If the provident fund is 4000, if it is the personal part, it will be 4000. Even if calculated at 12%, the personal pre-tax income is 4000/0.12=33333 yuan, which should exceed the upper limit of the provident fund payment base in most cities (26,400 yuan in Suzhou Industrial Park). Therefore, the provident fund 4000 should pay a total of 4000 for individuals/units, that is, 4000 yuan is credited to the provident fund account every month. If it is a private company/foreign company, it is generally a personal company that pays 1:1. Provident fund payment is generally 5%, 8%, and 12%. Then the personal salary is 2000/percentage=40,000, 25,000, 16666. Among them, 40,000 obviously exceeds the upper limit of the payment base and shall be eliminated. If it is a civil servant/institution/state-owned enterprise, there will be individual units paying 1:2 or 1:3. These units will not pay 5%, so 8% and 12% are calculated. If it is 1:2, 8% and 12% are 1333/percent=16662.5 and 11108 respectively. If it is 1:3, 8% and 12% are 1000/percent = 12500 and 8333, respectively. To add: The payment base and monthly salary of the above three types of units may be inconsistent. If they are inconsistent, the monthly salary is generally lower than the payment base. To sum up, the provident fund is 4000. Generally speaking, the possible income is 25000 or 16666 for private enterprises/foreign enterprises. If it is a civil servant/institution/state-owned enterprise, it may also be 16662.5, 11108, 12500 and 8333.

Of course, there are also those who do not pay according to the above three proportions. In other cases, the calculation is less and the calculation method is the same.

the above.

Each region is quite different, here is Beijing as an example.

The 4000 described in the problem can only be the sum of 4000 provident funds paid by units and individuals, because the upper limit of the provident fund paid by individuals in Beijing cannot exceed 3334.

Housing provident fund payment calculation company = employee personal salary × personal payment ratio + employee personal salary × unit payment ratio. Normally, under the unified national standard, the contribution rate of housing provident fund is 5%-12%, and the contribution rate of the unit and the employee is basically the same. Therefore, the monthly provident fund account is 4,000 yuan, assuming that the provident fund payment ratio is 12%, then the company and the individual pay 2,000 yuan each, and the personal pre-tax salary should be 16,670 yuan.

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7 months ago

Looking at the city limits, the maximum limit of the provident fund is different for each city. For example, Shenzhen can borrow up to 500,000 yuan, and Guangzhou can borrow up to 600,000 yuan. The most direct thing is to check the maximum amount on the official website of the housing provident fund in your city before taking out a loan. ② Look at the account balance There is a proportional relationship between the amount of provident fund loans and the balance of the provident fund account, depending on the requirements of each city. In Shenzhen, the loan limit of the provident fund cannot exceed 14 times the balance of the provident fund, and it cannot exceed the first city limit. That is, loan limit ≤ provident fund account balance × local multiple ≤ maximum loan limit, take Shenzhen as an example to calculate: assuming that the provident fund balance is 35,000, then the available loan is 35,000*14=490,000<500,000 (the maximum loan limit), The final loan is 490,000; assuming the provident fund balance is 40,000,

7 months ago

Looking at the number of provident fund loan applicants in some relatively large cities, as long as they meet the provident fund loan conditions, they also support family loans, that is, spouses, parents, and children can apply for provident fund loans together with major lenders to buy houses, such as Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou can apply for a family provident fund loan of up to 1 million, and Shenzhen can apply for 900,000. Similarly, local policies are different. Go to the local housing provident fund website to directly check the maximum amount of household loans. 2. What is the provident fund loan interest rate? The provident fund loan interest rate is regulated by the state and is uniform throughout the country. As long as the first home is purchased, the provident fund loan interest rate is 3.25%. For the second home, the loan interest rate is 1.1 times that of the first home.

7 months ago

There are two most common ways of repayment: equal principal and interest repayment: the same amount of money is paid in each period, with more interest in the early period and more principal in the later period. The total interest is higher than the second method. Equal principal repayment: The repayment of each instalment decreases gradually, in which the principal of each period is the same, and the interest is decreasing. How to choose? From the perspective of total repayment, interest is lower and more cost-effective, and equal principal is better than equal principal and interest. From the perspective of inflation and investment, the later the principal is, the more cost-effective it is. The repayer can invest the principal first to obtain additional income. For those who are good at financial management, equal principal and interest are better than equal principal.

