March 15th, Qingdao, Shandong. It is reported on the net that a food delivery man was slapped by a security guard at a university college in Qingdao, Shandong. The person who was beaten was suspected to be a work-study student in the school.

The school responded on the 16th that during the epidemic, the school could only go through one door, and no food delivery staff were allowed to enter. At present, the police have intervened, and the police said that the victims were indeed students.

Comments only represent personal views and opinions, and the level is limited, please forgive me. When this happened, I knew about it at night. My friend was in this school and heard what my friend said. At that time, I said that this student would not suffer a loss. When the incident happened, I would first take a video to keep the evidence of being beaten and take a video. Make a disclaimer first, and raise the civil aspect of the whole matter to the people’s livelihood level afterwards. The school should handle this matter properly. Then I knew it, my face hurt. If you want to add to the crime, this is the worst PR article I have ever seen, and it is also the best shirking article I have ever seen. Let’s talk about the school’s handling methods from the article. 1. Begin to make it clear that takeaway personnel do not wear masks and do not implement epidemic prevention measures. It can be seen from the video that the school staff did not wear a mask, indicating that there is no causal relationship between the school staff’s inquiry and whether he wears a mask, because the staff did not wear it, which means that the staff also ignored this point. This is a preconceived offer. Students add crimes. 2. In the second part, as an external person, I asked if the school is allowed to order takeaways but not allowed to enter the school. If this is the case, the school’s move is understandable, because the school is closing the school. No matter how it is implemented, it should be done in the name. The key point is that the takeaway has a student status at the same time. But I searched through all the official notices on the school website. There were no documents about school closure and takeaway. If there is no document, it is ruled by man. You said that takeaways are not allowed to enter the school. Students are takeaways. Can students not enter? ? Students use their identity to deliver food to the school. How do you say he is wrong? Where is the basis? There is not even a document for closing the school, which means that you don’t allow students to use their identity to deliver food to the school, even if there are students who ignore the blocking and do not need to go out the card repeatedly to deliver food, it’s okay. If you don’t have documents, you don’t have to be punished. Basis, but your mistakes are now the right to punish others, because without documents, in the name of prevention and control, right or wrong becomes your final say. what? You said I have no basis for punishment? Are you going against the prevention and control measures? 3. Regarding the situation verification part, the school’s dormitory management method was quoted. This is the school’s home field. The school still hasn’t turned over, and I didn’t understand what I wrote. Doing business in the dormitory, I would like to ask, if a student places an order in the dormitory, the money is paid online, the meal is made outside the campus, and the takeaway is delivered to the door of the dormitory. How do you define the concept of doing business in the dormitory area? The cash transaction is not in the dormitory, the transaction items are not made in the dormitory area, and the final location of the delivery service of the transaction items is not in the dormitory. How can it become a dormitory area transaction? If the address of the student’s order is not in the dormitory, it has nothing to do with the dormitory. If you say that this is a dormitory transaction, does it count as a dormitory transaction if a pre-school takeaway can enter the campus? Can it be understood that your school has indulged the delivery staff in violation of the regulations for several years but turned a blind eye? Now think of it and use it? Secondly, the legal position of business is: business behavior refers to a long-term and stable behavior of a part of special groups and businessmen engaged in profit-making activities. This is business. Key words, long-term, stable, student employment must be subject to restrictions on holidays and class and exam time. Legally speaking, the student’s delivery of food is not a business activity at all. Regarding the disciplinary sanctions, the school entrance does not belong to any public place you mentioned. I really laughed at this point. You wrote the rules, and you have the right to interpret, or it is a mess. 4. Regarding the last-cited work-study management method, it is typically taken out of context. It is 2021. You use the 2007 method. Why don’t you use the Qing Dynasty management method? Even with the 2007 version, it is mentioned in the general rule that the work-study program is organized by the school, and he is employed by a business, non-school organization, and is not a part-time work-study program in legal theory. This is called a part-time job after school time. The “Methods” simply do not apply to this kind of situation, and they simply cannot be used. For example, if you use the Marriage Law to convict the crime of theft, what do you judge? You decide a p! Just use the 2007 version, regardless of the most important general rules. As an official, as an educator, is it really okay to take it out of context? In the end, I am embarrassed to say that the merchant is suspected of breaking the law, sorry? There are no more merchants in that kind of place, is there anyone? From the school to the animation building, all freshmen girls pass by. In such a remote place, security patrols are never set up. Every year, things are ignored. The animation building is another big bug for the school closure measures, compared to the students inside the school. Almost free in and out. Which one of the methods of student behavior is so eloquent that it has been brought to the administrative management? As a non-member of the school, I actually don’t have the right to comment on this matter. What others say is my alma mater. The alma mater just scolds it 10,000 times but cannot be scolded by others. So when I write it out, I must be ready to be scolded. However, when my friend is in that kind of environment, there is a safety hazard in a remote place. I should pay attention to the fact that there is no abnormality from the school to the animation building. I am really angry when I am afraid that others will slap myself in the school. I think that from the beginning of the college entrance examination, students and schools have a two-way relationship. Schools should be more people-oriented in order to be respected by students. I feel deeply about these. Students are far away. Schools are places where they live everyday. Students use the school environment. In order to rely on it, the school made such a decision while collecting high tuition fees. To be a human, you have to compare your heart to your heart.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Watching the video, my direct feeling is: management is gang-related management. The result of the school’s handling was to pull a side frame and behave in good manners. What can the people who eat melons help? In fact, there is no way to directly help. However, it is helpful and necessary to raise the heat and make the school even more embarrassing and force them to reconsider the matter. Qingdao Technological University Qindao College (note that it will be renamed Qingdao City College soon), everyone remembers this name, and it’s over. To be honest, private schools have stronger commodity attributes than those universities in the traditional sense. Tuition is more expensive and the threshold is lower, so students have greater choice, so students can vote with their feet. Let alone the quality of your teaching, just one, violent management, is enough to persuade you to leave. It’s not that you are the only school that can go to. I spend money to go to schools that are well-managed and up-to-date, isn’t it fragrant? This so-called market choice, supervision by public opinion. Unless, the school can come up with a correct attitude and fair handling of the results. Wait for the follow-up.

