Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian announced on the 11th that at the invitation of the United States, Yang Jiechi, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Director of the Office of the Central Foreign Affairs Commission, and State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi will join the United States Secretary of State Brinken and the President’s National Security Affairs Assistant Sullivan in March. From the 18th to the 19th, the China-US high-level strategic dialogue was held in Anchorage, Alaska.

Just recently, at the critical time point of the upcoming negotiations, the U.S. not only failed to show the sincerity that the strategic dialogue should have, but also offered a series of aggressive “confusion” operations: First, the U.S. Secretary of State Blincoln, during his visit to Japan, brought China to China. The government’s so-called “systematic undermining of Hong Kong’s autonomy,” “undermining of Taiwan’s democracy,” “infringement of human rights in Xinjiang and Tibet,” “South China Sea sovereignty claims violate international law,” and so on. The United States has long deliberately created “cards” to suppress and contain China. Not only has it cast a shadow over the upcoming dialogue, but it has also clearly attempted to show this signal: the previous US government did it alone, but now it is the United States and its allies.

As a continuation of this routine, the United States continued to intensify this Wednesday, continuing to use the “Hong Kong card” to announce “sanctions” on 24 Chinese officials, including Hong Kong. The United States claimed that this sanction was based on the “Hong Kong Autonomy Act” passed by the United States after the “Hong Kong National Security Act” was promulgated in China last year. Brinken claimed that the sanctions were intended to reinforce “the United States’ concerns about the unilateral undermining of Hong Kong’s electoral system that China’s National People’s Congress passed a resolution on March 11.”


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7 months ago

Since mid-February, the United States has tried to contact my country through New York and other channels. Recently, the U.S. sent us emails and telephone notices through multiple channels, inviting us to contact us; on the eve of the joint military exercises, the United States sent us a message requesting us to agree to contact again through a third country. But we believe that there is no need to sing together the United States’ time-giving tricks. We have stated that as long as the United States does not abolish its hostile policy towards us, it will not achieve any form of contact and dialogue with the United States. Therefore, we will continue to ignore US attempts to engage. Only by creating an atmosphere of sitting and talking together on an equal footing can dialogue be achieved. However, after the change of US regime, the old tunes of “threat theory” and “complete denuclearization” were crazy. The White House, the State Department, the Treasury Department, and the Department of Justice have all come forward to clamor that the United States still attaches great importance to restraining my country and considers the use of any means including additional sanctions and diplomatic stimulus, but at the same time it continues to hold international conferences against my country and issue a “joint statement.” , Sue my country and other high-pressure postures. The U.S. military secretly continued to increase its military threats, launched several secret investigations, and conducted close investigations against my country; regardless of internal and external concerns and opposition, it openly conducted aggressive joint military exercises against my country. It seems that the United States does not change its contempt and profanity of our country. The United States has also vomited unfounded sophistry that hinders “humanitarian assistance” to our country’s epidemic prevention measures. When the US Secretary of State visited Japan, he shouted that he was reconsidering all kinds of pressure or tough measures, which severely irritated our country. I don’t know what kind of amazing sophistry he vomited after he came to South Korea. If we hope to sit with our country, even if it is once, we must change from the beginning the defiant habits and arrogant attitude. Our country will count down the crimes of the new US government one by one. The United States should voluntarily give up the stupid and cheap methods of using contact with me to gain time or create public opinion. Sitting with the United States, which is not ready to feel the new changes and new opportunities, will only waste precious time. What has been stated is that we will no longer give Singapore and Hanoi opportunities to wait. And we would rather face sanctions tricks commonly used by the United States. The United States should seriously consider what my country will do in an environment where its hostile policy towards us has become more severe. Our side has clearly stated this position; we must deal with the United States based on the principle of strong versus strong and good versus good. ——Remarks made by Choi Sun-hee, First Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on the 17th

