Was absent from a spring outing organized by the company on weekends was recorded as an absence from work?
Ms. Shen, a 26-year-old girl from Chongqing, joined a company in the design department in the first half of 2020. The company informed everyone to go to the ancient town of Zhongshan, Jiangjin for a spring outing on March 13, but on the 12th, the day before the spring outing, Ms. Shen worked overtime until 10pm. Because she felt too tired, she sent a WeChat message to the supervisor when she got home and asked not to participate in the spring outing. .
Since the next day was the weekend, Ms. Shen thought she would be fine after talking to the supervisor. She slept until ten o’clock, and then she saw the supervisor’s reply “No, this is a unified company activity. I need to participate.” and received a lot of comments from colleagues. News, then she knew that she was the only one absent from the company.
At the Monday morning meeting, Ms. Shen was notified that she was absent from work for one day if she was absent from the company’s spring outing without a reason. The supervisor stated that he had emphasized that it was the company’s unified activities, and contacted her repeatedly the next day, but Shen Xia still did not come to participate in the spring outing, which was equivalent to playing “overlord leave” and was therefore recorded as absenteeism.
What do you think of it?

What is absenteeism? Absenteeism is not attending work without a valid reason. What is attendance? To work at the workplace during working hours is for attendance. Q: Are weekends working hours? Is Jiangjin Zhongshan Ancient Town the place of work? Is spring outing work? Even if the head of the company says that the place I arrange is the place of work, the thing I arrange is work. What about the time? The company continues to head iron: The time I arrange is working time. Then I’m going to popularize the law for the company: my country’s labor law stipulates a working hour system. A typical standard working hour system like a designer does not belong to working hours on weekends. To be forced to set working hours is to arrange overtime, and overtime unless the following exceptions Circumstances require employees’ consent! What are the exceptions for compulsory overtime arrangements? See Article 42 of the Labor Law: In any of the following circumstances, the extension of working hours shall not be restricted by the provisions of Article 41 of this Law: (1) The occurrence of natural disasters, accidents or other reasons threatens workers Life, health and property safety require emergency treatment; (2) Production equipment, transportation lines, and public facilities have malfunctions that affect production and public interests and must be promptly repaired; (3) Other circumstances prescribed by laws and administrative regulations. Come to the company, tell me, what kind of spring outing does your family belong to? There is also this team building activity. Do you still complain less? Are you willing to go to the company and have no points in your heart?


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Please ask the question, is it single-soldier combat? I also do design, we have a super big circle. There is a blacklist here. Any company that pits which boss is not good will be recorded here. They will never find a good designer in the future. Also, our boss has a picture. This picture says that there are 18,000 designers in this group. If you continue to bully this designer, we will expose your company in the group. When aligning with the company, give him this picture and tell him you never want to hire a good designer. This trick is very clever. Many designers have guarded their own use in the face of unfair treatment. Many companies have finally compromised with their employees. If they should be compensated, they should be given. In fact, they are all at stake. When you bring him more harm than his gains, he will inevitably bow his head.

7 months ago

What is absenteeism? Absenteeism is not attending work without a valid reason. What is attendance? To work at the workplace during working hours is for attendance. Q: Are weekends working hours? Is Jiangjin Zhongshan Ancient Town the place of work? Is spring outing work? Then we might as well take another look at how ridiculous the logic of this enterprise is. Since the company determined that Miss Shen did not go to the Spring Outing as an absenteeism, it meant that they regarded this day as a working day. Originally, the company’s office was in an office building, but this day the group ran to the ancient town of Zhongshan, Jiangjin. You are not what collective absenteeism is! ! ? ? Not attending the workplace during working hours. In my opinion, the leader, as the leader, organizes the collective absenteeism of the entire company. Failure to do business properly and behave badly, which is not conducive to the development of the company and should be dismissed.

7 months ago

This company has three shamelessness: using holiday time to engage in team building, this is the first shamelessness. Employees are tired of working overtime and ask for leave, but they are not allowed to leave. This is the second shamelessness. Employees are absent from work if they do not participate in holiday activities. This is the third shamelessness. Some companies have this virtue and are reluctant to spend working hours on team building. Then you don’t want to do it. No, they have to do it, but they take up the staff’s holiday time to do it, so just do it. Don’t you want to participate in it? , No, you must participate. Absence is to contempt the organization, so I will count it as contempt of the organization once, and I will admit it if I say a few words. No, I have to be punished. Shameless! The contribution of this company is to provide a new brazen term-Bawang Fake.

