After the discovery of Godzilla, scientists first judged biologically that it was an unknown monster, and realized that its destructive ability was strong, and it might be similar to the monster Chimera that appeared 17 years ago. The place of discovery immediately promulgated the “New Type Monster Recognition Method”, requiring that the report of the appearance of the monster must be confirmed by the Provincial Academy of Sciences. The key points of monster identification include: 1. The appearance of the reptile; 2. The height is 50-100 meters; 3. It emits nuclear radiation; 4. It is destructive; 5. It is related to the monster’s first discovery of the Dihua Nan vegetable wholesale market. At the same time, based on the experience of defeating Chimera 17 years ago, everyone worked out a series of measures to defend Godzilla. A new case of Godzilla sabotage has not been confirmed for ten days. The sabotage reported by witnesses has nothing to do with Huanan Vegetable Wholesale Market, and it cannot be confirmed that it was caused by a new type of monster. The propaganda department of the place of discovery strongly forwarded a marketing slogan: People all over the country think that we are scared by monsters. In fact, the people of the city feel that Godzilla is in Shinan District, Shinan District said nothing, people who talk indiscriminately. All should go to the Bajiaoting Neuropathy Hospital. On the eleventh day, Zhang Guangfa, a professor of the world’s monster taxonomy and Yenching University, followed the National Monster Identification Center to the spot where Godzilla was discovered. Professor Zhang Guangfa failed to confirm that the damage was related to Godzilla according to the “New Monster Identification Method” at the scene identified by the witnesses. He scratched his head anxiously, causing the protective clothing mask to loosen. After returning home, Professor Zhang was hospitalized for acute radiation sickness. Professor Zhang analyzed afterwards: I may have accidentally come into contact with a new type of monster. On the fifteenth day, a press conference was held at the place of discovery. It was pointed out that only ten suspected Godzilla sabotage incidents had been discovered in the local area. Among them, only one incident was detected in which Godzilla carried radiation, indicating that the Godzilla problem was preventable and controllable. On the twentieth day, Academician Zhong Beishan, the author of the world’s monster taxonomy and the director of the Guangzhou People Eat Everything Institute, went to the place where Godzilla was discovered. Academician Zhong visited several suspected monster destruction sites under the arrangement of the discovery site. No such destruction was found on the site to be connected to the South China Vegetable Wholesale Market, where Godzilla was first discovered. These cannot be determined according to the “New Monster Identification Method”. The scene is related to Godzilla. However, based on an acute radiation patient he had contact with in Shenzhen, Academician Zhong judged that Godzilla’s activities have spread throughout the city. At this time, the experience of defending Chimera proved to be ineffective against Godzilla. At the same time, there were multiple reports of Godzilla sightings and sabotage reports waiting to be identified in the Academy of Sciences. Due to the lack of manpower in the Academy of Sciences, many reports take a long time to complete the appraisal. Most of the reports have nothing to do with Godzilla’s first discovery of the Dilipidum vegetable wholesale market, which could not be identified as Godzilla-related incidents at that time. On the 21st day, the superior intervened. The next day, the monster found the ground to seal the city and began to destroy Godzilla with the support of the whole country. Countries around the world are full of doubts about whether China can defeat the monster. Neighboring countries such as the beautiful country immediately interrupted the traffic with China. However, all countries focus on keeping a close eye on China, while turning a blind eye to Godzilla entering the country. Even the army of the beautiful country was still bombarding Godzilla trying to land in New York a minute ago. As soon as Godzilla landed on the mainland of the beautiful country, all the intercepting forces declared “the end of the defensive battle” and quickly retreated. The leader of the beautiful country said: “Godzilla? Just big lizard!” The British Johnson and the big figures in many countries said that they can achieve coexistence and co-prosperity through the mating of humans and Godzilla, and they are personally taken by Godzilla. Greeting the chrysanthemum. Three months later, China wiped out all Godzillas in the country through hard struggle. At this time, Godzilla was rampant in various countries around the world.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