7 months ago

What do you think? As a social person who came out of college, I know that college students are absolutely disadvantaged in the school. If you don’t believe me, just flip through it. Children in the school must answer the question anonymously on this topic. If I’m not mistaken, has Qingdao Technological University Qindao College notified the instructor to give the children a half-threat and half-“education” in time. Silenced? When children face unfair treatment or even being bullied, how can we protect the disadvantaged children in universities? That is to find a way to help them make this thing: “put it on the table”! “Put it on the table”! “Put it on the table”! Only when it is put on the table can it be fair, open, just and transparent, and information can not be monopolized by powerful parties, and can truly protect children. Why did the “May Fourth Movement” succeed a hundred years ago? Really think you can succeed with just a bunch of kids? Not! That is the participation of the broad masses of society, citizens, business people and other classes, and the power of the people! I never think that people who eat melon on the Internet are light-hearted and the power of the people is great. When more people pay attention to this matter, Qindao College of Qingdao University of Technology can be forced to pay attention to this matter and have to disclose it to the public. Don’t dare to embarrass the child secretly, in order to protect the child to the utmost extent! When a university has a lot of rules, if you don’t pay attention to study or education, you should pay attention to some of the weird school rules that you make yourself, which is called a good child. Then this school must be “full of doctrines and business in my heart”. The society is cruel. Children may become sophisticated and cunning when they leave school in the future. They will lose their previous innocence, but if they are allowed to lose their innocence and vitality when they are in college, I really think it is ours. The negligence of the generations (schools, parents, society, etc.) failed to take good care of the children.

7 months ago

Key point 1: “Slap slap” is so proficient, is this a “routine operation” of the school’s security? The student delivering food in the video is not the image of an arrogant and unreasonable social scoundrel student. Instead, he is always there for you, yours. The long school security guard who looks like a social scoundrel explained his delivery situation, but was suddenly fanned. A loud slap in the face. This situation makes people think about it. Isn’t this security guard accustomed to the “routine operation” in his eyes when he “slaps the face” in dealing with student affairs? ? ? Key point 2: The school’s explanation is not correct. There are currently two versions! In addition, the school’s explanation in the video was that only one door was opened during the epidemic, and the student sneaked into the campus in order to deliver food, so there was a dispute; however, the school’s paper-stamped official statement also stated that the student did not Wearing a mask, he quarreled with the security guard and was later beaten. Key point 3: The school statement stated that the security guard and the student apologized to each other. Why did the student apologize after being beaten? Key point 4: Does the “work-study” behavior of students off campus violate school rules? Key point 5: The school stated that shops and restaurants outside the school are not allowed to hire students as part-time workers. Is it reasonable for the school to organize work-study programs in a unified manner? To be continued, take up a pit first, continue to pay attention to this incident, and come back to elaborate…

7 months ago

I learned a trick from a woman who was domestically abused, and she has never been beaten by her husband again. (Btw, my husband slapped his wife on the face, and the following one appeared) I suggest you were hit, pretend to be dizzy immediately, and then fall down (please fall down well, don’t hurt yourself), then Ask your friends to call 120,110. When I was sent to the hospital for an examination, my eyes were dull, don’t talk, the doctor smiled, drooling in front of the doctor, and pretended to be knocked down in the brain. See if they dare to beat you! Maybe the school has to pay a large sum of money, and if it gets the money, it will pretend to recover. For the rogue, we must use the rogue’s method to treat him!

