It was first in the hot search early in the morning. I thought she had made some big progress, and I clicked in to see that it directly produced an irrepressible physiological disgust reaction. Does her team really don’t understand? There are only two results of frequent presence: One is to make people who like you like you more… For example, have some of you recently like Zhang Zhehan and Gong Jun more and more? One is to make people who have no feeling for you and get your points more and more hate you and hate you. Because if your presence does not bring him positive things, it will only cause unnecessary consumption of their energy. They should hate you, and you owe others. So smart people won’t even open business easily when they don’t have a work, because they can’t do too many unnutritious presentations that consumes the patience and attention of Gualu people. Either you have strong business ability or good looks, you have to be the same, right? You dressed up like this and jumped like this ghost. You came out to scare someone. Also the hot search is the first to let people do not do polite avoidance. Isn’t the attention of passers-by who are always white and afraid of being backlashed? Anyway, you have to spend money to buy hot search, you have to spend money, why don’t you just open Douyin every day live broadcast to brush red envelopes. One person can grab a dozen or hundreds of dollars. You first send out millions and tens of millions, and the speed at which you get good impressions is better than such hard and hot searches. The Chinese love to take advantage and save face, so naturally they can’t say anything bad about you if you take advantage of you. This drama, this should be placed in Zhai Douwen, that is a drama of a big room dealing with Xiao Niang. Otherwise, her team is crazy. Otherwise, they just think they are making a big move in the next step, and feel that they are first suppressed and then raised, and one day they suddenly reversed and surprised everyone’s eyes…Farewell, this kind of marketing that has no good intentions to the masses has been accumulated. Enough guilty, then you have to be strong enough to fill it back. Give it a red envelope, that is the right way for you as a RMB player. Some people seem to have nothing but money. I used to think this was Versailles, but now it is not necessarily true. Nothing but money is easy to get through.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Negative marketing, let’s make a lot of negative hot searches, tear off the label of “the capitalist’s daughter, the second generation” first, and put a label like “fashionable food, food and fun”, wait for the show to have a blockbuster , The program group gives the point effect, and there are more positive hot searches or personalized neutral hot searches. After the return of the king, the second-generation label will be reposted. Isn’t it done? After all, the “second generation” thing is a buff in the entertainment industry. When you do well, it is a positive buff. If you pull your hips, this is a debuff. The word-of-mouth is good, and the second-generation label is re-labeled. Everyone likes it. Those who have no right to speak can only cry. Of course, it depends on the individual in the end, the young lady, how can you say that you are not good looking, big head, bad personality, the population monument can come back later, the high popularity debut, the team and the individual have something to do. This wave of the second lady’s operation is quite satisfactory, not surprising, it depends on the follow-up operation.

6 months ago

In fact, I really don’t hate Anna Yao. Although I don’t think she is going to enter the entertainment industry, I don’t care much. It is her freedom for her to enter the entertainment industry, but with “inspirational” or “singing and jumping ability” as a personal highlight? Sorry, this is an offense to everyone. Why was Ding Zhen criticized? Isn’t it just because there is no real shining point to sell desperately to make people feel rebellious? What about you Yao Anna? Ding Zhen also has the value of developing the economy as a poverty-stricken area as a young people. How about you Yao Anna? As a star entertainer for the audience’s entertainment, I have always asked for the basic character. In addition, if there is an audience based on the principle of market freedom, I will sit on the sidelines. However, tolerance is limited. I can accept your freedom to develop a lot of marketing, but I will never allow you to redefine values such as “inspirational” and “ability”, and use false personal settings to negate certain basic facts. I think everyone knows why Anna Yao became popular. You can mock people for not having your superiority, but you can’t treat people as fools.

6 months ago

To be fair, this dance is very exciting, fully expressing the mockery and lashing of the cruel society, and only a few people can understand it. The dancer’s twisted body and exaggerated expression all reflect a sense of oppression from the soul, which is a ruthless criticism of the world. In addition, her unique style is precisely the most ruthless, indifferent, violent and deepest questioning of this deviant society. She is asking each of us, why is this world so distorted? Why is this world so mean? Obviously, the dancer’s artistic cultivation has reached a level of shocking ghosts and ghosts, and she will definitely go down in history and create a trend that belongs to her-Karenina School. It is also obvious that this business will inevitably be smooth sailing in the circle, and she will become the most dazzling queen in this circle.

