“Why wondering why naval battles can’t be like naval battle games (World of Warships), etc., to dodge shells by “twisting”?
Generally, ships with high mobility in the world of warships, such as light cruisers and destroyers, can evade shells by hitting the rudder. It does take a while for shells to fly in the air to hit the target. You can change the course in the game. When it comes to evading shells, why would naval battles not be like this in reality?
Realistic naval battles can theoretically use the mechanics in the game. In the World of Warships game, if you expose your “belly” and “side”, you will be easily hit by the large-caliber main gun and suffer a lot of damage. This is reasonable. It is indeed considered “real”. It is true that if you expose a large part, it is indeed easy to be hit by the enemy, but why in reality many naval battles are deliberately aimed at others, instead of trying to “angle it like a game “Shave your head” and so on.

Of course, the boat can be used. The wild semicolon was set on fire by Halsey’s entire 34 task force, and it took 45 minutes to be sent back to the west. The entire fleet set fire to one destroyer, and the firepower seemed to be shooting against the entire fleet. In Halsey’s memoirs, there is a paragraph about the wild semicolon: “At such a distance, it is impossible for us New Jersey to recognize the type of Japanese warship that was sunk, so I asked the ships in front by telex. The answer came back. “It’s really the best tribute to the accuracy of our night battle observations.” The Vincennes light cruiser report “Is the Aoba-class or Atago-class heavy cruiser” The Miami light cruiser “A Fubuki-class or Asashio-class destroyer” The light cruiser Losey speaks cautiously. “A cruiser” The destroyer “A cruiser” launches a torpedo. The destroyer “Torozuki class destroyer” The destroyer “A Fuso class battleship” Destroyer squadron commander “The Yubari class light cruiser” Our cruiser squadron Commander “I don’t have any problems, probably it’s just a cruiser.” “That’s all the truth we can know.” How can you hide so many guns? According to the observer Dell on the calibration plane sent by the Bunker Hill. The lieutenant colonel described the lieutenant colonel of the wild point like this: “This guy is really a shrewd captain, as long as he sees the fire from the battleship’s muzzle, he immediately turns the rudder 45 degrees, until the shell falls into the water-of course, the deviation is not small. , And then turn back to the original course. At a long distance, the twisting of the boat can effectively dodge the shells. When sinking the wild semicolon, the average distance is 35,000 yards, and the 16” shell takes about 70 seconds to fall into the water. , These 70 seconds are enough to run 1200 yards from the original course position with 32.5 knots of wild points. Although the two sisters also chased end to end with 32.5 knots, they also have a fire control computer that can compensate for the roll, but even if they guess the wild point’s direction of avoidance, it is impossible to cover the range of 1200 yards with 6 rounds. Moreover, the two sisters still had to turn the rudder more than 10 degrees when firing, causing the first two turrets to deviate from the bow and launch. Even if they returned to the original course immediately after the launch, the overall speed would still be delayed, and the distance from the wild point gradually increased to 3.9. He was recalled by Spruance at 10,000 yards. So the boat can indeed avoid guns by twisting. But there are no realistic examples of dancing on the high seas. The accuracy of the artillery in World of Warships has been greatly improved. In actual combat, it may take two or three rounds to cross fire and enter effective shooting, but in World of Warships, two or three rounds may disappear directly. Moreover, twisting and twisting will affect its own aiming, especially before the avant-garde radar, battleships cannot accurately guide when turning. Battleship twisting will not only reduce much damage, but also greatly affect its own output. Let’s talk about the issue of selling hair wash. This is also a problem caused by the accuracy optimization of World of Warships, as well as the setting of the so-called ricochet. Grabbing the T superior in traditional naval battles is to allow the column to be side-stringed to the enemy’s firepower (the theory of T superior and T inferior is very practical on sailing warships, and it was also reflected in the Jutland naval battle), and let’s talk about the problem of walking. , The world of Warships contains a silly Thunder God that hits the 20-kilometer shells and the drop points are quite concentrated. In reality, it is probably like this. But in reality, it’s definitely not like this. A shot sticks on the opposite head, and the opposite head is half of it. normal. In reality, the selling point in naval battles is likely to be to maintain relative speed, rather than to prevent the core from being exploded. After all, the game World of Warships has changed many settings in order to reduce the difficulty of getting started and increase the game experience. In the game, Smolensk is used to torture the opposing battle line. In reality, there is no light cruiser who dares to fight like this. To be a digression, why do I always enter the strong house? Why do I have to line up with Baltimore in Nuremberg?


