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In fact, Mihayou has been doing aesthetic design and deconstruction. The product of design is the original god. Aesthetic related, which means that its core is thinking needs, on the contrary, the numerical value and modeling in the game are secondary. Numerical values ​​and modeling in the game are just the interpretation of the connotation of aesthetic thinking, which is fundamentally aesthetic thinking itself. And games plagiarize and learn from each other more is the category of methodology. Metaphysically, the methodology itself is also a form of interpretation, the performance of the framework. You can’t copy this aspect at all. For the existence of beings, the cognitive process of human beings must deconstruct their own abstract thinking, and then recognize the products of deconstruction. Here comes another problem, and that is: the original god itself is not complete enough. It itself is a game that a lot of people are together and put together according to one’s thinking direction. If it is incomplete, there is no way to copy it directly. You have to wait for a year or a half. If the original god is more complete, other companies can copy it. The game “Phantom Tower” illustrates this point very well-you can draw a gourd. The calabash is useless, you have not seen what the original god was like before the interpretation. This is not ‘auto chess’, it’s mainly ‘gameplay’, so you can easily take it and use it. You must deconstruct the original god, take it apart, chew it up, and reassemble it. The original god itself is a carrier that conforms to the current cultural form, and its meaning is new, not what is seen on the surface, so it may take a long time for similar works to appear. Simply put: the original god has not done it now, the completion rate is too low, you let me play similar games, how to do it? The original god may not be able to complete a complete main city in a year. Dao Wife did it before he opened the service. Let’s see how long the Miha Tour will take in the fourth city. This sentence is here first (laughs. Back to the topic. Simply put, I copied a novel. This novel is only 50,000 words. I copied 50,000 words. What should I write later? I can only get stuck. As for innovation on this basis—— With all due respect, Yuanshen was originally a game based on innovation. Other domestic game manufacturers would really do this, and it is the turn of him to get a Miha Tour? However, it is not coincidentally that other game manufacturers really did not do this, so Yuanshen Appeared. Because it’s fresh enough, it’s dazzling, because the player recognizes it, and it may have the right to stand in its current position.——The winning formula has been formed, but you can’t change one of the values. We follow Sort by priority, it should be like this. 1: Aesthetic thinking/creative 2: Art style/technology → 3: Game content/numerical value. Similar games may be able to do well in game content, but the first two will have a great deal The problem may be solved by technology, but it is difficult to solve the problem of a highly abstract thinking direction aesthetically. Perhaps there is no problem with technology and art, because the art of the two-dimensional direction is indeed industrial, and it does not contain very high traditional abstraction. The artistic factor is in it, but the domestic companies will not make a new choice of direction-you can’t copy such a game, because the copied things will be weird, you must independently do it again. Otherwise, Tencent will not It may pull down its face to make the yin and yang strange. It used to do this: use the fastest speed to make a higher degree of completion than you, and then use a wealth of channels to defeat you. It panics. Because it can’t do it. At least a short time. I can’t do it inside. Although it’s hard to say in the future, because of the above-mentioned reasons, “aesthetic thinking needs” and the needs of players integrate the needs of game profitability, so it is impossible to make games of the same type now. It is impossible to make it quickly. Even Miha Tour Myself, Dao’s wife may not be able to make it from scratch. What’s more, there must be more than one’Dao’s wife’ in such a game.


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8 months ago

Clip Dayan gave me a scrolling Phantom Tower PV demonstration, and the elite forum editors were not idle, anyway, there was a battle of saliva everywhere. To be precise, after Yuanshen raised the benchmark, it had little impact on the small two-dimensional workshop group. Now all traditional big players are considering forming an anti-rice factory encirclement. I have made a summary before: no rice factory who understands the second dimension has the technology and size, and no rice factory who has the technology and volume understands the second dimension. Regardless of the evaluation and criticism, an undeniable fact is that the original god is on the line. Dimensional mobile games have broken away from the carrier that relies on the licking of the painter to draw the main additional points of the Tetris elimination game level. This is an unavoidable shortcoming no matter how successful the fgo Shaoqian boat tour pcr is. Of course, the younger brother Chong’s young front. 2 is doing better, but the collapse of 3 has entered the sunset period, the cumulative difference in technical experience is not a little bit. Why do you want to talk about the traditional big head? Because of this widespread txization, the face of users is fully present, and the framework of resource experience is much more optimized than the cost of replicating successful benchmark works than the small two-dimensional workshop group. Looking back at every phenomenon-level work in the terminal game period, you will find that the model is complete. The same: everyone is aligned with the benchmark, and then copied, how to compete for users when the gameplay is homogenous? Of course, it is to expel bad coins for a larger target group. The old and new demos of Magic Tower directly wrote this strategy on their faces. It’s almost like crossing the river with Viagra, but it doesn’t matter. Two-dimensional users are a one-way screen, and the user overlap is actually very low. If you use Yuanshen as a benchmark and repeatedly draw wheels for bad currency competition, you still can’t escape. What I said at the beginning: They don’t understand the second dimension, are you a mobile sult?

