I have played Meng San, played the LOL which I played for a long time (about 10,000 games) in 18 years, I was a little tired of LOL, so I tried dota2, and I was stunned that the quality was over 100 of my peers. In the street, I also brought a few friends to play. They all played it for an afternoon and then went back to play lol. I played it by myself. I have played it for almost 2,000 hours. A game with such a high quality. I really can’t think of why the more people play it. The less come. Those on the Internet are too difficult to get started. To tell the truth, I really don’t think it is any difficult. Lol Diamond Goalkeeper got started in less than a week after playing dota2, and it has more mechanics than Lol. It’s very easy to get started with similar games, but friends around. I’m all playing lol. I play dota2 alone. Sometimes I’m a little lonely. I want to know why dota2 is not popular and why it’s so unacceptable.

The Wannian Man-Machine Party quietly emerged. When I first went to college, LAN battles were a good thing. Every dormitory had a game to maintain brotherhood. At first, there were Red Alert, Meteor Butterfly Sword, CS, Chenghai 3C, live football, even Need for Speed, etc., which can be described as a hundred flowers blooming. However, after the big waves washed the sand, I suddenly discovered that the entire dormitory building was playing Dota. A buddy I just met ran to the cafeteria with me. He suddenly turned his head and said, I am moving speed 522! DOTA is on fire, and the fire is in a mess. This kind of grand occasion has happened before. He once belonged to the only street fighter among the several pornographic mahjong machines in the arcade hall, and belonged to the three giants of the red police CS Meteor Butterfly Sword in the Internet cafe. Then his turn was DOTA, and it lasted for several years. So it’s not difficult to understand the situation of “Leaving the client, there are knives everywhere”, because this group of Lao Bi came from that era when the tide was surging. The DOTA game has a broad mass base. It’s not too much to call out Sean’s DOTA, best DOTA. But it must be admitted that the times are changing, and the newcomers of our generation face more competing products. One year during the Chinese New Year, I went to an Internet cafe and found that in addition to playing krypton gold online games, there were only a lot of fun. I asked my brother, the hottest game now is not DOTA? He said, no, now is the age of watch ass. I stayed silent and found that what he said was wrong. Men, women and children, all of them joined the team of Glory of the Kings, including the former DOTA teammates. They even chose to take off fans and step back and sing DOTA badly. The latest situation is that my niece, who is in kindergarten, is playing a game of chicken with her mobile phone. They said that now is the era of fast food, DOTA is no longer good, it is too procrastinating. I didn’t refute it. I actually acquiesced to deadgame’s statement in my heart, admitting that fast food is indeed better than hard dishes, and restaurants at crossroads always have more customers than restaurants deep in the alley. I have personally experienced a hot game turned into a real deadgame, that is, Meteor Butterfly Sword. The developer Yuquan International abandoned him directly after a fainting operation, but he did not die directly. Instead, he was carried onto the platform in the residual temperature of many enthusiastic players, slowly cooled, and gradually pounced on the street. This process of waiting for death is very long, so I have a lot of experience. Of course, DOTA is not the same. The wealthy V company cannot abandon DOTA. Every year, ti’s bonus pool can make G fat dream of laughing out of false teeth. But the problem they face is the same, that is, the number of players is gradually decreasing, or the environment of DOTA is even worse, and everyone’s entertainment mentality is becoming more and more impetuous. The first reality DOTA faces is that many competing products are constantly shed new blood. You will never go back to the era of almost universal Dota. There are mobile games of the same quality and the same kind that spare no effort to promote, and you can play mobile games such as the glory of the king. And the other game characters are all sexy and plump. DOTA’s first beauty, Ice Girl, stood among them as if they had just entered the city. The game environment of competitive games is the same, and it’s not uncommon for people to spit people and scold the street. This can’t be taken out alone, it’s just that it takes half an hour for Dota to take it, and half an hour to meet each other can raise blood pressure for a whole day. Moreover, the energy of the old zombies is not enough to support them for more than half an hour. The final destination of the middle-aged man seems to be the landlord smoking a pipe. Regardless of the increase in the ti bonus pool year after year, it all depends on the group of people who started to make money that year, and sentimental injection accounts for a large part. What’s next, what’s next? And the days of lying down to make money spoiled the bosses of the resort, they are very passive about the promotion and management of DOTA. Gambling websites dominate the entire game ecology. Professional player Kuku publicly insulted China. He didn’t even fart for a few months… The game is updated frequently, on the one hand, it continues the balance and playability of the competition, on the other hand, it’s a big deal. He accidentally became a cloud player, very helpless. There is only one thing that shocked me, that is, when Dota Auto Chess was so popular, players returned to squeeze the server and the number of people online reached 700,000 to 800,000. It is conceivable that how many old zombies belong to those who only watch the game and have afk themselves. I have become such a lxo (the latest version), I usually watch lgd games, recharge books and quick-acting heart-saving pills when I ti. At most, hit the man-machine and move your fingers daily. But now the man-machine is also slightly tasteless. Many elderly masters have poured into the human-machine world, and they are extremely involved. I haven’t grown up yet, they are already harassing the spring. DOTA is a very good game, and professional games are becoming more and more formal and beautiful. It’s just that there are fewer and fewer people playing, and the reputation of deadgame is afraid that the three will become tigers and become a reality. After thinking for a long time, maybe there is only one way left. That is to bring the Immortal Shield back to Sean again and ignite the public enthusiasm again. No matter which team has achieved this, it is electricity, light, and the only myth! I only love him, a superstar forever~ I will continue to cry amidst the fireworks and shout out the sentence, CN Dota, best Dota!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Because everyone who blows out the game quality of Dota 2 can’t tell me: As a person whose developmental peak has passed long ago, and whose nerve response can’t keep up with consciousness, where should I go to find 4 people who don’t spray? 5 dishes to just the right weak chicken to give me a fun win every day… I can also blow the game quality out, but dota2 is playing the game quality? I think you all blow the balance to the top… But, in fact, the stronger the confrontation and the better the balance of the game, the easier it is to find someone to win you a round. Everyone is here to win, why should you win? Moreover, there is actually a problem behind this. That is, such a game that emphasizes confrontation and balance, even if you can find someone to accompany you to lose, can it really be fun? The answer is actually no. Many commenters thought that I was the same as before, and it was a question of volume. Actually not, there are more problems. If you are my age, you will know. I can’t do all of the operations that I made back then… and this phenomenon has nothing to do with whether the opponent is strong or weak, and it has nothing to do with the volume. I used to be able to use a musket to be able to face level 3 and level 4 at level 6. Now… I can know where I am in a team battle, and I think it’s a super level performance. That’s it, I’m not losing it yet, what do I want to do… the more I play, the more uncomfortable it becomes. Turn-based games, casual games, this kind of slow-paced games, are yyds…

