Recently, the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences released the “Report on the Development of China’s National Mental Health (2019-2020)”. The study found that the average level of anxiety among young people aged 18-34 is higher than that of other age groups in adulthood. Unemployed/unemployed/retirees have the highest level of depression, followed by student groups, with college students as the main body, and service industry personnel, self-employed individuals, and company employees. Professional and technical personnel have the lowest depression scores.

In addition, the higher the degree of education, the higher the level of mental health, especially the mental health of people with a bachelor’s degree or above is higher than that of people with lower education. Among them, the detection rate of high risk of depression in people with high school and below is 18.1%, which is higher than that of college The population with bachelor degree and above is nearly 5 percentage points higher.

Will the higher the income be, the healthier the mentality will be? The study pointed out that the difference in mental health is mainly manifested in that the mental health of people with a monthly income of less than 2,000 yuan is significantly lower than that of other groups, but there is no significant difference between the middle and higher monthly income. Experts said: “This shows that there is a non-linear relationship between income and mental health. Too low income is not conducive to mental health, but above middle income, rising income does not significantly improve mental health.”


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8 months ago

Originating from the fragmentation of the phantom and the return of self-worth perception Yale Professor Dresiewicz has an interesting description. I bet that most of the Yale 2012 students can tell the percentage of admissions that year… They have no reason not to know. . I remember everyone, from the principal to the freshman counselor, mentioned this number repeatedly during freshman training week: 9.9%. This was a new record at the time. The meaning behind this number is obvious: you are the best students ever at Yale! This situation does not only happen to undergraduates, and it is not limited to the United States. I have heard the same from students from Kennedy School, Wharton, Princeton, the University of Toronto (one of the top universities in Canada), and the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Maya Guiz [illustration]. An undergraduate even wrote in The Harvard Crimson: These students were forcibly put on countless top hats before they even opened their textbooks and took the first class. Let them be at a loss… What is depressing is that this kind of praise that everyone takes for granted is almost everywhere, from the entrance ceremony to the graduation ceremony, they have been quietly infiltrating every classroom… Just this week, Xin Less than a month after the semester started, a professor said in a large class that 99.9% of the people in the world who understand this field are in this school, and you belong to this 99.9% Chinese tradition. The idea of ​​”everything is inferior, only study is advanced.” A little closer, after the reform and opening up, the university package distribution system has put a group of people in the middle class position. The society’s respect for higher education is even greater today, with 985 students. On the day of enrollment, as Dresevich said, most of them knew that they were 1%, and 211 was 2%. The spring breeze was happy horseshoe. Of course, it was in the evaluation system of exam-oriented education that the thunder and reality was after seeing the flowers in one day. Tooth sticks out into the ivory tower little by little, and the phantom is pierced by the collapse of college entrance examination thinking and linear thinking, but makes himself humble and even underestimates self-awareness. Everything is a ruthless dog. 996 remains unchanged until death. In this process, it is just as economics. A ratcheting effect means “from frugality to luxury is easy, and from luxury to frugality is difficult.” This is also true in the perception of self-worth. It is painful to think that you are getting stronger and stronger. It is a pleasure to think that you are less and less worthwhile. Suzaku, who is depressed, wants to say that the suffering of the unemployed in the former needs to improve social security, and the environment needs to be improved. The suffering of the students in the latter cannot be broken from the outside in a short time. Learning to lower your expectations is not a kind of transparent and open-minded way of living, and don’t belittle yourself. No one can define the success or failure of your way of living. I wish you a strong bridge and a bright tunnel. Welcome to the public account: ” “I and Autumn” is looking for me to play, there are some business and cultural fragments. My column “Economics with Temperature” is going to write some thoughts on behavioral economics. Is behavioral economics nonsense? Why are economic forecasts always inaccurate? Why do some economists always act like magic sticks? Is economics without mathematical models fun? If you are interested, you can pay attention, I will work hard to update