8 months ago

Because in fact, Yuanshen’s greatest competitiveness is not in its game mode and game system (these two points are actually the most criticized by some players), and his real core competitiveness lies in its soft power such as art, sound effects, and human design. . The greatest success of Yuanshen is that every time he introduces a new character, it will bring super high popularity and popularity, which will be transformed into a huge amount of flowing water. This is something that other domestic manufacturers cannot achieve. Even the previous phenomenon-level two-dimensional mobile game Onmyoji can only be expected in this regard. It can be said that Mihayou is now more like a virtual idol agency, creating a highly popular virtual idol to make fans pay. As for the open world, RPG, real-time battles, breakthrough decryption, etc., they are actually just shells. These are all means for you to experience your virtual idol. In fact, domestic open-world games are not without them. There are delusional mountains and seas, creation and magic, and the heart of Noah that Tencent is making. (Tencent mocks Yuanshen Shanzhai and launches Shanzhai Yuanshen’s project, which is really shameless. People will always stand in an invincible place), but look at their quality, can they pose a threat to the original god? Now Mihayou may have become the most powerful animation production company in the country, so in this field, almost no one is his opponent, and relying on the copycat game mode is not feasible.

8 months ago

The reason why the original god can fire is that the majority of players who had only been exposed to domestic mobile games before were exposed to real “games” for the first time. I believe that console players and pay-out players may feel that the original god is very good when they experience the original god, but they will not feel “amazing”. Don’t force Krypton, don’t need to catch up with the version, isn’t this the basic quality of the game? But this basic quality, coupled with a completely free and open world, and a complete story line, puts it on the mobile game market as a dimensionality reduction blow. Many domestic mobile games can’t be called games, but are “products” that attract players to continue to spend money and kill time. How many players can feel the real happiness when playing the glory of the king and stimulating the battlefield? Who wouldn’t open it happily, and close it cursingly. After so many years, Yuanshen finally made a real game on the phone. Players can feel relaxed and happy in the world of the original god. Because of this, those big factories panicked. They will not do this thing. The guiding ideology of their products in the past is “user stickiness” rather than “gaming experience.” They don’t understand and don’t know how to improve the game experience of the players. To put it bluntly, the game experience is a very mysterious thing and requires a high level of humanity. It’s like always dying when playing with a wolf, but it’s still fun. Fighting for the glory of the king has been dying, do you think it is fun? In summary, as far as the game is concerned, the original god is not excellent. But it is a phenomenal bomb for the mobile game market. I really hope that similar products will appear as soon as possible, and the domestic mobile game environment should be shuffled.

8 months ago

Look at those people who scold the original god on the Internet. What game do they compare to the original god? Although the stand-alone 3A original god is not as good as those 3A, it is not comparable to the development of a original god in ordinary games. It requires a lot of money and time. As for why it has not appeared in the process, it should be considered as the original god. I don’t know what the official thinks of other people’s products. As a player, I definitely support a good game. But according to the current demo video, it’s a lot of hard work.

8 months ago

The fact is that the market will only be eaten up by a few companies in a semi-monopoly way. LOL, the chicken eaters are still dominant in their own niche, and there are no competitors to squeeze this market. It’s over here. They disappear and there will be no newcomers, but the disappearance of the entire market. Maybe War Thunder is just the Khrushchev building in front of the skyscrapers of World of Tanks, but this is obviously not a place where newcomers who can’t even build an aqua toilet can enter. As for the sky islands called DCS and IL2, although No one knows what the scene is above, but the matter of boarding Sky Island is already very difficult.