7 months ago

Dota this game. It is almost impeccable in balance and rivalry. Focus on confrontation to the extreme. In contrast, Blizzard’s balance is far worse. The ice frog player is really invincible in terms of numerical adjustment and design talent. . Every year ti has only single-digit heroes and can’t play, which explains the problem. . Basically all hero data are stable. Even if there is an occasional rise in half, it will not affect the whole. Unlike LOL’s annual s game, I feel that these twenty or thirty heroes have no brains. . The designer felt that something was not right and immediately cut down the next year and replaced it with another 20 or 30. . Some heroes can be seen by the naked eye = lose half. Dota tells the truth, even if you can play, the strength of unpopular heroes is enough. . Another very important point is that the operation of the turret really cannot determine the trend of a round (compared to the LOL passerby round, the line penetration is basically gone in many cases). You must always analyze the map, analyze the situation, analyze the team battle or the single belt. The map is too large (compared to LOL) so that 5 players can’t rely on the hero to control the map. Indirectly lead to too long game rounds. But that’s it. In this 996 era. After work, school, and going home, do you still have the energy to turn on your computer and start a brain-burning and laborious Dota game? At every turn, the bladder bureau has to tighten your energy to prevent one or five bald heads from coming out of the shadow to kill you. . You have to add up how to win, how to drag, how to fight team, and how to brush. . The slow decline of Dota is not a question of the quality of the game itself. If there are many people playing high-quality games. People don’t know how to play with the sword of the archangel. . It’s a brother who came to chop off simple page games like mine. There is not a joke that the goose intestines have invested and don’t know how many E-developing Heavenly Swords have made as a result of making more money than playing Lanyue next door. . Let’s not tell the truth. The truth is always right. . Although I can’t understand where people who play web games are happy. But I respect them. Compared with competing products like LOL, Dota has an inappropriate analogy similar to Jin or Rhythm Master. . . For example, in the Golden Band competition, you can see who is strong and who is weak at a glance. You can search for abnormalities such as c god, g god, and 8 gods. . The weak are basically hard to beat the strong. It’s ridiculous to tell the truth in front of talent and hard work. . But the rhythm master is not the same as LOL. This type of game has a cap. It means that everyone’s strength is almost the same when they reach the top, and the competition is to play fault tolerance. Maybe I’m in a better condition and I made fewer mistakes today. I won. Ordinary players can easily get pleasure. . The turret is different. . The upper limit is basically infinity. As a result, you will feel the crush of higher-level players while you are competing. It will also undermine the enthusiasm of players. . When a game he does not bring fun. . After all, it will become a minority. Not everyone is a professional player. As for the internal volume. It is difficult to register an account. Perfect inaction. v The company is not well operated. These are actually clichés. Intensified the speed of the game’s death. But the game is the game. Games = happiness. If Dota = unhappy. So why should I play Dota? There may be many people who will say that the game is serious and you lose. Ha ha. No evaluation. Ask yourself if you look at your 1,000-point ladder. Are you really happy? Or there is. Are there many such people? Are there more people than lost? Isn’t it right that there are fewer people? My personal view of Dota is. Dota is good with everything. It’s not fun. But how to say it. If I have a lot of time after being admitted to the public, I will still come to play. This thing is not suitable as a casual thing. Suitable as a research item.

