What mentality? In terms of the subject matter and content form, it is obvious that Guigu Bahuang is more popular? Shouldn’t we get this sales? I am very happy to say that the linear storytelling method of the domestic games of the older generation like Gu Jian Heluo is a bit old, and it doesn’t suit the taste of people nowadays. It can even be said that people who are willing to spend money to buy domestic RPGs have played foreign ARPGs. If other people’s jewels are in the front, domestic RPGs are particularly rigid, and it is easy to find a lot of game experience when playing. The uncomfortable point. Judging from the performance of domestically produced single players in the past two years, most of the most popular single-player games are based on simulation management or open world themes. I bought both games. I can honestly say that Gu Jiansan’s game quality It’s definitely a lot better than Ghost Valley Bahuang as an independent game, and it’s not an exaggeration to even say a word. After all, Guigu was developed by a programmer, and Zhulong is such a big company anyway, even if the number of people is more than the number of people, it is also full of Guigu Studio. However, the same two games also have the same problem that I particularly hate, that is, upgrading and changing sticks to fight lobster. Gu Jiansan was especially so, his little monster changed its color and skin and then lifted it up, coupled with the scraping injury, it made people want to vomit. I have never played since I opened my homeland. I have never experienced the drama behind the shadow puppets because I don’t want to play anymore. And, if you go to the comment area, how many hope to keep the home system after customs clearance? This all shows clearly, the player is the better one. Not to mention the fact that there were fewer people playing stand-alone games in 18 years. What is the sales volume of the domestic game Dark Horse Taiwu in 18 years? I remember very clearly that these two games were released almost at the same time, Taiwu was on National Day, and Gu Jiansan was on Black Friday. In terms of the difficulty of the game and UI design and art design, Taiwu is far behind Gu Jiansan. But why do players prefer Taiwu picture scrolls? For another example, how about Fengzhizhiren? How about going to the moon? I can’t buy it? I definitely don’t buy it~ because I don’t like this theme. No matter how good you make, I won’t buy it. I know very well that I just buy it in the warehouse and don’t open it for a second. You know, what is the essence of the game? It’s just a toy. Many little girls have fun with Barbie. Will they get the same feedback when they play with a little boy? It doesn’t have an appetite. The data tells everything, that is, the domestic stand-alone game market prefers simulation operation, cultivation, construction, or farming for Lao Tzu. No see, there are even LOL and King Glory games that play against players. A group of people are playing the collection game, and the skin heroes are all collected. This is their fun to play the game. So I’m here to push a theme that must be a million-dollar sales start, depending on whether anyone has done it. Who is going to make a high-definition remake of the world Tyranny, and then add more new things, then open the mod, and properly start with a million sales.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The configuration of Ghost Valley Bahuang is basically a computer that can drive it. It is small and can be played by anyone who wants to be cool. You can add one if you like. Gu Jiansan is a relatively large stand-alone game, with configuration requirements that can screen out a group of people, and as a story-heavy game, immersion requirements are high, and most light people will not consider it. People who buy the Ancient Sword Three may like to add a Ghost Valley Bahuang, but those who buy the Ghost Valley Bahuang will not easily like to add an Ancient Sword Three. The gap came out. Moreover, it is completely unnecessary to always compare the sales volume to the pros and cons. Just like commercial films and literary films, Oscar-winning movies do not have a higher box office than commercial movies. Does that prove that Oscar-winning movies are rubbish? Not as good as a popcorn movie? Aside from the topic, the sales theory is a completely unreliable concept. It is impossible to measure the quality of the work, nor can it be more profitable. “Sekiro” is TGA’s 2019 game of the year, but the official sales volume is more than 300w, and it is still on the whole platform (update: the data is 500w as of 2020). Does that prove that “Sekiro” is a failure? After all, “Final Fantasy 15” shipped 500w on the first day (host platform only), and the final sales volume was 890w (data as of 2019), but which word of mouth is higher? Last year’s excellent PS4 exclusive game “Thirteen Armed Forces Defense Circle” recently announced its sales volume of 40w. People who only sell it must be dismal when seeing this, but the standard version of this game sells more than 400, and it sells 40w more than Ghost Valley Eight. If you sell 180w, you still make a profit. If you sell 100w, you can take off directly. So don’t just stare at sales, it doesn’t make sense.