7 months ago

I first read the school’s response and felt: The school is okay. During the epidemic, deliverymen were not allowed in. There was a conflict in order to enforce this rule. The physical conflict occurred under the passion, which is understandable. but! ! ! ! When I clicked on the video to watch it, it wasn’t like that! That student (takeaway) has a very good attitude, and has been explaining in relatively calm language, why the “security guard” has such a sloppy attitude! And, when there is no conflict in front, just ask the question, and the slap is up! ! ! This uncle, you don’t speak martial ethics, just chat here, and ask questions, you will do it first! ? It was so fierce, the applause is old and crisp! The uncle slammed into the west, unexpectedly practiced so superbly! The word security that I used before was quoted, why? Which security guard would have such a big belly? If this is a thief, can he catch up with the thief? If this really clashes with people coming in from outside, does this uncle want to suppress him by his weight? At least the security guards of our school are not so fat. I kind of doubted the identity of this “security guard” because… the size of this “security guard” is too much like the cafeteria manager of our school (laughing and crying), I unconsciously think of whether this person is a logistical person or The cafeteria manager is so excited because the takeaway moved their cheese~ I was still talking to the students two days ago: Now the school is closed, how do you order takeaway now? The students said that students with part-time jobs can go to one mouth to take it, and then send it to the dormitory. During the school closure period, part-time delivery of food for students should be a common sight on every university campus. Security guards must know this phenomenon. Schools have always kept one eye closed. It is possible that this “security guard” is so excited. There is a reason: you even reason with me? !

7 months ago

1. Security can perform their duties, but beating is not your right, even more important to slap! In any case, beating is wrong. If you have any dispute, you can take the student to the administrative office. Why do you want to beat someone? 2. The security guards dealt with things wrongly, and the school’s explanation of the problem never mentioned it, but just mentioned it on the grounds of “improper handling”. However, the delivery of food to the students was explained clearly and clearly, and it was labeled “mistake”. Although in theory, this seems to be nothing wrong. But I read it with a sense of orientation, and it seemed to make me feel like “I should forgive the security guards, after all, the students were so wrong.” 3. Although state-owned national regulations, schools have school regulations. But can you think about why students order takeaway? Is the school canteen ready? Can you think about why the security guard slapped students? Has the school leadership team been managed? Have security guards been trained? In addition, takeaways are not allowed to enter, is it because the cake in the school canteen is moved? 4. There will be more work-study positions in the school. If the school does not allow takeaways to enter the campus, the boys should try their best not to challenge school rules and find other part-time jobs. It’s not difficult for college people to find part-time jobs that are better than delivery.

7 months ago

There is nothing to say about this. One private college, two underworld, watching the scene, three bullying honest people, it’s as simple as that, to be reasonable with these people? Make the public opinion bigger and let the students know that the school will resolutely avoid this big pit when reporting their volunteers. . After the police and the school have dealt with the matter, they won’t reverse the case. That’s it, big guys don’t waste energy and reason. Let the high school students know what kind of school this is. His school is for earning money. There is no source of students to let him. Go out of business. The marketization of education is such a result.

7 months ago

Many university security guards, dormitories, logistics staff, etc. are very fond of bullying students. College students are thin-skinned, student-like, quality-oriented, and polite to everyone, but it makes these people feel very rubbish. Watch the video, this security guard looks like a scumbag, don’t doubt, people are scumbags. The land allocated for the construction of the school belonged to the original administrative village. The villagers knew each other and held each other together. During the demolition process, some benefits would definitely be discussed. For example, the commercial streets around the university must be built in the village and rented out in the village to make money. The whole village relies on the school to make money and the students to support it. But they look down on the students the most, and they do it. This is not uncommon in universities across the country. Security guards beat students every year. Have you ever heard of students playing security guards? Obviously manageable but do not care about things, depending on how bullying you look, you have to stop you, interrogate you, and satisfy the official addiction that you can’t achieve. College students should also gradually get rid of their own student-thinking and student spirit. Don’t just call them uncles when you see people. You can use polite language, but the sense of distance is a must. Just say thank you coldly. Adults have to learn to be indifferent, learn to reject, learn to reject people thousands of miles away, learn to be less considerate and less respect for people who don’t have much in your life. In mainland China, the idea of ​​equality for all is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Most nanny will endure the mistakes and be embarrassed to say, and there are others who are riding on their heads by the nanny. They are just security guards, not people who can not afford to offend. As it is now, it is great to make a big news and ask for more money for mediation.

