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The essence of the problem: Can 2,000 yuan make up for the lack of five insurances and one housing fund? Conclusion: No, the target of 2,000 yuan is not just five insurances and one housing fund, but the control of various risks, the demand for buying a house, the sense of belonging to living in this city, and the target of retirement treatment after 30 years! Introduce yourself. I have encountered the above two situations for 4 years in private enterprises and 6 years in state-owned enterprises! I used to think that 2,000 yuan was really good, but now I wouldn’t choose the former if I was killed! For companies that do not have five social insurances and one housing fund, don’t go! Resolutely not go! A company that does not have five social insurances and one housing fund is a black-hearted company! When applying for a job, be sure to understand your salary and remuneration, don’t be embarrassed to ask, otherwise it will be your own suffering. The economic foundation determines the superstructure. How to survive without money! Although job seekers are on the weak side in the job search process, they must fight for their own rights and interests! What aspects should be paid attention to when interviewing and discussing salary? Ask about the salary structure, how much is the base salary, how to calculate performance, and is there a year-end bonus? Are housing subsidies, transportation subsidies, communication subsidies, and food subsidies available? Are wages pre-tax or after-tax, are there five social insurances and one housing fund? What is the after-tax salary (approximately equal to the salary after deducting the five insurances and one housing fund) Note: During the probation period, the five insurances and one housing fund must be paid. If you don’t pay the law, the easiest way to fall into the trap is the five insurances and one housing fund. I promised to open 1w before. How did the salary become 8k after getting it? That’s because you didn’t deduct the five insurances and one housing fund. Part of the five social insurance and one housing fund is deducted from the employee’s salary, and part is paid by the company. Taking Beijing in 2020 as an example, if the monthly salary is 1w, then the amount of five social insurance and one housing fund that an individual needs to pay is about 2,220 yuan, and the salary after deducting personal income tax is about 7,607 yuan. The higher the salary, the more deductions. You can search directly on Baidu for [Five Social Insurance and One Fund Calculator], and the calculated result is not much different from the actual one. Next, I will tell you about the “five social insurance and one housing fund” pension insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance, maternity insurance, and housing provident fund. After the statutory retirement age, the pension is received every month, and the conditions: accumulative payment of social security for 15 years and above (note: the longer the payment time, the more the retirement pension). The proportion of payment: 8% for individuals, 19% for companies (salary 1w, personal payment 800 , The company pays 1900) ②Medical insurance basic medical insurance payment ratio: 2% for individuals, 10% for companies (salary 1w, personal payment 200, company payment 1000) ③Unemployment insurance provides material assistance conditions for the unemployed: dismissal without their will ( Be expelled from the company), pay unemployment insurance for one year or more, register for unemployment within 60 days, and have job hunting intentions. (Receipt time limit does not exceed 24 months) Payment ratio: 0.2% for individuals, 0.8% for companies (salary 1w, personal payment 20, company payment 80) ④Work-related injury insurance will be reimbursed if an accident occurs during work and commuting, and employees are injured. A certain percentage of medical expenses. Contribution ratio: Individuals don’t need to pay, the company’s 0.4% (salary 1w, the company’s 24) can’t be written down, [Maternity Insurance] and the most important [Housing Provident Fund] and [Notes] in the last picture, be sure It depends, it’s super important. PS: Recently, many small partners have consulted about job hunting. In today’s difficult job selection and employment difficulties, mastering good interview skills is very important for personal development. Click on the small card below to receive an interview guide for free, and the pro-test is valid!


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

The subject doesn’t need to be forgotten, because it has nothing to do with “cost-effective”. Paying social security for employees is the most basic social responsibility of an enterprise and the most basic manifestation of corporate compliance and legality. It also reflects the company’s attitude towards employees from the side. An enterprise that does not even pay social security, how can we trust the workers? For example, if a work-related injury occurs, do you believe that such a company will compensate you? If a serious illness occurs, will it provide paid sick leave? If layoffs occur, will it have compensation for layoffs? Don’t even think about overtime pay, downtime, salary increase, or promotion. 966-ICU-PPU- workplace bullying, etc., it may happen. Take the emotional relationship as an example. Such a company is a scumbag or a scumbag. We are ordinary workers and cannot afford to walk a tightrope. Choosing such a company is likely to be exhausted physically and mentally, and it is not worth it. Many people complain that every time they find a rubbish job, they profess that they have a “professional scumbag physique”. The root cause often comes from looking for a job and only considering the salary, ignoring the more important things, that is, whether the company abides by legal compliance and corporate social responsibility. Workers, stay away from slag enterprises!

