Persevere in the dream of skills and ingenuity to create brilliance——Speech by Zhou Hao, a graduate of Beijing Industrial Technician College
I am Zhou Hao, a young teacher from Beijing Industrial Technician College.
In 2012, with a strong interest and longing for the major of CNC machining, I withdrew from Peking University and transferred to Beijing Industrial Technician College in the eyes of everyone. Under the guidance of the instructor, I delved into theory, disassembled and assembled machine tools, and held the belief that I would not give up if I did not achieve the goal. I completed the two-year systematic study and training of the technician class, and realized the rapid improvement of skill level and overall growth. In the 6th National CNC Skills Competition held in 2014, in the CNC machine tool assembly and maintenance project, I won the first place in the high-tech group. From a student with zero foundation in numerical control skills to a national champion, I finally realized my dream of becoming a talent in Beijing Industrial Technician College. Not forgetting my original aspirations and firm beliefs have made me who I am today.

Now, I have stayed in school to become a glorious teacher of technical colleges, and under the care of the leaders of Beijing Chemical Industry Group and the college at all levels, I have been introduced to Beijing as a highly skilled talent. Although my experience has a certain particularity, it confirms a truth: as long as you insist on your goals and persevere, your dreams can be realized!

The clarion call for the “Made in China 2025” strategy has been sounded. “Made in China” has turned to “Created in China”, calling for more highly skilled talents. By our side, in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing, there are skill masters who have won the China Skills Award, experts who lead the Chinese team to win gold in the World Skills Competition, and even world competition players who have won glory for the country. But this is far from enough. The development of the country requires more young skilled talents to shoulder this responsibility and shoulder a greater mission. In the future, I am determined to become a highly skilled leader in the field of CNC assembly and adjustment, and explore the growth model of young skilled talents serving the high-end equipment manufacturing industry on the fertile ground for training of highly skilled talents in technical colleges! As a representative of young skilled talents, I will bravely take on the important task of training skilled talents and guide and help more interested and ambitious young people to embark on the road of skills becoming talents. Let us young skilled talents join hands, practice and inherit the spirit of craftsmanship, and make unremitting efforts to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation! (Zhou Hao, teacher of Beijing Institute of Industrial Technicians)


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

pretty good. It shows that everyone is slowly realizing that people’s growth paths can be diversified. There are not only a few optimal paths, and the rest are losers. Just like ten years ago, many people may think that Ph.D. to teach middle school is a very low thing. Now everyone is slowly beginning to think that this is a normal choice. As long as there is an industry with a market and room for development, you can try it, and it is possible to realize the value of life in it. Good jobs are not the only ones written on your resume.

8 months ago

Be positive and imitate carefully. It’s not that all roads lead to Rome, but you can choose not to go to Rome. If Qingbei students choose to reduce their dimensionality, they will have a lot of opportunities for career and love, but the problem is that they don’t necessarily have to go back, so they must think clearly before making a decision. People always have to balance between professionalism and comfort. Teacher Zhou is willing to follow his inner yearning and choose his life without being restricted by the real environment. This is the most affirmative place, but it is not to encourage everyone to choose dimensionality reduction. Blow.

8 months ago

The sinking market has broad prospects. In the past, when everyone in township civil servants looked down upon, some people wanted to sink into the market, easily enter the system, and do self-media or write online articles at night. The wages in the system are purely to pay social security, and there is a basic wage that is guaranteed for droughts and floods. In the past few years, the prison guards had a good test, and most people were unwilling. They believed that there was no difference between being in prison and being in jail except that the prison guards could let the air through. Now that the number of applicants has skyrocketed, it is not easy to get in. There are also selected students who are sent to the third, fourth, and even the eighteenth line. In the past few years, the Internet talked about how to pit, but now, in the past, all Tsinghua University and Peking University master books. If a track is full of people, it’s time to change the track. The tree moved to death, but the people moved to live! It doesn’t make much sense to be together all the time.

