The apartment type of my house and the next door are two doors with vertical walls. The original design of the developer is to open outside my house and open inside his house. But the neighbor lied that he changed the door from the outside to the inside door. [After inspecting the apartment types upstairs and downstairs, all of my more than 20 apartment types are outside-opening, and only two of them are changed to inside-opening, leading to the home-opening type upstairs. All downstairs open doors].

Now I said that the tiles have been laid, and the position of the shoe cabinet has been designed and I don’t want to change it. He threatened me that I couldn’t do the construction, and I said I would call the police. He said that he also added an outside door to open the door, no one should think about it. What should I do? Neighbors speak very extreme, and they are still in the renovation process, and they are worried about her doing damage. How can we solve this problem? Because the money on hand for decoration is also very tight, it costs several thousand yuan to change a cheap door to a shoe cabinet. I don’t want to bear this loss. The foreman said he asked his neighbor to find a developer, but the neighbor’s attitude was very bad, saying that I would block my door if I didn’t change the door. And I lied many times and went to the property director, and the property was on his side. What should I do?


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The previous piles of bedding are useless, only the last paragraph is useful: “He threatened me that I couldn’t do the construction, and I said I would call the police. He said that he also added an external door and no one should think about it.” The neighbor’s attitude is very bad, saying that I will block my house if I don’t change the door.” Suspected threats and intimidation are not about waiting for him to do so and then calling the police, but recording a voice on the spot and calling the police directly. Just like my neighbor downstairs is always He said that my house was noisy, that I was making noises on the floor of my house, making noises to him, and that my house was doing renovations in the middle of the night. The first time was to give me advice. After negotiation, I said that I have never done this. The walls and floors of the building are solid, and the sound guiding effect is better. You listened to my voice upstairs, but the real situation is The other unit is possible, but he doesn’t understand or listen. Anyway, “I don’t listen. I don’t listen. I don’t listen. What I say is what I say.” The second time I posted a printed copy on my door. Believe, it’s a warning. It means that if you don’t do what he wants, what will happen. To be honest, if I choose to admit counsel, it’s not impossible, but I can’t crawl around in my own house, right? Even if I crawled and walked, he said that my house is noisy, what should I do? So I ignored it, but believed that I took the photo and kept the original. The third time I came up and knocked on the door at night, saying that I heard a noise in my house just now, the footsteps were very messy, I was asleep, and my wife was not at home that day and returned to Luoyang. I’m the only one at home. I asked him, do you think I am arguing on purpose by myself? What he meant was “I don’t care. Anyway, I heard it. It’s you. I don’t know what you are doing. But I hear it. It’s you. It’s you. It’s you.” It’s all right. I just told him coldly, I don’t care what you want to do, whatever you do is your freedom, just like if I want to choose my lifestyle freely, if you are dissatisfied with me, you can Choose any legal or illegal means. Anyway, I tell you, I’m not afraid. As for whether I’m noisy at home, I don’t want to explain to you, and I don’t want to talk to you, but I won’t just shut you down. Outside the door, because of such impoliteness, your choice now is to either leave decently and choose your way, or we will stand face to face for another five minutes, and I will call 110 in front of you because you take the initiative to come. Knock on my door, so I have to confirm that you leave before closing the door. If you choose to rush into my house now, I promise you will not end well. By the way, I received your letter before and kept it. As for why I kept it, it’s because I’m not sure if it’s a threat. I’m trying to prove it. Now I think if 110 comes to the door Here, after reading this letter, combined with your behavior today, they will have a basic conclusion. In the end, nothing happened, what should I do, I live as before, he still lives downstairs, and occasionally sees him without looking up. It’s just that the floor noisy problem is never mentioned again. I asked about the property. Did he complain to the property? If the complaint came to the property, why didn’t the property notify me. The property’s answer is: What do you care about such a neurotic person?

6 months ago

Therefore, it is necessary to learn some construction engineering laws and regulations.
When the construction unit did not make a mistake in accordance with the design and construction, if there is a change, whoever raises the problem will pay the money, and whoever pays will listen to it.
The property allows you to pay for the property.
If the other party asks you to change it, you can pay the other party.
Block the door? Who opens the door outside your house? ?

