On March 17, a video of a lawyer “kneeling to apprentice” that took place in Kunming, Yunnan, sparked heated discussion. The video shows that a middle-aged man kneeled to Hui Junqi, the director of Kunming Yalong Law Firm, and bowed his head to worship his teacher, saying that he would use Hui Junqi as his teacher after his apprenticeship, and “will follow the teacher at any time.”

I’ve known it for a long time, nothing is unusual. The last time I saw a kowtow apprentice was in the entertainment industry. Lawyers feel that the rules and regulations are very strong, and they tend to be rational and objective. This video came out, and it also changed a lot of my inherent views. In addition, a few days ago, a few lawyers met with the parties in the process of queuing, and there was a fight, which resulted in criminal sanctions. I also realized that lawyers are also ordinary people. I am still quite puzzled. Except for traditional folk art-related artists, very few still maintain the habit of “kowtow and worship (respect) the teacher”. This lawyer, the industry of the new era, has also appeared? I feel that this does not represent the industry, nor does it represent the trend. It is a special case. Now I practice “kneeling and worship”, and I have only seen it on certain occasions, such as special scenes such as religion and sacrifice, and it is really rare. Public information shows that Hui **, the director of Yunnan Yalong Law Firm, has been engaged in the defense of criminal cases, especially drug-related crimes, for a long time. He has lectured on defense experience in various places for many times, and is known as the “Nan Drug King” in the local lawyer industry in Kunming. According to some information, Hui Junqi “has successful cases of acquittal defense of 2-25 kg drug crime every year”. Could it be that this lawyer who has been apprentice is rushing to this skill? In February 2021, Attorney Xia submitted a request for an apprenticeship to Hui **. On March 16, Lawyer Xia made a special trip to Kunming, and both parties returned to Yalong Law Firm after dinner. Hui ** said that during the conversation, Lawyer Xia suddenly knelt down to apprentice, and filmed the video on the grounds of “showing to her mother”, “it was passed out without expecting it, and I was surprised.” This left a video, and “passed it out.” Lawyers are more aware of the importance of film and television materials as evidence. Red envelopes are given to her mother, and videos are left for her mother to watch. These are all “fascinating”. Maybe it’s an unintentional case, eat a melon.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

In the afternoon, I interviewed a young girl. On the resume, I expected a monthly salary of 2000-3000 yuan. After talking about everything that should be done, I asked her why she expects the monthly salary to be so low, the minimum wage in Shanghai is 2480. She said that when she first arrived, she wanted to find a law firm and practice independently as soon as possible. In an instant I remembered three or four interns who had come for interviews. They had a common feature. They had worked in other law firms for nearly a year. However, for various reasons, the law firm either refused to give them a certificate or just didn’t. Let them get better, so they can only come out to find other law firms. None of these law firms have a salary of more than 2500. I remember that the lowest one seems to be only 1800. So I couldn’t help telling this little girl who came to the interview that if you really want to get a certificate, you’d better raise your expected salary so that you can screen out a bunch of unreliable law firms. As a lawyer, it is not that the more humble, the easier it is to survive. The knees have been weak for a long time, which will affect the temperament. How can the client trust the case to a lawyer who is weaker than himself? Who can spend a lifetime by inviting the master? Maybe the master will go in tomorrow.

7 months ago

After watching, I just want to say: “??!” I am curious about which party came this video? What is the purpose? 1. Kneeling 2. Sitting 3. Standing and filming the adverse effects of the incident I think: 2>1>3 is very interesting. Public information shows that Hui Junqi, the director of Yunnan Yalong Law Firm, has long been engaged in the defense of criminal cases, especially drug-related crimes. He has lectured on defense experience in various places for many times, and is known as the “Nan Drug King” in the local lawyer industry in Kunming. According to some information, Hui Junqi “has successful cases of acquittal defense of 2-25 kg drug crime every year”. On March 17, lawyer Hui Junqi, the director of Yunnan Yalong Law Firm, told upstream reporters that the apprenticeship took place on the evening of March 16, “I didn’t expect it to have such a big impact.” Attorney Xia, who was apprentice on that day, is a lawyer who has worked for many years and graduated from a well-known university in politics and law. The two met many years ago when they handled cases. They paid great attention to etiquette in their interactions. “I have a very good impression of him.” In February 2021, Attorney Xia made a request for an apprenticeship to Hui Junqi. On March 16, Lawyer Xia made a special trip to Kunming, and both parties returned to Yalong Law Firm after dinner. Hui Junqi said that during the conversation, attorney Xia suddenly knelt down to apprentice, and filmed the video on the grounds of “showing to her mother”, “it was passed out without expectation, and I was surprised.” Hui Junqi told upstream reporters that he was also surprised by the widespread dissemination of this matter, “This matter is a cultural tradition, a kind of etiquette, I think it is positive energy.” Hui Junqi said frankly that compared with other methods of accepting apprentices, kneeling and apprenticeship is more important for stabilizing the relationship between apprentices and apprentices, and that it is also attorney Xia’s willingness to kneel down to apprentice. . Hui Junqi emphasized that during the entire process of accepting apprentices, he did not charge any additional fees from Lawyer Xia, and that he had taken a fancy to Lawyer Xia’s sincerity and experience. “Learning from me, (respecting the teacher) is a modern person’s spiritual level. The positive energy built”. (Upstream journalist Hu Lei, intern Chen Zhixuan)

