On March 15th, Spain, according to the British Guardian, the Spanish government recently accepted the proposal of a four-day work system. Meetings will be held in the next few weeks to discuss the possibility of implementation. The government indicated that it could take the lead in launching small-scale pilot projects for interested companies. The Spanish Electoral Union stated that the time has come to work 32 hours a week, and Spain will become one of the first countries in the world to implement a four-day work system.

Quite interesting. If these people only work 32 hours a week, then take 80% of their salary, and take three days off just to bask in the sun on the beach near their home, then of course it’s okay. It may even solve the local employment rate (equivalent to a few shifts, and Spain’s employment rate has been worrying). If these people dream of spending an extra day in each week for spending (shopping or long-distance vacation trips), then they will soon start complaining that their income is not enough to spend on recreational entertainment. Even if their annual salary remains unchanged. Income in Spain is very low in Europe. One-and-a-half days of consumption a week (if not open in many places on Sundays, half a day is counted) becomes two and a half days a week, which is not a small increase. (Actually, I have heard a lot of such complaints in Europe. Many people complain that they are so poor and don’t know where to go and what to do on vacation…) However, if they work four days a week and their salary remains the same, it is estimated that the bosses will also Can’t hold on for long… (2021.03.18. Addition: Someone told me that the Spanish government made up the difference and the salary remained unchanged… I was really shocked by the wealth and generosity of the Spanish government! I don’t know how long this act of making up the difference can last. ……) In fact, after my second child, I only work three and a half days a week, 28.5 hours/week. Similar to the survival status of the subject. The two babies feel really tired when they are making trouble, and they feel bored when they eat and play by themselves. Originally, the extra time to travel was really good, but now that the new crown seals the country, it is boring to wander around the door every day. Fortunately, my family is in a scenic area. Everyone has also seen that I have been playing minimalist and divorced in my home for the past two years. Therefore, I admire Spain’s proposal to increase vacations during the new crowning of the country. Are they going to stay three days a week? According to statistics, single young people have nowhere to go during the new crown, depression and appointments have grown rapidly. In fact, there are too many vacations and it is not as good as everyone thinks.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Many people have already analyzed the facts very clearly. Spain was one of the five countries of the European Pigs (PIGS). When the term of the five European pigs was born, Spain’s unemployment rate was a problem. It is already very serious, especially the youth unemployment rate, which has always remained high. In the 2013 UEFA Champions League match, the Spanish duo were eliminated by the Bundesliga duo. At that time, commentators pointed out that when they were at home in Spain, there were many German fans and young people who came to watch the football. But when it was at home in Germany, There are obviously fewer Spanish fans, especially young fans, that come to Germany. One of the reasons is that Spain’s economy is not very good, especially the unemployment rate of young people is too high. Many people live on relief funds and usually watch them locally. A ball is okay, but it’s very tight to travel internationally. Now Spain wants to solve the employment problem for its young people and find a way out. At the moment, it seems that the only effective way is to evenly distribute the work that one person can do and divide it among two people, so that everyone has work to do. , Can have an income, although the income may be reduced, but there is no way, everyone’s life is not easy, just average it! This further highlights the unreasonableness of some of our crazy companies that engage in 996. These companies engage in 996 only to improve efficiency, let one person do three people’s work, and then pay him two people’s salary. This is obviously unreasonable. Sooner or later, people who have work will die, those who have no work will die poor, and the unemployed will have to be controlled by the algorithm and race against time. We need to slow down and give young people a chance to breathe.

8 months ago

I was working in a local Spanish company, and I was a little bit dumbfounded when I saw the answers from the “hermits from Marx and Marx” upstairs. First of all, this four-day work system is not a benefit. The original intention is to boost the country’s sluggish employment rate. The reality is that Spain’s unemployment rate was already astoundingly high before the epidemic. According to official statistics, the unemployment rate of the working population under the age of 25 is 31.5%. It reached 42% twice during the worst of the epidemic, even now. (As of January 2021) 39.9% of young people still cannot find a job. In the overall labor market over the age of 24, 14.4% of the working-age population is currently unemployed. This data can be described as shocking. At this time, the government proposed the “four-day work system” entirely to provide more job opportunities for the unemployed, rather than to improve the working conditions of the employed population. It is foreseeable that under the premise that the overall cake is limited, the Spanish government is constrained by the European Union, unable to exercise independent monetary policy, and has no monetary tools on hand. Therefore, this so-called “four-day work system” initiative is essentially a turbulence. (Playing Monkey) Trick. ——Understand the anger of Marx and Engels about your country, but even if you want to reflect on experience and lessons, you have to find a decent opponent, right? There is no way that there will be one after another filial piety against Spain.

