I refused again and again, but he insisted. I thought he would have something to do, it shouldn’t be like this, but now he said, “Take me to relax after the college entrance examination?” I relax and use him? How should I ask him for money now, I can’t tear my face, the relationship is good, but it’s not good enough to make him a white woman.

Think about one thing first: Is this a favor or a business? As you can see from your description, you didn’t think about it clearly. You first emphasized that it is a relative, and the other party insists that the relationship is very good, so it is difficult to refuse this favor. If it is because of favors, you have to be prepared for the white prostitution. Not only can you not receive the money, but you have to paint carefully, because the purpose is to satisfy the other party, the more satisfied the better. why? It may be because this relative is important to you, it may be because of family affection, it may be because of the replacement of future interests, it may be because it is how to practice painting and give a favor by the way. But after the question, you said that the definition of “thinking that he would come” is very vague. What is “will come”? Take you to relax. Two or three hundred dollars are counted for you. Sending you the latest iPhone is also counted. There is no way to define it. So if you think about it at the beginning, you are not so familiar with it and you can’t give it away for free. Then just say the price. It is difficult to talk about money between relatives. But painting oil painting requires raw material costs. Good canvas and paint are not cheap. It is not too much to require a set of designated brushes + paint + canvas. This is a few hundred yuan more. For high school students, it is considered a small income. It can be said that you have a friend who buys this and just transfer the money to you. The confiscation of painting money between relatives is a raw material cost. But all of these require you to communicate with the other party beforehand. Otherwise, the other party glared at him and said that he didn’t expect so much money, so what should I do if I don’t draw it? Now what was said in the front is unclear, and what is naturally given in the back is unclear. He wanted to sell the favor, but he was reluctant to give it away for nothing. Naturally, he was not a human being inside and out. In the end, he might have chosen to return one or two hundred yuan, and was scolded by the other party.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

My suggestion is to paint very, very seriously, and to hone the painting skills seriously. On this painting, he asked, you always said that you are painting seriously. After painting for a few months, he has forgotten about it— -If he hasn’t forgotten, get another canvas of the same size, copy the serious painting in a day or two, and send it to him. The materials are carefully used for the painting, and the paintings are cheap (in fact, it is not expensive, if you can mount the cloth, the cost is ten or twenty yuan). The advantage of this is: everyone is happy! In other words, you can live a good life, but you are urged to draw a meticulous painting, which improves your painting skills and thinking (this gain, really, can’t be bought with money). What it costs is nothing more than a little paint canvas—as a need to practice skills, something you would have to spend, but your relatives, his face is satisfied, and the bargains are also taken up. Don’t let him be overly grateful, thank you in the first painting of yourself. You only gave him an empty shell painting costing more than ten or twenty yuan. Of course, if you are a painter or a very good painter, with proficient painting skills and extraordinary ability, then it is another matter: just… you want money!

8 months ago

First sympathize with the subject for a second. I just searched for photos on the Internet to see how big 160*90 is. Good guy, it would be time-consuming, laborious, and tragic to really help him finish the painting and be prostituted for nothing. After all, putting this size here would cost a lot of money for the frame and materials. If you haven’t done it yet, don’t paint. The “painting” Dafa said downstairs can be used! Pro test is effective! Dragging means not painting, what can I do with you? But looking at the tone of the question, I feel that the subject may have been drawn? In this case, if you really want some hard work, you can contact your relative and ask him what color/material frame he likes in the name of finding a frame to mount it. I will say how much the price is. Quote directly to him! If you can’t open your mouth again, it will be completely finished, and you will have to go in with your own money. Try to report as many high points as possible to get some blood back. Under normal circumstances, if an adult takes your painting for nothing, can he deduct your money? In the end, if you are really upset and embarrassed to ask for money, then you’re too busy/How long can you delay painting? Generally, you are busy with your studies before finishing the college entrance examination, so how can you give him free time? If you talk about it a few more times, I guess your parents will find him annoying, and this matter will not stop. Remember to practice the ability to reject people next time. Don’t be polite to someone who is a rogue. You will only get stuck on your nose and make it difficult to refuse. At this time, it depends on who is more rascal.

8 months ago

The old methods of people who have come here are better than painting and painting Dafa. Resign first. If you can’t resign, you will agree. If you agree, you will delay it. After a long time, he will forget it. The excuse is to be busy with xx exams, help teachers with xx projects, school clubs, if you are in the third year of high school, just say you will go part-time. Actual test Effective, there is no other way except to be bb by relatives from time to time. He can lick his face for such a big picture without paying, and you can also lick his face and drag.

8 months ago

You ask him what cloth he uses, then ask him what frame and frame he uses, and then tell him that the paint is gone. The scraper is broken and the color plate is broken. The easel is broken. Anyway, if you want nothing, you have to buy labor costs. I don’t want to pay for materials. Post it, he doesn’t want to make it. I’m sorry that it’s hard for a clever woman to draw without rice. If he’s willing to make it, he can make a list of a full set of new equipment. If he wants to be too expensive, you can turn it around and give him a relative card for free. The elders will pay more for materials and tools. Why don’t you buy them first?