8 months ago

Plagiarizing one game mode is very simple, but that is just copying the surface. What is the lining of “Original God”? This may be ten thousand people and ten thousand opinions. Some people say it’s aesthetics, some people say it’s art, and some people say it’s culture. In fact, it’s the essence of a game. In the final analysis, it’s the user’s “feeling” of it. This feeling includes the “sense of experience.” “Identity”, “Social”, “Culture”, “Interaction”, “Aesthetic” and so on. It must be a phenomenon level (the original god is like this, no one would say that this is not a domestic phenomenon level game, whether it is a player or a sun ) 1. Culture: The appearance of the original god is very similar to the World of Warcraft (although it is not the same, but time will prove something). When the game industry is becoming homogeneous, a game that changes the mainstream gameplay and raises the aesthetics of the players has emerged. In fact, even if competing products of the original god appear later, it will not surpass the original god. It’s like countless games back then under the banner of “Beyond Warcraft”, but now they are written down? Apart from Warcraft, what do we remember? A few people still remember that “Aion” is trying to become a phenomenon, a culture, although many people disagree with this game (they haven’t even played it). But I would like to ask all players, when we are dealing with “domestic games”, when can we take off the colored glasses? 2. Connotation: Just like those games that once surpassed Warcraft, no matter how good the parameters of the game, how great, the story behind it is often empty and cliche. The world view of the whole game is simple and easy to understand, and it seems that you can guess it. Just like a Hollywood movie, students who have studied three-act dramas can read the beginning to know the end. This wave of Miha Tour is actually a bit of Blizzard. The character portray of the original god, the construction of the world view, and the excitement of the script have all taken great care. I often use the psychology of watching anime to play the original god, the story is wonderful, but even better, you are the protagonist of the anime. 3. Work-related art sound effects: I am willing to set up a music production department that specializes in the planning and operation of the soundtrack and sound effects every day: The industry is under heavy pressure, and the outside industry is being scolded as a dog, but it is still necessary to continue to resist the pressure of 996 channels: reject all of Tencent ” “Cooperative” (this is very ruthless) capital flow: a long time of high-cost investment and no return… So often the failure to replicate is not a technical problem, but in China, is there such a group? People who really have “dreams” gather together to shine and are willing to fight for something invisible.

8 months ago

Yuanshen’s project was the beginning of Beng 3 Yae Village. After the failure of the listing, it was decided to break away from the crash and develop a new ip (but still follow the impact series, in-depth players should know that Mihayou has begun to create a world view of “quantum sea and imaginary tree”. The impact series are all leaves on this tree, and even undecided, there are various details suggesting that they may still be in this world view) Then the question is, why can’t it be done? Because Yuanshen’s capital manpower is a big gamble first, and secondly, even with such a large investment, it took 3 years to release the test, and 4 years of public testing. How can you let the latecomer rush to produce a work within a year to fight with it, while other products that may be developed in parallel, because of the investment resources, can not beat the current quality of the original god, then how to release it, you can only go back and repair it repeatedly. Yuanshen has indeed created an open world for everyone (at least it is an open world game when I play it), but its specificity is polished in many aspects such as art music and so on. As for the finished product quality is amazing. I am afraid it will be difficult for a company to make the publicity pv of each character so desperate and sensational, and it has become popular again and again. This is the result of Mihayou positioning itself as an animation acg company from the beginning.

8 months ago

U1S1, the original God Fire does not represent this kind of game fire. The quality of the original God itself is still excellent. On the screen, the original God is not worse than Zelda. Zelda is also considered a super masterpiece made by a veteran host manufacturer. I bought it with money. The speed of the original god itself is visible to the naked eye, and the efficiency of content addition is very high. It is difficult for small factories to achieve this quality, and the big factory is not so diligent. The original god cut into the mobile game PC card drawing two-dimensional game. Sub-market. This market is not big. Yuanshen uses high quality to make this market bigger. Card drawing is indeed the mainstream now, disgusting to disgusting, but it seems to be a major game revenue mechanism in the future. Based on drawing Card. Yuanshen’s completion is very good. There is a gap between the gameplay and the top work of the traditional console. It is not much worse than the ordinary console game. It is much higher than the draw card mobile game. Game development is also a systematic project. It takes a lot of time for other factories to copycats. And Yuanshen has now led the way. They continue to fill the game with content. If other manufacturers catch up with the same quality, it is almost impossible to catch up. The cost of copying here is too high. Unlike some previous games copied Copy it. Copy itself is not a particularly large cost. In fact, Yuanshen is a bit like a game like The Witcher 3. The gameplay may not be very high, but it is really high-quality with enough materials.

8 months ago

1. Project construction period. It is not as fast as you want to make something from the establishment to completion. After the establishment of the project, it takes a long time to deploy personnel and site. After the personnel are in place, even all the numerical, copy, and art resources are copied, even if it is 24 hours a day , It is not just a few months to complete such a large project of Yuanshen. Moreover, other manufacturers have completed or about to be completed projects waiting to be put online. These projects have taken up human and material resources from 2019 to the present. Even if someone wants to make a product of the same type as the original god, they may not have enough human and material resources and costs to proceed. 2. Is the cake of the niche market segment just as big as the project, and Yuanshen ate most of it in one bite. Is the leftovers worth eating? No one dared to pack tickets. The original God test product is too strong. As a pioneer of the subdivision type, whether it is worth betting to follow up is a question that every decision maker needs to consider. Dachang values ​​efficiency. Games that can be played on 699 mobile phones are thrown out to cast nets and fish, and then cooperate with other products of their own to form a monopoly. This is the thinking of the decision makers of Dachang. If the same or even more human and material costs are spent but only used to grab cakes in the occupied niche market, the decision makers who do this are afraid that they don’t want kpi. 3. Is the original god hot enough? Enough and not enough. The original Shenhuo is topical, it is the overwhelming video of station b, the long line at the door of KFC, the advertisements on the streets of Japan, and the praise of overseas players. The original god is not enough fire is the number of players. Hardware requirements limit the substantial growth in the number of players. After all, Primordial God is not a social game yet. 4. When will there be similar products? If the big factory has not changed the idea of ​​using ip to occupy the market, then I am afraid that there will not be enough high-quality Yuanshen similar products online in a short period of time. Even if the major manufacturers want to follow up or are already following up, it will take six months to one year before they can see competing products. As for small start-up factories… I won’t mention it. good luck.