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The first question is that you can indeed twist. When you see the enemy’s muzzle light up, you can turn 45 degrees immediately, and you can’t hit you. But this does more harm than good, and only works when you want to run. There is a precedent in history. Or expelled in the face of the battle. But when the two sides confronted each other, it didn’t work. Because this will make your main gun completely unable to fire, and your fire control completely unable to aim! Being active becomes passive, which means you can only hide but not fight back! Second, the reality is that there is no salvo to sell. First of all, the vertical dispersion is greater than the horizontal dispersion, although this is also the case in the game, but it is not obvious. In reality, this is the real increase in the area being bombed. And the fact that selling heads doesn’t allow you to get the magic ricochet angle, this thing is really only 14.3 times the forced crush in World of Warships. In fact, let alone 460, even the 356 hits the bow of the battleline. Even 203 can’t hold it! You have to know that World of Warships is really a magical world! In reality, there is no such thing as a 32mm bow that can absolutely ricochet a main gun with a caliber below 460mm! This thing is just Maozi’s own rules! The reality is that the hit rate is extremely low and the damage ability is great! It’s hard to hit, but hit is hurt, ricochet? Unless it is the case that the main equipment of the battle line is hit by a heavy patrol gun, and there is a high probability that it will not penetrate rather than ricochet. The hit rate of World of Warships is ridiculously high. See for yourself how high your hit rate is? There is a hit rate of at least 30%, but what is the reality? 3% counts your artillery skills first-rate! World of Warships eats dozens of rounds and half hurts, okay? Sorry, the real world hits an arbitrary position = the core of the world of warships! core? The Washington night battle hit Kirishima with 9 shots, and Kirishima was forced to abandon the ship! Even if one shot destroys your fire control, you can quit the battle directly! It’s better to bet on a volley to kill the opponent first! World of Warships is a world of tanks covered in naval battles! For the sake of gameplay, Maozi added a lot of film buffs, causing you to think that you are playing naval battles, but you are actually playing old FPS!

7 months ago

The big ship is not unable to reduce the opponent’s hit rate by maneuvering, but it must not be twisted like a certain wows.
You can refer to the z-shaped maneuver that Hipper and Betty asked the High Seas Fleet’s reconnaissance fleet to carry out after they contacted. That was how several battle cruisers were moving together.
In general, increasing the pitch rate can generally reduce the opponent’s artillery hit rate.

7 months ago

can. In fact, small ships represented by destroyers often do this. Of course, whether the effect is good or not depends on the level of maneuvering and luck. For example, the wild semicolon and the Ingersoll are all cases where a single ship has been hiding under the fire of an entire fleet for more than half an hour. But judging from the human-physical view-pointing linkage at the level of World War II, doing so will completely lose the target, that is, he actively gave up any possibility of counterattack. You can do this when you want to escape, but if you are serious about fighting-destroying the enemy is the best way to save yourself.