7 months ago

Every company is like your company, how to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation? The employees in the company work with grievances, can they design good works? Think about it, every day the employees in the company hope that the boss will hurry up and the company will close down quickly. Your company can survive. It’s really up and running? There are so many scumbag companies blooming everywhere like cockroaches. There are strange regulations, but they don’t go bankrupt. They have extremely tenacious survivability. They can’t be killed like cockroaches. Is it so easy to survive when starting a company? Does this company get state subsidies? You can survive this way, or should I drive one too? Anyway, the company won’t fail anyway. Regardless of whether you are a school student or a professional, keep in mind one thing: Working part-time is just a means of sustaining your survival, and your attachment to the company is a barrier. It is not shameful to send someone under the fence, but you can’t think about sending someone under the fence for a lifetime, because the capitalists don’t want you to live well. The capitalists use the extra long working hours to make you have no time to think, so you can only spend the hardships of part-time work. It looks fulfilling. In fact, every day that will not help you in the future, you must quickly think about whether there is a way out alone. No matter how the capitalists play, it’s because the capitalists create taxes. In order to preserve the economy, they will not act against the capitalists, but will only be malicious. Asking for salary, you can’t change the environment, you can only go it alone. Capitalists will use their own right to tell you that your job will be very miserable if your job is unstable, and you will end up losing your job if you lose your job. The capitalist hopes that you will always be afraid, so afraid that you have to rely on his company to survive, so that the capitalist can exploit you. Everyone needs to learn from Cantonese, and always have a heart to do business. This is the only way to freedom.

7 months ago

[The current situation, what laws and rights protection, is still not enough! 】The company’s official statement: The company has finally trusted you and asked you to work overtime in order to allow you to accumulate experience and lay the foundation for promotion. As an employee, not only did you not feel grateful to the company and the leaders, but you actually used overtime to fight the company’s unified actions, undermined the company’s team building, disregarded the leadership’s authority, and recklessly be absent for the overlord, … is tolerable. Which is unbearable! Such a bad behavior has a very bad impact. No punishment is not enough to anger the civilians, no punishment is not enough to establish rules, and no punishment is not enough to thank the company collective… We must “kill a hundred” and “eliminate future troubles”! The employee violated the rules and disciplines, had no leadership, and was divided by this point, the “blame” was taken by himself, and the “guilt” was deserved! Nice job! !

7 months ago

This supervisor is ill. First of all, the woman works overtime until more than 10 o’clock. The first responsible person is her direct supervisor, which is the supervisor. It can be seen that this supervisor is really hard at implementing the company’s will. Usually it is this supervisor who works overtime under the supervision. It can be seen that the greatest ability of this supervisor is not to manage employees and work in an orderly and efficient manner, but to be a microphone and watchdog, to double the meaning of the above on subordinates. This woman is your subordinate, working so late overtime, it can be said that it has been quite compatible with your work, but you can’t even give her a chance to take a vacation on weekends, still barking like a dog raised by someone else. Then this woman didn’t cooperate with you, you have no choice but to report to the above like a dog again, and gave her an absenteeism treatment at the company level. If you don’t treat others as human beings, or take laws and common sense seriously, don’t blame others for treating you as a dog. From this incident, it can be seen that the relationship between the supervisor and the woman asking for leave is not good, and there is no room for discussion at all. In this kind of cold relationship, the woman worked overtime until 10 o’clock, and the supervisor ran home early. Is this something human can do? Generally speaking, if employees work overtime until 10 o’clock, the supervisor must have a hard time. Please eat supper and buy a bottle of water. You are the supervisor, and there is nothing to say when you leave work first, but you have to show your face to the employees. You can imagine what kind of supervisor this is. If you are this woman, you work for a day and the supervisor says that there is still work to do in the evening. You stay to work overtime, and then the supervisor runs away by yourself at 6 o’clock, leaving you to work until 10 o’clock. The supervisor has nothing to do. You said that you will not go to the Spring Outing every weekend, and he said no, this is the company’s unified event and must be attended. In this case, you don’t need to trouble the company, you just ask your supervisor directly. In many cases, this kind of middle-level leader is doing bad things.

