Update: Fei Qimingfang has refuted the rumor: No, don’t make trouble, Teacher Fei is so tired of moving bricks every day, there is no time for dinner.
Netizens speculate that He Jiong is holding hands with Fei Qiming! Korean bangs, windy ears, messenger bag, walking posture… and this is not the first time that the two of them have been photographed traveling together

Those keyboard guys who open their mouths to scold He Jiong’s fans, have you seen a show on He Jiong? He Jiong made it clear to his fans ten years ago that he didn’t need to scan statistics, do not play rankings, and refused to pick up the phone. I have emphasized that I have asked fans to do their own business at home for countless times, just watch his show, and regularly organize group photos as a benefit. You blatantly curse so much, are you bullying that He Jiong has no company, no public relations team, and no group of elementary school students’ brainstorming fans to spray you off? He is 47. Will he still engage in the set of 17 and 27 traffic? Why are you not there when he himself called for sensible star chasing in various shows for countless times? Countless times when you post on your Weibo, you can’t pick up the phone and watch him privately, otherwise he will have a black face. Why are you not here? Oh, you probably were typing on the keyboard in the corner and cursing others. Scold those who work harder than you, live happier than you, and have a sense of existence than you. What is your peace of mind for those who let He Jiong come out publicly? Is it jealous? Do you hate him for being popular for more than 20 years? Why don’t you speak out for the minority groups yourself? At this time, Cai Kangyong came to mention and set Cai Kangyong into a great banner? Do you only connect to the Internet in your village or do you have no money to charge the Internet? In Cai Kangyong’s program, he said he couldn’t cry when he came out, saying that if a friend wanted to come out and ask him, he would dissuade you. Why did you disappear? Oh, you guys were scolding Cai Kangyong at that time, ha ha. I also want to see him on TV. Many people do the same. Unfortunately, many people who like to watch his show don’t play Zhihu, let alone write this answer. This group of them is growing, but unfortunately they are not a “rice circle”. It is a pity that He Jiong did not guide his own “rice circle”. He thought he didn’t need these, and it was enough to do the show well. His true fans think so too. But in reality, who cares about your abilities. Hype marketing is king. Just like my skate shoes.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

What about taking bamboo shoots? Why do you manage so many people? A person, whether he likes the opposite sex or the same sex. Even if you like animals, insects, rubber, pillows. They themselves didn’t dangle in front of everyone, nor did they come out and yelling, why do you want to hang on? I really suspect that there is something major in the entertainment industry recently that even people like He Jiong are being used to divert attention.

7 months ago

Judging from what I know and feel, I think it is quite possible. But people themselves don’t admit that these things are not evidence, all can only be speculation, and everyone can have their own ideas about speculation. My personal position is that if it is, I will respect them. They have not hurt others. I think society still needs progress and tolerance. I also look forward to if they are, they can stand up bravely. It is true that the domestic environment may not be fully tolerant of this phenomenon at present, but in everything, someone needs to stand up first to slowly promote progress. This is a process. . If it is, I really think it is wiser to be brave. The paper package can’t keep the fire, so many artists have set up rollovers for people, indicating that this may become an invisible bomb, but in fact, even if they don’t express their views, they are still human. It’s normal, understandable. The above is all based on the viewpoints that I have brought in. This is purely a personal sensory experience. It is an answer with preset conditions. It does not represent any position. It is a simple statement that the condition is true and does not have objectivity.

7 months ago

This rumor was refuted. At first, everyone thought that a friend had a meal and was taken out to block the gun. Such a rumor is like Teacher He is a very leisurely gay. Alas, half of the entertainment circle He Sheng’s teacher He ate with you. When you’re busy, you have to eat, and at the same time, let everyone notice that the person you photographed is really like you. If you didn’t refute the rumors, I didn’t think about it. Looking at it, it’s really like a rumor that you have hit Teacher He and yourself at that time. Suddenly being able to enter the Mango Channel and appearing in various shows quickly feels abnormal. Sure enough, a woman’s sixth sense is terrible. But then again, the real 30 million love I heard on soul..l is also I don’t know how unscrupulous it is to pull so many people down with guns! ​

7 months ago

Typical failed PR! Who can’t understand several overlapping circles? The fqm public relations team is still inexperienced. In this matter, silence is the best way to deal with it. Don’t say anything, everyone YY for two days, happy, happy, and forget about you when the next melon comes. How should you dent and how should you dent. But what about the fqm team issuing this rumor? Obviously, it stands on the opposite side of the result that the masses of melon-eating people are happy to see. Well, you have to be such a way of refuting rumors, right? Then everyone is not sleepy, I have to give you a bit of news. If you really are like Li Xian, dare to completely draw a line between the circle and LGBT. But when your Internet celebrity debuted, it was the cute milk dog route. What is the plan to refute this rumor now? Saying nothing or making a specious statement (for example, I wish that the person next to Mr. He is me, and Mr. He is the person I admire most) is the best policy. In the past two years, domestic delays and reforms have taken off through Chen Qingling and Shanheling’s Dongfeng. If this wave of fqm does not refute the rumors, the team will take advantage of this kind of network enthusiasm, and perhaps the protagonist of the next high-end drama drama can help fqm compete. Now, let’s be honest, I’m pretty disappointed. Especially a small net celebrity who is not very successful when he turns to an artist.