7 months ago

We are fighting against enemies like US imperialism, whose weapons are many times stronger than ours, and our ability to win will force them to reconcile. Why can it be reconciled? First, in terms of military affairs, the US aggressors are in a disadvantaged state and are being beaten. If there is no peace, its entire front will be broken. (The regional denial system in the Western Pacific region makes the U.S. Navy and Air Force temporarily helpless and dare not launch military adventures.) Second, politically, there are many unresolvable contradictions within the enemy, and people all over the world demand peace. (The domestic racial conflicts and political tears in the United States have intensified since last year, and the epidemic has gone out of control.) Third, economically, the enemy spends a lot of money in wars, and its budgetary revenue and expenditure are uneven. (Even if the latest 1.9 trillion yuan is not counted, the U.S. finances are already bankrupt, and they can’t even afford the debt interest, let alone the principal. Biden is planning to increase taxes.) The combination of these reasons makes the enemy have to deal with . And the first reason is the main reason. Without this, it is not easy to make peace with them. The U.S. imperialists are very arrogant, and they must be unreasonable wherever they can be unreasonable. If they are justified, they will be forced to do so. ————Well-known but not have you ask me what do you think? Just look at it! Under such circumstances, the United States, facing rivals from major powers of the same level, can’t stand up to its brilliance. It can only frequently engage in this kind of tricky tricks of walking at night and singing boldly. This is revealing its ugliness. Lowering its national character, only increased laughter. Speaking of trembling cleverly, I originally wanted to show my face, but ended up showing my butt. In fact, China has already responded, but our response has been more upright, even a bit domineering.

7 months ago

From March 18th to 19th, high-level officials from China and the United States held their first high-level dialogue since Biden took power in Anchorage, Alaska. In view of the bad status of Sino-US relations, this meeting will naturally arouse widespread attention from all international current affairs fans. In the current environment where the United States is flooding water and global inflation is on the top, the dialogue between the world’s largest manufacturing country and the world’s leading water provider has naturally attracted the attention of global economists and investors-in a sense, this The outcome of the meeting will directly determine the degree of global inflation that follows, and the US release of water-closing the water, whether the game of global harvesting of the capital of nine out of 13 dollars will continue to be played, and even whether the U.S. stock market will be in the turbulent tide. The next crash quickly. This really makes the capital market highly strained. If Biden wants to release the water, someone must help him carry inflation away. If China, which currently accounts for half of the global manufacturing industry, does not rapidly expand its production capacity, inflation in the United States will quickly get out of control. The next interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve, the collapse of US stocks, and the coming of the Great Depression will all be foreseeable. But the situation is like this, and the attitude of the United States is intriguing. On the one hand, the United States took the initiative to initiate a dialogue and specifically set the location in Anchorage, Alaska, a transit point for the Asia-Europe route, to show respect for China and sincerity for reconciliation; But on the other hand, the United States has even made heavy moves against China. Economically, it threatened to impose further sanctions on Huawei’s 5G communication components; politically, the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense made a special trip to Tokyo on the eve of the talks. Japan made a tough and provocative statement against China. Of course, we can regard this US move as a ploy to gain a bargaining chip for ourselves-after all, the US’s demand for China to help it expand its production capacity and back inflation is much more urgent than China’s demand for the US to lift its sanctions on science and technology. But regardless of whether the United States is acting hard or not, this series of operations of the Biden administration, combined with the macro background that Sino-US relations are heading towards the Cold War, we can still interpret what the United States means-he needs China, but this need is only temporary. Yes, and this need will not change the general trend that the United States is determined to contain and stifle China. And the most direct one is-even if he needs China now, he doesn’t want to compromise too much with China for this. Therefore, I hope that there is a potential threat of increased pressure to force China to make real concessions. China’s response was also very rigorous-on the one hand, sitting firmly on the Diaoyutai, waiting for Biden to take the initiative to send out a signal, it also used very rare negative statements to criticize the small actions of the United States before the meeting; on the other hand, it must be resolute in China. The implementation of financial bombings to suppress the property market and regulate the stock market. However, this series of actions did not affect China’s response to the invitation of the United States, and what should be discussed was not wrong. The meaning behind this posture of China is also obvious-although it has taken the initiative in this game, this tactical initiative does not change its overall posture of strategic passiveness. Therefore, China also hopes to have a good dialogue with the United States and through negotiations, to request the United States to lift its sanctions against China to the greatest extent-especially the technological restrictions, so as to buy time for its own industrial upgrading. But at the same time, China has also prepared for the worst. Once the United States fails to meet its requirements-or that the United States’ compromise fails to reach China’s bottom line, China is also prepared for the global depression. All in all, this is a talk dominated by hostility and alert, but mixed with hope. Both parties have fully realized that there is no alternative between themselves and the other party. However, forced by the situation and their respective interest demands, the two have to sit together awkwardly, tacitly discussing the possibility of relaxation at the level of detail in an extremely unfriendly overall atmosphere. This is simply a replica of the mentality of all parties when the Munich Agreement and the Soviet-German Non-Aggression Treaty were signed on the eve of World War II. Both parties in the negotiations have already become rivals, but they are not fully prepared, so they can only face the conflicts. Buy time for yourself through negotiation. It depends on who has played in the end, and who is ready to tear the skin first.

