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Ordinary people are still incomparable. (It’s nothing more than eating a steamed bun/bun, a cup of soy milk/milk in the morning), a meal in the village at noon, and if you get off work early in the evening, you can cook your own dishes, that is, three dishes and one soup. Of course, the types of modern ingredients and cooking techniques far exceed those of the pre-Qin era, so the taste will be better, but the variety and richness are completely incomparable. But for ordinary people like me who care more about food (about 5% of modern people), Zhou Tianzi is totally incomparable. Before I decide to lose weight and reduce uric acid, my daily meal is probably: breakfast: Cantonese morning tea, tripe/beef veal/beef short ribs/shrimp shaomai/ginger onion or fried lobster in shelters, scallops, cold jellyfish, Durian Crisp, Shrimp Dumplings, Walnut Shrimp, Bean Curd, etc.Lunch (afternoon): Since morning tea usually has to be eaten until 11 o’clock, noon is definitely not enough. Lunch at 3 o’clock: lamb skewers, beef buns, meat tongs Steamed bun, wakame, Tang Yang chicken nuggets, Japanese pork barbecued pork, Japanese fried shrimp tempura. Afternoon tea: If there is no appetite that day, sometimes I will go to have afternoon tea, it is mainly a variety of things. Served with matcha coffee. Dinner: white sturgeon caviar, salmon roe, flying fish roe 7-mature ribeye steak or Delmonico steak, clams in sauce, raw oysters, cocktail shrimp 4-5, depending on the season: eat in February and March Morels, Matsutake mushrooms in summer, Japanese Wagyu beef occasionally in winter (because it is too greasy, this product is not a regular recipe, although it is very fragrant, more than all other steaks), mussels with crab meat strips. OR Wuxi version of the warm pot, Japanese-style sukiyaki pot. Extra Meal: In the evening, due to the fried stocks, the skewers in Japanese-style izakayas are usually eaten frequently. Fried chicken, chicken skewers, bluefin tuna sashimi, sushi combination (5-6 kinds of fish) is about 10-15 slices. And about 10+ types of other skewers, occasionally when you need to watch the dishes overnight with your friends, you will order more, including big dishes. Snacks: Weilong spicy noodles, a new generation of Beijing postgraduate spicy noodles, dried fish, basically all kinds of Japanese snacks, limited or unrestricted and most flavors of various Pocky (due to the high sodium content of spicy noodles, once I prefer Japanese snacks, until I am completely tired, I return to the more salty American snacks Old Wisconsin Meat Strips, Beef Dried Meat Strips, Slim Jim Meat Strips) Drinks: Perennial Fiji Water/Puna/ and Evian or local LacroX (in French) , I forgot the spelling of the name, it is unique to Pennsylvania) OR in China for a long time in Kunlun Mountain and St. Bristol, VOSS sparkling water, and occasionally drinking St. Pellet or Wholefood/Ole’s freshly squeezed orange juice. Alcohol: I rarely drink alcohol. If I drink, it is mainly Japanese Otokoyama/Otoyama Junmai Daiginjo. Beer must be Miller from WI. Red wine is more mixed, and you may also know a Californian product like Rothschild. The only people who understand relatively personally are medium-level sake. The gold medal laurel wreath, the warrior of winter, Kambara, and Oyama are too sweet, so that I have no interest in trying something like the Otami Festival. This question reminded me of last year’s recipe, so I almost took the blame for gout + fatty liver. (This year I have to eat bran throat vegetables to try to get the index back to normal, it really is the recent sins that I have to pay for myself) VS Zhou Tianzi’s recipe. According to the books I have read, for example, “Lu Shi Chunqiu” Zhou Tianzi should be a person who knows health well, although the type should be impossible to compare with me, after all, the above is just my daily food, and friends come. Sometimes I will order more things, and my brother will only have nine dishes when he is full of blood. But as far as Lu Shichunqiu is concerned, the emperor should not live in a tall building or in a large room, so as not to be too cloudy or suffer from wind and cold. These points show that my brother is really good at health preservation. As for the dishes, I know from the “Zhou Li”, because the cafe I’m in is closing, I won’t look for the original text here for comparison. Paste directly. The emperor’s daily diet has nine essential meat dishes, which is the emperor’s Jiuding. The nine meat dishes are: beef, sheep, suckling pig, dried fish, dried meat, belly, pork, fresh fish, and dried meat. Among them, six foods are actually six kinds of grains, which are staple foods. Six foods: Xu (Japonica rice), Millet (sticky yellow rice), Ji (sorghum, one say millet), Liang (millet), wheat and melon (Wild rice), Mi Liuyin: that is, the six daily drinks of Zhou Tianzi Drink. Six drinks are: water, mash (sake), mash (sweet wine), alcohol (light wine), medicine (liquor with glutinous rice), elixirs (thin congee, which is the raw material for making wine) ). Except for water, the other five are basically alcohol products. Pulp: a slightly sour wine. Li: It is made by brewing rice overnight. It has a sweeter taste. Cool: It is a cold drink made from rice with water and ice. Doctor: After the porridge is made, wine is added to it. There is no difference between elixirs and doctors, except that the concentration of alcohol is lower. Then there are six animals, which are actually the six animals used to make food: cattle, sheep, pigs, dogs, wild geese, and fish (Zheng Xuan used chicken instead of fish in the Eastern Han Dynasty). As for Baixu and Baijiang, they are other more precious ones. The food and sauces too. One hundred and twenty products: Shame is a delicious food made mainly of grains. “Sheep giant makeup honey bait, there are some worrying” (“Calling the Soul”). Cabinet makeup is made from rice flour and sugar, and later evolved into ointment rings. According to Qi Min Yaoshu, the ointment rings are made of rice flour and sugar to make a ring, which can also be deep-fried into a “scorched ring”. Honey is a cake made by steaming rice flour and sugar. The steamed bun is dried caramel. In short, shame is equivalent to one hundred and twenty urns of various types of pastries made of rice noodles: kuaiwu (pronounced “hai”, meat sauce) sixty urns, and xiwu (pronounced “xi”, vinegar) sixty urns) . These sauces specifically include Wuqi, Qijing, Qizhu, Sanji and other varieties. In contrast, it must be Brother Pendant, but in terms of health, he was killed. Not to mention it, thinking of this thing is really exhausting, running.