8 months ago

We are all prisoners of the involution era. The student group, as a young generation that has grown up in the new era, was under the pressure of education competition in the new era when they were young, and when they grew up, it coincided with the involuntary era when jobs were hard to find. The Internet has opened up our horizons, information inequality has been alleviated to a certain extent, and information explosions are bombarding us all the time. “Short-term achievement” and “efficient learning” have always been the slogans of educational advertisements to harvest anxiety. The budding of self-awareness in adolescence and the high growth expectations of parents in the fierce social competition have also worsened intergenerational communication to some extent. In addition, “meaninglessness” is haunting my own psychology. The manifestations of these emotions include: daily indifferent “emotional exhaustion”, “low personal accomplishment” without strong driving force, and “self-materialization” defined as a working machine. Regardless of the specific expression of emotions, it ultimately points to the dissolution of the meaning of life. This “meaninglessness” will become a sociological problem that must be faced in the next few years. The picture below is from Simple Psychology “2020 Public Mental Health Insight Report”. Listed the main stressors in life in the workplace. The good news is that in today’s environment, more and more people are willing to confess their experiences with mental health and pay more and more attention to their mental health. In addition, people’s stigmatization of mental health has improved significantly in recent years. But psychological problems have always been a systemic problem, and its appearance is not only related to the individual, but also closely related to the family and social environment that the individual faces. To alleviate psychological anxiety, we must not only rely on the individual, but also need the whole society to have a healthier understanding of mental health problems.

8 months ago

Let’s talk about the pressure of the student group. The main reason for the pressure of the student group lies in the inability to accept the four words “you are not good enough.” We have heard this sentence since we can remember: “You have to study hard, go to a good high school, take a good university, it is best to go to a graduate student, and then find a good company to work…” And we have never questioned it. , Believes that human physiology should live for “good”, as if as long as 7 dragon balls engraved with “good” are collected, they can summon the dragon and do whatever they want. But as we grow up, we find that dragon balls seem to never be collected together, and the feeling of being heavy on their backs becomes more and more real, making it difficult for people to walk; later when we grow up, we realize that more dragon balls sometimes don’t get others. On the contrary, it is a burden: “You already have so many Dragon Balls, which shows that you have a good foundation. Why don’t you stop working hard to make yourself better?” Get better, and then? Where is Shenlong? A while ago, I talked to my mother about changing careers. She said that you are already a master’s. You might be fine with a Ph.D. If you don’t change careers, you can get a good job. In the past, maybe I would be because of vanity or not being able to accept myself. I was not good enough to go to Ph.D., but my postgraduate life gave me a thorough experience of the feeling of being a “poor student”, and it also allowed me to accept the assumption that I was an ordinary person, avoiding blindly becoming “good”. This kind of experience is best done in school, to avoid messiness in the workplace in the future. We have been told since childhood that “Excellence is a habit”, but I want to say “Ordinary is the norm in life.” Whether it is a graduate of Tsinghua University, Peking University or an employee of Goldman Sachs and McKinsey, at a certain point in their lives, they will eventually You will find that you are not the most eye-catching one in the crowd, and at this time you have to accept my life setting that I am not good enough, instead of working hard at all costs or making unnecessary anxiety. After all, everyone has the right not good enough, right?