7 months ago

Provident fund loan conditions. Provident fund loan is a bright thing, but it is not easy to use it. You must meet the following 6 application conditions: 1-Continuous payment of housing provident fund for 6 months, and the state of normal payment at the time of application; 2- can only be used for Purchase affordable housing, talent housing, residential commodity housing; 3-No bad loan credit history, no outstanding loans, and no guarantees for other borrowers. 4- The down payment for the purchase of the house has been paid as required 5- Before this application, no provident fund loan has occurred or the provident fund loan has been paid off; 6- Agree to provide a guarantee that meets the requirements of this regulation.

7 months ago

Not all real estate can use provident fund loans. 1. Only when the developer and the provident fund center have signed a loan cooperation agreement for the real estate, buyers can use the provident fund loan. If the developer does not apply, it will not be used. 2. Even if the developer signs a provident fund loan cooperation agreement, but the developer will choose customers, since the house can be sold, of course, it is the priority to sell to users who can make their own payment quickly, such as buying a house with full money or buying a house with commercial loans Yes, the lending speed of the first two can be faster than the provident fund. Therefore, if you must use the provident fund, it is more important than understanding the house type and housing price to understand whether you can buy it with a provident fund loan!

7 months ago

Application withdrawal time: Attention, it’s a bit circumstantial, please look carefully: the voucher of hospital-related treatment expenses (list of hospitalization expenses, social security bills of this city), the voucher issuance time and the application withdrawal time should be within two years. ——The implied condition is: you must be discharged from the hospital and get the list of hospitalization expenses before you can apply for withdrawing the provident fund, and you must apply within 2 years of starting the treatment. 2. Scope of withdrawal amount: not exceeding the self-paid part after medical insurance reimbursement. Some people say that the withdrawal of serious illnesses is not timely, and the withdrawal by renting a house is the same as the withdrawal by other housing consumption. There is really little difference, mainly because there is no limit to the number of withdrawals for serious illnesses, while the withdrawals for rental housing and housing consumption are once a month, depending on the need for funds. PS, preparation materials for the extraction of serious illnesses: ID card, provident fund card, diagnosis certificate issued by hospitals of Grade A and above, and certificates of hospital-related treatment expenses (list of hospitalization expenses, social security bills of this city).

7 months ago

The total monthly provident fund payment is 4000 yuan: if the subject of the question says that 4000 yuan is the total monthly provident fund, then based on the minimum contribution ratio and the maximum contribution ratio, it can be calculated that the salary should be between 16,700 and 40,000. For example, our company’s contribution ratio It is 8%, and the personal deposit ratio is 12%. If the subject says that the 4000 yuan is the total payment, then the provident fund is paid on a base of 20,000 yuan. That is, the salary is at least 20,000 yuan. For example, if a friend’s company has a company deposit ratio of 5% and an individual deposit ratio of 5%, the payment base is 40,000 yuan/month.

7 months ago

In the summer of last year, I went to KTV for two months on the first day of the shift. The manager asked to check the private rooms with guests every once in a while. The purpose of seeing is: 1. Do you bring your own drinks and food? Generally, KTV does not allow self Bring, let the guests take away when they leave at the front desk temporarily, or charge a part of the service fee, and the guests can take it casually 2. Have you done strange things (you know, I won’t go into details) 3. There are birthday guests The cake is not messed up or smeared. 4. It depends on whether the guests need to add water, usually in the afternoon, there are more uncles and aunts who order tea and often have to pick up hot water. 5. Often walk around the corridor so that guests will not run too far to find Less than people

7 months ago

The housing provident fund has been paid continuously for 6 months, and it is in the normal state of payment at the time of application; 2- It can only be used to purchase affordable housing, talent housing, residential commercial housing; 3- There is no bad loan credit history, and no outstanding loans For loans, no guarantee was provided for other borrowers. 4- The down payment for the purchase of a house has been paid in accordance with the regulations. 5- Before this application, no provident fund loan has occurred or the provident fund loan has been paid off; As collateral)

7 months ago

So there is only one truth. Most of the 4000 provident fund people are programmers from major Internet companies. Many people don’t understand the provident fund. In fact, the provident fund can not only be used for housing loans. As the subject of the question asks, if the individual pays 2000 for the 4000 provident fund, the unit also pays 2000. The two thousand dollars paid by the unit can actually be counted as your personal income, because the provident fund can be withdrawn. Regarding the issue and function of the provident fund, including the withdrawal and loan of the provident fund, I have compiled it in the following two articles. I suggest you collect it, maybe you will use it someday.

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