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This fully shows that it is true that Tesla can’t stop. Therefore, Tesla was willing to spend money to settle and let the owner issue an apology. If the evidence of the car owner is insufficient and the situation cannot be reproduced, Tesla will ignore the car owner, just like the previous Henan car owner. Attachment: I think it should be the BUG of Tesla’s trip computer that caused the inability to stop. In-depth analysis: Tesla’s brakes are BUG, ​​which causes the brakes to be inoperable. It is recommended to wait for a comprehensive OTA to solve the problem before considering buying On March 11, a consumer’s Tesla model 3 suffered a brake failure and a car crash in Hainan. Unexpectedly, when the official Tesla staff reappeared, the brakes failed and the car crashed at a speed of 30km/h. Tesla first responded: “The ground is slippery and the brake pedal is lightly stepped on.” However, it is obvious from the video that the stagnant water on the road section is not deep, which is similar to the rainy road area. Reply again: “ABS function is invalid”. This response is obviously to fool the ignorant masses. It is impossible for ABS to fail in the case of crazy sales in the video. In Tesla’s own product manual, there is no description that the braking force will disappear completely. Let me first analyze Tesla’s braking system. Tesla uses Bosch’s second-generation ibooster system. The braking performance is strong, the braking distance is within 40 meters at 100km/h, and the braking distance at 30km/h is 3 meters. In other words, the hardware of Tesla Model 3 can definitely be braked. (In fact, Wuling’s drum brakes can do it all) But in the video, the biggest problem is not braking. Similarly, Tesla sent an unauthoritative third-party test, which also shows that the brake system is okay. I checked the Bosch website. Bosch’s iBooster system cancels the vacuum booster. The brake boost is done by the motor inside the assembly. The brake pedal and the push rod of the iBooster assembly are only used to collect signals. In this way, the iBooster system that relies on the motor to achieve power can control the pressure more accurately, allowing engineers to reprogram according to the gearbox gear, speed, steering angle, lateral acceleration or drive mode, etc., to achieve different pedal feel or Braking characteristics. In other words, this set of brake system allows engineers from major auto manufacturers to adapt the battery on the trip computer according to the motor performance of their cars. Namely: Gasoline car: Step on the brake pedal-the brake signal is transmitted to the vacuum booster (vacuum booster pump)-the booster amplifies the brake to stop the car. When the gasoline car is turned off, the vacuum booster pump has no power, so the brakes are particularly hard. However, the physical connection between the brake pedal and the brake system is still there, and the brake can still operate. Bosch’s iBooster system: Step on the brake pedal-the brake signal is sent to the trip computer-the trip computer is sent to the iBooster assembly-the brake is completed. This system is widely used in BYD Han and other new energy vehicles. Go to search for BYD’s description of this system: BYD emphasized one point: In the case of traffic jams following the car in the city, emergency braking is actually needed at this time, and this comfortable function is not required, and corresponding strategies have been made. . For example, when the driver quickly steps on the pedal, or when the pedal is pressed a little deeper, the computer actively exits the intervention, and then follows the driver’s braking request. That is, the driver directly controls the brakes in an emergency. That is: when you brake suddenly, step on the brake pedal-the brake signal is directly transmitted to the iBooster assembly-the brake is completed, and what about the Tesla model3? In order to deeply integrate the iBooster system with its own AutoPilot, Tesla has made a lot of “magic changes” to the software control system, and at the same time, it does not allow the driver to directly control the iBooster system. Namely: Tesla brake system: Step on the brake pedal-the brake signal is sent to the trip computer-the trip computer is sent to the iBooster assembly-the brake is completed. If the Tesla trip computer has a bug, the brake system cannot receive the brake directly from the driver. Signal and then finish braking. Such problems are not without precedent. The earlier Honda CR-V and the recent BMW Brilliance iX3, X5 and other vehicle recalls all mentioned that there are problems with the vehicle’s integrated braking system (IB), which may cause the loss of brake assist and the braking distance has been extended. Why did Tesla dare to do this? This is the difference between traditional car companies and new car manufacturers. Auto companies like BYD that have switched from traditional auto companies to fully invest in new energy vehicles. It is conservative. Many innovations must be tried and tested before they dare to go, and at the same time, they will sacrifice experience and battery life to ensure safety. And Tesla is the most radical car company in the world, from the throttle kinetic energy recovery mode, to the abolition of the dashboard, and then to autonomous driving. Every step is the same as the mobile APP. The version is released first, the function is updated first, and the bug is slowly fixed. Anyway, there is OTA. However, this Hainan accident is just one of the bugs. Finally, I sincerely recommend that Tesla owners ask Tesla to pay attention to and solve such bugs, and others will consider buying Tesla after a full OTA has solved the problem. Relevant state departments intervened in a timely manner to request Tesla rectification. If you are Musk’s iron fan and are willing to use your life to add new fuel to the rockets of human progress, then I didn’t say it.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

