On March 12, Harbin, Heilongjiang. In the classroom of Jiutian Art School, a girl quarreled with the male squad leader because of the toilet problem. After that, the male squad leader rushed to beat the girl. The two sides pushed and shoved the girl and the girl was pushed down. Both sides were injured to varying degrees. The male squad leader was fined 500 yuan by the public security organ, and the girl was fined 200 yuan. In response to this, the girl said that she did not hit anyone and could not understand the result of the punishment.

It reflects that more and more new generations of young people’s spiritual homes are poisoned by indifferent conflicts of consciousness on the Internet. Post-60s and 70s: Going online is to watch a lively picture and have a good time. The most important thing for them is based on their real life. Their emotions, beliefs, values, etc. are also derived from real life, and what happens on the Internet Things are a dispensable addition to them, and they will never over-participate. Post-80s and post-90s: It is the generation that began to interweave the Internet and real life. Most people began to contact the Internet when they were adolescents. Acknowledge the importance of real life, but cannot do without the Internet for various reasons such as life, work and entertainment. The Internet is the second spiritual home of our generation. Everyone is willing to express their opinions on the Internet, form gangs, and even break out conflicts, such as the emperor’s expedition, the suit to fight the dungeon, and the boxing ship certificate. But we seldom let the affairs of the Second Spiritual Homeland affect real life. We distinguish the reality of the Internet very clearly. In reality, the masters of Nanquan on the Internet are likely to be friends of women in reality. For us, the Internet is just a place where we can vent our emotions by radicalizing problems and conflicts. No one wants to offend friends in reality. After 00 and 10: Many of this generation have access to the Internet before the age of five, and can be regarded as aboriginals of the Internet. When the post-80s and post-90s were still playing hide and seek, they had already started surfing the Internet with their mobile phones in their arms. They stay on the Internet longer and longer, and the impact they receive is greater and greater. The online conflicts and contradictions of the post-80s and post-90s have gradually affected their minds, and even more will move this ideological struggle to In reality, fight against the people around you. For the sake of some people on the Internet, it is a sad world to ignore the beautiful family and friendship love in real life.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

The first time I heard that the squad leader is divided into male squad leaders and female squad leaders, who are in charge of male and female classmates in the class separately. (I haven’t seen it before, don’t hesitate.) Should he be the squad leader and deputy squad leader? ! This title is also considered to have ulterior motives. Some respondents said that this class is for men to take care of men and women to take care of women. If this is the case, this management method itself has certain problems and is not conducive to getting along with students. If you fight a fight just because you are too small to go to the toilet, it feels a bit immature. It’s not worth it if you’re classmates and see you without looking up.

8 months ago

The network penetration is too fast. Everything can be related to power or not. Sometimes I feel that some things that are very irritating can happen again and again. If a movie or TV series is shot like this, I don’t believe it, I just say “nonsense”. But the reality is there, and it really is even more outrageous. I don’t know if it’s spreading too much now? Leading to a qualitative change in some concepts. In fact, I have never understood what rights do not, and I have always thought that these are the words that have meaning when some people on the Internet are arguing. But to this day, it turns out that these are not only that, but they have really penetrated into some people’s hearts. