents should control their emotions and learn how to teach their children. Because I have seen it, some parents accused the child of poor comprehension and failed to see great progress in the tutoring for a long time; later, he enrolled the child in the Lexue online history teacher class; the teacher Shi Yaowen was from the original learning and thinking S-level The teacher, Douyin’s most popular Mathematical teacher, has his own set of unique teaching methods; when children learn from Teacher Shi, they become happy, the teacher understands what the teacher says, and the learning progresses quickly, from the original 70 points. , Got 94 and 95 points in the test. Therefore, parents should also pay attention to the way of explanation, and consider more from the perspective of the child, so that the topic is effective.

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