1. Domestic facts: Godzilla suddenly landed in China, and the people were panicked. Foreign media: zg man-made “doomsday genetic weapons” leaked, and tens of millions of people marched to discuss explanations. UC Browser: “Dad suddenly fell in love with Ultraman because of him! “2. Domestic facts: The government organizes citizens to avoid disasters, and requires non-essential situations not to go out of the door, and the wartime mechanism is activated. Foreign media: zg restricts the personal freedom of citizens, ignores human rights, and urges China to implement the corresponding United Nations laws. UC Browser: “Those Little Secrets When Boys and Girls Are Isolated at Home (Don’t Enter Underage)” 3. Domestic facts: Scientists study countermeasures to control nuclear radiation and Godzilla’s actions. Foreign media: zg concealed the truth and concealed the evil plan of zg. Western formations appeared in the South China Sea. UC browser: “Ten local methods to prevent nuclear radiation, the tenth I was stunned. “4. Domestic facts: The government banned Godzilla to avoid more casualties. Foreign media: Illegal detention of alien races in an attempt to sexually assault and genocide Godzilla on a large scale. UC browser: “The most potential player in NBA history, Yao Ming helpless: “I am not as high as him.”” 5. Domestic facts: Scientists discovered that Godzilla has a high IQ and tried to teach him Chinese and Chinese culture. Foreign media: zg carried out cultural aggression against other races in an attempt to fully Chineseize them. UC Browser: “The whole universe speaks Chinese. (Not a Chinese) “6. Domestic facts: Godzilla has been tamed and the nation’s ban has been lifted. Zf shares its experience in dealing with similar crises with the United Nations. Foreign media: zg controls Godzilla at a huge cost, which reflects zg’s backwardness. (With disaster response index ranking: zg ranked 134th in the world) UC browser: “Where to play on weekends? These places will be out without knowing you. “7. Domestic facts: Tourists from all over the country visited Godzilla and enjoyed taking pictures together. Foreign media: condemned zg for treating Godzilla as a native Indian. UC Browser: “A New Way Out for Taiwan Pineapple? Taiwan Fruit Farmer: Thank him. “8. Domestic facts: zf released Godzilla in the South China Sea. Godzilla was reluctant to leave and drifted on the surface of the South China Sea. Foreign media: oppose zg’s reclamation of the South China Sea to build an island. UC Browser: “Are You Not Filial to Your Parents?” Look at him. (Recommended reading by parents) 9. Domestic facts: Godzilla was released and life returned to normal. Foreign media: zg attempts to use Godzilla to control the world. UC Browser: “The United States and Japan are scared to pee! Was it because of him? “Fan Wai: Female Boxing: “What Godzilla? Why can’t it be Sister Silla?”

7 months ago

Godzilla highly agrees with the initiative of a community with a shared future for mankind and proposes to change its name to the Community of Smart Biology. After the xth meeting, d agreed with Godzilla’s proposal and agreed to Godzilla’s request to join the party. Godzilla also became the first non-human creature to join the party. Under the leadership of the Godzilla academician of the Academy of Sciences, the world’s first fusion nuclear power plant was put into operation…The Trisolaran invasion, the liberation of the xth army commander Godzilla took the lead, and took the lead to meet the enemy and win the victory. After the victory of the Patriotic War of the Republic, Godzilla, as the main representative, will go to the Texas franchisees of the American continent to sign an armistice agreement with the Trisolaran. The founding ceremony of the Galactic Universe was officially held. The gongs and drums were noisy, and the firecrackers were blasted. In view of Godzilla’s excellent performance, it was decided to award Godzilla the “Grand Marshal Galaxy” and lead the Minister of Defense.