8 months ago

The causes of depression in different groups may be really different. Unemployment is very easy to understand, because even if our country has been able to guarantee that even if you don’t have a job, you won’t die from starvation, but the quality of life is definitely not about quality. Many times you want to buy things, see a doctor, or buy Zhihu members, and you need money. Even if we don’t need to say that it is too material, but in fact, lack of money means to be psychologically inferior, especially if there are no people around, and everyone is working to make money, this anxiety will be more intense. Last year, due to the epidemic, I was basically a vagrant for almost half a year. Apart from the fact that I had more than 1 million zombie fans every day, I didn’t know what else I could do. Participating in the exams of some units is also a long time to wait for the results. I often have the same dream at night: I suddenly go back to the third year of high school, I am about to take an exam, and then I don’t understand anything. From my observation of myself, this is a typical sign of great psychological pressure. Fortunately, I got a job before the end of the year. Sometimes there are bosses who pity me for giving me food, and I can barely make ends meet. There are many possibilities for retired people to retire and cause depression, which can be roughly divided into two types: 1. From a position with higher power in the past, the sense of gap between men and women overnight, which most ordinary people can’t see, but If it is a leader within the system, it will be deeply touched. Retirement is 10 years old, it’s really not to talk about it. 2. Degradation of physical function makes it easier to be lonely and need company, but it is difficult to be fully satisfied. Sometimes once you get sick, the sense of despair of losing your normal life ability can also easily make people depressed. This is why I always believe that the biggest trump card of ordinary people is always to have children. Whether an old man’s life has “hope” or not, directly determines whether his mental health is good or bad. Of course, young people often believe in spending money to ask a caregiver to take care of everything, not much to say. This is actually caused by many reasons for the student group. First of all, the speed of national development is a historical miracle, which can make parents’ generation often feel that life is getting better day by day. They starved when they were young, there may be people at war, and faced with the helpless environment of the US bombing of the embassy, ​​it’s a heaven and an underground. Therefore, they take it for granted that the children (student groups) are living well now, so what’s the worry? It is “hypocritical”. It is difficult to understand the change in the child’s mentality, which will lead to occasional tragedies. After all, from the perspective of the student group, their attitude towards life is based on the current relatively affluent environment, so naturally there will be many troubles that parents do not have. If you have more outgoing and outgoing friends, you can also talk through communication. But if it is a social fearful crowd like me, I am afraid it will be difficult to vent the inner troubles in time. If there is no channel for the keyboard man to vent, it may be impossible to think of it. From the perspective of some relevant national policies, more and more attention is paid to the mental health of students in schools. For example, through the establishment of psychological clinics in schools and other methods, it is relatively more likely that the student group will get out of the gloom of depression as soon as possible. Of course, the premise is that some online accounts that are the king of traffic don’t play up anxiety all day long, and promote consumerism in order to make people pay, otherwise they are in the bombardment of information…No matter how much psychological counseling, The tragedy cannot be avoided.

8 months ago

I think it’s too real! ! ! I am a student of Tiankeng major. At the family gathering, a bunch of people felt from the bottom of their hearts that I could not find a job in the future. They were afraid that I would not be able to recognize the reality, and they specially educate me: Don’t think you are a 985, you will not earn as much as your cousin of three books in the future. They comforted me kindly: it’s okay, you will be too poor to eat in the future, we will take you. My parents felt that what they said was very reasonable, and they were very afraid of me gnawing old, and kindly inspired me: You can’t find a job, it’s okay, I raise you like a cat. Cats eat cat food, I can give you buns and vegetables. Keep a cat. You can’t play on your mobile phone or surf the Internet, just like a cat lying on the ground every day. They were afraid that I could not find a job, and carefully pointed out the shortcomings of my character: sensitive and introverted without emotional intelligence, selfish and not kind, not knowing how to measure and not being grateful, and being spoiled by squeamishness and affection. Then I signed a job with less money, more work, more overtime, in a remote, messy and tiring location, a job that most of my classmates looked down on. They were quiet all at once. They said that I studied well and that they had always believed that I would definitely be able to go to a good place, and they began to study traveling and shopping in my city. I was very depressed before. I kept myself at home all day, hated putting on make-up and buying clothes, hated eating, walking, and shopping malls, hated talking and hated no one talking to me. I am not depressed at all now. I put on my makeup every day, experiment happily, and eat in the cafeteria. Because I blocked them all. I didn’t dare before. My parents threatened me with living expenses, and threatened me with driving me out. And I was brainwashed by them to believe from the bottom of my heart that I can’t find a job and I need to please my parents for the rest of my life so that I can live. Now I am free. Even a low-paying job can give me freedom and freedom from being blamed. The whole thing is very ridiculous. I didn’t study hard, didn’t look for a job desperately, but just signed to a company that clicked and sent. Their attitude has changed so much, and my own attitude has also changed so much.