6 months ago

You can’t count it like that, my friend. Indie games and ordinary commercial games can be sold at the same sales, but in terms of probability, the probability of indie games selling at the same sales may not even be 1% of that of commercial games. You make a Gu Jian Qi Tan, and you have an estimate of the basic sales. But if you are a ghost valley and Bahuang, whether you can sell more depends entirely on luck. You can’t just look at the alternatives that sell for several million, and there are many ordinary commercial games that are small and big. Momotaro Electric Railway sells for $70 (7 times the price of Onigani!) in Japan for 2 million. Where can you compare it? In fact, behind this phenomenon is related to the special circumstances of the domestic market. The domestic problem is that those who are willing to pay for traditional games are all core players. They are used to eating big fish and meat. If you occasionally come with a sketch, everyone is willing to change the taste. If China is satisfied with all kinds of sketches, it will not work even if you stare at sketches. You must know that American games gave the Japanese a hand. After decades of mini-games, it was only through 3A masterpieces that they really turned themselves over. I have never seen an example of a major market created by sketches. What really should be compared with ordinary commercial games is Pokemon’s work that takes small fights and big games. However, the business model of Pokemon can only be done occasionally and cannot be done seriously. You can understand the criticism of the quality of the game in recent years. Everyone doesn’t even accept Pokemon at the PS2 level. How can you expect PS1 quality games to support a market?

6 months ago

In addition to the difference between game types and gameplay of this sales difference, I think there is another very important reason, the game theme. The subject matter of “Ghost Valley and Bahuang” is naturally wider than that of “Gu Jian Qi Tan”. Even though they are all under the so-called “Xian Xia” label, but the ancient sword is the Xian Xia in the traditional sense. The Ghost Valley and Bahuang are not, and the Ghost Valley is the theme of cultivating immortals. The system design of Ghost Valley Bahuang is consistent with that of online fairy tales, and the overall terminology is copied from online fairy tales. Thanks to the cultural output of Chinese online novels, the influence of Xiuxian in the world is far greater than that of traditional immortals. This system of training qi, building foundations, golden core, and Yuan Ying is a common foundation of worldview created by countless well-known and unknown online writers, real cloud creation. This worldview is so stable that it is hard to change after hard work. Readers at home and abroad can easily accept this worldview. There are many fans of this worldview all over the world. You will find that there are many foreign players in Ghost Valley Bahuang, but the foreign players of Gu Jian Qi Tan are extremely rare. Before, there was also a stand-alone game made by a Chinese——”Amazing Immortal Cultivation Simulator”. The gameplay was based on the world view of Xiuxian. It still attracted a large number of foreign players, and many people even made it specifically for him. Cheating device (laughs). Modern China’s successful cultural export in the world is the set of online novels and cultivating immortals. Even if it is a game, it is best to conform to this trend. Be less traditional immortal heroes and more cultivating immortals. Xiu Xian has proved that he is something that conforms to the contemporary cultural system and has a strong ability to break circles. If there is a domestic stand-alone manufacturer who wants to go out of the Chinese market and go global, then the theme of cultivating immortals is a good entry point. At least this theme can find its own people in various global cultural groups, and it is easy to use them as the core of propaganda and break cultural barriers. . Ambitious manufacturers can try to make a medium-scale RPG under the immortal cultivation system, so that players can truly experience the thrill of cultivating immortal battles. I think his probability of success must be higher than that of ancient swords.

6 months ago

This is what I have been saying, there is no way out for 3A. Only half of the funds that may not be available in 3A can be used to deepen the gameplay to get out of the sky. The quality of Ancient Sword 3 can be said to be very good, but the wrong one is that the competitors faced by Ancient Sword 3 are Wizard 3 on STEAM, Original Sin 2 of Divine Realm, or Humiliation, or even Assassin’s Creed. The competitors that Guigu Bahuang faces are Taiwu Scrolls, Tribes, and Scimitars. A standard, 3A-based RPG is in such an embarrassing situation. Because there are too many predecessors worth playing in front, the player’s threshold is pulled too high, and when the ancient sword 3 was just released, it was when God of War and Red Dead Redemption 2 were contending for hegemony, and the player had a problem with an RPG with an air wall. Not much goodwill, naturally not much first-time sales. The Ghost Valley Bahuang fits the theme of immortality, web-style routines, and the live broadcast effect is also good. The cheap starting price makes players interested and able to give it a try. Although there are a lot of problems, the first 20 hours experience is really good. Therefore, there is nothing surprising and uneven that Guigu Bahuang sells better than Ancient Sword 3. Of course, it is not important to say that the development of RPG is important. I can only say that it is not important to develop RPG that is only for the domestic market. If you want to do it, do it for the world, and then you can make a profit. Otherwise, it is difficult to say whether it is the next Ancient Sword 3. Think about how much Xuanyuanjian 7 has sold now? One more thing I have to say is that the live broadcast effect of story-based stand-alone games is indeed very poor. If you miss a few minutes, it is easy to be unable to contact the context, and there are relatively few climax points. It requires long-term preparation, and it is difficult to attract short-term audiences. The live broadcast is currently the most important channel for the promotion of games in China. So you can see that the most popular games recently are often ROUGE-like, which can also be regarded as one of the current national conditions of the game.