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8 months ago

Tianzi Zhou expressed his willingness to exchange everything he has for the opportunity to stay in your world for a day. The coarsest table salt you have ever eaten is fine, white and pure than the finest, finest, white and purest Zhou Tianzi has eaten. He couldn’t even imagine that the original salt was still pure white. Flour? He hasn’t eaten it before. Wheat can be ground into noodles and still so fine? Can even the bran be removed? Yellow wheat can be ground to white by you? Shocked for a hundred years! Seafood? The emperor said that I have never seen the sea. Don’t things in the sea stinks as soon as they land? what? There are also deep-sea fish? Who are you looking for to help you catch it? Can he still come up alive? tyrant! Fruit? I have never seen anything except pears, plums, dates, etc.! What is an apple? What is a banana? Why can your dates and plums be bigger than your nails? Watermelon is so delicious, although I haven’t seen it before. Soy sauce? Vinegar, I know, but why is your vinegar so pure and not moldy? What is MSG? What is sesame oil? Boy, you! Too underestimate the development of mankind in the past 4000 years.

8 months ago

It depends on the comparison with that Zhou Tianzi~ For example, Ji Chang’s meat soup, you should never want to eat it. Oh Ji Chang is not the emperor? Let’s change one. You must not be able to play the princes of Ji Gongtan Fenghuo show, so you will not be bullied. Have you ever played Crack Silk? It’s very simple, just tear the cloth and listen to the sound. You said you can go to station b to listen? Nonono, is there a sense of presence? So what he eats, are you really sure that our current food industry’s products are comparable? Yes, there are no tomatoes, no peppers, no corn, no… but there is wine and meat in the week. Jiuchi Roulin is naturally innocent of Shang Zhou, but are all Emperor Zhou’s Saint Deming?