8 months ago

In the consultation room, I often see that the child’s mental condition is hanging by a thread, but the parents only care about when the child can go to school. Even the hospital has been diagnosed with severe depression, and the school issued a certificate of suspension. They kneeled to the teacher and sent the child back to the school and back to the study-examination assembly line. What is it that allows parents to turn a blind eye to the child’s pain and even collapse, and do everything possible to turn him into a “normal person”? For many parents, they require their children to be “normal”. Many visitors who were deeply depressed told me in the consultation room: My mother often yelled at me: I don’t ask you to be rich, but I ask you to be like a normal person. Why is it so difficult? Because if you go off the “right track”, (in their perception) children will encounter a lot of trouble in the future. Parents tend to think that as long as the child is still in school, he is normal, and they will feel at ease. So when a child has some abnormal behavior, the first thing the parents think of is to do everything possible to make the child “normal”. But the result? It is counterproductive, especially for adolescent children and children who are mentally ill. Parents cannot understand their “abnormal” behavior, because the child is out of the “normal track” and feels confused and distressed. If a child has a serious illness and has to stay in bed to fully recover, will the parents ask him to go to school immediately? I don’t think most people will. Now, the child has a “heart disease”. Although the disease is not visible physically, it is already dilapidated internally, and it will take some time to recuperate and rebuild. When parents ignore the child’s feelings, ignore the child’s pain, and only focus on “returning him to normal”, it is a deeper hurt in his eyes. I can understand the parents’ worries about their children’s future, but whether the children become successful is a matter for the future, and he needs the support and assistance of his parents now! I think that including depression in high school and college student physical examinations has at least one advantage-that is, more and more parents may realize that their children cannot go to school because they are sick.

8 months ago

This report must have many imperfections. The level of depression, or the level of anxiety, must be very different in this report, but there is no reflection. For example, among five high school students, five said they were anxious because they were about to face the college entrance examination. For example, among 5 college students, 4 of them said they were very anxious because they were about to face employment. For example, three of the five graduates of Peking University said they were very anxious because none of them found a particularly high-paying job. Another example is the five 40-year-old Didi couriers. Two of them said they were very anxious because they did not even have social security and necessary protection for their work. From the perspective of the anxiety ratio, it is clear that high school students have the highest anxiety ratio. But judging from the severity of anxiety, it is clear that 40-year-old Didi drivers and 40-year-old couriers and delivery workers have the highest anxiety severity. This is also a difficulty in psychological investigations. I can’t find the complete information of the “Chinese National Mental Health Development Report (2019-2020)” for the time being, so I can only remind everyone not to rush to express their views without reading the full text. Because the truth is often slightly different from human imagination. I was reading a book in the United States recently called “What’s wrong with the United States” and mentioned a very interesting phenomenon. In the United States, the most difficult life and social environment is that it must be black people of African descent. Whether it is education level, salary level, or even the face of systematic oppression by the police, black people can be said to be the bottom of American society. The bottom white Americans, especially those with a college degree or below. Although life is generally better than that of blacks, I also feel great pain. Their wages have not increased in 20 years (the average life expectancy in the United States has not increased in 20 years.). On the other hand, there are fewer jobs, a worsening of the working environment, and a decline in social status (because the status of blacks has increased, the social status of the bottom whites has declined in disguise).