8 months ago

Therefore, if you don’t negotiate the price and payment method before the start of construction, you are playing rogue. This order can only be used when you pay the tuition yourself. Many people work for others, and they are embarrassed to clarify the price and payment time before the start of work. In the end, the other party delays or pays less, and it is not clear. But generally speaking, you will have a long memory after losing an order. But after the third year of high school, the painting skills want to make money, I think it is not very reliable. If you do collect money, the result may be that no one asks you to get it. After I graduated from the third year of high school, I made a website for others for free, because I knew they would not find me if they paid a fee. After all, I am just a student playing in the amateur, not as good as other professionals. In this way, the other party got to the website, and I got the experience of doing the website, and both parties got what they needed.

8 months ago

Let me come, this question, I have experienced it (there is a slight difference in size), and it is not one oil painting, but three oil paintings. My relatives didn’t plan to give money from the beginning, but would I dare not paint? Dare not. So I worked hard to finish the painting in two weeks with the most efficient and best attitude, and now the three paintings are still hanging in the most conspicuous position in the living room of the relatives’ house. Do you dare not paint the painting your mother-in-law wants? So the answer is, it depends on the specific relative (dog head saves life) anonymous anonymous, this must be anonymous, if my wife finds that I am forcing me to complain, it will be over.

8 months ago

Ask him for sponsorship, saying that there is no money to buy painting materials. In order to prevent the other person from saying anything, you can paint me casually. You can find the painting materials at the highest price, buy more, and then make a list. Tell him that you need so much. Things can only be painted after they are bought. Then it depends on what he does. If you buy it, you can paint it, and if you don’t buy it, you won’t paint it. Your profit is based on the number of painting materials. For example, you originally needed one pen, but you said you need three, because you must ensure that each pen will not be warped or worn. He is a layman, and he doesn’t understand, so he has to use it like this. What if he knows how to do it? Then it’s easier to do, just ask for the money. But it doesn’t look like an expert in this situation. He has a reason to buy you painting materials. He supports the hobbies of relatives and children. He is so upright and face-saving. Grasping this will make him difficult to ride a tiger.

8 months ago

In fact, I don’t know how to ask for money, and I can’t help myself. I don’t know how to do this, but I can say something else. If I deal with relatives, it is last year! Her noodle shop was too busy, so I asked me to help. The content of the job is to hand out flyers on the street and entertain guests in the store. When I was distributing flyers, I met an old grandfather. He said that children are so young and don’t have many books. How can they do this kind of work? I said Grandpa, I actually graduated. (I just failed the ranking at that time, he told me to study, I almost didn’t cry!) Later, I returned to the store and started to entertain guests. At that time, I have to ask them again. Many customers are dissatisfied, but I really can’t remember! Haha. After working for a total of 5 days, the conclusion is that I am really introverted, I don’t like interacting with guests, and I don’t know how to talk about scenes. Oops, it’s a bit off topic! Are you asking for money? Later, I learned that my relatives treated me very well. I was bored at the time. My aunt was afraid that I would become stupid, so I went to the shop to be lively and lively to meet strangers. I have been eating very well these days. Her home is a noodle restaurant. At noon, the guests eat noodles. The barbecue stall my aunt gave me is too funny. So, maybe your relatives won’t give you money, but it really has ulterior motives.

8 months ago

Option 1: If the relationship is really bad, then one delays two, two delays three, and three delays four-five-six. Asking is painting, and there is never progress. Option 2: You still seem to be a student? Tell your parents that you can never make a mistake, and let them turn down for you. If your parents ask you to paint for the sake of face, you can say that the most recent focus is on cultural classes and there is no time. Option 3: If unfortunately you have to paint, let him pay for the paint. But don’t mention the money, just ask him for expensive paint, and say that he sent the paint to you and start painting immediately. If he buys it for you sincerely, then paint it. Remember to point more white to make a reselling money.

8 months ago

I’ll think of a way for you, which is different from the previous high praise answers. Make sure not to hurt feelings, but also to satisfy his vanity. It can be said to help him paint, but not now, but in the future (not sure in the future); you can help him find something better than yours, and you can quickly receive the painting and hang it up. Specific statement: First give him a heart-wrenching talk about your difficulties. For example, I am very nervous with my homework, my academic performance has been unsatisfactory, or has declined, and the recent pressure is very heavy, I have no thoughts and no time to paint, and my painting skills Clumsy, painting is particularly time-consuming, I can’t bear to make him foolish in front of family and friends, and I don’t want him to wait and delay his time (that way you will be more stressed and will affect your study). When I have time in the future, I will help him slowly draw a good picture after he improves his painting skills. Then, you help him find some oil paintings he might like on Taobao, find 3-5 store products, and send him the link directly, and give him an analysis of the price/performance ratio, which is a suggestion. He will feel your sincerity and care, saying that the online paintings can be used as commodities. They are all painted by artists with a very high level. You can’t compare with your level. Moreover, the selection of styles is rich, and the frame materials are many. , There are various price and size, as long as he wants to buy, it is guaranteed to make him more satisfied, hang it in the house, relatives and friends will like it when they see it, and they will want to link. Direct rejection sometimes does hurt feelings. Then we learn to reject it tactfully, but we can’t make people feel too disappointed, so we can take the initiative to reduce his unreasonable requirements, and then help some related small favors, and finally solve the problem. This is the fundamental purpose, it’s just another way.

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