Hello, friends and fans of Zhihu. I heard that all the friends are masters of naming, so please open your minds and talk about the Chinese translation and reasons that you think are most suitable for Spider-Man: No Way Home. Maybe the translated title you provide will eventually become the official title of the movie!
Event time: March 17th-April 9th
rule of activity:
Participate in the answer and say the Chinese translation of your translation. If your proposed title is selected as the official title in the future, and you are the first person to propose the title here, congratulations, you will get [1 original English poster of the Spider-Man series]!
Don’t be discouraged if you are not selected. At the same time, 2 friends will be randomly selected to give out gift packs around the Soge’s movie. As long as you participate in the event, you will have a chance to win prizes. Let’s act! Announcement method: @SONia Colombia Films Private Message Winners
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According to the naming routines of the first two movies, the four-character structure, both with the word “hero”, combined with its original English name “No Way Home”, the final translation of the title in mainland China, it is very likely, 99%, I can’t say too much. , Will be “Spider-Man: The End of Heroes”. Combining previous related revelations, the movie’s protagonist will have Doctor Strange played by Benedict Cumberbatch in addition to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Looking at the original English name again, the story is likely to be that Spider-Man entered the parallel universe because of something and came to the earth outside the main universe. This should be the meaning of “cannot return home”. As for the story of Toby Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Holland’s three generations of Spider-Man in the same frame, the author himself is quite looking forward to it. However, this may mean that there must be at least three parallel universes of Earth. The ability of directors and screenwriters to control the story is also a big test. Based on the above speculation on the movie story, if you want to abandon the previous “hero XX” naming model, you can translate it into “Alien Star Return” or “Alien Star Expedition”, if you do not add elements of the parallel universe, it is called “The End of the Road” It seems to be okay too? The author’s educational level is limited, and I can’t think of other four-character names outside of “hero”. As for the “Chinese New Year in situ” mentioned in many answers, the shaking machine is a bit serious, and it can only be a happy one. A slightly better name I can think of is “Why Home”, but it doesn’t fit the story particularly well. Personal opinion, please correct me!


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6 months ago

Combining the translation of “hero + action” in the first two parts (Heroes Return & Heroes Expedition), I am more inclined to “Heroes End” and “Heroes Lost”.
And the English No Way Home has a sense of despair of being exhausted, and the word “lost” is not well expressed.
So just “Spider-Man 3: Hero’s End”.

6 months ago

The first two are titled “Heroes Return” and “Heroes Expedition” respectively, and the third one is naturally named “Heroes xx”
The suggested name is “Heroes Fearless”, fearless means no “way”, which is consistent with no way;
On the other hand, the experience of a hero growing up far away from his hometown is actually a process of overcoming his inner fears and getting rid of his inner dependence.
(Fearless to make a hero lol)

6 months ago

In fact, literal translation will do. “Spider-Man: Homecoming Without a Road.” In answering this question, I mainly want to talk about the “Faithfulness” mentioned in the title. “Faithfulness, Expressiveness and Elegance” is a translation principle put forward by Yan Fu and well-known to the public, but the specific translation practice still depends on the actual context. For example, if you translate the dirty words of a rogue character in a novel, it becomes a big problem if you translate it elegantly. Translation practice involves the complex relationship between language and class, power, and cultural construction. Therefore, in addition to the general acceptance of the principle of “faith”, at least as far as I know, it is actually controversial whether it should be translated as “da” or “elegant”. For example, different translations of “Madame Bovary”. In Li Jianwu’s translation, many people complained that it was difficult to read because of interrogation. But Flaubert was originally a writer with great language consciousness. In other words, the importance of the language form of his novels is not less than the content of the story, and even the form itself constitutes the content. Therefore, in this sense, many translators and critics have argued that the translation of “Mrs. Bovary” is too smooth and easy to read. On the contrary, it may obscure the original appearance of the work and make readers unable to feel the language texture of the original work. Too far, stop here.