8 months ago

I used to work in the Social Security Bureau, and now I work in finance. If you have a little understanding of this aspect, professional people will not use it for inaccuracies. Is this still tangled? Of course, there is a salary of 3,000 yuan for the five social insurance and one housing fund. In my opinion, the five social insurances and one housing fund are our hidden income. The so-called five insurances, in fact, there are only three insurances with personal deductions: pension, medical and unemployment. These three insurances are ultimately composed of personal deductions and unit commitments. The remaining two risks: work-related injury and childbirth, are borne by the unit. One fund is the housing provident fund, and some units now have two funds, namely: housing provident fund and occupational annuity. These two golds are also part of the personal deduction, and the unit bears part of it. For endowment insurance, for our unit, personal deductions are deducted at 8% of the salary payable, and the unit part is borne by 20% of the payable items. There is no benefit at this stage, and pension insurance can only be reflected after retirement. benefit. Occupational annuity, with 4% deduction for personal deduction and 8% for unit part, is the same as old-age insurance, which can only be reflected after retirement. For medical insurance, personal deduction is 2%, and the unit part is 4%. The medical insurance will also return money in the medical insurance card every month. The returned money is more than the personal deduction. This money is at your own disposal and can only be used for medical treatment. Drug purchase. Medical insurance has been paid continuously for 25 years, and you can continue to enjoy medical insurance after retirement, and you will get money back in your monthly card. Unemployment insurance, 0.5% for individuals, the same ratio for units. Never used it, don’t know. For childbirth, the unit bears 0.5% of the part. This is a very good risk and has never been used. Work-related injuries, 0.2% of the unit part. If the work-related injury insurance is out of danger, it involves work-related injury identification, and the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau is responsible for the work-related injury identification. The housing provident fund is 10% for individuals and 10% for units. The money is put into their own provident fund accounts, and the unit part is not included in the overall fund. Therefore, if the salary reaches 3000, it is actually 76% of the payment that should be paid. If you go back, the payment should be about 4000, and all the unit parts are ultimately their own hidden income, and then 1.43 on the basis of 4000. , That is 5644. So looking at it this way, it is still a good deal for the unit to pay five social insurances and one housing fund. If you pay according to the flexible employees, the five insurances are equivalent to the personal part and the unit part. Moreover, the flexible employees have a fixed base level. This base number will increase every year. For those with insufficient financial resources, It can only be based on the lowest grade, and the payable items of wages are actually higher than the lowest grade, and the social security benefits that can be enjoyed in the end are not as high as the units paid in proportion to the wages. Regarding the two payments for flexible employees, as far as we are concerned, it seems that they cannot pay by themselves, unless they are affiliated with the unit and take on the individual part and the unit part by themselves. Therefore, in the long run, it is better to find a unit that can pay for five social insurances and one housing fund.

8 months ago

This is a false proposition. If you care about money, you must choose 5000! If you care about insurance, you will definitely not ask! I think the point you are worried about is: Is it more cost-effective to have an insurance of 3,000 than 5,000? ! This is what you really care about! Otherwise you would not ask like that! Let me start with the conclusion: if it were me, I would choose 3000+ five insurances and one housing fund! In terms of the payment base, the minimum payment base in most cities has reached 3000 or more. Let’s calculate it at 3000 and settle the account for you! I’m not counting the five insurances, it’s too troublesome, so I will pay you the provident fund! If it is based on the lowest 5%, it is 150 yuan! Multiply it by 2, and it’s 300 yuan! This is 3300! It’s still 1700! These five insurances are almost the same as the personal part and the enterprise part! If you have a full year, you can use the provident fund loan to buy a house! Then the interest rate of pure provident fund is 3.5%, and the interest rate of commercial loan is 4.5%-4.9%! We calculate the difference as 1%! 10,000×1%=100 yuan and 300,000 yuan×1%=3000 yuan seems to be not much difference, but don’t forget that whether it is equal principal or equal principal and interest, it is a compound interest calculation! If you have a friend who has experienced combination loans, you can understand the truth and save a lot of money compared to pure commercial loans! At least tens of thousands! Let’s go back and talk about the five risks. If you don’t have five insurances, you can only pay for the treatment at your own expense. How much is this? You don’t have the five insurances. If you are injured at work, you think you are unlucky. How much is this? If you don’t have the five insurances, you can’t get the maternity allowance. How much is this? You don’t have five insurances and you can’t get a pension after retirement. How much is this? You don’t have five insurances and you can’t get unemployment benefits if you are dismissed from the company. How much is this? If you are fired and you do not have five social insurances and one housing fund, you do not know how much economic compensation the company will pay you! If you are fired, you will have no working experience when you look for a job again! You think you take more money every month, but in fact you don’t know how much money you saved for the company! So stop asking such meaningless questions. If you don’t believe in national policies and welfare, you have to listen to the brainwashing of companies. Who do you say is really taking advantage?

