You have to figure out what is the worst… Is death the worst? No, because there is something worse than death. That is to die miserably. In a certain way, the death is miserable and not yet unlucky. It is said that life is worse than death, and it is unlucky. After all, sometimes it is a hundred for death. So the worst luck you said is not what you understand. I lost my mobile wallet ID card when I went out, missed the flight schedule, or got fired when I went to work. This Nima is considered good. There are many ways to die. For example, Xiao Ming was hit by a car when he went out. The pronoun Xiao Ming is all used here, instead of “you me him”, because of the subject matter, I should avoid it. But if you don’t have a good time, Xiao Ming was hit by a car when he went out, and he was knocked down on the road when a truck drove over and the tires pressed over his head. This may be painful…but it’s a little bit faster…said the painful and unpleasant…Xiao Ming was hit by a car when he went out, and his clothes were hooked by the corner of the car, dragging Xiao Ming on the ground for several kilometers. Tens of thousands of meters… The flesh on the body is worn off when I hang it. Of course, there are more bloody and disgusting ones. I didn’t make up casually. There are so many people on the earth. Every method of death has a prototype. For an analogy, you can learn about it. If we talk about how historical figures like Shi Dakai and Hong Tianfu died, I can’t tell the rest here. If we go on, I’m probably going to be known as a small black house. Then everyone died, what are you doing with this one hundred million? Give it to children and grandchildren for welfare? Then I want to give you a like, the greatest dad/mother in the world. Or you will think that I can persist in not dying, and I won’t be able to survive this day, but I’m not dead and able to live this day decently, it’s the worst luck… Suppose one day Xiao Ming was poisoned by thallium, and then I got this one hundred million. Is it still useful? There is a fart…please refer to the case of Zhu Ling. Zhu Ling was poisoned by thallium, and the damage caused by thallium poisoning is irreversible, so her intelligence, vision, body and language functions have not been restored, leaving permanent With severe sequelae, Zhu Ling cannot take care of herself at all, and must be taken care of by her elderly parents. Or Xiao Ming is unclear and blind; or Xiao Ming was taken by Xiao Lu and turned into a human being. Is this the worst luck? The most famous person is Lv Hou, the wife of the founding emperor Liu Bang during the Han Dynasty. After Liu Bang died, she made Liu’s most beloved concubine and wife Qi as a person. She also arranged for someone to “take care” and then discarded it in the latrine. Let it die in pain. In this way, it’s meaningless to say that a person is alive if he is rich… Don’t say 100 million, 10 billion is not worthwhile… So, if you don’t add an unlucky lower limit to this question, it’s impossible to agree to anything. of. After adding this lower limit, we still have to see if we can accept this lower limit…


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Of course you don’t agree. You don’t know what the unlucky concept is among the 7 billion people. The number of people who die from lightning strikes in the world exceeds 3000 every year. First of all, you cannot go out. Every day in the world, some people are hacked to death. You must be hacked to death when you go out. Is it safe to hide at home? A latest report shows that the number of civilian deaths related to terrorist attacks worldwide is rising sharply. In the past year, more than 18,000 people died as a result of terrorist acts worldwide. Fortunately, most of these are in foreign countries, especially in the Middle East. Even if you are unlucky on this day in China, it may not be your turn. Let alone traffic accidents, 100% of the places where the world’s most unlucky people own a car were hit and killed. Even in the country, you should find a place without electricity, otherwise: the number of people who die from electrical accidents in the world each year accounts for about 25% of all accident deaths, and 100% of them are electrocuted. Then even if you use the most extreme means to find the best public security place to build an abandoned air-raid shelter without water and electricity, hire a few absolutely reliable people with all kinds of first-aid equipment, prepare three months in advance to be physically strong, not all day long. Can I live if I drink water, eat, or sleep? Spontaneous Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is the most common type. Approximately one in a million people worldwide develop this disease every year. Such cases account for approximately 85%. Most people die within 4 months to 2 years. There is currently no effective treatment, but drug treatment can relieve some symptoms. Even if you do nothing and are under absolute safety protection, you will get a mortal disease on this day because of the misfolding of several protein molecules in your brain. So give up the 100 million, the god of death has come to collect people, and no one can save it.

