Is this a sign of lack of professionalism or lack of business ability?
It turns out that “Tucao Conference” really has a teleprompter? ?
It’s still such a big word, even “Okay” and “I won’t say much” have to be reminded… Specifically, look at the background in the last three seconds of the video…
Does that mean that both the guests and the audience can see the manuscript? Then why did the following guests pretend to be shocked when they were complained, and the audience pretended to be funny?
Many viewers have always thought it was out of manuscript. Since there is a teleprompter, is it still called a talk show? Just one person recites the words, and then a group of people act. This is equivalent to “Reader” + “The Birth of an Actor”, right?
That means that the manuscript does not need to be written by guests? Don’t need guests to recite? Just pretend to read it on stage, and then make money and gain exposure? do you mean this?

Participated in the recording of “Tucao Conference”, sitting on the stage facing the teleprompter. I know that there is a teleprompter on the talk show, but even the two 1 v 1 battles are prompted to the punctuation, which I did not expect. So it seems that the two people are embarrassed by each other’s damage, but in fact, the person who was damaged can see his words long ago, and pretends “how he is like this, so hurt”. Being an actor is really not an easy job. Fan Zhiyi was “super god” in this recent issue, but it was actually quite embarrassing at the scene. Because what Fan Zhiyi said, everyone can see. At this time, Li Dan came to the stage and said, Fan Zhiyi is too powerful, and the talk show genius, uh, can only say that Li Dan is also good at acting. However, although Teacher Zhang Shaogang has a teleprompter, the content he expressed on site is different from the teleprompter, showing the qualities that a professional host should have.


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8 months ago

In principle, stand-up comedians (stand-up comedians) should not look at the teleprompter when performing stand-up comedy (stand-up comedy), but there are some exceptions. Variety show guests can look at the teleprompter when recording a variety show, and mention that the guests feel comfortable, and the degree of effect can be guaranteed to be appropriate. Due to the particularity of the form of talk show, it may not come out with a single word of comedy effect, so it is appropriate for the screenwriter to write verbatim manuscripts for the guests, and even indicate the pause tone. Generally speaking, when talking about a talk show, looking at a teleprompter is like playing a musical instrument and looking at scores. The main thing is to see whether people are reliable. People can be unreliable if they are reliable. People are outrageous, they can’t leave the spectrum. There is a spectrum in the heart, but there is no need for it in front of you.

8 months ago

Stand-up comedians should not watch the teleprompter. The teleprompter on “Tucao Conference” is not for talk show actors, but for other guests participating in the recording. The dedicated guest will memorize the manuscript. , Perform smoothly, but there is no guarantee that all guests will have such professionalism and ability. In order to lower the threshold for guests to participate, it is normal to provide a teleprompter. One more thing, a friend said: “The threshold for talk shows is higher. It’s getting lower.” Indeed, the threshold for talk shows is already very low. As long as you are in a third-tier city and write a manuscript, you can basically participate in local talk show clubs, such as Xiaoguo and Shan Liren. The company has been holding a variety of activities, training, and providing learning materials to make the threshold of talk shows lower and lower, so that friends from all walks of life in society can share their work and life. Everyone feels that the threshold for talk shows is getting lower and lower, in fact, it shows that the various work done by the industry is effective. And the real threshold is making the audience laugh

8 months ago

In fact, I can understand that when Xu Zhiyuan was on the show two days ago, many people praised him: Xiaoguo couldn’t write a manuscript of this level! In fact, not only do they write their own scripts, but some netizens broke the news that they also bought manuscripts from other companies. Therefore, it can be seen that the audience really thinks that a certain talk show is not written or has a certain outline, but it is improvised. But after the picture came out, the audience realized: This talk show really doesn’t look at the manuscripts and the connotation, but actually looks at who can act well against the manuscript. Of course, I thought this was common sense. After all, many guests did not squint at the teleprompter at the Tucao conference and talk show conference. . You can feel this.

8 months ago

This question does not hold. Those people invited to the talk show are not so-called talk show actors. Talk show actors specifically refer to those people at the talk show. Stand-up comedian (stand-up comedian) manuscripts are written and acted by themselves. Many offline actors have been telling stories for several years, and of course they will not use a teleprompter. The manuscripts of guests on variety shows like the Tucao Conference are written by these laughter and talk show screenwriters, so the good or bad of these guests is actually looking at the screenwriters. Fan Zhiyi and Luo Xiang are all written by the screenwriters. , They look at the teleprompter as normal.

8 months ago

The show “Tucao Conference” is still very popular at present, and it has also created a lot of “hot lists”. Some issues have even aroused widespread discussion in the community! Looking back now, the question of whether there should be a “prompter” and whether a talk show actor should look at it. First of all, the industry of “talk show” is also “exotic” and is currently in the ascendant. Unlike Chinese cross talk, which has been passed down for hundreds of years, actors are all apprentices. After years of polishing, they can be on stage, “talking, learning, and singing” with solid basic skills. Without a few years or more than ten years of practice, it is impossible to be on stage at all. When a certain skill is reached, it can be “lived out”, that is, “improvised performance”. Although the current “talk show” actors are also called “actors”, except for some hosts and commentators who have been doing “language” programs all the year round, they all come from all walks of life, and they are more attractive. One of these “talk show” actors is counted as one, and they are all “halfway renunciations”, and they are not professional. They mainly rely on the content and the parties to attract the audience. For such a group of “actors”, does it appear the importance of “prompters”! Only in this way can the program be smooth, without affecting the audience, and without affecting the flow. As for the explanation given by a person in charge of the show, it’s pure bullshit!

