Just a few days after I joined the job, the manager saw that I was bored and asked me to visit the house every hour. I saw a couple kissing each other. Normally I would not care about this. If it is too much, I will remind me politely. I’ve seen several big masters smoking inside, smoggy, smoky, and this can only tell them to go to the smoking area or to remind them politely. I saw people who were drunk and fighting, and later used a calling machine to call people to stop them. I have seen more than a dozen people in a large room who do not sing in it, but only hold meetings. I don’t know what they do or care about it. I’ve seen shameful things inside, but the first time I saw this kind of scene, I could only ask the manager to go in and dissuade me. I have seen a few students who often go to the next room to harass girls. (Many guests who were harassed didn’t tell us about this but I discovered this by myself) after we blacklisted them, they brought a meal the next day. Come and fight with us.

I have seen a few female students bring cakes and snacks to help their girlfriends on their birthdays. They asked me to help store the cakes in the ice store, and then set a time to push the cakes to create a wake-up call. Generally I am willing to cooperate. I saw that there was a microphone missing in the cleaning room, and finally Check Monitor called the customer to come back. She said that she accidentally put it in her bag. I have seen a few big masters asking me to find a few women to accompany them for a drink. I said there is no such service here. Later, our waitress brought beer in and was closed and had to dance and sing to leave. I went in and took the calling machine. Only willing to release people when they come out. There are too many, and I think about it later, I suggest that sister paper everyone should go to sing during the day or go to some large KTV. If you are harassed, ask for a waiter. This is what I have encountered after working for so long, and it is not so messy every day.

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8 months ago

Our KTV is clearly non-smoking, and the notices are all posted on the wall. Whether anyone cares about it is one thing. It’s like the kind of smoke when you enter the room, and it’s too much as if you are in a fairyland. If you are taking drugs, we will directly report Yes, otherwise KTV will be closed for rectification if it is discovered. The whole house is filled with drinks, and the sofas are all vomit, and there is a 200-1200 cleaning fee. It’s not that you can do whatever you want in a private room. Uncivilized, unqualified strange guests are often laughed at after dinner. It’s really not me who spy on you in KTV. You can report to the front desk or manager that the waiter has a problem. . . There is no saying that the customer is God. If you want to enjoy the service of the emperor, you should go to Haidilao.

8 months ago

You think ktv is a closed private space, you can do whatever you want in it, but it is not. Strictly speaking, ktv is also a public place. Since you enter this door, your behavior will naturally be subject to some restrictions. Many people find it strange that there is a small transparent window on the KTV door, and it feels like there is no privacy at all. I want to come here to let myself go, but I always feel that I have a pair of eyes staring at me all the time. So are the waiters, are they all “voyeuristic”? What do you always look in? In fact, you blamed them, this is their job. Due to its special attributes, ktv must do so in accordance with the requirements of relevant departments.

8 months ago

Setting up small windows and regular inspections is mainly to prevent illegal and criminal activities such as pornography, gambling, and drugs. The second is to prevent guests from having disputes and fights in private rooms because of drunkenness. Then there is the inspection of the facilities and equipment of the private room, including audio appliances, coffee table countertops, glass mirrors, toilet wash basins, ashtrays, tissue boxes, etc. Generally speaking, large nightclubs or business ktv provide one-to-one services, that is, one or several waiters look at a private room. In this way, you can provide services to guests at any time, and you can also pay attention to all the dynamics in the room at any time. The service industry has a “three light and four diligence” requirements for waiters, four diligence refers to eye diligence, hand diligence, oral diligence, and leg diligence. It means that the waiter should watch all directions, be proactive, considerate, patient, meticulous, and enthusiastic to provide help and service to the guests at any time. The mass-market KTV is not so thoughtful. Often a waiter has to watch a few or even ten private rooms. Where can I talk about any services? Do people who often go to play inside have the kind of experience that they always ask the waiter to do something for a long time? There is no active service at all. Once you come in for the private room, you pay the fruit plate, and the rest will let you “freely move” in it. Just wait when you go and come in to clean up.

8 months ago

To tell a little story, I worked in a nightclub KTV almost ten years ago. At that time, the equipment in KTV was still relatively backward. Later, the hotel upgraded the facilities and equipment of the private rooms in order to upgrade the quality. A crystal smoke cup with a diameter of 20 centimeters costs tens of yuan, and it is indeed very beautiful and atmospheric. As a result, one day a waiter did not pay too much attention to the house, and the eight smoke cups in a room were removed by four. You asked me how to deal with the result? That is, the house attendant and DJ Princess pay compensation according to the price.