6 months ago

Spider-Man 1—The Return of Heroes Spider-Man 2—Heroes Expedition Spider-Man 3—Heroes Dead End This movie, the identity of Spider-Man, who should have been connected to the previous one, was exposed, and then he was framed and killed the mysterious guest. In this way, Parker has no way to return to school and family. This is what the title says, there is no way home. Although Parker is considered to be the successor of Iron Man, he is not expected to stand in front of the public like Iron Man or Superman, denying or explaining what he did. But this situation is indeed somewhat similar to the beginning of Superman vs. Batman. Parker is homeless, some new superheroes and super criminals are eyeing him, and he is also looking for evidence to prove his innocence. What he needs is to sneak back home and take out the equipment Iron Man gave him. This equipment may have been confiscated by the military, and he will rob it. Then defeat a few superheroes who want to catch his juniors. Maybe there will be a section where the aunt is caught by the bad guy and he is going to save, and the driver of Iron Man can come out to play a funny section.

6 months ago

First of all, the film crew is too stingy, and only send a poster with the title… At least add a few IMAX movie tickets to the original figure. Besides, why do several replies use “Heroes’ End”? The point of No Way Home in my opinion is that Home is not Way. Since the first two are called “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and “Spider-Man: Heroes Expedition”, the title I think of is-“Spider-Man: The Hometown of Heroes” Wangxiang, which means it’s hard to return home. More in line with the English title. Wangxiang, there is also the artistic conception of Thomas Wolfe’s famous “Angel, Hope for Hometown”. Returning, Expedition, and Hope for Homecoming also form a trilogy, but it will not feel as depressed as the “end of the road”. Okay, looking forward to the movie’s release! Looking forward to my hands…

6 months ago

Let me talk about my understanding first. My Chinese translation of movies tends to be free translation. Like the translation of ordinary literary works, the author has to consider the emotions, allusions, and messages that the English contains, how to use Chinese to make Chinese audiences feel the same. Therefore, I tend to use the vernacular of no way home. , There is no way home, combined with the battle that is about to erupt in the movie, it is understood that danger is imminent, and the earth-shattering war is imminent. Therefore, the translation of no way home should show the tension in front of everyone and the translation of the movie should be based on Yada. Concise and powerful, then, it is a better choice to use words that are familiar to Chinese people and can generate tension when they are placed in front of them. In summary, I tend to translate the movie’s title into: “Spider-Man 3: Broken Cauldron”, “Spider-Man” and “Spider-Man”. Man 3: Last Stand, “Spider-Man 3: The End of the World”… and so on. Of course, if the three generations of Spider-Man can be in the same frame in 3, then it will be translated into “Spider-Man 3: The “Man” meets on the road”.

6 months ago

Heroic Road: No Way Home (homeless) I think No Way Home is more likely to be intertextualized with Chinese titles. The Chinese translation of the first two parts is indispensable for the word “hero”, and the third part is definitely indispensable. Take “Hello, Li Huanying” as an example. Her English name is “Hi, MOM”, and the two are intertextual, so “Spider-Man 3” may also be the same. No Way Home expresses “homelessness”, which Parker has to face as a mature super-British. Then the Chinese title should be intertextualized with “Homeless”, which is a kind of “choice”, so my answer is: “Spider-Man 3: The Way of Heroes” is determined to be a superhero and protect the world. Can’t be everyone’s big boy next door anymore. This is the choice of Spider-Man, this is the only way for all superheroes.