8 months ago

I have never worked or lived in Spain, but I did consider this country carefully. Spain has the Cervantes Center in Beijing, and some of the embassy’s counselor’s offices are also there. Those who want to know more about Spain can visit it. It should be said that the four-day work system is not too rich in Spain. How the industrial assembly line works under this arrangement is unknown. I think Spain’s arrangement is mainly to consider the service industry centered on tourism and to solve the high unemployment rate of young people. Spain’s tourism industry is indeed unique. Europeans not only go there for sightseeing, but there are also a large number of elderly people who go to care for the elderly for a long time. This is the easiest way to make money. If their population is small enough, they can live well on this alone. In the ranks of high-income countries in the world, about ten island countries are based solely on tourism. Although the epidemic has greatly affected them, they will soon recover after normal. China obviously cannot be compared with these countries, and relying on tourism to build a country will not become a powerful country. But it is indeed a pie in the sky, and Japan has begun to take it extremely seriously. Personally, my multilingual ability has the greatest effect in the tourism industry, so I think about it a bit more.

8 months ago

Resolutely watch out for the West to play Marx and Marx! We are about to postpone working hours and postpone retirement. Why did we try it out for four days after winning? We have all implemented it for seven days. The boss said: Time is squeezed out. You can work 25 hours a day. In fact, we can also work a day. The bridge asks for food for one day and eats instant noodles for a week. Hard work, come on, we have to work, so work has become a part of life, but work is not all of life. I am not sour. I agree with what the hot review says. what? You ask me why I bend over? Let me summarize: if you feel that your homeland is not good, then you have to work hard to build it (positive energy)

8 months ago

Facing the employment pressure of young people. Land A has reduced working hours and provided more jobs, but wages have also been reduced due to the reduction in working hours. Land B also reduces wages (or raises the price level while wages remain unchanged), but instead increases working hours. As a result, B land relied on cheap labor prices to get more orders and maintain employment. Conclusion: The people in Jiadi are all fools. The so-called union in Jiadi protects workers too hypocritically and prevents capitalists from gaining a competitive advantage by prolonging working hours. This hinders social development and creates high unemployment. The place is called a weak old capitalist country.

8 months ago

Coordinates in Barcelona, Spain, spit out. It takes two or three months to apply for a bank card here, and you will be sealed off at every turn for you to pay. Make an appointment for the cita before doing business. If you don’t make an appointment, you will find a way to buy it from the scalper. After I bought the cita, I have to wait for the work to be done. The student residence card now takes an average of two months to make, and some haven’t gotten it for almost half a year (forced to become a black household). Working hours are not much, but the unemployment rate is scary. Moreover, wages have not increased or even regressed for a long time. The average per capita is about 1200-1500 Euros (current exchange rate is 1:7.7). The rent is quite high, about 400 euros a month for a bedroom, and prices are about the same as in Beijing. There are many thieves throughout the country, but many of them are from outside. In addition, the epidemic has severely hit the tourism industry here, and young people begging for food can be seen on the roadside. PS: I really can’t stand the extremely slow efficiency and bureaucracy here. But the scenery is really beautiful, the climate is excellent, and the locals are friendly and enthusiastic, suitable for elderly care.