8 months ago

Talk show actors should not have teleprompters, but guests can. It’s just to make it easier and more exciting to record the program. Do you think that the guest can see the teleprompter and pretend to be ignorant is a fake, but is it true that the guest forgets the word and re-records it again? If you think this is fake, there are even more fake ones. There is a rehearsal before the official recording, and there is a reading session before the rehearsal. Many manuscripts have been listened to two or three times during the official performance. By the way, even many of the guest manuscripts were originally written by Xiaoguo’s screenwriters, and the guests were only responsible for reading the manuscripts. The performance of the guests is also taught by other actors little by little. Otherwise, do you really think there are so many talk show geniuses in the entertainment industry? Can you play a talk show just by grabbing one? Stop making trouble… Don’t think about it too simple… Variety shows are essentially the same as movies and TV shows. The actors are also acting, but the role of the acting is “you”.

8 months ago

“Tucao Conference” has drafts is an open secret, forgot to start from the first few seasons, the Tucao Conference is followed by a small program called “Tucao Tucao Conference”, that is, the backstage screenwriters talk to each other about who the manuscript is not good, who is the performance is good or bad. such as. It is also inevitable that the Tucao Conference has an inscription device. After all, this is not a talk show, it is a roast, not a talk show. The main force of the performance is not dominated by professional talk show actors, and the content of the performance cannot be separated from the environment and used to perform the show repeatedly. There are guests from all walks of life, and the standard requirements of talk show actors cannot be used. Of course, different guests have different ability to master the lines. For example, in Yan Hexiang’s first scene, the performance and the rhythm are completely stand-up comedy, which is obvious, so his performance is particularly stable. but. Here begins the turning point. Begin to spit out the conference. Tucao revamped this season, and the format has changed drastically. Generally speaking, the performance of the program is good, and the competition is unruly. The final result is that it is very noisy. Every show is a particularly beautiful party. But I lost the soul of complaining: if the attitude is not serious, complaining is meaningless. Originally very good lines, very good irony, the person who speaks is not serious, the person who listens is not serious, and the person in front of the TV is not serious, just listening to the jokes there, then it is not a spit conference, and It’s a talk show. So don’t blame others for thinking this is a talk show. The most funny thing is battle. The tit-for-tat lines seem to be offensive, but when I think of the lines, I break my work, and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry in embarrassment. Having said that, I have to mention Fan Zhiyi’s section, which may be the most realistic performance in the whole season. That emotion really drove my aggrieved and helplessness, and my brain was angry and resentful. Although the words that made people want to laugh, but they were struggling, but I don’t know if there is anyone who can be.

8 months ago

I think it’s acceptable. According to their recording rhythm, it is very difficult for an actor to write a manuscript and memorize the manuscript. After all, Zhou Geng, writing and polishing the manuscript may take a lot of time. In addition, if you don’t use the teleprompter, even if you learn the manuscript well, you will inevitably forget the words on the spot. Even when you stutter because of the manuscript, it will obviously affect the performance. To put it bluntly, using a teleprompter, to a certain extent, is for more efficiency and better results. I myself have recently been making a video of reading books, and I have tried not to use a teleprompter, because with a teleprompter, there is a feeling of copying in expressions and expressions, and the feelings are hard to be full. This is Disadvantages. But after trying, I found that it is too difficult for me. After all, a script is often 3,000 to 5,000 words. It will take a lot of time to memorize all of it, and even if you memorize it, you will still forget the words on the spot. It will take up a lot of time, and the speaking speed will slow down and the rhythm will be slow. It is far inferior to using a teleprompter. Of course, this is also related to my poor expression skills. In fact, for people with good expressive skills, the teleprompter is just a reminder not to forget the words, and it is a life-saving tool at critical moments. With the same teleprompter, someone can behave like it is useless, just like watching a video recording of words, many people can do it and just chat with you without writing a script. But I can’t do it. So I think that even if you use a teleprompter to talk about talk shows on stage, it is not easy to behave naturally and speak well. As an audience, as long as they can speak funny and natural, it is enough. When they perform, I can’t see the teleprompter, so as an audience who is not present, it doesn’t affect my experience at all. I think it is understandable. The teleprompter can save actors a lot of time, allowing them to write better manuscripts and adjust their status better. I think there are many benefits, and there is no harm in using it.

8 months ago

As far as this stuff is concerned, it seems that the talk show world will completely eliminate the cross talk world next year. “Dingdong, please come back online” Gao Gao Luan Yunping has already said that the people on the talk show have a teleprompter, but Gao Feng Luan Yunping does not. This pk is unfair. Just always when they have some difficulties, there will be hints. Who knows that there are word by word. There are a lot of non-professional guests at the Tucao conference, who don’t know how to write and need to be understood by the screenwriter. What’s the point of being too lazy to recite?

8 months ago

It’s not what you are used to. Who doesn’t know that your tolerance for false things is really high. There are not many people who say that as long as they are happy to watch, it is good to see whether it is true or false. What audience is matched with what program, this is the same as eating. What diners go with what dishes, don’t just scold the cooking oil, don’t you eat it very fragrant? Just as some people say, just pretend you don’t know it, it’s delicious. That’s it. Don’t always attract dark clouds and complain about rain. After all, the essence of entertainment is to cater to your orientation.

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