8 months ago

To be honest, I have played similar mobile games years ago, so that when I play Yuanshen, I always feel that it is a high-end version of the game. The game I used to play seemed to have been taken off the shelves a few years ago. It was called “Bounty Hunter Lost in the Gold Mine Town” for a short time around elementary school, and it was a Wild West theme. It was brought into the pit by my cousin. The production company is a small factory. It looks like it’s called Ming ya or Ming yue. It’s on ios. It is an open world. There are two maps, day and night. The maps are connected by minecarts (in fact, they are teleportation). There are main missions and some trivial side missions. The main storyline is probably like this: (played a long time ago, I don’t remember it clearly, please understand if you make a mistake) The protagonist, as a bounty hunter, was accidentally involved in a strange case. He killed him in his memory. My wife, and has been living in guilt. But in the past few days after he left the town, the residents always reacted to seeing his supposedly dead wife wandering the town, so the protagonist embarked on the road to find the truth. The main storyline is basically fighting, killing and killing something, such as helping a misunderstood wanted criminal to tear up the wanted warrant and then kill the Western Mounted Police who was attracted to it. There is also a very underworld mission. The atmosphere and bgm are both gloomy, and time suddenly changes. At night, kill the tomb robbers who dug up the corpses. There are also some side tasks, such as helping the townsfolk collect ten wild strawberries, and the follow-up tasks seem to be preparing for the food festival, but they are not as detailed as the original gods. And go to a certain river to find seven lilies to use as someone’s festival… (This really feels like! When doing the original god’s task, I always play with that task hhh) and some are a bit like the original god. Day commission. You can basically run around the entire range of the two maps, and you can also summon horses to ride and gallop. Except for some high mountains, there are no air walls… There are also some animals and wild monsters along the way that you can fight, and some of them drop things, such as Crows will shed crow feathers. Sometimes you will encounter tomb robbers riding horses on the road, and you can also fight. There are also some scene eggs, such as mysterious grottoes, and Mayan crystal skulls that can be collected. There will also be some treasure chests in the map, but opening the treasure chest is not as straightforward as the original god. After opening an interface similar to Sokoban, you can get gold coins or other things in the treasure chest after completing this mini game. The default weapon is a small revolver, you can draw cards like the original god, draw cards will get a variety of weapons, clothes and horses. There are also copies like the original god, in the cemetery, called the ancient tomb exploration and the like, standing in front of the house guarded by the ancient tomb can be teleported in. Go to the tomb along the way, first hit a few mobs such as zombies and female ghosts, and then hit a boss, such as a gargoyle, go around and hit the hourglass behind him. There are also some road signs scattered everywhere, which are equivalent to the teleportation point of the original god. The time can also be adjusted in the interface of these teleportation points, morning or evening, which is equivalent to Pimeng. There is also a task like the original god collecting Fengshen Hitomi Rock God Hitomi, called the Dream Catcher Bottle, which hangs in some strange places, eaves, cliffs, treetops… just hit it, and the two maps are calculated separately, within a map. To find 20 (it seems), 35 in the b map, the data found in the a map is not counted in the data in the b map, which is equivalent to the original god dividing the gods into two types… By the way, it seems that you can still connect , But I haven’t done it yet when I played. There is an online button on the main interface but there is no response when you click it. What’s more, opening the map or backpack during battle will also temporarily pause. Similar to the original god, you can click on the potion (food in the original god) in the backpack to replenish your health. Different potions have different health points, and others can give you an acceleration effect or a damage boosting effect or even a short-term invisibility effect… There is a place in the town that looks like a gold mining town called the gem bar, and the original god Lidi Luk’s The tavern is also somewhat similar, especially the stairs and the second floor. The plot of the game is over. I remember the ending as if the Tomb Raiders dug out the protagonist’s wife for some kind of ritual and resurrected as an old witch… This also explains why there are zombies in the graveyard copy…

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