6 months ago

Threatening people? Come on, I am least afraid of threats. If it were me, I would speak more arrogantly than him. I should not only pretend as planned, but also tell this person clearly: I can pretend to be anything, if you can talk to me well, let’s not look up. Yes, I’m still willing to give you face, since you want to do this, then I must pretend to be a foreigner! Don’t think about getting better, right? Okay, don’t think about getting better! We still have a gasp at home, can you still be crushed? What do you do to me, I will double pay you back, and I will retaliate specifically on your children, whoever doesn’t do it, whoever does not do anything with grandchildren. If I am too lazy to fight back, I will sue you and send you to jail! Put your children and grandchildren to shame! I don’t like that kind of frivolous person who thinks he can cover the sky with one hand (Huanbi Possession)! ……The above negative is typical. You can get nothing but sigh, and you may get beaten. Never follow me. But it’s okay. Being beaten doesn’t mean you suffer a loss. You just lie down on the ground and ask for anything. In terms of momentum, win first, as the saying goes, don’t cause trouble, we are not afraid of trouble. You honest kids, hey. All of them were worried about being stabbed in the comment area, and didn’t dare to say a few heavy words. Imagine others as too strong and too extreme, and you can only behave with your tail between your tails. You can never do something like threatening others, right? Never understand the psychology of the other party. Have you been bitten by a wild dog on the side of the road? We can’t even dare to bend over to pick up rocks.

6 months ago

It’s okay, let the property change the other twenty-odd households together.
Remember to tell these owners that it was your neighbor’s request.
What is the property.
You construct and decorate according to the design drawings, and then hinder your decorating and let the workers directly report to the police and provoke trouble.
The property wants you to change it and bring the official documents. Not only official documents, but also legal basis.

6 months ago

Seriously, this kind of scourge is very simple to rectify. Find a friend with legal experience to consult. Then through audio and video recording, it is best to obtain evidence by means of chat records…etc. After being identified by a legal professional friend, keep it, copy it, and keep it. The second step is to deal with the process of complaining about the property and calling the police through friendly verbal communication. Remember that this process must also be collected and retained. Will suffice. The “she” written in the title indicates that she is at most an unreasonable wicked woman. Just let her know that you are not easy to mess with, and there is no need to make noise or waste time. The lawyer friend or legal professional you are looking for will tell you how to obtain evidence, especially when the other party provokes trouble and infringes to the extent of threatening extortion, I will not teach the bad guys. This number is everywhere. To be honest, most of them are just talking about them, so they don’t get confused enough to put themselves in. Finally, the attitude must be good, there is no need to be angry, is it cost-effective to waste a mood with trash?

6 months ago

If the subject description is true, feel free to do it boldly. You are not wrong. You can call the police if he changes away. If he wants to tear his face, there is nothing you can do. This kind of people can’t get used to it, they have to make an inch. He might just talk about it, don’t he cost money to open it instead? High probability is to scare you. If he really changes, let him change it, and call the police when he finishes the change, and he has to change it back. The following is for most cases, you can refer to whether the general house can be opened. First observe whether the opening affects the movement of other neighbors in the public space. If it does not affect, it is likely to be changed. Let’s see if there are other people in this community who can make changes. If so, the probability of making changes is even greater. Third, I went to the property and told him that everyone else has changed it, so why not let me change it? It’s okay if I don’t let me change it, and everyone else will come back. If the opening affects the movement of the neighbors, do not force it to change and ignore it. It can be improved by design.

6 months ago

You can get this kind of thing as it used to be. If you open it inside or outside, have you changed the door in your house? By the way, why doesn’t the neighbor let you construct? Can’t you smash the door? That is deliberate damage to private property, you can call the police, anyway, in the case of you do not want to change, others have no right to interfere with you, the big deal is that everyone goes to court, by the way, the developer is also pulled, so nc Design, haha, you know how to protect yourself with the law, and you only need to make a phone call, try not to face your neighbors yourself, and prevent physical contact. In fact, how can we improve the relationship between neighbors now? Everyone takes care of their own things. If you are friendly, you can say hello. If you are not friendly, you can say nothing. I don’t know what the surname opposite my house is. I have lived for three years. And whether your neighbor has nothing to do with you. It’s his own business. If your house was originally opened from the inside and now you make it into the outside, then yours is not. Although the law cannot control it, it cannot be justified morally. the above