7 months ago

The diplomatic struggle between China and the United States in recent years is like a round of fighting against landlords. The American cards are indeed better, but the players who played the cards have changed a few waves, and the strategies are different. One will draw the straight, and the other will be the king. Understand that the king couldn’t stand it and grabbed the card, two-two, bomb, three-K with a Q, the momentum is like a rainbow. Then he was driven off the table by the seven aunts and eight aunts. Nap took a look at the card, and there are 8.9.10 singles, two 4s and two 6.s. The nap can only be drowsy while letting Europe play a few cards. Then Europe chanted long live their opponents, while helping the United States to cool off the sweat, they couldn’t control anything at the same time. Biden has no cards in his hand, and he has to go on playing. Everyone knows a rogue. You can think about what he would be like in this situation.

7 months ago

The reason why a big country is a big country is that it must be able to handle it on the surface, but it must be able to handle it secretly. Whether it was the Tang Dynasty, the empire that never sets in the sun, the Soviet Union in the middle of the last century, or the old beauty 30 years ago. These countries are all momentary beacons, and neighboring countries all envy and even worship. On the bright side, people gather people’s hearts with righteousness and united front with interests. They plan coups, fan the flames, and strike at their opponents quickly and violently. There are even cases of destroying a country that refuses to accept without a single soldier. These are purely political shows. The US government has been kidnapped by a long-standing policy of foolish people. It was convenient at the beginning to promote extreme nationalism and identity politics to shift class contradictions and lower the level of universal education to fool the people. Now we are going to eat the original evil results. In the United States, which politician advocates sanctions against China will win votes. The so-called “Xinjiang card” or “Hong Kong card” has never been a political card, it has always been a vote card. The American people are willing to believe that China is vulnerable to a single blow, and that China’s progress needs to be attacked. The American people believe that China is extremely unfree, so it must be underdeveloped. The American people believe that since the Soviet Union can be killed, then China too. No problem, after all, in their eyes, both are a face. Moreover, this belief has formed inertia, and it cannot be changed before the decline of the United States. Since some people believe it, there are politicians willing to cater to it. Therefore, the threat theory and the collapse theory alternate, for the sake of votes, not shabby. Back then, the Soviet Union died of nationalism abducting internationalism. Maybe we have a chance to see the United States die of abduction of democratic politics by the foolish policy.

7 months ago

This series of operations really makes people feel very confusing. It was the United States that invited China to conduct a strategic dialogue, thinking it was to ease the contradiction and jointly open up the future. As a result, it feels not. Before the strategic dialogue, the United States put pressure on all sides and made a lot of small actions. In the face of China’s core interests, various remarks and behaviors were offensive, Hong Kong-related, Xinjiang-related… all kinds of joint anti-China alliances. So, what shall we talk about? Is it face-to-face “threat, intimidate”? Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, we have never succumbed to any “enemy” in all kinds of hardships and hardships. Did the Americans who participated in the Korean War forget this? If it is not for “cooperation and win-win”, what shall we talk about? Or, to earn more chips for this meeting? This illustrates several problems: First, they have no bargaining chips to satisfy them. Second, I don’t have a deep understanding of China’s determination to never “deal” its core interests. After talking for a long time, what are we going to talk about in the past? Is it necessary to invite us over? Judging from the current situation, it is a bit “excessive.” Today, the talks will end as planned, wait and see!

7 months ago

The United States invites China to come to the talks. Normal people think that everyone wants to solve problems, at least to manage differences, and send a signal to the world that China and the United States “fight without breaking”. Looking at the performance of the Americans before the talks, we realized that the other party was not a “normal person” at all. The United States is now “the Sanmao, Nezha, and King Kong Gourd Was back then-who can do this!” Before the two sides compete and fight, everyone has seen each other’s trash talk. Have you seen the operation of scolding people before negotiating with them? People like Biden, Blincoln, and Sullivan are also senior politicians, and they have dealt with Chinese people a lot. Don’t they know that Chinese people can’t be scared! They should know-why do they do this-because they don’t want to talk to you at all. These low-level operations they did were not to solve the relationship between China and the United States, but to give themselves money and defraud votes. They negotiated with China in order to send a positive signal to the economic community, and to appease the rational pragmatists with normal thinking and knowledge in the country. They provoked and threatened China before the negotiation in order to block the mouths of extreme right-wingers such as MAGA, and add extra points by the way. . The Americans recognize the threat from China, but they have lost their confidence. The words that dealt with the Soviet Union were used very skillfully in China, that is, the mouth is very slippery. However, when it comes to specific actions, there is no one trick that worked against the Soviet Union in the past. Fighting and fighting, cooperating is tantamount to sitting by and watching China continue to grow bigger, so the Americans “give up treatment”. For the two parties in the United States, no one can solve the problem of establishing a state, but “founding a state” can be used to engage in partisanship-the barbarian fought it, it was the eunuch (Donglin) attracted; it was mine if the barbarian left Credit-I just want to fool myself with more votes and political capital. I feel sorry for our country’s diplomats, who maintain the demeanor and etiquette of the traditional diplomatic circles. I hope to meet diplomats who are equally knowledgeable, structured, and aspiring. Everyone will use their wisdom, strength and strategy to fight and cooperate. It not only protects the interests of the country, but also works hard for the common future of mankind, leaving a mark in history. As a result, when you encounter this kind of stuff…you must wear a helmet when you go fishing with them!