7 months ago

I’ve been to this ancient town in Zhongshan. It’s nothing to see after walking one or two streets. I lived there for a day. Living in the wooden house with poles by the river is quite unique. Remember my dad bought some wine there, and there were villagers dancing dragons around in the morning? It was a leisure time to go there. At that time, there was a lot of pressure in high school, and it was very leisurely to go shopping and eating in such a place with few people. But if the company team is built to go to such a place, it is not a spring outing, it is simply torture. This place is very small and the roads are narrow. It is not suitable for a group of people to walk like a tourist group. It will be crowded; it will not take much time to walk this street, and I don’t know what activities to organize in the rest of the time. The local residents are very friendly. Some tourism promotion activities are quite interesting, and team building is definitely not felt. There are no tickets for this place, the only cost is the transportation cost, it is far from Yubei District! I went back and forth for a few hours, and I had to work overtime the night before. When I was in high school, I didn’t end at 10:30 on Friday. My parents drove to the school to pick me up. When I got home, it was more than 11 o’clock. It was 12 o’clock after I washed and cleaned up. With this little money, is it uncomfortable to go to Sisyphus on weekends to order a glass of milk and take a book to sit for an afternoon? I am now in my junior year, and news like this has appeared time and time again, this time around my home, and I can’t help expressing concerns about my future working environment and my health.

7 months ago

Now small capitalists are more and more able to play, and they just want to take the throne. If the proletariat does not unite, there will be no way out. I don’t know if there is an article called “self-employed” in the text. All the young proletariat remember that when encountering this kind of thing, it is recommended that in addition to talking about working overtime, plus working overtime is too tired to cause dysmenorrhea, so painful to go to the hospital. I woke up the next day and said that I had dysmenorrhea and went to the hospital or clinic. Anyway, I went to see a doctor. All in all, sick leave is better than personal leave. The man conceived his own reason, and I couldn’t find the name of the disease for different genders.