8 months ago

Of course, there are no five social insurances and one housing fund of 5000. Isn’t this illegal? Yes, but it is the company and the boss who are breaking the law. What are you afraid of? The protection you should have is still there-if a work injury occurs, you can ask the company to bear all work injury compensation! If a serious illness occurs, you can ask the company to bear the expenses that should have been paid by medical insurance! If you don’t want to do it, you can still ask for compensation when you resign, because the “Labor Contract Law” stipulates: Article 38 If the employer has one of the following circumstances, the worker can terminate the labor contract: (1) Failure to comply with the provisions of the labor contract Provide labor protection or labor conditions; (2) Failure to pay labor remuneration in full and on time; (3) Failure to pay social insurance premiums for employees in accordance with the law; (4) The employer’s rules and regulations violate laws and regulations and cause damage The rights and interests of workers; (5) The labor contract is invalid due to the circumstances specified in the first paragraph of Article 26 of this law; (6) Other circumstances where the labor contract can be terminated by laws and administrative regulations. If the employer uses violence, threats, or illegally restricts personal freedom to force the worker to work, or the employer violates the rules and regulations or forces risky operations to endanger the worker’s personal safety, the worker can immediately terminate the labor contract without prior notice to the employer. . Under these circumstances, the laborer can terminate the labor contract at any time, and the enterprise must also compensate. In addition, you can file a complaint with the Labor Bureau (Humanities and Social Security Bureau) at any time, and ask the company to pay social security and provident funds.

8 months ago

Companies that can afford five social insurances and one housing fund, and can recruit people, should all be good companies that have not gone bankrupt. There is no five social insurance and one housing fund. Five thousand is actually quite a lot. You can set aside part of it to pay the pension, but it seems that you can’t pay the provident fund yourself? When we buy a house locally, we have a provident fund loan with a down payment of 20% and a commercial loan with a down payment of 50%. Life is hard and there are choices, which is a good thing. If there is a choice, there are five social insurances and one housing fund, 10,000 yuan, and no five social insurances and one housing fund, 20,000 yuan, which is acceptable in most places.

8 months ago

If you must choose between five social insurances and one housing fund of 3,000 yuan and no five social insurances and one housing fund of 5,000 yuan, I suggest that you must choose 3,000 yuan with five social insurances and one housing fund. First, you can enjoy some existing benefits by paying social security. For example, in Beijing, you can apply for minibus lottery qualification and home purchase qualification after paying social security for five years, enjoy children’s schooling, point settlement and other benefits. At the same time, social security is also used as a certificate for many commercial loan applications. Employers from other places can enjoy the same medical conditions in Beijing as locals in Beijing, and set up files for childbirth nearby. The five insurances include endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work injury insurance, and maternity insurance. Endowment insurance and medical insurance are very important, and they are related to medical insurance to see a doctor, as well as future pensions. The provident fund is a state compulsory unit and individual who store a part of their wages in the provident fund account and use it for savings for various purposes related to housing that may be used in the future. In some cases, part of the provident fund and social security can be raised.