7 months ago

Attorney Xia of this incident said that he had never visited a teacher and said: “Hui Junqi is my first teacher.” But in reality, the instructor of the trainee lawyer is his first master, unless he does not recognize this master. What’s more, this lawyer Xia is already an official lawyer. No profit can not afford early. This sentence is the most appropriate for this matter. According to news reports, during the exchange, the other side suddenly knelt down to apprentice, and they were moved by the sincerity of the apprentice. So this picture is obviously a willingness to fight and a willingness to endure, and the recipient enjoys it very much, and there is no feeling of suddenness, everything is so natural and ready.

7 months ago

Basically, I rarely use other conditions to persuade others not to be a lawyer, such as a poor family, such as low education. Because I think it’s not important to be a lawyer.
However, a person who is willing to kneel down really cannot be a lawyer.
Because being a lawyer requires blood and the courage to question everything.
There is gold under the man’s knees. Regardless of the reason, apart from the ancestors and Gaotang, nothing else is worth your knees.

7 months ago

1. This is not big news. 2. The preliminary judgment is that there is no bottom line marketing. It is similar to the case of a certain department that collects apprentices to pay one million tuition fees. 3. Marketing exceeds the bottom line and will not succeed. 4. Because lawyers are a profession that advocates doubts and opposes authority. , Its essence is the desire for freedom and equality, kneeling down to apprentice to break through this bottom line. 5. That apprentice will definitely betray the oath, because based on his own self-interest, that is, for the sake of money, he will never listen to the words of his master, thus betraying the oath. 6. Otherwise, he will definitely not be a good lawyer in the future.

7 months ago

Looking at the answer and comment area, most of them lashed out at the ugly culture of apprenticeship, believed that dignity was above all else, and almost blamed the worshipees overwhelmingly. After reading the link to the original text inserted in the question, I feel that things are not that simple. It may be a farce that has been carefully directed. A part of the original text [Hui Junqi (note: the worshipee) said that during the conversation, lawyer Xia (note: the apprentice) suddenly knelt down to apprentice, and filmed the video on the grounds of “showing to the teacher”, “I passed it without expecting it. I was also surprised when I went out.” 】If what the worshipee says is true, the apprentice takes the initiative to ask for the apprenticeship-take the initiative to record the video-control the video-the video flow out, what does this show, do you understand?

7 months ago

Why did Mr. Zhongshan abolish the kneeling ceremony at that time? Why did he force his braids to be cut? Isn’t it the freedom of people to kneel? Of course, it’s also freedom to keep pigtails. The current old and young people from the Qing Dynasty use this theory to argue with the new youth, because the new youth advocates freedom. Now these “feudal liberals” have come out again, and a lot of feudal stubbornness dressed in “liberals” appeared in the answer. There was confusion. I paraphrase Luo Xiang’s words “Freedom must not be at the cost of non-freedom” It is not acceptable to be a slave voluntarily, because this will force many people who do not want to be slaves to become slaves.