8 months ago

The most rare news of this news is that Peking University, Beijing Institute of Industrial Technicians, CNC machining majors, drop-out transfer students, Chinese workers, China Industry, Beijing, and Zhou Hao are all beneficiaries, except for biology majors.

To be more optimistic, if we can recognize reality as soon as possible, Chinese biology and biology students will also be the beneficiaries.

8 months ago

Chinese education is a screening system, not a training system. Being admitted to Peking University has proved his talent + hardworking strength. He didn’t drop out of Peking University and went to a technical school, which would cause his intelligence to drop, or become less diligent. On the contrary, his execution and courage crushed his peers, which has exceeded the average level of many 985 masters. How many 985 masters and doctors did they start writing resumes and submitting resumes until September of the three-year-round study? “Retiring from Peking University to technical school”, after all, is just a different route. His personal intelligence, diligence and execution ability are still there. “Finding a faculty post after graduation and getting Kyodo” is just returning to his original value.

8 months ago

To be honest, if all you want is a job of “solving Beijing hukou + internal faculty in the establishment”, then you don’t have to drop out of Peking University’s Academy of Sciences. Although not everyone from the College of Biological Sciences I know has stayed in Beijing, got a hukou, or entered the system, but this kind of thing is generally despised rather than unavailable. After all, government departments and businesses in Beijing can solve hukou. There are still many units and companies. As long as the requirements for other aspects (such as salary) are lowered, a Peking University graduate can always find a hole. Therefore, I don’t like the question in this topic: “How do you think Zhou Hao, who dropped out of the PKU Department of Biology and transferred to a technical school in Beijing, successfully obtained Beijing Hukou + teaching position?” (The original question has no additional sentence afterwards) Because it gives people two feelings, either: dropping out of Peking University to pursue their dreams, and ultimately not for Beijing Hukou + teaching position. Or: A technical school student is also worthy of getting a Beijing Hukou + teaching position. No matter what it is, it is always uncomfortable, because these two ideas have a presupposition-“Beijing Hukou + teaching position” is an extremely scarce, precious, and representative of human beings. For things, many things can be sacrificed for it, such as dreams, hobbies…Although dreams and hobbies seem to be a somewhat extravagant thing now, after all, people consider many factors when talking about their profession and future, such as the degree of involution and urban housing prices. , Professional sinkholes, or jobs, household registration, treatment, option stocks… But something that people value does not mean that everyone should value it. After all, everyone’s weighing and considerations are not exactly the same. It is also possible that he had not thought about so much at the stall he dropped out of school, but simply considered his own inner thoughts. After all, whether it is for Beijing Hukou + teaching position, or other secular level of fame and fortune, dropping out from Peking University is not a wise, cost-effective, and easy-to-understand choice. Maybe they just work hard and have enough brains, so they can make outstanding results in a technical school that many people look down on, and they just meet the call of the relevant parties, and they are regarded as a typical example. In this process, the “Beijing Hukou + Teaching Position” that was being magnified and stared at was just a by-product. The protagonist of the incident may not pay much attention to the relevant aspects, but only some spectators. After all, in the eyes of the spectators, they can’t see dreams, painful choices, or the struggles of others. All they see are superficial signs. Moreover, as long as you want to chew your tongue, make comments, and “how to look”, then there is always something to be “looked at”: if he has not dropped out of Peking University, then he is a “small town as a writer”; if he is from Peking University Entering the technical school after leaving school is unknown, it is “self-destructing his future” and “injury Zhongyong”; if he starts his own business after graduating from the technical school and earns one million a year, then he is the second “Beijing University Pork Vendor”; if he graduates from the technical school abducted Turning around has become a white-collar worker in the company again, that is, “Why should he have known so long ago”; if he has made a million and does not have a Beijing hukou, it would be “What’s the use of having money? Isn’t it a real Beijinger? Going to school”; if he graduated from a technical school, earning one million and having a household registration, it would be “Look, I said Peking University is useless…”… Why bother, it’s just someone else’s life…