8 months ago

Since the opposite is the emperor, let’s talk about martial arts and limit the comparison with Chinese dishes, so we won’t bully him with foreign dishes. Come…Yudai shrimp, oily bean curd, red grilled shark fin, white grilled Tongtian Wing, Kongfu Yipin Hot Pot, Hualan Mandarin Fish, Paper Wrapped Chicken, Braised Prawns, Pot Roasted Chicken, Shandong Vegetable Ball Mapo Tofu, Spicy Chicken, Dongpo Pork, Douban Crucian, Pocket Tofu, Pickled Fish, Husband and Wife Slices, ants on the tree, jiaohua chicken, fish-flavored pork with pickled vegetables braised pork, stuffed eggplant, stuffed tofu, Mei Cai buttoned pork, Hakka salt-baked chicken, Cantonese-style roasted duck, roast goose, red groove pork ribs, steamed pork ribs with black bean sauce, Fried Stuffed Sambo Buddha Jumping Over the Wall, Drunken Pork Ribs, Lychee Meat, Scallops, Youxi Bu Duck, Seven Star Fish Ball Soup, Soft Fish Balls, Dragon Body Anchovy, Double Crisp in Oil, Clear Braised Whole Chicken Roasted Recipe, Jinling Balls, White Sauce Cabbage, Stewed Crab Meal Lion Head, Crystal Meat Hoof, Chicken Broth Boiled Dried Silk, Anchovy Shrimp, Three Sets of Duck, Wuxi Meat Bones, Lu Draft Recommended Sauce Pig Head Pork with Xihucuyu, Dongpo Pork, Steamed Pork with Lotus Leaves, West Lake Brasenia Soup, Longjing Shrimp, Hupao Vegetarian Ham, Crispy Braised Pork, Shrimp Stir-fried Eel Back, Braised Spring Bamboo Shoots and Sea Cucumber Pot Steamed in Oil, Steamed with Sausage, Steamed Soy Sauce Pork, Spicy Chicken, Rock Sugar Xianglian, Stinky Tofu, Braised Cold Fungus, Stir-fried blood duck, Xiangxi sour pork, butterfly floating sea clear stewed horseshoe turtle, Huangshan stewed pigeon, Huizhou hairy tofu, fish bite lamb, fried pipa shrimp, eight sledgehammer, Maofeng smoked anchovy, mushroom box, fire-baked fish, crab yellow shrimp These ordinary people can eat everything they want. If you are facing the Queen Mother of the West, you may not be able to fight it. The emperor will not crush it for a week.

8 months ago

Modern agronomy, chemistry, medicine, logistics engineering, mechanical engineering and other disciplines allow ordinary people to eat better food than Zhou Tianzi in terms of pattern, taste and quality. Also, don’t talk about wild animals. Let’s not talk about the taste. Now it is mainly forbidden by law. Otherwise, it will not be more difficult for ordinary people to eat wild animals than Zhou Tianzi. As long as there is demand, many wild animals can be cultivated to ordinary people. To the point where they can afford it, baby fish and Chinese sturgeon are examples.

8 months ago

Without even thinking about it, it’s definitely better than ancient times. The place where Zhou Tianzi lived in ancient times is now Luoyang, and only the things around Luoyang are eaten. He doesn’t even think about most of the fresh food, not to mention the countless foods nowadays. They are all selected after countless times. For example: 1. Fruits: various oranges (blood oranges, navel oranges, etc.) common to our civilians, oranges (fragrant oranges, touch oranges, wo oranges, sugar oranges, rock sugar oranges), bananas, mangos, apples (Red Fuji, Xinjiang Rock Sugar Heart) , Watermelon (watermelons have unicorn melon, little angel, red jade, etc.), cantaloupe, cantaloupe, and my favorite lychee (feizixiao, glutinous rice cake, March red, etc.), etc., expensive imported durian, mangosteen What can he eat? Don’t talk about eating, our emperor Zhou couldn’t even think of it. 2 Don’t think that wild animals are delicious. The most commonly eaten are wild boar, venison, and chamois meat. I believe that most people have eaten it. They are woody, fishy and mutton. In ancient times, there were no peppers, peppers, and green onions. , Star anise, cinnamon and other spices, and only cooked and fried in ancient times, will it be delicious? And beef and mutton, can he eat Tan sheep in Ningxia? Not to mention beef, all kinds of people can eat Zhou Tianzi, let alone all kinds of seafood and hexian, Zhou Tianzi eats hexian at most, and the biggest problem with hexian is how to survive and die after being caught. The fish stinks quickly, and the stale fish is hard to eat (provided that there is a river near him, and the fisherman will keep it fresh and know how to keep the fish alive for a long time. In ancient times, it was difficult to sell fresh fish for this reason), so Back to the front again, there are no spices, and the cooking methods are incomplete. You can only fry or grill. Dead fish is cooked without spices. You can try it and see if it tastes good. 3 The staple food, rice alone, now has a variety of high-quality and delicious foods such as: silk seedling rice, oily rice, Thai fragrant rice, northeast long-grain fragrant rice, Wuchang rice, etc. Corn is similar to weeds thousands of years ago, and now glutinous corn is sweet and sweet. Corn, fruit corn, can the emperor eat it in ancient times? It’s okay to cook porridge occasionally, and you can try cooking a meal. 4 Vegetables, especially in winter, Zhou Tianzi can only see all kinds of vegetables drooling when we shabu hot pot, various leafy vegetables, peanut sprouts, bean sprouts, carrots, white radishes, green radishes 5 mushrooms, all fresh from Yunnan I haven’t eaten all the delicious mushrooms for a modern person. If the emperor Zhou wants to eat it, I don’t know if he will be poisoned by poisonous mushrooms. 6 Spices Qi Huan Gong’s conquest of Shan Rong brought back spring onions just now with the face of new things. The ginger, which is called “Nanyi’s ginger”, is still a non-mainstream condiment, and garlic will have to wait for Zhang Qian to bring it back from the Western Regions. Pepper, coriander, fennel, sesame, and chili are not available. After finishing his meal, Qu Yuan wanted to eat a plate of fruit: However, there were no watermelons, grapes, bananas, and even the most common apples. The foodie Qu Yuan had to hold two sour plums and squatted in the corner of the wall: because of that. There was no stool yet. 7 Cooking methods I think I can be a chef in the past