7 months ago

If Godzilla really appears in China one day in the future, how should we Chinese people respond? The United States has superheroes such as Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman to guard, while Japan has Ultraman to be responsible for defeating the little monsters. So if an ultimate life form like Godzilla appears in China, how should we respond? What weapons or heroes can be used to fight against it, successfully repel Godzilla and protect ourselves ? Let’s not discuss whether the 115.21 million Cantonese can solve this kind of solution for this Godzilla in terms of the average meal size of a normal person. According to the information currently available, Godzilla mainly uses nuclear radiation to provide energy for his huge body. Therefore, just like the Destroy Japanese version, it cannot be destroyed by a nuclear bomb using the strongest weapon currently available to mankind. Every time it is hit by a nuclear bomb, it becomes stronger. Therefore, the Shanghai Cannon, which appeared in “Shanghai Fortress” to fight alien invasion, may not be worth mentioning because of its huge power in the 120-meter-tall Godzilla noodles. The “Hunter” mecha warrior used to defend against monsters in “Pacific Rim” appeared as a Chinese mech. It weighs 1,722 tons and is 76 meters high. It may become the main weapon against 120 meters high Godzilla. This mech, which was assembled in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China, requires three people to drive, each controlling one arm. It is the lightest of all mechas, the strongest in close hand-to-hand combat, and the most flexible mecha. At the same time, the secret weapon on the left arm can be aimed at the bones of the monster and strikes accurately from a long distance. Known as the world’s number one sniper, the “Hunter” mech, whether in close combat or long-range combat, is extremely powerful when fighting monsters and has excellent performance. I believe it will have a good performance in the face of Godzilla. If the physical weapons are not effective, then try to pray to the gods. Assuming that more than one billion Chinese people moved the Chinese mythological characters in the novel, such as Monkey King, Third Prince Nezha, and Erlang Shen Yang Jian, the gods descended from the world. I believe that if the gods take action, the brother will definitely stop (dog head saves his life)

7 months ago

If you are referring to the new Godzilla, the first time I landed, I think it should not be much better than Japan in the movie. The film is landed in Tokyo. If you are referring to China, it is Shanghai (Beijing can’t be posted). This is the first time in the film. After landing for two hours, Wu Zhi was dispatched and was disturbed by the unevacuated people. Godzilla returned to the sea without firing on fire. In China, it is impossible to complete the evacuation in two hours. This is the same if you put it in any city of the same size in the world. It is impossible… Better than Japan is that you can dispatch the army at the first time, but in densely populated areas, The economic center directly exchanges fire with an unknown target. This decision is not easy to make. The local government can absolutely not bear this pressure. The central decision takes time. It is impossible to say that the missile will be stunned by looking at it, but as long as it goes ashore, it will cause casualties. Now, the firing order will definitely come sooner than Japan. Japan’s biggest constraint is still the jurisprudence used by the Self-Defense Forces. I won’t say much about it in this film. According to the movie description, conventional weapons cannot kill Godzilla. The most likely result is Godzilla counterattack, and then the firepower gradually escalates, and finally Godzilla overheats and returns to the sea. The focus was on the second landing. In the play, the US military even mounted ground penetrating bombs and failed to kill. To be honest, the firepower of tg was at most. It is unrealistic to kill with conventional firepower, and it is inevitable to go to nuclear level. Way. Of course, nuclear peace is also our own nuclear peace, and it is not the turn of other countries to be troublesome. In addition, if we take the route of the freezing plan, the production speed of coagulants must be faster than Japan, and the research and development speed is estimated to be faster. This is mainly due to the gap in the amount of adjustable resources. In general, the response will be faster than Japan, the response will be more flexible, and civilian casualties will be much smaller, but the overall strategy should be similar. The Japanese strategy in the movie is actually not a big problem, mainly moji.

7 months ago

If Godzilla appears in China, I think he will have a decent way to die. First chop off Godzilla’s head, wash it and put it in the pot, put a ton of water, add 100 catties of four special wine to get rid of the smell, put in 30 catties of bay leaves, and then pour in 30 catties of fennel, green onions, Garlic, ginger, Chinese prickly ash and remaining dried chili are packed and put in, put in a little white vinegar, and then put in 18 catties of rock sugar and boil on the fire. Firstly, use high heat to cook for 8864 hours, then turn to low heat and simmer slowly. Hours, turn off the heat and start the pot. Spread the pre-prepared sauce evenly, and take a bite that is tender and juicy. It will be evocative for a long time. It melts in the mouth. The fragrance of Godzilla overflows the entire space. It still has the original taste and the original recipe! I remembered My dad, it was a hot summer. My dad was holding a bowl of meat in his hand, and it was caught in my mouth piece by piece. This is the taste. Dad said exactly, Ultraman Cyro! Since then, he has never seen him again. At this moment, the stewed Godzilla reminded me of the taste of my father, and immediately left tears of happiness.