7 months ago

What this said, is the quality of my Victoria 2 not high? Even in the P game, it is the most “historical logic”, with the fewest cases of forcibly fixing historical trends with resolutions and fixed events. It stands to reason that it should be a lesson for historical strategy games. It is so high that it is higher than other magical history. Go, what’s the result? There are few players, and the four cutes of P club can’t get in. The P club gala has a few pictures, and there is no show of its own. Even KR (Steel 4 doujin mod, discussion is very hot, but not as good as tno). Not as good. High quality means high quality. Someone will play while others will play.

7 months ago

Because the era of dota2 has passed, his most loyal players 85-95 have also had to fumble in the earth ol. The old players have no time to gradually open up the cloud, and the new players are diverted by other games and have their own ownership. Is the quality factor you mentioned important? important! But it is worthless in front of human nature. The core of e-sports is to have fun with people. The essence of the pleasure you get from playing this type of game comes from people, not the game itself! So the quality of the game doesn’t matter. If you only consider quality, how hot is the game like Blade of Soul? How did the three hundred heroes get up? Everyone is the core essence of e-sports games. How do people come? A large part of it depends on publicity. You also said that because your friends around are League of Legends, you feel frustrated. Although you persevered, how many people can persevere. Most people will be affected by the herd effect and choose to be influenced by numerous games. And dota2 perfectly missed all opportunities for promotion. In addition, the difficulty of getting started in the early days is not low, and there is naturally a user out of gear. At this time, I know that human nature walks together and will not give you a chance. If you don’t believe me, give Tencent a try on the story of the Guardian God Wing? If you don’t make up a large-scale youth inspirational series for you, he would be embarrassed to be called a gangster. In my opinion, ignoring human nature and ignorance of propaganda created the situation of dota2 today. So there is a saying that is correct, V is a game seller, and it understands jb e-sports.

7 months ago

The match starts in five minutes. I don’t know what rank you guys are. I’m the fucking player in the army. The ladder match didn’t exceed 30 seconds. It’s not a blow. I don’t think anyone can match, at least it must be eternal, even eternal. At least it’s an extraordinary start. The number of people in this game has dropped. There are too many reasons. Although the quality is not the best, it is definitely much better than similar, LOL, graphics, shadow effects, jewelry effects, etc., but it is perfect and V The inaction of the club is getting higher and higher. As the owner of the V club, he does not have his own operation team, what it means to have no operation team, no publicity, and do not know what the players want. They think that as long as the game is done well, it must be Some people play the game and make the game into a circle. Everyone does what they want in the circle. This kind of thinking is not wrong, but he doesn’t know that publicity means fewer and fewer new players, and the formation of internal rolls is second, including the lack of dota results. Okay, including gambling advertisements flying all over the sky and the official has not cracked down on it, including players’ suggestions and complaints about the game, V is not adopting it, old players are getting more and more irritable, and the experience of newcomers is very poor, plus the development of LOL. The better, this comparison makes Dota players start to shake the Dota game really bad? It’s really not that this game is not working. There are too many problems left over from history, such as account registration, difficulty of getting started, industry surroundings, competition activities, industry self-media, marketing methods…Finally, it doesn’t matter if Dota is not popular. Whatever the game becomes, I will play it. No matter how few people there are, there will be no less than ten people. Each game can match people. For Dota, the old players are more helpless, but there is no way.