7 months ago

Knowing that it is not a companion, things are urgent and follow! Both China and the United States know that the relationship between the two countries will never go back to the past and will only worsen in the future, but they cannot turn their faces right now. Both sides are scrupulous. The U.S. economic situation has been messed up due to the epidemic. Knowing Wang’s actions has made the situation worse. The legendary salvation vaccine has also been hindered by many obstacles. No one knows how much it can play. Seeing that the end of the epidemic is indefinitely, and the year and month of the restart of the economy are unknown, the national debt cannot even be repaid! In order to renew their lives, the U.S. emperor has kept the brakes on and released the water, and the nuclear-powered money printing machine has started frantically. The US$1.9 trillion is about to flood the world. But no matter how strong the US dollar is, if there is not enough production capacity, the US dollar will also become waste paper. And if you want enough production capacity, you can only count on China. Therefore, no matter how hostile the United States is to China, the United States does not dare to mess around, and can only make small moves in an attempt to gain a superior position on the negotiating table. China is even more obvious. At this stage, even if it turns over the old United States, it still cannot take over the global hegemony of the United States. It still makes wedding dresses for others. It has made the European Union and Russia in vain. It is better to continue its trivial development and win in the end. I can’t talk about it now, and I can’t fight it. It’s just mixed up. It can drag on for a day. I am not optimistic about this negotiation. I feel that it is more perfunctory to deal with. I just give the people an explanation: I have worked hard, the old United States (the old Communists) ) I’m not on the road, I’m not going! It’s a bit like the later stage of the KMT-CPC peace talks. After repeated trials, they both felt insincere. In the end, civil war was inevitable!

7 months ago

Member Yang is a senior diplomat. How senior is it? From the low-level staff of the consulate to the present position. All positions have been done. Most of the time I work in the United States or diplomatic fields related to the United States. Worked for more than 45 years. There are more American presidents than Committee Member Yang deals with, and probably only the old lady in Britain. This kind of seniority can basically seconds everyone on the other side. They are all elementary school students. This is a conversation between a professional diplomat and a two-bar diplomat. Do these extra moves want to shake the two kings of Yang? In the words of Lao Wang, “wishful thinking”. China is a senior professional diplomat and a set of diplomatic principles and national strategies that have remained unchanged for decades. The American side is a swagger. This is no one. However, there is nothing to be surprised about the fact that American diplomacy is bad. After Woodrow Wilson, the United States has no serious diplomacy. Posted 2 hours ago

7 months ago

A long time ago, there was a thesis: whether it is a Democrat or a Republican, whether it is the King of Sleep or the King, its anti-China will and behavior will never stop. This is determined by the national interest of the United States. It is also a good example of the fact that American capital is an opponent on stage and a nest of snakes and rats under the stage. As for these things, I personally think: This is a good thing! Great thing! Great thing! It’s not something to force a good thing, it’s a really good thing. It solves my biggest worry since Biden took the stage: Someone will follow Biden’s new clothes, and some people actually think that Sino-US relations will ease after Biden takes the stage. This view is top-down, and there is this trend from the masses to the upper echelons. Compared with the enemy’s bright spears and dark arrows, it is even more terrifying that you can’t unite the front within yourself! Now, we can talk in a big way. There is no fluke, no peace talks, no stubbornness! Since there is only one road left, there is no need to hesitate! In addition, regarding this meeting, my opinion is that the United States and the United States will try to regroup themselves and seize the high ground of public opinion under the name of the Double Ten Agreement after 75 years, and constantly test our determination and bottom line through small frictions. If we can’t fight back effectively and get rid of their wolf ambitions, then they will open their mouths at the meeting. Most of the topics of this meeting are China’s internal affairs. I deeply felt the dominance and malice of the U.S. emperor—to talk to you about your domestic problems, you must give me face. I don’t know what everyone thinks, there may even be a group of people who only have gratitude in their hearts. But now, I only feel humiliated and angry.

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