6 months ago

“Spider-Man 3: Home Without Questions” Regarding the translation of the title of the third part, I am here to follow a few main principles. It is consistent with the previous work, has a large amount of information, is inseparable from the spirit, and has two transformations. (It’s too difficult to answer well in Zhihu.) The first “home-coming”, when the literal translation is to go home, the final translation is the return of the hero. The second part “far from home”, the literal translation is far from home, and the final translation is a heroic expedition. Therefore, in order to be consistent with the previous work, it is generally necessary to reflect the feeling of “hero”, “on the way” and “lasting battle” in the translated title of the third part, creating a sense of loneliness, a sense of tragedy and determination in a desperate but determined battle. It’s not just as simple as “no way home”. There are only four or five words in total, and adding the word “hero” is too much space, so I don’t use it this time. The important thing is that “the way back without question” seems to have no special information other than “nowhere to go.” But it can convey the heroic attitude of being in a desperate situation, not looking for a way out, but letting go. This is not reflected in other translated names. (Thanks for the comment reminding to change “no” to “no”, more formal) The perfect case of inseparability should be “Broken Blue Bridge”, its literal name should be “Waterloo Bridge”, in the 1940s After soliciting from the public, the current translated name was obtained. It seems that it has nothing to do with the original title, but the artistic conception is all out, pointing directly to the subject. Therefore, even if there is a literal difference between the translated name and the original name, it is a pleasure to have a better artistic conception. Finally, to go to the second stage of China, if you use translations such as “the end of the road” and “the last battle”, I am worried that the atmosphere of the second stage is too serious, but it will resist the mentality of the audience who are not too cold about the Super League. So, this is my current answer.

6 months ago

“Spider-Man. Heroes Lost the Way” is named, Female Book of Songs, Male Chu Ci, and The Analects of Confucius. Wu Zhouyi’s “Lost Way” is taken from Chu Ci. I wish to chant “I want to run and lose my way, be determined and unbearable”. Tengwang Pavilion’s famous saying from the ages is “Guardian is difficult to pass, whoever loses the way”. Looking at the English name, combined with the Marvel movie, now the previous stage is over and the new stage begins, Iron Man retires and becomes Spider-Man dominated. It is guessed that the plot of this story is probably tortured and then grows up. Losing the mentor-like Iron Man, today’s Spider-Man is just a “lost person”, and he realizes that “Don’t have a hard way to go among others” (Xin Qiji bids farewell to Fan Kai’s lyrics: singing through “Yangguan” before the tears have dried up, and his fame is left behind. Supper. Floating water sends infinite trees, with rain clouds burying half of the mountain. Today and ancient hate, thousands of them; should only be the separation and reunion is sorrow and joy? The river head is not the turmoil and evil, don’t have trouble walking among people.) But it is also just right. “A hero does not lose his way, why is the name of success?” (Qing. Qu Shaolong. It means: if a hero does not suffer setbacks, then what will he rely on to achieve his fame? Comment on “The Collection of Qing Poems”: “‘Heroes do not lose their way” ‘Second language, it also hangs the ancients, also gives people, but also self-directed”). The loss of a hero is also the process of becoming a hero. The loss of a hero can reflect the sadness and confusion of losing the leader of the previous stage, and it can also grind and grow corresponding to the new hero

6 months ago

The allusion of “Heroic Luqiong” comes from Ruan Ji’s Southern Dynasty Song·Pei Songzhi’s commentary “Wei Family Spring and Autumn”, saying: Ji is open-minded and unruly, and does not adhere to etiquette and customs. Sexual filial piety, although bereavement is not frequently checked, it is almost destroyed. Wang Chang, the governor of Yanzhou, would like to meet you. You can’t talk all day long, and I sigh and admire it. It’s unpredictable. Taiwei Jiang Ji heard about it, and later Shang Shulang and Cao Shuang joined the army and returned to the fields with illness. In his later years, Shuang Zhu, Tai Fu and the general thought that he was engaged in Zhong Lang. In the later dynasties, it was famous for its name, and wanted to show its worship. It was based on the world’s acquaintances, and it was only a good official. He heard that the infantry school was short, the cook was good at wine, the camper was good at brewing, and he asked to be the school lieutenant, so he indulged in alcohol and left the world. . After tasting Guangwu, watching the Chu and Han wars, he sighed and said, “There are no talents in time, so that Zhuzi has become famous!” When he drove alone, he could not help but cry because of the roads and the poor track. No Way Home, is there no way home. I can’t go home, what is it called? That’s a dead end. Then why not call the hero’s end? Because being poor is the famous feature of Spider-Man! ! !

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