After reading the high praise answers, I am very pleased that most of the respondents have maintained understanding and tolerance towards Hainan car owners, and they are very clear about who is most disgusting in this matter. Ordinary workers, even how to get a reasonable and legal due income when they leave their jobs, are handled like walking on thin ice, not to mention facing such a tough opponent single-handedly. Very interesting, as long as you search for the keyword “power disparity”, the following picture will be in a prominent high position. Considering this case, it is not an exaggeration that the arm thickness of both sides can be reduced/reduced 10,000 times. In addition to Tejia’s own touching public relations performance, recently we have also seen the spread of rice circle culture in many areas, some of which are indeed quite foul. Individuals can’t do much, at most, buy a car wallet and vote in the future. After all, more and more good products enter the market and there are many choices. 996 is already very hard. Don’t spend money to frighten yourself during the day and write a statement late at night.

8 months ago

The truth of the facts is not yet understood. Assuming that the facts are as described by the car owner, I think it is better to explain to the public according to the following steps: 1. Control the information source: that is, the car owner and the core media for early walks, communicate with the car owner as soon as possible, determine the key facts, and be sincere 2. Collect as soon as possible Information, use technical means to find out the facts. The good situation is to quickly find out all the facts, and Tesla officials will explain the parallel arguments to the media and the public; but if you only have some facts, then sort out the facts and evidence to explain to the public and explain the action Plan 3. If the facts and evidence have been obtained to obtain the customer’s understanding, Tesla will issue a statement explaining the facts but also showing sincerity. After the announcement, the owner of the information source will forward the facts or approve the facts to the media. In this way, will the public’s suspicion be less?

8 months ago

To be honest, I first saw Tesla owners crashing and saying they couldn’t stop the car. I always thought that the driver was used to kinetic energy recovery and panicked and stepped on the accelerator as the brake. It wasn’t until I saw the Tesla staff that they couldn’t stop after the test drive, and I realized that it was really Tesla’s problem. This video is too lethal. I believe there are many people who have changed their views because of this video. I think this is also the reason why Tesla is eager to reconcile. It may be because of the existence of this video that the tone brought by this time is not as good and bad as before, but basically most people have been against Tesla. Questions, except for Chen Zhen (dog head saves his life) of course. The original statement that the owner did not delete was sent in the form of a picture. Such a polite statement cannot be written without a few years of public relations experience, so it is most likely that Tesla prepared it. The reason for the deletion is guessed that the money has not arrived yet, so I am afraid that Tesla will go through the heat and regret it later. The purpose of defending rights is to compensate for this, and Tesla must also compensate. But you can’t let this matter fade away just because you get the money, and hurt the interests of more people. However, it is still very difficult to defend the rights of individual consumers in China, especially with car companies, and there is only one choice between compensation and truth. The best way is for the relevant departments to intervene in the investigation to ensure that the truth and compensation are correct.

8 months ago

In any case, the owner has been successfully resolved! It is also gratifying! For everyone (the netizens who follow, everyone who causes traffic), it should be considered gratifying. I have a place where I feel a little upset, not vomiting up! Your problem is solved, everyone should thank you, thank you all too. Everyone is concerned about your problems, including this type of problem. From this perspective, it’s not just your own problem. You can talk about your own problems as much as you want, and express your satisfaction with the “handling” of the relevant manufacturers. Everyone is happy for you. Because you are also the “family” of everyone. However, you cannot represent everyone, and cannot recognize the “class one” problem. Because it involves more cars and more people, they are not satisfied yet! Take the above picture as an example. You can recognize the “inspection” of your vehicle, but whether this type of vehicle can represent it, you don’t have this authority, and you don’t have this ability. Because this is not something that can be identified by an individual, it is recognized by an authority. Don’t dare to move a word of satisfaction.