6 months ago

I have a classmate who has a good relationship. She has liked dancing since she was a child. However, her parents did not support her, so she has never had the opportunity to receive dance training. It was not until after college that she earned extra pocket money by doing part-time jobs and other means, and signed up for her long-awaited dance class. My classmate did not have the basic ballet skills of Yao Anna since she was a child, and her dance class teacher is certainly not a well-known dancer. However, the video of her own dancing posted by her friends is much more beautiful than Yao Anna’s dance. And her appearance and figure are also above that of Princess Yao. But no company will sign her to make her debut, and no one will give her resources. She is now an ordinary hitman of 965 every day, and she dances in the evening or on weekends. This is the power of capital, and having capital means that ordinary people can get rid of those who are far stronger than themselves and become the focus of the spotlight.

6 months ago

Is there a bad information? Turtles and ABC are not worth anymore, why is she still taking this turtle inspirational route. The position given to her by the agent…should be able to change the number of channels, but in this matter, can the agent be the master? This kind of turtle + struggle ac has been played badly. Just find a private coffee shop or small restaurant with a little bit of art and literature. Nine out of ten are the entrepreneurial stories of Turtle + Struggle ac… not new. Traffic stars can become popular, and it doesn’t really matter what basic skills they can sing and dance. Now these traffic stars, I haven’t seen anyone who sings well, dances well, croaks with acting skills… it’s fire, fire is in their own traffic. All singing and acting skills are just added value, or even not necessary. Does Xiao Gongju need this? Besides, this is just a matter of publicizing one’s own ticket, and civilians have no sympathy. Moreover, she is not like a general traffic star, who can be used by fan organizations such as “backup clubs” to generate income at will. This means that she does not have a complete “Data Women Worker Corps” like Xiao Zhan as data support. The flow of other people’s home data brushing is: studio arrangement→the deity, marketing account, fan number one, etc., unite to build momentum and instigate fans→fans respond and constantly switch trumpets to open brushes→hot search + her data flow is : My mother gave me an order, you guys will brush it for me! And the traffic star fans will not only scan the information, they will actually buy it. For example, a certain treasure store of Mosen has a high sales volume for Xiao Zhan fans. Although the star rating has been washed out by the number of returned goods, the brand has become a second-hand Xianyu special supply color, but at least it is brilliant. A handful. Will there be so many fans buying things for themselves? It may be okay to ask her to throw some pocket money, but if she throws tens of thousands of sales, she… even if she doesn’t feel distressed, her father won’t agree, right? The commercial value of this aspect is approximately equal to 0… But from a certain angle, she is indeed very competitive, at least not using her second princess identity to bring goods (or look down on these brands). If she is willing, open a live broadcast with a few edge luxuries and boast about her own experience…that is the same model as the genuine princess, and the princess recommends it. Even if it is an 18-line self-heating hot pot, you can directly turn into position and let the founder make a fortune immediately. Other people’s family is an artist to generate income for the company, she… this identity background + extremely low degree of closeness, which company can afford to raise such a big Buddha? It’s not bad to force the company to generate income for itself. The summary is that the level of the girl’s reincarnation is beyond our reach. Our people live in the world of the world, you can go back to play. It’s not that we don’t recognize you, but that you are really different from us. I really want to be down-to-earth, do you go meditation for two years of charity? Although our people are poor and simple, we don’t make the mistake of worshipping Ultraman for the etiquette to Tathagata Buddha.