8 months ago

1. When a person’s income is far from enough to survive, it will lead to survival anxiety, especially under the pressure of the disparity between the rich and the poor, the anxiety will become more serious and seriously threaten mental health. 2. The level of self-regulation will also affect. Some people have strong self-regulation ability when they encounter setbacks, and they will quickly return to their original state, while some people have a lower level of regulation and are more likely to fall into depression. 3. The values ​​are single and money is supreme. If a person’s values ​​are too single, then their sense of self-esteem will be relatively single, so that when they are frustrated, their self-esteem will decrease significantly. Therefore, under such circumstances, a decrease in self-esteem will easily lead to a kind of self. Suspicion, self-depreciation, can easily lead to depression in the long term. 4. Social comparison, whether it is a student or an adult, whoever has money and who has good grades now is the king. If others are better than themselves, they will feel anxious. 5. High housing prices and educational capital have caused great pressure on some parents. The pressure of parents will be more or less present in front of their children, especially if their children have poor grades in the exam, they will be more prone to abuse and hurt others, such as Saying “I work so hard to learn for you? That’s how you repay me?” This will make the child more stressful. 6. The development of the Internet has made many nouveau riche or some capable people transparent, so this has caused a lot of people’s psychological gap, which will lead to many psychological problems in the long run. 7. The Internet tends to cause people’s thinking to become more and more superficial. At the same time, playing more on mobile phones can also cause psychological problems. 8. The ascending channel becomes narrower and narrower, which makes it easy for people to fall into a kind of learned helplessness.

8 months ago

Now is an era of depression and anxiety for the whole people. Based on my personal cognitive level, I think the report’s classification of depressed people is generally okay. Unemployed/unemployed/retirees have the highest level of depression, followed by student groups, with college students as the main body, and service industry personnel, self-employed individuals, and company employees. Professional and technical personnel have the lowest depression scores. Why do unemployed and unemployed people have the highest level of depression? According to Maslow’s demand theory, survival is the most basic need. If you are unemployed and unemployed, and your source of income is gone, isn’t this a threat to your survival? Let’s talk about the student group. In recent years, the hot lists of various social platforms have always popped up news of student depression and suicide from time to time. I think everyone has heard more or less of this. Almost 95% of the depression partners who came to me for counseling are students, and they are concentrated in high school and college. As for their stressors, most of them come from academic, interpersonal and intimate relationship problems. Especially in some key academic points, such as junior three to senior one, senior three to freshman, senior to graduate school and other special time periods, their pressure is unprecedented. Whether it is the unemployed/unemployed or students, in fact, they can’t be blamed. Who made this a fiercely involved and money-only environment? In such an environment, everyone wants to make more money, and if they are unemployed, they want to go back and make money again. Men need money to do many important things, such as buying a house and marrying a wife, while women are becoming more and more independent, working hard to make money and no longer dependent on men. In short, what everyone talks about and cares about (a high proportion) is money. But what about students? They have no money, so what are they talking about? That’s the grade. In the high pressure environment of internal and external persecution of school teachers and parents, I rarely let myself go. In short, only academics. Once something goes wrong with your “school work”, your entire inner world will begin to collapse, triggering other crises, such as interpersonal relationships. However, we cannot change the severe form of the outside world. We can only cultivate ourselves to make the inner heart stronger, and respond to the ever-changing outside world without changing the way of cultivating the inner heart.

8 months ago

No comment on this data. A lot of the data in psychological research is simply metaphysics, and I don’t know how they got it out. But the source of stress can be discussed. In general, it was brought about by the rapid development of the Internet. Information exploded but life itself remained unchanged. Everyone’s life circle was originally that big, and comparisons only needed to be compared with those around them. However, the information cocoon of the Internet not only magnifies this comparison, but also leads to extremes and biases due to the algorithmic push of information. Well, there are also some groups that may not be able to speak up—primary and middle school students. The emotional abnormalities of these children are probably classified as adolescent rebellion. However, the frequent occurrence of family vicious incidents in recent years, juvenile suicides, etc., show that the reasons are not so simple. The root cause is that the past education model is no longer applicable, but the new educational concept has not been learned by the parent group. All kinds of businesses that sell anxious self-media and play with opposition to make money are also promoters.

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