8 months ago

If you get 3000 after deducting five social insurances and one housing fund. not much differences. If you don’t need money, choose 3,000, and if you don’t have money, choose 5,000. But if the five insurances and one housing fund are not deducted and only 3000, it must be more cost-effective to choose 5000. However, it is not recommended to buy flexible employment social insurance, because if you can find a company affiliate to purchase social insurance, you will find that the social insurance purchased by the company will even be cheaper than the flexible employment purchased by you. Like last year’s epidemic, the minimum cost of a company is more than 400 yuan a month, while the individual’s flexible employment is still more than 1,000 a month. What is the key? More than 400 key people’s companies have five insurances, namely unemployment, work injury, medical care, pension and childbirth. The only flexible employment is pension and medical care. Therefore, it is not recommended to purchase flexible employment. As for the fund, that is, the housing provident fund, it is good to be happy. After all, this is really the icing on the cake in my heart. The most important thing is still pension and medical care. But in fact, that’s the case for old-age care, and it’s a blessing to be able to reach retirement now.

8 months ago

There are five insurances and one housing fund, and the salary is 3000, which is a good deal. Pension, medical care, unemployment, work-related injury, maternity insurance + provident fund-the five insurances and one housing fund are really complete, indicating that the company has the basic conditions for “obeying the law”. If you don’t even have this condition, let alone raise your salary in the future, anything that pits you may be done! any! The salary of 3000, including five social insurances and one housing fund, is actually 4000+. If you include the company’s payment, it will exceed 5000. Moreover, you have more protection. Unemployment, sickness, work-related injuries… can withstand many risks, and you can learn more about provident fund loans. The important thing is repeated again: if a company does not even pay the five insurances and one housing fund, it is possible to do anything!

8 months ago

There is a salary of 3000 for five social insurances and one housing fund and a salary of 5000 for five social insurances and one housing fund. I will calculate this for you. If you have five social insurances and one housing fund of 3000, your medical insurance plus your provident fund plus your hand salary is 3,000 plus It should be up to 5,000 yuan, and the deduction of 5,000 yuan after five insurances and one housing fund will make up more than 4500. So you should still choose the first one. Why? First, you will be the second when you see a doctor. The salary should be more affordable because people will have some illnesses, colds, fevers, and exhaustion after all, and then the five social insurances and one housing fund is one catty, the provident fund, which is something that you can raise after retirement and it is not a lump sum. Small expenses, that’s your thing, that’s your money, so you have to do the calculations. Don’t just look at it. If you don’t pay five social insurances and one housing fund, I can get a little more money, but in fact you paid five insurances and one housing fund. There will also be corresponding medical insurance, work-related injury insurance, endowment insurance, and when you rent a house in the future, or when you use the name of renting a house to withdraw the provident fund, you will know the benefits.

8 months ago

From the perspective of wages, social security is not cost-effective. If you break down the wage items with social security, social security will definitely be cost-effective. 1. Pension comparison: compare the total wages for 10 years of service, and the wages without social security are more than 240,000. First of all, you can enjoy the lowest level of retirement pension after paying the minimum level of social security for 15 years. If you pay enough social security for 20 years, the minimum pension is 1,500 yuan per month. If you survive from 60 retirement to 75 years old, 15 years can be Get a pension of about 270,000 yuan. If you continue to pay, pay more and pay more. Is it okay if you wait until you are 50 years old? Now social security policies are different, which may be difficult. 2. Medical insurance comparison: Each area has different medical insurance reimbursement standards, but at least you can enjoy a minimum reimbursement ratio of 70. If there is a major illness in 10 years, 100,000 surgery, hospitalization, medicine and other medical expenses can be reimbursed at least 60,000-70,000. Without medical insurance, you have to personally bear it. 3. Comparison of housing provident fund: the standards are different in different regions. If the minimum individual payment is 200, the unit has to pay 200. A total of 400 yuan per month, one quarter can withdraw 1,200 yuan, one year can withdraw 4800 yuan, and 15 years can be withdrawn 72,000 yuan. Without comparing unemployment benefits and accident insurance, a rough calculation of social security can at least get 27+7.2=342,000 yuan, and the standard for non-payment of five insurances and one housing fund is only 240,000 yuan. If major medical expenses occur, it may be Your 240,000 yuan is not enough to pay. Therefore, if you don’t pay the five social insurances and one housing fund, the gains will not pay off.

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