7 months ago

What about the real and what about the fake? Frying and frying, there is nothing rushing. It’s not about eating carrots and worrying about it. Love has nothing to do with gender. As long as it is true love, blessings are enough. It’s just that there is a love that one party doesn’t want to admit, and it loses the possibility of coming out. As long as one party is unwilling to admit, no matter what the purpose is, the love is no longer pure. Love in the entertainment industry is like fireworks. Even though it is brilliant and pleasing to the eye, it can easily disappear in a blink of an eye.

7 months ago

No, no, no, I suspect that Teacher He was pulled out to block the knife, right? Keke, serious and weird. To be honest, Teacher He is not an idol. Is it really necessary for us to pay so much attention to his private life? Secondly, even if this matter is true, this is Mr. He’s homosexual, blessings would be fine. I usually say it nicely, to be tolerant, and there are endless changes in dramas. If you don’t come to Teacher He, you should start double-labeling. I don’t think there is any need to pay too much attention to it. Just wish Teacher He happiness silently. If it is the anti-the same person, when I did not say ha. (I don’t think I really want to discuss with people who are against the same in this regard) So if it is to expose Teacher He’s hidden marriage and childbirth, it is not a big deal. After all, Teacher He is also very old. So everyone should watch the excitement and return your private life to Mr. He, and don’t pay too much attention to Mr. He’s private relationship. It is a legitimate behavior.

7 months ago

I personally think that any sexual orientation is worthy of being respected! I am not a fan of Happy Camp, I have two impressions of Mr. He… One is that EQ is in the second year of high school. Mr. He cried angrily, bet with Koreans, forward XX… I came to look at the details of the emperor and the black material. However, I am inexplicable for some cleaning. I have always emphasized the rest time. This is the freedom of Teacher He. Co-authoring a good thing is a public figure, and a bad thing is a private life? Logically, what happened to who smoked? Is it illegal? What’s wrong with playing Dulong Diamond? The law stipulates that this position cannot be used? So smoking will teach bad children… Special sexual orientation will not teach bad children…

7 months ago

First of all, can’t two boys hold hands? Can’t my friend give me a hand if I drink too much? Do you have to throw me on the ground?
Secondly, does it matter if Teacher He is gay? Even if so, is it not enough to love freely? Are people still discriminating against homosexuality since 2102? Did they live in ancient times?
Finally, wearing a mask can’t tell at all, is it Fei Qiming? What if it is?

7 months ago

Uninvited. I personally think that the direction of online discussions on this matter is wrong. Many netizens who support Mr. He excuse Mr. He. The two are not in a romantic relationship. But in fact, it doesn’t matter whether the two are in a romantic relationship. Even if they are, it is not wrong. This is Teacher He’s own privacy. Respect for the right of others to keep privacy and respect for the freedom of others’ orientation, in fact, regardless of whether the netizens’ speculation is true or not, this has disturbed the private life of others. I have been watching the base camp hosted by Mr. He from a very young age. The super girl and fast boy who presided over have always wondered why the teacher is a person with a very correct attitude, understanding and strong professional ability, even though the recent negatives related to Mr. He There is a lot of news, but none of it affects the hosting style that Teacher He has always maintained. Besides, Shuangbei cp is sympathetic, and it is also very good. I think that Teacher He did nothing wrong in this matter. Is it wrong for two men to cross the road hand in hand? Even if you feel uncomfortable or dislike it, please maintain basic respect. There are some bad words upstairs that are disrespectful, and they use strange logic to say that they are right, this is not Sophistry? And who is the other boy that the subject of the subject cares about is even more unnecessary, at least this is teacher He’s own business. Who does Teacher He want to go shopping late at night, or whom do you want to hold, do you want to take care of? Quoting Ran Gaoming’s words in Wonderful Flower, he asked him if it was so clear, he said, you should take care of yourself first.

7 months ago

To be honest, it was originally a semi-public secret, and there are quite a few young people in the circle who want to post it. In terms of image alone, Teacher H may not be worthy of Fei. Didn’t Teacher H have a rumor to be with Wei DX before? Teacher H is fully qualified to choose people with higher appearance. In terms of appearance, he is much better than Guo Jingming. Guo Jingming can find someone like that.

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