7 months ago

In a relatively closed circle with relatively concentrated resources and relatively fierce internal competition, dependency is a good choice, and it is also a choice that many people are making. I was on a business trip a few days ago. I was on a train. I listened to the conversation between the two older sisters in the back seat. From the conversation, I knew that the two older sisters were once comrades-in-arms. They both had just retired. They met to travel together and visit other old comrades-in-arms. . After they were discharged from the military, they were assigned to state-owned enterprises. What they talked about along the way was all about their own experiences and the experiences of other comrades-in-arms. They were exchanged information. Having said a lot, I will summarize the essence. Sister A’s husband is the second-in-chief of a state-owned enterprise in a certain city. Before she retires, she was the chairman of a certain department of a state-owned enterprise. Sister B’s husband was the deputy director of a certain bureau in a certain city. The husband of comrade-in-arms A was a supervisor in a certain city, and her husband B was a supervisor in a province. , Comrade-in-arms C is the chairman of a certain union in a certain city, and her husband is the vice chairman of a certain association. I also talked about many other comrades-in-arms, mainly these people, because the promotion of these people, the employment of their children, the division of houses, the treatment, and the benefits are all intertwined. What I hear is confused, but in short, the children of each family are all intertwined. After entering the system, various methods were used, all of which were to buy tickets after getting on the bus. Before retirement, the children were arranged clearly. No one created value, but all distributed wealth. Going back to the question, in such an almost closed system, it is very difficult for outsiders to squeeze in. Even if there are other people’s children inheriting resources, why should they give it to an outsider? I wrote an answer before, saying that a deputy department in a state-owned enterprise used Jiujin to cry while holding the chief’s thigh to ask for an official. Many people said that I made up stories, but that was indeed the real thing I had experienced, and it was even more absurd than that. I have seen all things, especially women. I didn’t write it out because I wanted to keep them a little bit of privacy. The process was even more unbearable. The things I asked for seemed nothing to outsiders, but people during my stay often took it very seriously. So don’t look at insiders from outsiders’ eyes, it’s just a way of survival.

7 months ago

I only have three words to think about this news: good guy! New China’s lawyer system began to be established in 1954, and the “anti-rightist movement” was eliminated in 1957. Until 1979, the new China’s lawyer system began to recover and rebuild. Therefore, it has only been more than 40 years since the restoration of our national lawyer system. As far as the lawyer industry is concerned, the influence of the dross of feudal culture is actually relatively small. Although there are such things as kowtowing and apprenticeship, it is definitely not normal. It’s really uncomfortable that this matter is so hot. After the heat came up, it was not only the image of lawyers, but also the image of individual regions. I thought of a sentence “Dog biting people is not news, people biting dogs is news”, this sentence may explain the popularity of this news… I also thought of a sentence: I did not expect that you, a big-eyed “lawyer”, would also betray. Revolution!

7 months ago

It is said that in 1949, the Chinese people already “stand up.” I didn’t expect to see kneelings, ATM slaves, self-proclaimed masters, and all mages who studied law as a profession today in 1202. It can be seen that some people really learned the words “freedom and equality” in this law. The book returns to the main story, and the “kneeling culture” has a long history in the country. “Zhuangzi” records that Huangdi Xuanyuan went to Kongtong Mountain to ask Yu Guangchengzi, that is, “go on knees, and then ask the chieftain.” In the Han Dynasty, Shusun made the court rituals for Liu Bang. Since then, since the five generations, with the popularization of the Hu bed, kneeling has become more popular and has become a common ritual for respect and inferiority. Officials have to kneel when they go to court, their subordinates have to kneel when they go up, and thanks to Lord Longen, they have to kneel even more. It is the small common people who see the official answer, stop the sedan chair and call grievances, but also throw themselves to the ground, long kneeling, especially the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Until the Revolution of 1911, China’s feudal monarchy for thousands of years was ended. Bowing and shaking hands were used instead of kneeling. After May 4th, the ethos was promoted, and Mr. De and Sai Er was promoted, and the dross was swept into the garbage dump of history. As Mr. Zhou Shuren once said, traditional Chinese morality is “cannibalistic morality.” Mr. Zhou’s greatness lies not in discovering “traditional morality” cannibalism, but discovering how “traditional morality” cannibalism. For example, a reprimand of “Kneeling on the ground” in the lobby of Ah Q by the mouth of a “man in a long gown” is called “slaveness”, which can be described as three inches of snakes. Who ever wanted to kneel down but didn’t stop. Even to this day, a small number of Chinese people still return to their ancestors, actively kneeling down, not only has never been extinct, but the resurgence is intensified. And “Kneeling News”, even more one after another, finally burned to the mage line. In other words, if you give a gift, you must give a gift, and you must apprehend a teacher. Just ask, if you have respect in your heart, why kneel down? But some people knelt down and called a dear one by one “Master, Master”, and they called “Aha, the slave will see you.” Those who didn’t know thought they were playing the Qing palace play…it is true, in private law. , The law is free without prohibition. Indeed, in the current law, there is no law that explicitly prohibits kneeling, and kneeling is just a physical action, and it is not difficult to achieve kneeling. Some people have to kneel, kneel down to the ground, kneel down to their parents, but I won’t bother to write these few pens. But the really scary thing is that some people have erased the words freedom and equality from their minds. The word must shout long live, and everything will be on your knees—not only do you volunteer to be a slave, but you also clap your hands and applaud when you see others doing it. Even seeing that others don’t want to be slaves, you have to do everything possible to hold down someone’s head and shout long live with him. That’s really a dead end! !!!Finally, the law is not a mere tool technology. I would also like to advise some people here: Before you study the law, you should stand up and learn to be an upright person.

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