7 months ago

If you are facing only one battleship, not only can you dodge the gun by twisting, but you can also fly a battleship kite. Especially when the distance is more than 20 kilometers, the flight time of the shells can reach one minute. After observing the fire of the opponent’s muzzle, turn the rudder immediately, and you can run out of the dispersion range of the opponent’s shells. So when the destroyer and battleship are one-to-one, whether it is in the game or in reality, it is feasible. If you are facing two or more battleships or even an entire fleet, then you can only pray for good luck, because when facing multiple enemies, the opponents do not fire at the same time, and they cannot get enough time to evade. Run out of the dispersal range of the opponent’s shells. The accuracy of the shells in the game has been greatly improved, and the spreading range is much lower than in reality, making it easier to maneuver to dodge the cannon. However, in reality, for long-range artillery, the hit rate is very low. It is only 5-10% for battleships and less than 5% for destroyers. The range of shells may be as high as 1200 meters, which is much higher than that of maneuvering. The distance that the evasion can run is a matter of time and probability. Sooner or later, it will be hit, so it is not feasible in reality. Add a little new knowledge. In the reply, a clever netizen said, why do the battleship’s main guns fire a salvo? Isn’t it enough to take turns without giving the opponent time to dodge? The answer is no, take turns, let alone hit the opponent. First of all, we need to understand why the battleship’s main guns will use salvos to attack the opponent, there are two main reasons. One is that battleships during World War II used manual sighting for most of the binding of shooting elements. At the same time, the turret also needs manual manual control. It is impossible to achieve continuous aiming and shooting at the target, and can only use the salvo. The shots were fired wave after wave. It was not until the latter part of World War II that the duck slides with MK8 and MK13 fire control radars, combined with the automatic servo turret, were able to aim and shoot continuously against the enemy for the first time, but other warships were still unable to do so. So it’s not that warships can’t shoot in turn, but that the technical conditions are not met, and random firing will result in a substantial decrease in shooting accuracy. Another reason is the influence of the hull attitude. Similarly, for most battleships without automatic servo turrets, correction of hull attitude errors also requires manual operation, and continuous measurement and real-time transmission are still not possible. Moreover, when the battleship fires its guns, it usually does not perform steering, acceleration or deceleration operations, so the hull swings have a certain regularity, and the crew will choose an appropriate time according to the regularity to let all the main guns fire at the same time to obtain the highest accuracy. If the main gun is allowed to fire freely regardless of the ship’s sway, then the shells will not know where they are going.

7 months ago

Let me talk about the first question. Regarding the twisting of the boat to hide from the shells, you can refer to the shooting of Johnston at Yamato on Samar Island. At a distance of 18.5+, six shots of 460 directly hit 3 shots. At that time, Johnston was in a big maneuver, that is Rudder turning state. Johnston itself is a destroyer, with a displacement of only about two thousand tons. Rudder efficiency or steering ability is a very good existence among World War II ships. Ships that have twisted it are not common, so the first one is to dodge. The shells do not seem to be reliable. After the battleship or other ship fire control catches you, it will be advanced according to the predicted results of angle, direction, and speed measurement. The artillery shell distribution is also a range. You can turn the rudder, but the warship has inertia. Actual combat shows that the two thousand ton class. When the ship turns the rudder, it is difficult to escape the range of the projectile falling point for about 20 kilometers, not to mention that turning the rudder will reduce the speed. The distance is far enough to twist at a small angle, refer to the wild points. But that distance, which is more than 30 and nearly 40 kilometers, did not expect to make a hit. Regarding the second question, heading angle, I first came into contact with this term in battleship beasts. The heading angle can improve the side vertical protection capability, which is not a problem in itself. But substituting the actual situation, the heading angle is greatly affected by the actual combat conditions, and the enemy sometimes appears in an unexpected position, and you may not have that good luck. In addition, apart from the category of battleships, except for heavy patrols in civil wars, it is of little significance for other ships to raise their heading angles, because they are basically not protected. In addition, the heading angle can only supplement the vertical protection, and cannot do anything about horizontal protection at large landing angles. In many cases, maintaining a good heading angle seems to conflict with a reasonable combat distance. The choice depends on the commander. As for the formation to grab the T head, that is the standard tactics for battleships or heavy cruisers. It maximizes its own firepower to reduce the projection of the projectile. After all, the battleship shells come over and the landing points are generally oval, and the distance and distance are larger than the left and right. If you are in T In the vertical position, the probability of being bombed is generally greater than that of the T horizontal. In reality, there is no magic ricochet on the bow of the ship. The main installation is on the side of the ship, and the bow is an unprotected area, which must be penetrated. Of course, T-horizon can also bring the advantage of projection volume, which is the most intuitive.