7 months ago

I think Gao Zan’s answer actually covers most of the reasons, but there is actually another very important reason called marketing. In this era where traffic is king, as long as marketing is in place, there is nothing that can’t become popular. For example, I am a person who does not play mobile games. When Onmyoji was the hottest a few years ago, I often saw related hot searches on Weibo, and I finally tried to try it. What about dota2? I was very impressed that before ame was a hot search because of its beauty, but I clicked in to see that most of the players next door posted the topic of ame and posted the content of lol players. It was hard to see that one was really ame. , Few comments. The Space Rhythm skin released by League of Legends on the 16th still has a “hot” tag beside the relevant entry on Weibo. Some people will criticize the alliance players’ gradual fan circle, I don’t say that is good, but in comparison, dota2 is really pitiful in terms of marketing. The lack of a tutorial is also one of the reasons, but I thought about it carefully, and the tutorial is really not easy to do. The tutorial can guide the most basic things, such as buying equipment, mending knives, pushing towers, and even pulling wild, occupying pots, and controlling symbols, but many empirical things cannot be taught. For example, the hatred mechanism, the priority of skills, various concepts such as status resistance, destructive effects, weak dispelling, strong dispelling, and seeing magic immunity ignoring magic immunity, these all require experience to pile up. It’s complicated, but these things build the “high quality” of this game, and it takes a long time for a novice to understand these concepts. In addition, another very important reason is that the living environment of novices is too bad. After finally overcoming a series of problems such as the lengthy registration process and complicated steam settings, the novice finally played a game, and it was difficult for him to experience happiness in the first few games. Most of the core heroes in dota2 are weak in the early stage and have low skill damage. Even if they are deliberately irritating, he may not get them. If you die too much, the resurrection time and the map will be larger, and most of the time will be spent on countdowns and on the road. What’s more, he may encounter unfriendly teammates and fishing opponents. The first few games have established whether novices will be interested in continuing to play the game, but they are easily dissuaded from here. This game is indeed facing the problem of player loss and lack of fresh blood. It is actually because the old players are looking at it through the filter to get a compliment such as “high quality”. High quality requires multi-faceted cooperation, not only complicated and sophisticated game mechanics, but also a good and stable server, a friendly game atmosphere, and efficient and thoughtful official services. We may not be able to change other things. I hope that the old players should treat the novices a lot. If the novices cheat you, I hope you don’t talk badly. It’s just a game, communicate well, teach him sincerely, and he will listen.

7 months ago

Things like dota2, or including dota2, all “personal data” team confrontation games (even basketball, yes, everyone is moba) have one thing in common, that is, personal spiritual victory. Separated from the actual victory of the team. The mechanism of this game itself constitutes a quality ramp. As long as the main body of the game is passerby matching/wild ball, it will eventually be unavoidable that the players of Tuyile will squeeze out the cooperative and confrontational players. Occupy the matched subject environment for a long time. Carefully slam in the eye and lead the group can’t stand the OBKS brushed and sent, and the OBKS brushed and sent can’t stand the invisible shining jajaja. Wild courts are unavoidable, dota2 is unavoidable, and LOL is unavoidable. Do you think Lugou is also anxious in the face of agricultural batches? Don’t think that wzry will be able to face it. Everyone will eventually become a quality depression, don’t look down on anyone.

7 months ago

The high quality has nothing to do with the number of players. EVE is also a good game. If it weren’t for the Icelandic government standing behind it, it would have been cold for a long time. To put it bluntly, it’s too difficult. The more people play, aren’t the black souls, Il2, and Ninja dragons all niche? Need for Speed came out with two generations of immersive direct studios. In the end, it was not a one-click drift. The forum post was bragging “You have not been in gold for 5 years and you are in the late stage of cancer.” In fact, everyone is very honest, It’s just fun to play games. Why do you bother?

7 months ago

With fast-paced life and high-intensity work, people don’t want to play complicated games anymore. Like before, we played dota and lol together to play the ladder. Now I don’t even want to play matchmaking. Entering dota is also playing rpg, and lol is also playing chaos and chess. I don’t want to think too much, and I can’t study it anymore. There have also been a lot of changes in dota2 in the past two years. Wilderness changes, talent changes, and new heroes will be practiced as the version changes. Now the aircraft at position 5 has come out. This is unimaginable before. So much energy to play. I suggest that dota2 also engage in a chaos like lol, change the ten-player pvp to 5v5 in the middle, and it’s done.

7 months ago

The highest score was 5500. It seems that in 14 years, it happened to be 100 in the national service. Then I abandoned the pit because of the academic pressure. Later, I opened the client several times, and I wanted to kill myself within 10 minutes of the operation. Why didn’t I make up for this knife? I can also miss this skill? What kind of equipment is this thing? The opposite is obviously a rookie, how can I hit me on the ground and kill me indiscriminately. Oh, I turned out to be better, then it’s okay. That kind of feeling is really helpless. The more you know how to fight right, the more you find that you are really bad. Later, when I really wanted to play, I played two League of Legends. I knew how to play and I could win, but I didn’t. It’s just that the adc suits of the Tiantian Warriors rushed out of the game, so I just wanted to be happy. But soon the League of Legends also found it too difficult, and finally I found the treasure. Needless to say, you also know what it is. When you want to play, just download King Glory and play two games, really casually kill. One is to kill the other side indiscriminately, and the other is to wait to kill myself. How do you choose? I am also very helpless.

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