8 months ago

Is it inspirational? It’s okay. Rather than saying that this incident shows that “all roads lead to Rome,” it is better to say that this incident shows that “gold shines everywhere.” A person with the strength to be admitted to Peking University, unless there is a problem with his personality, he can do nothing with his ability, learning ability and thinking ability. He can go to technical school to succeed, that is, he is good, not technical school. It is difficult for us scumbags to go to that technical school to succeed. Of course, a golden phoenix can fly out of the chicken coop, provided that he is indeed a golden phoenix. However, this matter is still very positive, which shows that our society still depends on talents in the selection of talents, rather than purely on academic qualifications.

8 months ago

This event itself is a very inspirational story. However, as his “person” said, this is a special case. But the discussion on this issue goes far beyond that. The first is the “view” of success. The most exaggerated one here is “successfully obtaining a Beijing registered permanent residence and teaching position.” It is true that it is extremely difficult to obtain these in Beijing. However, this is not true “success”. Have we overlooked the true understanding of “career success”? Recalling that a certain elementary school in Shenzhen recruited a lot of “deluxe” lineups of “student turtle doctors” teachers. These are all the pursuit of a “stable, stable, and high-paying” life, which is “success”! Encourage “knowing the current affairs” and not seeing “pursuit”. Of course, this is not to say that there is no need to pursue a happy life, only “success” is discussed here. Then, there is a “dislocation competition” from “Beijing University” to “Technician College”. This is how our college entrance examination selects talents, generally from top to bottom. First-class talents go to Qingbei…Finally, only vocational skills can be considered. This example is also a successful “Tian Ji Horse Racing”! According to the information, he loves the “professional” he has learned! Coupled with his own “high energy” blessings, certain achievements have been made (cannot be called achievements). This also shows that in our application, many people did not fully consider their hobbies, and mainly considered “competition”. It also shows that related industries are particularly short of “talents”. This is my view on the problem. At present, I don’t know where “Rome” is.

8 months ago

How do I think this guy is too NB because he disdains the internal friction with the “children’s shoes” in Peking University’s biochemical materials, jumps out of the three realms, not in the five elements, and hedges the decline in professionalism with his own subjective initiative, so he chooses to follow “Made in China 2025” “The trend is to go ashore in advance for self-salvation. As for all the roads, they all lead to Rome in the rural roads, but some roads have to go around the earth. Perhaps half of you are gone, the road is still there, holding two core journal papers into the coffin. Please judge whether it is worth it or not. As for this brother, it may not be a dream that drives him to succeed, but logic. He has logic.

8 months ago

In fact, this is a differentiated advantage. Your ability is strong, but there are always stronger than you. Depending on the environment and track you are in, you can be more competitive in a small environment and have more opportunities. Among those who can sing, the one who dances is the best. Among programmers, the one with the most product feel. A person’s competitiveness often does not depend on absolute advantages, but on differentiated advantages. Objectively speaking, it is difficult for technical school students to obtain a Beijing registered permanent residence and obtain a teaching position. But if you drop out of Peking University and transfer to a technical school, on the one hand, you will have a strong learning ability and be more prominent than the surrounding students. On the other hand, as a person with differentiated characteristics, you will also have extra blessings. Technical school students and students with low academic qualifications do have disadvantages in the beginning of the workplace. For example, at Foxconn, as soon as an undergraduate enters, he is two levels higher than an average worker. So if you can make yourself a higher degree, try to be as high as possible. But if you are already studying in a technical school, technical secondary school, or junior college, don’t feel that you don’t have a chance. Everyone has made their own way. I have seen many successful examples of classmates. There are many students with a lower starting point, and they did no worse than this student who dropped out of Peking University. Knowing that the average per capita is 985. In fact, most people start from not that high, but they are doing better and better through their own efforts. All you need to know is to find a differentiated advantage and let yourself be more competitive in a small environment.

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