At first glance, the painting of Wuhe Qilin is not as powerful as before, especially the game pictures are very persuasive to those who have never played the game. However, if you look carefully, you will find that the details of the whole painting explode and the meaning is very rich.

At first glance, the painting of Wuhe Qilin is not as powerful as before, especially the game pictures are very persuasive to those who have never played the game. However, if you look carefully, you will find that the details of the whole painting explode and the meaning is very rich.

First of all, the blue building on the far left of the game screen is the Allied barracks. In the game, American soldiers are produced. However, what comes out of the barracks here is not American soldiers, but Japanese devils, implying that the United States sheltered Japanese war criminals after the war.

The blue dotted line of the barracks is the assembly line after the production of the unit, but this line of the barracks directly refers to Fort detrijk. It refers to the historical fact that after the United States took over the Japanese war criminals, the war criminals went to Fort detrijk to study biochemical weapons for themselves. These war criminals are from the former Japanese 731 army, and the leader is Shiro Ishii, which is the person on the right of this painting.

There is also an English newspaper in the upper right corner. It’s the Star Spangled Banner, the official publication of the US military. The title above reads “bacteria and poison gas have become the cheapest weapons of war” in English.

If you go to the official website of the Star Spangled Banner, you will find that you can’t find this report at all.

But there is a book called “lethal culture: a study of chemical weapons after World War II” that has the source of this report.
The article appeared on the front page of the star spangled banner on January 27, 1952.

This is the time when the US military openly used bacteriological weapons and gas bombs against the volunteers and civilians in Northeast China after successive failures in the “hanging war” against the Chinese and Korean allied forces.

Other people do such dirty things, but the United States put it on the star spangled banner to publicize, to promote this cheap means of harm. Let’s pull the perspective back. There is a blue assembly line in the building of Fort derrick, which points to a group of radiation engineers. It means that Fort derrick produces the virus and spreads it. At the same time, the Pentagon on the right is also producing spies. In the construction sequence, the number of radiation engineers and spies is unlimited, implying that the United States is constantly manufacturing chemical and biological weapons and spies, with a legacy of thousands of years.

Right above the Allied barracks is a nuclear silo. The build sequence on the right shows that biochemical attack and nuclear attack are ready to launch at any time.

What are the goals of these things? In the lower left corner of the picture is the picture of Wuhan military games gymnasium. On the right side of the picture is a map of the world. In the game, the place with the red box is the attack place, that is, Wuhan.

In the lower left corner is the CT image of e-cigarette pneumonia, and in the lower right corner is the “bat” of the new champion pan man. These are the two most famous virus source conjectures before everyone’s eyes are fixed on Fort detrickburg. The painting here implies that these two are smoke bombs deliberately released by the United States in order to cover up their crimes.

In front of the camera are trump, Pompeo and Bannon. Among them is the English logo of the US Army infectious diseases Medical Research Institute. This hospital is dedicated to the research and development of defense methods for biological weapons operations. It’s in Fort derrick.

Simultaneous interpreting these elements is obvious. The history of the manufacture of biochemical weapons in Fort terrik fort has long been a tradition. This time they also used a terrible virus to harm Wuhan and hide the truth. However, in the end, only the United States itself was attacked by the virus, that is, the map of the epidemic situation in the United States on the left side of the picture was red. Of course, the painting of Wuhe Qilin is called command and conquest. How can there be only one virus to understand Wang’s command and conquest in the past four years? In the red circle on the left is the white policeman who “knelt down” to kill Freud, a black American. The other two are anti racial discrimination protests triggered by the incident in the United States.

It’s black people who bought the house for zero and ordered it all.

At the bottom of the left are three pictures: the U.S. stock market meltdown, the conspiracy theory that Americans think Bill Gates is the culprit of the virus, and fudge, who is besieged by fans of understanding Wang.

On the right, the picture on the back of the dollar is the symbol of the mysterious organization “Freemasonry”. Many fans of know Wang believe in this conspiracy theory. They think that the situation in the United States and even the world is manipulated by this organization, and know Wang is their Savior.

Here’s a half left group photo. On the left is Trump’s wife. On the right is Epstein, who is suspected of trafficking in human beings and offering sexual bribes to several senior officials in the United States.

There is only half of Epstein on the screen, which actually implies that in July 2020, fox news took the initiative to cut off Epstein when it sent photos. At that time, netizens questioned: Fox, do you want to get rid of Wang and the criminal? Does it mean that Tong Wang is also a customer of Epstein? Further to the right are the slogans commonly used by Wang’s supporters and what he calls “controlled by the Democratic Party, vote fraud” by mail.

And the face in this picture is Sulaimani, an Iranian Revolutionary Guard general, who was killed by the U.S. armed forces with a drone authorized by the king of understanding.

There is also the same tooth of the vampire at the top of the middle of the picture, which belongs to a famous writer in Wuhan.