6 months ago

After a game has been developed for several generations, newcomers need a certain amount of time to review the plot of the previous generations. This discourages some players who have less time, especially those with strong work and spending power but less time. And Gu Jian has certain configuration requirements for the PC. In addition, although the ancient sword generation was amazing, it was really an anticlimactic and procrastinating game (the first deluxe version I started back then). So that I am completely disinterested in the second and third generations. The weight of the game in Ghost Valley Bahuang is not high, and the player cost is low. The most important thing is that when the Eight Desolations of Ghost Valley took off, it happened to be the Spring Festival holiday, when workers had time, students had money for the new year, and all propaganda about time consumption was in place. The right time and place

6 months ago

Xiuxian, Xiuxian is to be free and easy, to escape from the Three Realms, not among the Five Elements, so you should do whatever you want, free from the world. You are talking about the game of cultivating immortals, but you want to listen to a grandma and go to Houshan to chop fifty pigs? Running around as a courier for an inexplicable NPC? Brush the same copy over and over again for changes in the value? And then level by level up to a meaningless level? Cultivating immortals is not being carried forward by the plot, or being “moved” by listening to the author’s words like everyone else. Can you have your own way of living? Do whatever you want, do whatever you want, the right way can’t go down, the master will fall into the magic way. The world is unfair, so I turned my back on the gods. The NPC asked me to send something, can I black it down? Will it be evil by the NPC when it gets dark? If I see an unopened copy while exploring the game world, can I sneak in and steal something? I think the head of the NPC is unhappy, can you blow him up? Can you be the head by yourself? Can you let the kids assign tasks when you are in charge? Will you be hunted down if you fail to defeat it? Can I hide and post a reward mission to kill NPCs? Can I post tasks in the game by myself? Why must Feijian be a mount? Why is there no formation? Could the magic weapon not be for attack? Why upgrade? Isn’t it okay to practice all the way up the acquired, congenital, Qi training, foundation building, Jindan, Yuanying, Crossing Tribulation, and Mahayana? The day after tomorrow, it’s a fist. Congenital, begin to guard the qi. Practicing Qi, generating mana, and starting to walk around the sky, you can use magical artifacts. Build the foundation, you can start the imperial weapon, imperial sword. The golden core can be used with one heart and two purposes, and the mana is greatly increased. Yuan Ying can, Yuan Ying emerges from the orifice, teleports and escapes, and can transform into a rainbow. Crossing the Tribulation, passing the Heavenly Tribulation, the body and soul are united, and they begin to possess the consciousness of God. Mahayana, mana begins to transform into immortal power, and full shots will speed up the ascent of the immortal world. How to save the catastrophe? Can there be rewards for spending? Is it possible to take a shortcut and turn to cultivating demons in practice? Clutching NFC’s urban villages to slaughter the city? Then dodge the pursuit of decent players? Will Cultivator upgrade fast and strong skills, kill players or NPCs at every turn, but the catastrophe is hard to come by? Why are there no monster players? Pig demon? Fox demon? Monkey demon? Can they transform themselves after the tribulation period? After Mahayana, can you awaken the blood of a god beast? Can I switch to ghost repair when I’m dead? Will the cultivation system be different? Could it be that Yin soldiers, impermanence, judges, and Hades do it all the way? Or can’t go back in the underworld, and ask the guild boss to come to the underworld to snatch people? Can some bosses fly a kite to insult him with a formation? Can I enter many secret places that other people can’t enter? Exclusive use of my moment? Then take out what ancient artifact to kill the Quartet? Can you find a good npc to fight the boss together? How can I implement my own will in this illusory world of cultivating immortality and live a chic life, an ascension of honesty and step-by-step practice that no one can sin and work hard to cultivate? Or is it to pry the door and lock the door? Who will I meet in this world? A bald monk with unrestrained temperament? Big five and three thick girl? Snitch that kills with one blow but has many nonsense thieves? What I hope to meet are real players who want to become stronger in this world of immortality just like me. I look forward to the love and hatred with these people in this plane, or follow a group of inexplicable NPCs to perform indiscriminately. There has never been an old-fashioned plot that is forced to sensation. Taiwu Picture Scroll and Guigu Bahuang have also begun to realize this. After the rise of domestic games in the next few decades, when the core of Guigu Bahuang and Taiwu Picture Scroll is inherited by the way of 3A masterpieces, when players can When stepping on the flying sword to shuttle between the clouds, use your own ideas to interact with the game world, to explore, and to “play the game” according to your own understanding. It may be possible to understand that “Taiwu Picture Scrolls” and “Ghost Valley Bahuang” are games that inherit the Chinese mythological concepts. Let me post another insight: For example, if the players of Warcraft, Horde and Alliance are in a certain version, the victory or defeat of the world can determine the subsequent plot update; the player can kill Anduin, become the king of the alliance, and then determine the strength of the alliance Deployment, you can have the power of the alliance king to be protected by the footman. In short, the game should be a game between the player and the player and this objective world, not an NPC to perform a good play, and then ask the player to follow this trajectory to reap the dramatic emotional resonance or make a repeated copy to pursue numerical values. Improvement.