7 months ago

I will give a different answer from the perspective of social animals in the same “design” related industries. “Holiday team building” is very common and “overtime” is more common than holiday team building. I want to say that in the design industry, overtime is the norm, regardless of whether there is overtime pay. Working overtime until 10 o’clock is even more common in normal situations. From the perspective of the company: the company always wants to maximize its benefits, so team building should not waste working time, and usually in this case, the company feels that “I spend money to invite you to travel to the ancient town, which itself is a benefit to the employees.” , They do not realize, or pretend not to realize, employees do not want this fake welfare. From the employee’s point of view: I work overtime and I am very tired. The team building itself has nothing to do with the work item. I am not asking for leave without reason. I am very wronged. From the perspective of a social animal in the design industry: Is this employee wronged? -Grievance! There is no doubt! But I might say something that I am not happy to listen to as a hitman like me. I hope that you don’t want to play with me in the comments. You win with the play. I am very eager to survive. This employee is not at all wrong. Sending a WeChat to the supervisor to ask for leave, “I thought it would be okay after talking to the supervisor”. The first error was her “thought” and the second error was not waiting for a clear reply from the supervisor. This makes two taboos in the workplace. The next day is a weekend holiday, but the company has arranged team building, and regardless of whether the holiday team building is right or wrong, the company has arrangements. You need to ask for leave, and you cannot act according to what you think. The question did not mention when the supervisor responded, only that I did not see the supervisor’s reply until 10 o’clock the next day. After asking for leave, is it a bit sloppy to go to bed without waiting for a clear reply? I personally think that the correct approach: First of all, seeing that you may have to work late at night, you should ask for leave earlier, 7 or 8 o’clock, even 9 o’clock. It is estimated that the supervisor should ask for it when the supervisor has not rested yet. This will ensure that the supervisor can see and reply to your approval in a timely manner. Second, if you can make a call, try not to ask for leave on WeChat. I can tell the whole story clearly on the phone, and I am more sincere in direct expressions. I don’t even want to go. I can say overtime a little later. After all, it’s estimated overtime. This not only shows respect for the supervisor, but also may successfully ask for leave. (Born to be a human, the supervisor should also show favors, work overtime until midnight, and force supervisors who must attend the next day, not in the category of “people”) Third, even if you work overtime, you are very focused and forget your time. I sent a WeChat message to the supervisor after 10 o’clock. I haven’t waited for the supervisor’s response yet. You should also set an alarm clock for the next day. Wake up to see if your leave is approved. If approved, go to sleep; if you don’t approve, think again. Countermeasures, working in the workplace for many years, two-handed preparation is a necessary skill and quality. Many people in the answers mentioned “law” and “arbitration”, which is very right, but in real life, how many people can really fight for their legal rights through law and arbitration because of this conflict with the company? Someone must say, “Unscrupulous company is the point where the employees are right.” “Everyone thinks like you, so the atmosphere is like this.” “The big things are the accumulation of small things. If you don’t want to protect your rights, you can only change the small things. The changes in the company are intensified.” And so on, these statements are correct, but they are all pointing out as an outsider standing on the outside. We are in a complex social relationship and a highly competitive workplace environment. Who has never compromised with unreasonable regulations and rules? Compromise is the normal state of man in the contest between man and the environment. If this company punishes Ms. Shen with a “heavy fine” or “expulsion” because Ms. Shen is absent from work for a day, then I strongly encourage Ms. Shen to use legal weapons to protect her legal rights and interests. Although employees have shortcomings, they end up working overtime for the sake of work. Suffering is not such a way to eat. If this company only criticizes Ms. Shen in a report, or deducts one day’s salary, and the amount is not high, then advise Ms. Shen to calmly look at the pros and cons of this matter, comprehensively consider the company’s benefits, and measure her own career plan. There is no such thing for the time being. If you plan to change jobs, or if you haven’t found a good next home, then endure it. After all, you are not completely right; if you have a plan to change jobs, then look for the next home. Once you find it, you will quit your job immediately. People cherish life and stay away from the company, but I still have to learn a lesson from my mistake in this incident. Finally, I have a little hope for all company bosses: unless they are a rich N-generation family, no one is born as a boss and leader, and many of them come from working as a worker. Regardless of identity, there is still There should be some human touch. Putting aside the human touch, the essence of a company’s operation is talents. If you want people to give you their lives, first of all you have to care about the “life” of these people. The management of an enterprise cannot be 100% humanized, because the complexity of people and complete humanization means that management will definitely be chaotic. There is no rule without rules, but the wisdom of the Chinese since ancient times, there must be a little gray area in the rules to deal with this special situation, not only to allow employees to comply with the regulations, but also to understand the difficulties of employees, so that employees can Better make money for the company. Starting a business is not easy, working as a part-time worker is not easy. I hope that all hitters can calmly and rationally face the problems in the workplace, and try their best to have some fun in the hardships. In the end, I offer my workplace creed: Lao Tzu was born rather to bend than to bend, never bends for five buckets of rice, but. . . . Fifty buckets of rice, yes!

7 months ago

Why don’t you record absenteeism? Just record the unit. The question is, can the unit deduct money when it records absenteeism? The money was deducted, and the employee applied for arbitration and demanded payment of economic compensation on the grounds of wage arrears. The company has a high probability of being cool. If the unit argues that the deduction is legal, because the employee is absent from work! Then he has to provide evidence for this claim, and the evidence proves that there is no wage arrears. So, come up with such a reason: the weekend team building did not participate, only making jokes in the court. Because weekends are not working days at all, and team building is not at all within the scope of job duties, and employees have the right not to participate. Of course, there is a high probability that the unit will not be a fool. It is very likely to deduct employee performance instead of basic salary, and performance is often not mentioned in the labor contract, which is a very invisible existence. If so, what should you do as an employee? First of all, don’t panic. Since the other party argues on the grounds of low performance, you must provide counter-evidence to prove that your performance does not match the actual salary. Otherwise, you are likely to bear the risk of losing the case. Under normal circumstances, labor contracts or company regulations will stipulate corresponding performance standards. While providing these materials, you must also provide the underlying materials behind the performance to prove your work performance. Going to the battlefield is for bullets, and for litigation is for evidence. Without evidence, there is no source of water. No matter how clever the lawyers are, they can’t play a big role. Perhaps some friends have said again, what should I do if I encounter a company with unruly performance? To be honest, this kind of company is a big pit, and the performance pay promised by the boss is not guaranteed. For this kind of company, it is better not to sign a contract that stipulates a minimum wage. If you don’t sign, you can at least claim the monthly salary standard through turnover in the future. Of course, the best way is not to go.

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