8 months ago

Do not target anyone or any company, only me personally. If this happens, Tesla only needs to give me a settlement of three Teslas. Just give me 60w settlement money and let me say anything on Weibo. Anyway, write a paragraph to earn 60w, why not do it. And modern people don’t have the energy to fight with big companies. The big deal is that I will buy BYD Han, and I will see model3 around the spot on the road. As for whether there is any problem with Tesla, I have all the money in my hands, the loss has also been compensated, and I will not open it in the future. Does model3 matter to me? I am an office worker who is too busy to go to the legal department of the public relations department of a big company? Maybe I don’t need 60w, and if I refund the original price of my car and give me tens of thousands of dollars, I may recognize it. Also praise the writing of Hainan car owners. Let me talk about myself first. I studied secretarial work with my master for a year in the office, and I also wrote many articles. The master will be promoted this year, and I am waiting to take over the work of secretarial work. I think I just have this kind of public relations rhetoric, my level may not be written out. In addition, write a memo to myself: I will go around Tesla in the future, whether it is a car or a company. Can’t afford it.

8 months ago

Everyone says that Tesla does not have public relations. Who believes this wave of operations is not the result of public relations? It is not difficult to see a few things from the statement issued by the Hainan car owner late at night. By the way, do a wave of extended analysis: 1. The truth about the failure of Tesla’s brake booster will soon be covered up. where is it? 2. Tesla’s public relations ability is not very good. The public relations essays he wrote are too similar to public relations essays. Can it be performed more realistically next time? 3. It is good for a large international company to have money. If the money is in place, you can get back anything. 4. Tesla, which is unable to get up to 315 this year, has something. 5. I can’t help but think of the “Pinwan Incident” a few months ago. No matter how many incidents, it’s hard to shake the determination of many people to buy Tesla. This is how many people contributed to sales and gave special Sla’s courage to show off?

8 months ago

Why do so many people believe that Tesla has no public relations? It is obvious that the recruitment is open, and there is a search on hunting and recruiting. Many people suffer from Tesla’s arrogance for a long time, and every time there is a problem, it is either throwing the pot to the car owner or throwing the pot to the State Grid. This time, the Tesla staff personally operated it, and there were all personal and physical evidence. Everyone thought that this time your Tesla will never escape. Unexpectedly, this time it turned out to be the owner of the car against the water! At the beginning of the incident, I believe that some people really care, and some people just want to adjust the traffic, but the result must be beneficial to the majority of car owners. What everyone wants is that Tesla admits its mistakes and gives solution. But this time the car owner’s swift backlash made a very bad head, which once again shows that consumers are easily disintegrated from within, and they simply cannot match the capitalists. Some people say that netizens are just watching the excitement and did not really help the car owner, but don’t forget, if there are no netizens watching the excitement, will Tesla take care of the car owner? In the past few days, there are also very funny so-called car critics who posted videos of successful braking when driving Model 3 to show that Tesla is okay. But in the last junior high school, knowing the relationship between the complete set and the subset will not be whitewashed by Tesla in this way. It is precisely because of the uncertainty of model 3 brake failure that it is terrible. If every car fails, do we need to test it?

8 months ago

The indignant appearance of various keyboard cars under this problem is really interesting. No one in my car owner group (a mix of car owners and car users) cares about this, and nobody cares if someone threw this screenshot today. One thing is quite similar. In the car owners group, 315 is also a group of people eagerly looking forward to the results of Tesla’s 315. Everyone is disappointed. After all, on 315, we can still make some cheaper. It’s a pity not.