8 months ago

Who eats well will only know after comparison. Regarding Zhou Tianzi’s meal, there is a clear record in the “Zhou Li”. I have attached the original text at the end of the article. If you are interested, you can read it. Let’s make a comparison first. 1. Types of ingredients: Zhou Tianzi rice is made of six kinds of grains, six kinds of animals are used for meat, six kinds of beverages are used for beverages, 120 kinds are used for delicacy, eight kinds are used for delicacies, and 120 urns are used for sauce. . The emperor Zhou eats and kills animals every day and displays twelve tripods. Here, six grains refer to: rice, millet (yellow rice), millet (millet), liang (sorghum), wheat, and wild rice (Zibai). Six animals refer to: cattle, sheep, hog, dog, wild goose (geese), and fish. Six Qing refers to; water, mash (mash, that is, thicker juice), li (sweet wine), cold (water wine), medicine (plum syrup), elixirs (porridge). There are also six Lu: Mi (moose), deer, bear, 麇 (deer), wild boar, rabbit. Six birds: wild goose, quail (quail), Yan bird, bird, pheasant, dove, dove. It can be seen from the above that Zhou Tianzi still has a rich variety of ingredients, especially meat. In particular, many animals are now protected by the state and are not allowed to be eaten, but in the age of Zhou Tianzi, naturally there were no such restrictions. Therefore, in the choice of meat, Zhou Tianzi has a wider range of choices than modern people. Modern people must have more choices of ingredients than Zhou Tianzi, mainly vegetarian food, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, etc., which was impossible in ancient times. Tianzi Zhou chose a narrower range in these aspects. In terms of the types of ingredients, Zhou Tianzi and modern people are a tie. 2. Cooking methods: Zhou Tianzi is very particular about this aspect. Zhou Tianzi’s eight treasures are Chunzhuo, Chunwu, Paozi, Paozhu, Daozhen, Zhuozhen, Boiled, Ganken. In the “Book of Rites. Nei Ze”: Chunzhuo (meat soy sauce topped with rice), Chunmu (meat soy sauce topped with yellow rice), pagoda (simmered roasted and fried stewed suckling pig), Paozhu (simmered roasted and fried stewed lamb), pounded Zhen (roasted beef, lamb, deer loin), Zhuzhen (beef and mutton with wine and sugar), Zhuzhen (similar to spiced beef jerky), and liver mutton (grilled dog liver with net oil). From this point of view, Zhou Tianzi is not in the way of cooking. We think it is so backward, but modern people must surpass Zhou Tianzi in cooking methods. After all, the accumulation of time, there will be more experience summaries, and there will be more cooking methods. In the way of cooking, modern people win. 3. Quality of ingredients: There is no doubt about the quality of Zhou Tianzi’s ingredients. After all, the ancients did not have any messy things such as additives or preservatives. At the same time, there are special people in charge of the quality of their meat ingredients, distinguishing the pros and cons. At the same time, many of Zhou Tianzi’s ingredients are offered by the people below, and those that can be offered are definitely the best ingredients. Therefore, Zhou Tianzi’s food quality completely defeated modern people. 4. Encouragement: Every time Zhou Tianzi eats, there must be music to add to the enthusiasm. And just after eating, the food must be returned to its original place with music accompaniment. For modern people to eat, there is mostly background music in the restaurant. If it is in a high-end restaurant, there may be some live performances. But the level of Zhou Tianzi’s music accompaniment team should not be comparable to that of modern restaurant live performances. The cheering music of Zhou Tianzi’s meal should be equivalent to that of modern people, Lang Lang plays the piano next to each meal, or the Philharmonic Orchestra is next to accompaniment. Regarding the dining atmosphere, Zhou Tianzi won. 5. Service: Modern people call service. For example, a well-serviced restaurant, a hot pot, serves bars, but compared with Zhou Tianzi, it is pediatrics. Those who arranged food for the Emperor Zhou had official positions. For