The Capitol building on fire in the picture is the event that fans of the king of understanding captured the Congress. Next to it, there are a circle of deployed American soldiers, who are on high alert. Of course, it refers to the fact that king of sleeping has convened a large group of national guards to ensure the transfer of power.

The burning statue of liberty in the lower left corner has only half the blood, which means that the universal value of the United States is declining.

The lost man in front of the White House is the ousted king. On his last day in the White House, he may also stand in front of the screen as depicted in this painting and review his achievements in recent years.

But his back was a little bleak, lonely, and close to each other, which made people want to say: “on the first day when Wang left the White House, I miss him (Beep)”. The whole painting is to understand Wang’s command and conquest for four years. It’s like a game and a dream. Finally, it’s time for curtain call. Some people think that choosing the game screen as the main body of the painting may be incomprehensible. However, I think that the game of Red Alert chosen by uhe Kirin satirizes the United States, which has a profound meaning. Because what the United States is good at is to plant the bad things it has done on other people’s heads, “black the enemy in front of the mirror, and finally black out, it’s all its own appearance.”. The red alert is the best example of this idea in the United States. In the game, the nuclear bomb is the super weapon of the Soviet Union, but in history, it is the Americans who have lost the nuclear bomb madly, and the two lost to Japan are just the tip of the iceberg. In order to test nuclear weapons, Americans dropped 67 nuclear bombs on Bikini island in the Pacific Ocean in 12 years, and then observed the impact of nuclear radiation on nearby residents. These residents have been poisoned for decades and suffered from various strange diseases. Their children have been contaminated before they were born, and the whole race has lived in blood and tears for generations .

In the game, Yuri of the Soviet Union can control the enemy. Yuri’s image is still the same as Lenin’s, smearing communism and brainwashing people. But historically, it was the United States itself that used living people to study mind control.

In the game, the allied units are very high-tech and cool, such as the Guangling tank. But in history, the Soviet Union really studied the Guangling tank, that is, the 1k-17 laser tank.

Most of the units in the Communist camp in the game, such as magnetic explosive infantry, crazy Evan, and self explosive trucks, have strong destructive power, but their attack methods are very anti-human. In Soviet missions, Soviet mobilizers were even set up to kill local civilians automatically. However, in reality, it is the United States itself that slaughters civilians by inhumane means, and the US military is heavily in debt on the Korean Peninsula. Wu He Qilin joked that it was a collection of conspiracy theories. But in fact, Wu He Qilin just restored the bad things that the United States had done to the United States. He did not wrongly the United States at all. Every detail in the picture has its origin and can stand scrutiny. It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s the light of the right path.

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8 months ago

Don’t be too scared to talk about conspiracy theories. You don’t look at who your opponents are or what they did to us last year. When we reasonably question, we are neither humble nor arrogant. When we play conspiracy theory, we write it on our face. We can not confuse the two. Those officials in the United States take conspiracy theory seriously every day. Did the big bang happen? It’s not living well, worshipped by you as a lighthouse. Why should we be inferior to dogs. Even if someone accidentally confused conspiracy theory with reasonable doubt, although I don’t agree, I can only say: “he just made the mistakes that ordinary lighthouses would make.” If you say that you are playing conspiracy theory, there is no need to blame! Because they admit it. You can’t be as stupid as Morrison. Take this picture as a fake. At most, it’s just impolite, but the United States asked for it. “Wuhan virus”, “Chinese virus”, “kongflu”, “P4 laboratory”, they humiliated us so much, don’t you remember? They are tired of talking about it! Conspiracy theorist q is about to become a religion, and we are still worried that our query is like a conspiracy theory. We are afraid that we will not behave like a good student. When will this inferiority complex stop? We just watch Americans play conspiracy theory every day, amuse themselves, and be too lonely to play with them. Anyway, when their conspiracy theories attacked us, some people never came out to protect the reputation of our nation. Now it’s our turn to play. People who want to show their faces won’t come out to stop us. What’s more, we admit that we are playing this time. Americans are serious.

8 months ago

Western soldier Saint Clausewitz said that war is an art. And the Americans succeed in turning art into shit. Frankly speaking, as a naval enthusiast, I have some regrets to see that the holders of the most powerful and advanced naval forces in the world did not devote their energy to the study of more advanced naval techniques and tactics. Of course, PPT did draw a lot, but from the practical level, they let their fleet rust and damage, connived at the officers and men of the fleet, and ignored the thousands The $1.5 billion coffeepot and the $10, 000 toilet ring, as well as the over exciting parties for the fleet’s top management to make the thousands of dollars coffeepot and the $10, 000 toilet ring pass the audit. And that’s how they look when Richard, the good guy, is burning.

8 months ago

Under the background of the new crown, the order in the order and conquest suppresses and destroys the rise of China, and the result of the order conquest is that the United States loses everything.
The first two iconic news of the painting are:
1. The Ministry of foreign affairs requested the United States to open the fort Detrick military base and accept the who’s traceability investigation on the new crown;
2. Trump was defeated and officially stepped down as president of the United States.

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