7 months ago

There were 3 school policemen in my high school, one such as the security guard in this video. Wei fat likes to wear sunglasses and smoke a cigarette. He sits at the door and stares at the women coming and going, lamenting how young it is to be young from time to time. We all call him LSP behind his back, but others are good. He once said that “the food in the school canteen can only sustain life.” He never objected to students taking out. Even if the school explicitly banned it, he still let it go. We all respectfully call his eldest brother/uncle in front of him. But there is a tall, thin and very old school policeman. He is very dedicated and crooked. Any student who walks in with a big bag or a small bag must stop him and let him open it. As long as he is on duty at the door, all the takeaways that day will suffer. He will take the broom to drive the takeaway, take the takeaway, throw the takeaway in front of everyone, step on it with his feet, and loudly say that the school prohibits takeout! Even parents who deliver meals will grab them and fall to the ground. For this reason, there are often parents making trouble in front of the door. He has a righteous expression and says that school rules must not be violated. At night, he would also take a flashlight to the bushes of the green belt (plant area) to find students who secretly dated. Once he found out, he would send him to the prefect’s dormitory overnight. He always manages things from the perspective of a manager. The students hated him a lot, and everyone called him “old school dog”. The third school policeman…I don’t remember what he looks like. I even heard “What? There are three school policemen in our school? Isn’t it only LSP and old school G?” High school order takeaways are often available. We even fought wits with the school… We have resisted, complained, and even filmed a small video on the Internet to promote the school dining room. A mouse tail appeared halfway through the meal, cockroaches swimming in the soup, and the buns we bought in the morning arrived. It turns into a brick at noon, breaks the window, etc…. In the first two years, the old school police started to raise money, and his family members posted it on the campus forum, hoping that the students for many years would help raise funds. This thing spread in the circle of friends, and the alumni group also spread it all over. At first everyone was very enthusiastic about donating money, but later noticed that he was only 50 years old! So they all said that they thought he was 70 or 80 years old, and recalled the fond memories of being trampled by him during our green years, and the style of painting gradually turned black. You can leave a message after the water drop raises donations… After that, the message becomes: “The way of heaven is reincarnation, and the sky can’t spare you”, “Walking all the way, we won’t miss you”, “The whole family will join hands to send you off to the old school.” G” “The revenge of the takeaway you ruined back then is here”…Some even took him apart for the mandarin ducks, and the evil he had done…The whole screen of “blessings” was built into a big watermelon and distributed to those who did not know the truth Passersby have a bite. Thinking of the student takeout incident, the school suppressed it by expelling a few people for violating school rules, in support of the school police’s practice. When the school police started to raise money, they were still on the official website and promoted on the forum. Later, when the style became uncontrollable, they silently removed them. They also removed the old school police’s profile, photos, etc., and deleted the negative posts on the forum. . Back to the topic, according to the comments of other answers, this college is not a good school, but no matter how broken the school is, the knowledge will not be broken, not to mention that this is a [work-study] student, there is no respect for it. Minute? A young man who has not yet completely stepped out of society is slapped by someone who has already entered the society. What is this? I think of the old school G. I don’t know how the security guards in the video will end up after being dropped.

7 months ago

Watched the video. When children go to college, they can know that they can make money from part-time jobs, and they are still physical labor. In all likelihood, it is family status. Even if the school rules and disciplines are violated, they must be dealt with in accordance with the regulations. There is no evidence that the students are deliberately provoking, only the teacher slaps the student severely with a skilled ruffian hoof. Whether it is words or deeds or attitude, I can’t see what any teacher should be. It is strongly recommended that the school dismiss the director. People and children speak well and want to explain, but when they are aggressively beaten by the so-called security guards! You have to pour dirty water on the child! Is it possible to assume that we are all blind! This security guard didn’t even wear a security uniform and wear sunglasses to get started. Did the underworld enter the school? As a private university, how high is the tuition fee? I don’t have any ABCD numbers in my heart? Is it easy for a child to earn a living allowance! Even if the school system is violated, the mistake is pointed out and recognized! You have to pour dirty water on the child! How about the quality and education of university leaders? The basics are all right and wrong, and I’m afraid it’s not too much to go back to a kindergarten!

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