6 months ago

Legally speaking, you, as the owner, have the right to renovate the exclusive part of your house, including of course the door. But there is a restriction, that is, it cannot affect the public safety and the normal passage space of other owners. Article 271 of the Civil Code of the People’s Republic of China [Different Ownership of Buildings] Owners shall have ownership of exclusive parts such as residences and business premises in the building, and share and share ownership of common parts other than the exclusive part. The right to co-management. Article 272 “[Rights and Obligations of the Owner to the Exclusive Part] Owners have the right to possess, use, benefit from, and dispose of the exclusive part of the building. The owner’s exercise of his rights shall not endanger the safety of the building or harm the lawful rights and interests of other owners. Assuming that the original design of the house is to open the door, since it can pass the fire inspection and acceptance, it means that it is in compliance with the regulations, and the neighbor has no right to ask you to rectify it. If the neighbor insists on obstructing it at this time, it is recommended that the property intervene to avoid the situation from expanding. At the same time, it can record and record the threats of the neighbor, and call the police if necessary. Assuming that the original design of the house is to open inside, you changed it to open outside during construction, and it does have an impact on the traffic of your neighbors, and your neighbors have the right to ask you to make rectifications. If the neighbor insists on obstructing at this time, it is recommended to “recognize counseling” and make rectification. Don’t be too selfish, because your thousands of dollars may be related to the neighbor’s “escape time” and the neighbor’s life.

6 months ago

My house has two houses with one ladder, and the old man at the door keeps looking for us. In the old house, the electric meters of the two houses are in a box in the corridor, and we all have the keys. The lights in the corridor have been running for the electric meter in my house for several years. I modified the circuit in my home and didn’t change it within a day. He didn’t have UMC at night. Then he was unhappy. He called and asked me to connect it quickly. I said we have to wait for the electric meter. You can only do it when you have time. Find an acquaintance and make changes in close proximity to others’ time. The old man wasn’t happy, so we didn’t let us decorate it. We pulled a cord and made some furniture first. But when I just left, the carpenter called and said that the old man cut them off because he had the key to our meter box. , Share one, but the table and gate are separate. I am so angry, I passed right away. The old man and his son bullied me and a girl. I originally thought that the electricity in the corridor, so I didn’t care about it. I continued to connect to my appliance meter, and I’ll tell you directly. They can’t connect, they can’t connect, my house doesn’t need it, you just don’t need it. They are gone. The old man was in his seventies. Because of his age, my father-in-law did not dare to reason with him. His sons were a dozen years older than me. Later, I asked for something. At half past nine in the evening, my child and I were the only ones at home. The old man knocked on my door to find something. I was so angry that I didn’t care about them anymore, saying that I had tried my best to improve the relationship between neighbors. Being kind to others does not mean that I can always be bullied like this. Otherwise, staying here for a lifetime will make me feel unhappy!

6 months ago

First of all, you determine whether your original design drawings are designed to open outside your door. Generally, the door of a residential area will not be designed to open outside. Second, the opening direction of the door does have fire protection requirements. If your design is to open outside, then you can consider: 1. Can’t back down. Even if you give in, you can’t get the peace of your neighbors. Only when they stand firm will they converge. 2. Talk to the property. Ask the property to coordinate your rectification, if not, you will report this to the fire department, but what needs to be rectified is that there may be violations of the entire community. For that purpose, it is the responsibility of the property. (I have an apartment, but the firefighter came to inspect it. The exterior doors of the entire building need to be rectified.) 3 If the property does not do anything, go directly to the fire department to report. People do not report this kind of matter. Once they have registered the situation, they will have to come over and do something. 4 General firefighters will issue a rectification notice when they come over. If you didn’t do it, then go again, don’t be too troublesome. If your design is not external, that is, everyone is hard to come by. So why do you have to accommodate them. They don’t want to be friends with the opposite door anymore, you still hope to ease it. To continue construction, if you dare to stop, call the construction master to report to the police. Anyway, the construction master will go to the police station with them and spend a few times to let them become regulars at the police station.

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