7 months ago

Alas, there are so many bounty lists like this. Last time there were many billion-dollar projects, so that I now think of US dollars and unconsciously equate with Mingbi. By the way, another time it wasn’t US dollars, it was Beijing Siheyuan. The first reason is to leave this one billion to the family! One’s own life and death can be ignored. After all, I have encountered an opportunity in my life to change the class of my family. Next, discuss this issue again. “One day the most unlucky person on earth”, keywords, “one day” and “the most unlucky person”. If I understand one day, then I need to live to bear this “unlucky”. The day has passed, and the bad luck will disappear! In other words, there is no loss of “life”, life must be used to “endure bad luck”! Of course, some things are “better than death,” I don’t deny. Possibility of death is not the biggest “doom”. Then, I downloaded “The Unluckiest Person in the World” on Baidu. Due to space limitations, I will not show it here. But one thing is that these people have suffered “doom” throughout their lives, even many times. No one on the list is made by “a day’s experience”. Therefore, I think that the reason why he is the most unlucky person is because he continues to suffer bad luck. The so-called “continuous” is not “death.” As for what it is, it’s hard to say. It’s also worth the risk!

7 months ago

I don’t agree, you have the money you spend, why do you make it? The most unlucky means: going out, being hit by a car, falling into a well, falling to death, tripping with your left foot and finding your right foot on the ground one second before you fall. A steel bar was stabbed to death. Without going out, the plane turned around and was smashed to death. The body ignited spontaneously and died inexplicably. He was struck by lightning or killed by ball lightning. Eating, choking, choking, food allergies. You won’t starve to death if you don’t eat, but you don’t have acute cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction. If you walk around the house, you might be hanged on the clothesline. Smoking a cigarette may kill you by natural gas. Not to mention the terrifying death of seeing a snail squatting behind him.

7 months ago

A while ago, an 80-year-old man was on duty at home. He ate too much lamb on a whim at home, and he tore his esophagus… In emergency surgery, I completed the tracheal intubation while he was awake, and his mouth was full. It’s food scraps and the chest department has done emergency surgery for almost 8 hours. In fact, it has been done for 3 hours. Five hours are cleaning the lamb in the chest…Lamb, beef, louver, cabbage, tofu, wormwood stem …Continuously pulled out from the chest…I’m sorry to ruin everyone’s hot pot dream…Finally, the esophagus is basically abolished, the upper end is directly closed, the lower end is also closed, a gastrostomy is opened in the abdomen, and the tracheal tube is taken to the ICU. I asked Director of Thoracic Surgery, will he be a colon substitute for the esophagus later? He said, let’s survive first! I don’t know if the old man is the most unlucky person in the world, but I don’t even want his situation. If there is something more unlucky, then I don’t want to. But if it returns to the original one a day later, it’s another matter. Up

7 months ago

I just took a hundred million and was struck by lightning when I went out. Of course he didn’t die. After all, what bad luck to die like this? Then he was sent to the doctor. The man who carried the stretcher was sprayed by his wife in the morning. Halfway through the drive, there was a car accident, and then it turned into a 360-degree comminuted fracture of Kill Matt. I changed 8 cars along the way, fell 17 times, and finally reached the hospital. I took the elevator upstairs, and the elevator fell down. The safety factor of 99.9999% of the fall arrester cannot hold you back. It was easy to lift it up, check the X-ray and forgot to protect you, prick the needle and hang the water and forget the water… I finally got the water, and I got it wrong. Drug allergies, the heart stopped after seeing it, and the electric shock was used to stop the power…Finally, he finally died. It turned out that the fairy was affected by your bad luck. He drank some fake wine and gave the wrong currency value. You Family members took a look, hey, Zimbabwe currency! This is a strong labor that not only didn’t make a profit, but also lost it.