7 months ago

First of all, I oppose some of the conclusions in the question: 1. It is not realistic in the world of armored warships. After all, the range of engagement is very problematic. Generally, battleships will start test firing after they enter the range, which can generally reach 25-30 kilometers. Then gradually approach, and then within 20 kilometers, if it forms a straddle and then turns to an effective shot, but even the fire for effect hit rate is very low. So in reality, whether it is the sailing era or World War II, the favorite of battleships is still the main side armor against the enemy, because it can provide the greatest protection and can also exert the greatest firepower. And unless it’s dead, the general rules of battle will prohibit low-level ships from entering high-level sides. For example, when Bismarck is siege, even though Norfolk and Suffolk (it seems to be in memory) hang Bismarck to death He used the radar to scan him, but he would always be active outside of Bismarck’s range. According to the theory of the World of Warships, I would lightly patrol with thin armor and pass through, go together, wash Bismarck to death, don’t be afraid of his secondary guns. Actually? nonexistent. And the most unreal thing in the game is that concealed, realistic sailors will receive a kind of training to see the shadow of the ship. That is to say, the ship may have been spotted as soon as it appeared on the horizon, although it is a black shadow with no appearance. , But experienced watchtower sailors can easily see what ship it is. That is to say, in terms of the height of the watchtower on the battleship mast, it is not difficult to identify a cruiser at 20-25 kilometers. In the game , It is unreasonable that the recognition function becomes the ship-based position instead of the observation-based position. Also, have you noticed that 460 hits expelled, 1/10 blood, right? You try the 460 really hit the expulsion in reality, the armor-piercing projectile can directly smash the expulsion, and the structure will be smashed for you. 2. Put your head in position, put your head in position. These are the two most unreasonable actual combat actions. First of all, I know that the most unreasonable criticism of the Fuso-class design is that there are so many main guns on the central axis. The clearest description I remember is the salvo. At time, the muzzle storm swept across the hull, which meant that during a single-string volley, all the exposed positions on the deck could not be used. Otherwise, one round of the volley would blow a squad into the sea, three rounds. After that, the benches were blown clean, and what battles were still going on. So here is the posture position, the purpose of the posture position is to increase the angle reasonably, to ensure that the artillery can produce power, and to ensure that the opponent’s shells can jump. So here comes the problem. Some thin-armored battleships according to the wg theory need to be placed close to the limit of the salvo angle to avoid being hit as much as possible. At this time, the storm of the rear artillery will also sweep forward. The anti-aircraft guns that originally exposed the battle position, air defense The structure of the machine gun is designed to resist the AB turret salvo. This is good. The ABXY storm comes together. What do you want to do? ? Do you want air defense or people? ? As for the position of cruisers and destroyers… the role of cruisers is rarely used in large-scale engagements. They are generally used as auxiliary to large fleets or independently led destroyers to carry out sneak attacks or cruise missions. When they see the ships alone, they will swarm them and give them a mess. Killed. When you see the capital ship, just call the ship to come. Destroyer, it’s thunder, thunder, thunder, hard thunder. To be honest, artillery drives generally do not necessarily follow the fleet, because the effect is really small, of course anti-submarine is very possible. Come on, please, do it well, the main armor with the best hull structure does not pick up the shells, use the bow? ? ? In World of Warships, although there are module health, when have you ever seen the hull whose module health has been reset to zero disappear? No, the hull without the module’s HP is still a rigid body with a complete structure. There will be no problems. But if you get a lot of hits on the bow of the reality, if you try, the structure is all rotten, how can you get back to Hong Kong? The boat can’t get up at speed, are you waiting for the submarine to come to eat? ? 3. Twisting Take the destroyer as an example. Why can the game be twisted? Don’t forget, it’s the third person in the game. Which real ship’s captain has ever seen floating in the air about 50 meters from the ship? ? ? What to do then? The captain was about to run from side to side on the bridge and was unable to command. Then it is assumed that the bomb is received on one side on the left. At this time, the captain came to the left to command the ship to twist. Because he could not process all the information, he required all artillery to be controlled locally and saw the target launch by itself. Then he braved the 133 or 150 bombs that were expelled from the opposite side, holding a telescope and commanding in the open air, of course, there were flat-firing anti-aircraft guns on the opposite side, and so on. Then, after seeing the bombs coming from the opposite side: Captain: Zuo Manduo Radio: Zuo Man Ruo Bridge Officer: Zuo Man Ruo Coxswain: Zuo Man Ruo! Then began to hit the full left according to the car order. Then, being washed by a cannonball from the opposite side, the reality is not like in the game, it can be turned by pressing QEAD. It is true that the destroyer can turn the rudder very fast, but it can’t stand the car and is slow, and there are human factors. Participate in the “Greyhound”. The captain ordered the right rudder on the bridge, but the submarine reported by CIC was on the left. The helmsman hesitated for a long time until the captain looked back at the helmsman and the order was executed. With good luck and one mind, the car order can be faster. If any part of the order is hesitated, it is the treatment of being hit. This is still relatively small. It is placed on cruise and destroy. See (Men’s Yamato) Captain on the air defense command platform, the bridge and the control tower are all underneath, and the command is transmitted by the microphone. Guess this At that time, it was the shells roaring and the plane again. Can the helmsman hear the instructions clearly? There are also speeds, including the captain, the car clock, the engine room clock, the head of the engine room, and then to the specific executor, which is much slower than pressing WS. 4. Summary: Games are games, don’t confuse reality with reality