6 months ago

In fact, it is quite normal. Gu Jiansan is a work of 18 years. The game has changed so fast. After so long, Gu Jiansan can still make money, and the surroundings are still being released. It is already very good. And with the gameplay of Ancient Sword III, there are too many foreign 3a masterpieces that can be replaced. But Ghost Valley is different, the gameplay is very unique and novel. He can not only attract domestic fans, but also people who don’t have much cold with domestic products and foreign markets. Gujiansan is a major manufacturer, but Sanjian’s personnel changes in recent years and its game sales have not been better than before. Ghost Valley is a small factory, just like the Dyson Ball Project, small factory products win in creativity. There is still a lot of distance between Gu Jiansan’s works and the big factory on the first stairway in the world, but Guigu is naturally different.

6 months ago

I think it’s normal. China’s stand-alone market is very suitable for small and medium-sized games with Chinese characteristic plots and cultural characteristics to develop. Players can afford it and like to play; passersby are easily attracted and expand the player population; small and medium-sized studios can make money if they can do it; large foreign companies have cultural barriers and it is difficult to compete. At present, to compete with major manufacturers for 3A can only be applauded and not popular. Players cannot afford it, and objectively there is a huge technical gap. This kind of thinking is actually many, many, there are many themes with Chinese characteristics, and the campus of martial arts and fairy tale spy wars is vast. There are many suitable game types, such as rts, 4x, war chess, roguelike, dark like, riding and slashing like, simulation management and so on. Small companies can do it, the domestic market can afford it, a virtuous circle. Zhulong doesn’t have to be too discouraged when he sees this situation. The next piece of work will directly create a small-scale and high-degree-of-freedom work of the fairy-like style.

6 months ago

Gujian 3 changes the soup without changing the medicine, plus more lace, the kernel is just a game that reads the picture to see the plot, a game that is very separate from the playability and the plot, if you want to save the word of mouth, or the battle design is very operability, Either step by step the unfolding of the plot, interlocking with each other. But the battle is very unattractive. I, a loyal fan of the Three Swords, spent a few hours calling out that it was unreasonable, so I went to find a modifier. The plot is not particularly worth talking about. In short, it is not fun. Gujian 1 is great, and Gujian 2 is also acceptable. But my lord, the times have changed. Five years ago, I might like to eat twisted fritters. Five years later, there will be hot pot barbecues everywhere, you It makes no sense to bring out a Phnom Penh twist and colorful fried dough sticks to revive the catering industry. Ghost Valley is a Xiu Xian experience hall. The core is brushing, and there is no plot. The game is fresh and interactive, but the depth of the gameplay needs to be developed. I hope you don’t learn from the next door Taiwu painted scrolls. Although the accumulation of elements makes it difficult to change the gameplay mode of the game, I still want to re-experience cultivating immortals in a new career after six months.