example, the clerk is in charge of the king’s meals, drinks, meat, and delicacies. The people of Pao are in charge of supplying six animals, six animals, and six birds, distinguishing their names and coat colors. The things of cutting, cooking, frying, and harmony in the food. At the same time, Zhou Tianzi’s meals were tasted first by a special person to inspect the quality of the meals. Every meal must be inspected. This is something that ordinary people cannot do in modern times. In terms of service, Zhou Tianzi won. In summary, Zhou Tianzi eats better than modern people, and much better. “Zhou Li•Tian Guan” eats and drinks and eats ashamed of the king, in order to raise the king and his descendants. For the gift of the king, six grains are eaten, six animals are used for food, six animals are used for drinking, there are 20 products for shame, eight things for treasure, and 20 urns for sauce. With one stroke of Wang Ri, the tripod has two things, and there are all things, and you can eat with pleasure. The chef gives sacrifices and tastes the food, and the king is the food. To eat, to create with joy. Wang Qi, three moves in the day. If there is a great funeral, it will not be raised. The Great Wilderness does not raise it. Dazha does not raise it. If there is a disaster in the world, don’t raise it. If the state has a big reason, don’t mention it. Wang Yan eats food, then serves meals, praises and sacrifices. Where the king sacrifices rituals and eats the guests, the king’s corpse is completely. Where the king’s brief matters, set a recommendation. When Wang Yan drinks alcohol, she serves as the master. The blessing of the back of the hand and the world’s food is shame, and all the gifts of flesh cultivators are given by the palm. Those who make sacrifices to the blessings will be eaten and eaten. The same is true for those who see it. At the end of the year, only the king and the queen, the elder son will not eat it. The sacrifice of rituals outside the palm of the hand. A total of its preservation, repair, punishment,. Chen Qiding’s real animal body and fish wax. The same is true for the food and food of the guests. The elders and orphans of the state are in charge of the cessation of their prosperity. The same is true for the master and the bastard. Teachers and servants are in charge of the donation of meat. Wherever there is a small funeral, Chen Qiding is true to it.

8 months ago

There is a record in “The Spring and Autumn of Yanzi”, which can help us imagine the dietary standards of the scholars at that time: Yanzi Xiangjinggong, eats the food of millet, roasted three yi, five eggs, and moss ears. It’s publicly known, go to Yanyan, and see Yanzi’s food. The public said: “Hey! The master’s house is so poor, and few people don’t know it, and it’s the sin of the few people.” Yan Zi said to him: “It is not enough for the world to eat, and one of the scholars is begging; Zhisanyi The second of the scholars is begging; the moss, the five eggs, the third of the scholars are begging. Infants do not go as much as people, but there is food for ginseng and scholars, and the king’s gift is generous! The home of infants is not poor.” Thanks again and thanks. . Yanzi’s meal is roughly: coarse rice, three wild birds, five eggs, and moss. It is equivalent to Qi Guoshi’s three meals. Therefore, Qi Shi’s meal is coarse rice, or three roasted birds, or moss and five eggs. This is the case of Qishi, which will vary from country to country, but the difference should not be too great. It may be influenced by Cao Ku’s phrase “meat eaters despicable” that made us feel that ordinary people in the Spring and Autumn Period would eat unsightly. In fact, the level of diet at that time was not much worse than that of modern people. The difference is also in the cooking and raw materials. Processing. Qi Jinggong said to Yan Zi’s meal: so poor! It shows that Qi Jinggong’s meal is more than one grade higher than this. Although Tianzi Zhou is in the middle of his family, as the magistrate of Luoyi County, eating decent meals shouldn’t be a problem. How could it be similar to modern ordinary people?