6 months ago

Is it bad to be a little princess? I have to be a celebrity ex public, I really destroyed the image of Huawei in the hearts of many young people by my own efforts. Her sister Meng Wanzhou gave people the feeling that China is really promising, and the little princess Yao Anna is the strong support of the capital. Remember Yao Anna’s debut A sentence in the documentary, “Why do you guys like my sister and don’t like me?” Hey, there is really something in the novel. Meng Wanzhou is a few dozen years younger, and the two people are similar in age, so it’s even worse. The big show​​​​Just like soul said, why do you like your sister and don’t like her? Let this play a curtain of dreams, even Meng Wanzhou’s name is 10,000 times better than Yao Anna. . . What’s more, the heroine is beautiful and miserable, capable and beautiful. Why the American princess anna wants the Chinese to like it? It is undeniable that this girl’s sincere attitude and hard work, although the talent is a bit poor, no one can be defined by others, if It’s not a good family background and background. Ordinary people probably don’t have the opportunity to try this kind of work in the entertainment industry. Can they be liked by the public? Both are the daughters of Ren Zhengfei. When someone mentioned that she was a Huawei cfo, she is currently under severe pressure. And another foreign Chinese is in the hot search to market the Huawei princess, and she made her debut, why everyone likes her sister and knows a little bit in his heart… I’m sour and sour, I’m going to make money

6 months ago

Yes, there is no routine, as long as you have money. I’m not disgusted with her likes to dance, I’m not disgusted with her hard work, I’m not disgusted with her dancing, I’m not disgusted with her tweeting that I am humbly accepting everyone’s suggestions—but I don’t like her saying why everyone I like his eldest sister Meng Wanzhou so much instead of her. I don’t like her rushing into everyone’s field of vision with capital, and I don’t like her using capital to build momentum again and again to attract hot topics.

6 months ago

In fact, I understand her routine. Half the reason for this is not to blame her. If she posted pictures on Instagram and held a luxury dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel, Bugatti Lamborghini Ferrari luxury cars gathered together, a bunch of clothes opened to the belly button, don’t wear them. The beautiful lady in the bra laughed by the pool, then invited Taylor Swift, Sister Fruit, and a group of black rap singers, as the hostess of the party, placed in the middle of the stars, this girl immediately became popular in the West. At this time, she put up today’s dancing video, and finally added a picture of the Presidential Suite on the top floor of the Manhattan Marriott Hotel in New York. In front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, Anna overlooks the night view of New York. It is best to have another glass of Romany Conti’s in her hand. Red wine, the picture is also called “Chinese princess who breaks rules”. There must be a bunch of European and American hip-hop singers and third-line stars to give her stinky feet. The main reason is that if she wants to do this in China, her father may be life-threatening, so she can’t make use of the housekeeping skills she learned in Europe and America, so it’s nondescript. In terms of hype in China, Anna Yao is 10 grades lower than Wang Sicong. Although her father is much better than Wang Sicong’s father.

6 months ago

Wang Sicong can become a “national husband”, so why can’t Yao Anna become a “national wife”? Is Yao Anna inferior to Wang Sicong in any way? Is it better than academic qualifications? In 2020, Anna Yao successfully graduated from Harvard University. Where is Wang Sicong? Unattainable, has become a fan! Your product. Is it more attractive? Forget it, you don’t care about martial ethics. Do you fight dad? How can Ren Zhengfei not compare to Wang Jianlin? Moreover, Ren Zhengfei is 77 years old, Wang Jianlin is 67 years old, Wang Sicong is 33 years old, and Yao Anna is 23 years old. Who do you think is more likely to inherit the inheritance, and who inherits it faster? Although Wang Sicong is known as the only child, it is not uncommon for the emperor to die of the crown prince throughout the ages. The extravagant and corrupt prince usually cannot survive the diligent emperor. How much does Wang Sicong Huohuo cost? How many “girlfriends” did you find? Where is Yao Anna? No, there was no misuse of money, and no harm to the male compatriots. In terms of social morality, the two are not at the same level at all, so let’s not compare. Therefore, I think Anna Yao dances very well, and Anna Yao has the capital to become a “national wife”. If you disagree, it is a double standard, which is a stark discrimination against women.

6 months ago

This is the first time I have seen a grand occasion where there is no ordinary person in the hot search real-time on Weibo, swiping the red V marketing account of the entertainment circle. Except for lamenting that it’s nice to have money, I have no other thoughts. By the way, the little princess was wrong, and the economic company set up for this person should be pulled out and killed. It’s a mockery of 99.99% of the onlookers who are standing at the finish line and working hard. It’s strange to like you. For example, Wang Sicong’s play-loving character design, the European and American Kardashian’s show off the wealthy character design, and the tear-off mode, which is better than the hard-working person’s setting to attract fans, learn from the predecessors.

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