7 months ago

Doesn’t anyone really think that humans can do Godzilla? Conventional weapons are not destructive enough, and nuclear weapons are equivalent to charging people for extra meals. If you can’t be trapped, you can’t beat it, if you breathe out an atom, you will have one more Chernobyl. Use poison? There is a high probability that Brother will evolve poison resistance in minutes. So, just lie down and have a look. If you can run, you can run farther. If you can’t, you will be interested in seeing your brother. If you come, you will die, and if you don’t come, you will live well.

7 months ago

Many answers don’t understand Godzilla. First popular science: the height of Godzilla is 355 feet, which is 108.204 meters; the length of the tail is 550 feet 4 inches, which is 167.74 meters (only the length of the tail); the weight is 90,000 tons. Godzilla is a huge creature that inhabited the Permian, and was the last descendant of the race that was at the apex of the ecosystem at that time. The body has an organ like an atomic furnace, which can generate huge heat energy on its own. Hidden under the ground at the time of the great extinction of Permian organisms, and was able to escape. Sleeping on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, the radioactive energy concentration on the surface has risen due to the excessive frequency of modern nuclear tests, so he came to the ground again. So it is radiant in itself, and all netizens who want to eat can put down their knives and forks to escape. Furthermore, it is 108 meters tall and not that huge. Bombing it is like bombing a building, and it is also where humans have the chance to win. Although it is not afraid of nuclear radiation, it cannot withstand nuclear explosions, so a nuclear bomb can kill it. Of course, nuclear bombs are actually not needed at all. Large intercontinental missiles are enough to cause lethal damage. After all, it is a body of flesh and blood.

7 months ago

You think Godzilla is very big, but Godzilla is very short. Walking around in most cities, people in the next few blocks can’t see it. Because our cities have developed rapidly in the past 20 years, and there are more tall buildings than Japan and the United States. Then we have NEWS management. What can you do? Almost what you see every day is: the monster moves to the XX area, 35 casualties, and the evacuation of the building areas that may be destroyed is carried out in an orderly manner. This station continues to pay attention. That’s all. If you randomly post videos online, all clips are clipped, and Douban can’t post anything directly, knowing that every day you will be sentenced to violations. Godzilla walked around and returned to the sea. Residents said that the impact on their lives was not significant, and the affected communities have started centralized resettlement work. The food is very good. Professor Zhong Nanshan said that anti-viral granules can effectively treat the psychological damage caused by Godzilla.

7 months ago

To be honest, if Godzilla really appears in the mainland, according to Chinese traditional culture, there is a high probability that aura will be revived. Then there is a high probability that the army and thermal weapons will not be needed. Only those hidden monks will come out one or two. I can clean up this stuff. If you are lucky, Godzilla becomes a pet of a big boss, or is refined into a magic weapon. If you are not lucky, he will burp. It’s just that according to our current film industry system, we still can’t make such a grand and majestic movie. Let’s take a look at how famous IPs like “Dou Po” and “Dou Luo” are filmed compared to novels. So, just wake up, Godzilla will not come to the mainland, and it will be decades later~~

7 months ago

If its meat is suitable for human consumption, then it has to consider what it will be like. Even if it’s not tasty, just advocating that its meat can beautify the skin, detoxify, lose weight, strengthen the yang, invigorate the kidney, relieve the kidneys and legs, and promote the development of the brain. It has to worry about its own safety. If it cannot be eaten, as long as its leather is suitable for making coats, wallets and belts, it also has to consider its own safety. We don’t need to consider anything. No, we should consider adding another group of speculators in addition to real estate speculation, stock speculation, futures speculation, gold speculation and shoes.

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