6 months ago

I have played a game called “The Legend of Taige Lizhi” before, and I believe that many veterans who love stand-alone games have played it. Those who have played it say yes (most of them), but we haven’t waited for the sequel so far. Until the appearance of “Ghost Valley Bahuang”, after playing it, it felt like another “Tai Ge Li Zhi Chuan”, but it was not a sequel. Both works have a relatively high degree of freedom, but their functions and gameplay are different. “Tai Ge Li Zhi Chuan” has multiple development lines. You can choose to become the largest businessman in business, you can choose to become a famous general in the Warring States period, you can take the route of pirates, or you can choose to become an unprecedented strongest swordsman. Each choice has a different gameplay. The route of “Ghost Valley and the Eight Desolations” is to become stronger in cultivation. Although the game does not have so many optional routes, it has a lot of new features on the road of cultivation. The combination of different exercises and exercises is enough for the player to play multiple times. The interpersonal relationship in the game, The auction system of the trading house is the highlight of this work. The free operation of the game combat also adds a lot of fun. A good game, picture quality, degree of freedom, function, operability, plot. There must always be a brilliant place to ensure its sales. After playing games in the past few years, I think the market should point to high-degree-of-freedom games. A few years ago, “The Legend of Sword and Fairy VI” was released, and the players were sprayed with incomplete skin. Only after playing with it patiently did I feel that it was also a masterpiece in some respect. The quality of the game is not accepted, the battle is very slow, the fighting method is learning the Final Fantasy series, but it is not done well and is not recognized by the players, there is no breakthrough in operability, but I still think it is a good game, in terms of plot From one to five years ago, no one could match him. This work can only slowly pick up again over time. In recent years, the growth rate of players has been too fast, and there are too many people following the trend. When the player base was not large, “The Legend of Sword and Fairy II” was sprayed worthless, let alone now. To be honest, I am a bit dissatisfied with the plot of “Gu Jian Qi Tan 3”, but it is much better than “The Legend of Sword and Fairy VI” in other aspects. It is inferior in terms of image quality, character facial details, and scene design. With hard work, the battle has made significant progress compared to the second one. At the end of the game, when we heard the sublimation theme of “Qianqiu” “inheritance”, we suddenly felt unspeakable excitement. However, the total sales after a few years are still no match for “Ghost Valley Bahuang”. Most of the good works sold have a relatively high degree of freedom. I think games like “GTA5”, “The Elder Scrolls”, “Mountain and Blade”, and “The Sims” are the types that players prefer. After playing games for so many years, I always feel that the current games are tired of playing, and they are the same, just like the novels of Jin Yong Gulong were always filmed in martial arts TV series a few years ago, without the slightest innovation and change. Now this era is really good. Technology and culture are constantly advancing and developing. Compared with our predecessors, we have no shortage of food and clothing. Novels that we have liked for many years are now slowly becoming film and television works, and games are actually the same. Yes, we lack a game production team like Guigong Studio, who dare to develop and innovate. Recently I have been looking for large-scale business games, but I can’t find a good one. If the ancient capital can be made into a large-scale business game, I believe its sales will not be bad. How many such games have been made in the past few years. It’s a page tour, but there is no game developer to do it. I feel very embarrassed. Besides, can a game type like “Ghost Valley Bahuang” be a Three Kingdoms game? Or “Water Margin Game” or even business games with characters from “A Dream of Red Mansions”? After all, what we lack, we still lack game teams that dare to innovate, teams like Guigong Studio who dare to take risks and dare to work hard. This kind of game, which is different from the mainstream market, has a high degree of freedom, a unique and exquisite style, innovative game content, and the difference from traditional game combat methods are the reasons for the high sales of this game. It’s a pity that the interest of this game has faded a lot by the 17th day. I think new gameplay and content can be added to the game. In short, I think “Ghost Valley Bahuang” is just the beginning of this type of game. I hope that there will be better teams to make better games in the future. Having said so much, it would be a spit. Purely my own opinion. Mainly no games have been played recently. Finally, I would like to thank these practitioners who have made good games for so many years. The old irons have worked hard.

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