8 months ago

There should be no one who can say this more clearly than Teacher Feng Shiming. The predecessor who sent the Volkswagen DSG problem to the 315, the car industry fighter, is a porter today. Talking about Hainan car owners is just a play by the public relations director of a certain factory. 1. A blog was posted at 22:58, saying that it was reconciled. At first glance, PR helped/forced her to write. Because: a) The text is a picture. This girl has never posted the text of the picture, and Tesla often uses pictures to make statements. b) The tone of the content is stiff, with too many long sentences, but inconsistent but inconsistent. It is the level of a certain public relations company. Moreover, he totally denied what he said before, and praised Tesla in various fancy ways. The blind man wearing sunglasses could see that it was not her original intention in the middle of the night. So much so that in the comments, the most popular sentence from the people who eat melon is: how much does the manufacturer give? c) It’s 11 o’clock in the evening. As soon as this Weibo is posted, good guys, a group of special media are rushing to a group carnival. Isn’t it obvious that you have been notified in advance by the manufacturer? It feels like a group of dogs are waiting for the owner to come down, for fear that they won’t be able to grab the heat too late. Pay attention to what you eat, everyone. d) We just posted on Weibo, and Tesla’s nationwide sales have been in the circle of friends for Thanksgiving: Our car is okay, thank the owner for the (falsified) testimony, and the clearer will be clear…..Then the writing is neatly written with the pupils same. What is the next sentence of the clearer? 2. At 01:17, another blog was posted, saying that it was “under reconciliation”, which should have been sent by the car owner. It may be because: a) The owner of the car who defended her rights with her quit. Your surrender was not a matter of one person, it ruined other car owners? b) The people who eat melon quit, all the comments in the comments are all accusing her of not talking about loyalty. c) Here comes the aftertaste: You can’t sign and speak before the money is fully paid into the account. Because there are too many things that a certain factory turns around and doesn’t admit it. If Tesla said the next day that I’m sorry that it couldn’t return the car/compensation, what would happen to the owner? Send another statement? Slap yourself in the face for the second time? At that time, I could only knock out my teeth and swallow. This is where the public relations are vicious. d) Discovery of conscience. 3. How was the performance of Tesla’s PR scene? a) Quite despicable. Such a big international company uses various means to oppress a little girl. In order to wash the ground, let people send such a false, artificial, self-slapped statement, which undoubtedly disfigured the car owner in public and died immediately. b) Its first purpose is to remove heart thorns. The videos of Hainan car owners are too lethal. After concentrating on breaking, it can relieve a lot of pressure. You know, many well-known KOLs have also gone naked to wash the ground. If they don’t come back, their teammates are also anxious. c) The second purpose is naturally to disintegrate the power of maintenance. If the owner of the car admits that there is no problem, then people from all walks of life who helped her can’t say anything. Fortunately, the girl finally posted a second Weibo, so that the conscience of this society was not so diminished. d) Its methods are well known all over the world. All kinds of manipulation, omnipotence; all kinds of performances, there is no lower limit. Even if it seems to have won from the surface, it has actually been lost. Because people with normal thinking will not believe it anymore. What happens next? Don’t know, don’t be surprised what it does. But one truth is: if you tell a lie, you must cover it up with more lies. In the end, the truth was revealed. Then, only the sailors desperately to save the respect. A technology company has finally transformed into a public relations company. For other rights defenders, this is a lesson: how to end up decently? Don’t just sign any agreement or make any declaration for the sake of temporary benefits. It’s not that there is no reconciliation, no one wants to make trouble. The manufacturer promises you to return the car is a good thing, but you must start and end well, don’t say anything, don’t do everything. Otherwise, if the manufacturer runs out of use of you, they can kick you off without fulfilling their promises; when you look back, the revolutionary masses will also deny you. Then, with that little benefit, will my life be stable? The Internet has memories. Everyone guess what the endgame is? ——I will receive it someday. Can’t explain too much, time will give the answer.

8 months ago

A Tesla who has never admitted to consumers that he has a problem, has never apologized, and has never compensated. After this video broke out, he reconciled with the owner for the first time and wanted to settle the matter in a low-key manner as soon as possible. What is the problem? It explained: Tesla suddenly realized that good after-sales service is the foundation of the company’s longevity. Therefore, under the condition that it is not at fault, it is still doing its best to solve the suffering of the car owner. The car owner is also affected by Tesla’s enthusiasm. Fully moved, the two sides reached a reconciliation, which ended in a happy ending.

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