7 months ago

I will refuse. In fact, if you only get 100 million yuan and die immediately, it is worth it to me. After all, one’s life is not a pity, and it is difficult to get one hundred million yuan in exchange for one’s life, and it is very worthwhile. But to be the most unlucky person on earth for a day… There is a man named Yamaguchi who suffered a nuclear explosion in Hiroshima during a business trip, then returned to Nagasaki and met his boss while telling his boss about the nuclear explosion in Hiroshima. Qi nuclear explosion. So I have a valid suspicion that being “the most unlucky person on earth” is not just that personal life will be threatened. At least in terms of the word “most”, it is likely that the surrounding areas and even human civilization may be due to a person. Suffered a devastating blow. It’s just for the 100 million yuan to suffer such a blow, I still respect the insensitivity.

7 months ago

What is the worst? People die and the money is not spent, or people live and the money is gone. What’s the worst of luck, it’s just dead. That’s a hundred million. As long as I didn’t just get the money, I lost it. It was worth my life to replace the five-generation family business. Can’t you buy a life for 100 million? I’ll sell you to buy it. Answering the questions is a bit of a sense of enthusiasm. Many people answer the questions from the same perspective as watching the excitement, and have nothing to do with themselves. You have to imagine that one hundred million yuan is in front of you, and the notary office is sitting on one side. Dozens of bigwigs are willing to endorse this matter, and as long as they agree to the contract, it will take effect immediately. So you really wouldn’t think about it, if you don’t die, wouldn’t you just die for nothing? Is the worst spread? Are you still involved in the Nine Clan? You have to count which planet the hapless person is on, and which planet explodes in situ. Why do I need this billion? Using this one to threaten all mankind, can’t I call the wind and the rain? My tm is better than a nuclear bomb.

7 months ago

People who are not unlucky on earth may have billions in debt in one day. If you give me one hundred million, you will make me the most unlucky one? Don’t talk! Even if you give me the whole world, the worst luck in the whole world is enough to make me lose the whole world. So the subject, are you here to find a curse?

7 months ago

What a silly question! One hundred million yuan and bad luck arrive at the same time, which means that this one hundred million yuan will definitely be lost unluckily, all kinds of unlucky things will come, and people and money will be lost! Unless it is set as: 100 million yuan will not be lost no matter how bad luck; there is no life-threatening. But it’s okay, it’s no blessing to be a vegetative. Unless it is set as: 100 million yuan will not disappear, lifeless, and physical damage is dangerous; that will not work, in case you are unlucky enough to lose all your friends and relatives around you, and the lonely family will not be happy, and you will become a lunatic with a mental illness. Also enjoy the happiness of less than 100 million yuan! Unless it is set as: 100 million yuan will not disappear, there is no risk of physical or mental damage, and bad luck will not affect relatives, friends and people around you… Well… If it is set like this, it does not meet the “most unlucky” setting. Right. So, I actually gave up 100 million yuan today.

7 months ago

Unfortunately, this definition is a bit interesting. As the most unlucky person, you must not go out. There are dogs, cars, thunders, and meteorites outside. Then stay at home, you can’t eat, because you’ll choke, choke, encounter black-hearted factories, eat clenbuterol, and Sudan red. Of course, it’s not dead to eat, but the food may have expired or sold you after it has expired. Yes, it may be food poisoning. There is no way, I can only play games. I’m sorry, the matching teammates have five people and four pits. The mobile phone/computer is also prone to breakage, and there may be power outages. The lottery is guaranteed to be 90 draws. Okay, don’t play games, let’s lie down for a day, no, the bed may collapse, the air conditioner is broken in winter and summer, the windows are stoned by bear kids, and the north wind blows. You have to go to the toilet, no, the floor is too slippery and you will fall, and you will not pee into the pit. There is no hot water in the bath in winter, and there is no water in the summer. Okay, then urinate and defecate wherever you want, let’s talk about it after today, hey, the goddess is visiting, you can’t open the door. No goddess? Let’s lie on the ground, remember that the window was smashed, the sandstorm in Beijing today.

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