8 months ago

The grain is mainly whole grains, and the level of refined processing is far inferior to the modern ones; limited by the climate, water and soil and other conditions, the variety and freshness of vegetables are poor, and the breeding of poultry and livestock has not started for many years, and the meat is more woody and fishy than the current ones; Regardless of the aquatic products, you can only eat salted fish even at the seaside. The fresh-keeping technology is not good. The spice crops are mainly grown in the tropics, so there is probably nothing used to enrich the taste level except for the pepper. The pre-Qin seasonings are low in sweetness and sourness. Wine and crude salt, Chu State also produces low-purity cane syrup; in addition, don’t forget oil, animal fats are difficult to purify, and most of them are very smelly. The general cultivation of oil crops has to wait until after the Tang and Song Dynasties. It’s not developed yet, so you can only use bronze as cooking utensils. The cooking temperature is low. In addition to cooking, you can only use grilled. To sum up, Zhou Tianzi can only eat barbecue without spices except for cooking in white water! The staple food is even more of a coarse grain that Fira is unbearable in the eyes of modern people and can only be fed to pigs…

8 months ago

In ancient times, people’s diet in Shang, Zhou, and even Qin and Han dynasties is nothing short of horror movies in modern times. Emperor Zhou was the peak of power at that time. And Zhou Tianzi’s recipe is undoubtedly the pinnacle of food at that time. But if you look at it now, you will definitely say what they are all about! In Zhou Tianzi’s recipe, the highest-level food is “Bazhen”. Bazhen refers to these eight: Chunzhuo, Chunwu, Cannon Dolphin, Cannon Diao, Daozhen, Zhuo, Boil, Ganken. The so-called Chunzhuo refers to the meat sauce that is fried with meat, and the fried oil is poured over rice. This is the first major dish of Zhou Tianzi Bazhen, Chunzhuo. Now, we generally call it a rice bowl. “Zhen” in Bazhen refers to sliced ​​beef, soaked in wine, and dipped in meat sauce the next day. The beef that year was pure and natural and pollution-free, of course, there was no quarantine and disinfection measures. The number of parasites in eating this raw beef depends entirely on the character. Sure enough, to be the emperor of Zhou must be a valuable character. Moreover, the wine of that era was also “turbid wine” in the true sense. I can only express how many impurities there are in the wine made in the earthen urn. Soak raw beef with this wine for one night, and then eat it raw without cumin, pepper, and any seasoning except salt. The most ruthless dish in Bazhen is “gan liao” (second tone). What does this dish refer to? Take a dog’s liver, wrap it with animal intestines, and bake it over the fire until a greasy film is formed. Take rice porridge, add oil made from wolf breast meat to the rice porridge, and then use wolf oil porridge with grilled dog liver to eat. The sauce is also worth mentioning. Of course, ketchup, tartar sauce, chili sauce, and bean paste were not available at that time. Ancient people are much wilder than modern people. There are more than 150 kinds of meat sauces recorded in the Zhou Dynasty. In addition to the common cattle, sheep and pigs, wolf meat sauce, toad sauce, and ant egg sauce are also on the list. So I think Zhou Tianzi’s usual meal is probably like this. First, he lifted the bronze ware with excessive heavy metals, ate a bite of yellow rice with stone grits, dipped it in ant egg sauce, and grilled dog liver with wolf oil…

8 months ago

I don’t know if the subject has ever heard a word called “Ranzhi Zhongyuan”. If you go to Baidu to find out its origin, you will find that this is a political event that was caused by a pot of king and eight soup and changed the course of Zheng’s history. Therefore, when you know that the princes of the Spring and Autumn Period, they can all beat their heads for Wang Batang. The subject also feels that we who have Shaxian snacks, Majia ramen, barbecue, KFC, McDonald’s and other fast food, will eat Did you lose to Zhou Tianzi?

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