8 months ago

I was still working overtime and lying flat, and I had the urge to just hit adrenaline. I asked the leader to theorize. First blow the news and forward this news to the circle of friends, which is only visible to leading colleagues. In less than five minutes, the secretary called everyone to a meeting. It seems that the leader has exactly got what I want. “Seeing that you don’t want to work overtime, I have a meeting to cheer everyone up.” The manager held a cup full of tea. “Thank you for your leadership.” All flatters. “Everyone thinks that Spain has a four-hour work schedule, what do you think?” The manager always thundered silently. “The Spanish people are very happy.” The accountant Liu Lao youtiao. “Give you a four-day shift, eight hours a day, what do you think” the manager said lightly. “That’s not good, how do you calculate the salary?” Old Liu Jing’s monkey was the same. “The basic salary is 20% off. Even if the overtime pay is paid, the year-end bonus is also forgotten.” “I am not as rich as the Spanish people, so forget it. I rely on overtime pay.” “Who else wants to enjoy the same treatment as Spain? I’m sure.” The manager blew the tea powder from the cup. He didn’t look up either. “I applied for a four-day work system.” “It’s really not bad for money.” The manager looked up and realized that it was Miss Li at the front desk. The little girl’s house has just been demolished, and she seems a little emboldened. The manager was speechless for a while and looked at Xiao Li. Everyone bowed their heads, watching the play, holding back a smile. “Done?” The manager felt embarrassed not to say anything. “Think about it, you approve, and I won’t come every Friday. I don’t work overtime on weekends, eight hours a day.” Xiao Li feels good that he is not bad. “Okay, you write an application, and I approve it.” The manager was angry, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, and he was flat again. It feels like an idea came out. Xiao Li scribbled out the application and handed it to the manager. The manager swiped his pen and approved it. Throwing the pen, he took away the teacup. Xiao Li didn’t come on Friday. On Monday, the manager sent a warning notice to Xiao Li, saying that he was given a warning for absenteeism. Xiao Li didn’t come again on Friday. The manager’s notice of dismissal was sent to Xiao Li. Warn twice and terminate the contract. Everyone will never mention this again, if it wasn’t for Xiao Li’s application for labor arbitration. Xiao Li won, and the company paid a lot of money. It is said that it was the manager’s signature, which played a big role. The chairman transferred the manager to an idle position for coordination, and completely ignored him. The old man at the door also glanced at him lazily. He needs everyone to cooperate, no one cooperates with him. I made several mistakes in my work, and of course I couldn’t coordinate. The cancellation of the contract was in his hands. Also learn to go to arbitration. Lost three games. At the end of his career, he retired more than 20 years early.

8 months ago

The development of history is getting closer and closer to the next crossroads. It is possible that our generation will have the opportunity to witness historical changes. With the further development of AI, more and more jobs will only be replaced by machines and computers in the future, just as machines replaced humans and horses after the industrial revolution. In this case, society faces two choices. To the left, to distribute the wealth created by society more equitably. Under the circumstance that the total amount of work is decreasing and the wealth created remains unchanged or even more and more, maintaining everyone’s income and maintaining everyone’s employment, but let everyone work hours Less, people have more time and energy to do their own things and fulfill their own ideals. This is a process of liberation for people. Such a society will move forward towards socialism and finally realize communism. To the right, more and more people are unemployed, and laborers are eliminated faster and earlier. However, because the total social wealth is large enough, the upper class will also provide the lower class with food and clothing guarantees at least to survive in order to maintain stability. , There will be a state where science and technology are highly developed, but a large number of people are living in poverty. This kind of society will gradually move towards cyberpunk of high Technology low life. In short, let’s witness history together.

8 months ago

I really feel that at the same level of development, the Chinese government’s level of care for the people, the Chinese people’s standard of living must be higher than that of other countries. The reason why we are so tired now is that the level of development is still too low. If one day, China’s GDP per capita has reached the level of Europe and the United States, and the Chinese must have lived better than them. What we should do now is to pursue welfare that matches the current level of development, such as implementing a 40-hour work system, fair distribution, etc., instead of benchmarking Those European welfare countries blindly pursue high welfare, such as the 32-hour work system, free of charge for birth, old age, sickness and death. Everyone wants these benefits, but the objective restriction is that they can’t do it. Forcibly increasing welfare is digging holes for future generations.

8 months ago

In the comments, there are many yygq questions. The question is about Spain. So I said my views on Spain. My view is that Spain did this. It is estimated that the internal problems have become more serious. What’s in the comments? Yygq got up without saying what you want to hear? The country has lost growth, and even its stock is declining. In order to bridge internal conflicts, it has to take the next step. I went to an Italian classmate’s house before. His dad was a small business owner and ran a liquefied gas distribution business in a small city. Hired a guy, and the old guy told me that when he was young, the Italian economy was very good. He did several jobs by himself, and he could not finish the work every day. Now that the economy is running low, there is only this one left. It’s because I have been working with the boss for a long time, so I stayed there all the time. So the problem in Spain should be very serious now, and this job has to be broken.

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