7 months ago

It can’t be the first. Reality is all about fleet battles, and you’re sure to disrupt the formation. Second, you’ll know how the rudder effect in the game is when you experience sailing or motorboats. Third. Realistic battleship artillery. But there is no bistable, twisting can not open the fire at all. Fourth. Unless the eyes are blind or the sea conditions are too bad, otherwise the BB meeting is 30KM diplomatic fire, the twisting point is basically equal to no, straddle shooting is a hit in artillery, twisting Should I straddle or straddle?

7 months ago

Realistic maneuverability can’t be achieved. First, let’s say that you can’t see the shells coming. I saw how to calculate the landing point, and calculated the landing point. If you dodge, the captain’s room just needs to move the rudder and shift gears like in the game and then shout. , The people in the engine room and power room underneath were crazy. In order to dodge the shells, you, as the commander, have issued conflicting and opposite orders many times. Even if the operator can react, the machine may not be able to react. The consequence of such a toss is that the machine malfunctions and then breaks down, and you become a target ship. Up

7 months ago

If you know that you can’t hit him and you can’t beat him and you run away, it must be an s-shaped move. If you estimate that you can fight, then of course it is to maintain the original sailing path to facilitate ranging. . Otherwise, the distance measurement is gone, and there is a hammer. Not all bbs are equipped with AFCT MKX and there is a problem of selling. In most cases, there is no way to sell the three-dimensional. For example, there are more battleships on the other side. Your own side (such as Trafalgar, Lisa), or your own heading firepower has an advantage (such as Dadonggou). The selling column is usually used in conjunction with the pre-grouped “chaos” tactics, and directly penetrates the opposing team’s line of battle (except Trafalgar), such as the Battle of Lisa and the Battle of Dadonggou (even though Dadonggou did not play It’s really ridiculous that one swim and one wave grabs T horizontally.) The swing angle is not something that is only available in the game. It is completely feasible to increase the equivalent thickness by using the heading angle, otherwise there will be no such thing as a tilted main belt ( Although I don’t have a specific battle example at hand, it seems that the German III tank driver likes it. This should prove to be quite effective.)

7 months ago

In reality, you can watch the famous video “A principal madly touches the destruction of 15 girls on the opposite side.” In reality, BB Mutual Hammer is an extreme sport full of science, technology, mathematics, luck and metaphysics. Sometimes you can’t wear it or you can’t wear it. Hit Rodney), this is technology; sometimes you just can’t hide (Shane hits glory), this is mathematics; sometimes it’s good for you to spread (war exhaustion hits Zara), this is luck; sometimes the other side suddenly doesn’t (Hood!!!) This is metaphysics. In the nest of shit, the only way to be realistic is to split the house, that is, “You and your AA make me feel ridiculous”, “Showa’s visual air defense has lost the spirit of Shimokitazawa”, and “The sunken stupid animal depends on the VT fuze.” Is the 322CV air supremacy battle

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