8 months ago

Worked part-time in Miller Star KTV. 1. Look at the situation in the box, whether there is pornography, gambling, drugs or singing prostration. . . In fact, the main reason is to drink too much and go crazy. 2. The space in the KTV is small and it is very tiring to stand all the time, so we are allowed to walk around. Sometimes, we take a look at the box to see the beauties or the fools. “Who sings this Nima so bad? I take a look.” 3. In rare cases, I see passionate pictures…I haven’t seen it anyway.

8 months ago

Once we played Werewolf in a KTV in a small county town on the 18th line. At that time, another SB ordered a very strange BGM. Then the waiter looked inside and his face changed. A group of people formed a circle, closed their eyes, and lowered their heads slightly, toward one person. The man was holding the microphone, dancing and dancing with passion. The waiter watched for about a minute, then he opened the door slightly, and heard the super strange BGM and a slightly hoarse “daybreak”. I think he runs very fast. Why can I know? I was a judge because of that round.

8 months ago

As soon as I entered the private room, I took it out, skimmed a piece and started chewing them, oh, lactic acid bacteria tablets, the taste of childhood. So they all expressed that they liked this, except for the sugar pill in kindergarten when they were young, and wanted to try it. This thing, it always feels like eating a little is nothing, anyway, after eating and drinking, it helps digestion. Then I took out a plate of lactic acid bacteria plastic shell, pulled out the pills, and sent them one by one like smoke. At this moment, the ktv waiter opened the door and came in to deliver us the iced edamame… and he also saw a man in a black hooded jacket who was distributing strange pills to a group of people lying on the sofa and giggling…

8 months ago

I once worked in a bar during the summer vacation of university. There are boxes in the bar, and entering the box area is almost like a regular KTV. When it’s your turn to check the box area, you should check the box from time to time. You need to know to change the ashtray if it is full, and you need to know to collect the empty bottle. If you accidentally break something or spill the wine on the floor, you need to know how to clean it. But don’t force your presence. In addition, those fighting in the box, XD, I haven’t encountered it. Generally, this kind of place is covered by people and no one will mess around. There is applause for love, but it’s not a live broadcast. I entered the bathroom in the box and the music was too loud. I didn’t know anything. I didn’t see two people go in together. The only accident happened when a regular customer who heard that he had a very strong food drank a lot in the box, and was swearing in it. I went in and changed them to a clean ashtray, and he said a few words. Waiter, it is inevitable to be caught by a dick, the one next to him brought two red grandpa Maos to me and tell me you go out. Later, they were leaving. I was at the door. He estimated that he had sobered up a bit, recognized me, and gave me two hundred more. I was paid a week’s salary… Then, school was about to start. I settled my salary and quit, and I left the next day. I went back to the bar to play the night before, but he was here again and was pulled in to sing a few songs. Then the first time in his life he drank and drank a snippet by this big brother. gone.

8 months ago

Once she went out of town and needed to transfer trains. There were a few hours in between when she wanted to find an hourly room to take a break, but the train station was full. Then I suggested she look for Meituan, but she unexpectedly found that she had a home. The price of the small private room at this time of KTV is lower than the hourly room, and a fruit plate is also given. The time is just right, and the mobile phone can be charged, so she set a private room to rest. She sang two songs by herself and stopped singing when she was bored. , I ate the fruit plate and played on the phone, and chatted with me. Then I felt a little tired and lay down on the sofa to sleep, asking me to call her when it was time to wake her up. Not long after, she was pushed up by the waiter. She slept on the sofa, thinking she had committed suicide…

8 months ago

In the summer of last year, I went to KTV for two months on the first day of the shift. The manager asked to check the private rooms with guests every once in a while. The purpose of seeing is: 1. Do you bring your own drinks and food? Generally, KTV does not allow self Bring, let the guests take away when they leave at the front desk temporarily, or charge a part of the service fee, and the guests can take it casually 2. Have you done strange things (you know, I won’t go into details) 3. There are birthday guests The cake is not messed up or smeared. 4. It depends on whether the guests need to add water, usually in the afternoon, there are more uncles and aunts who order tea and often have to pick up hot water. 5. Often walk around the corridor so that guests will not run too far to find Less than people

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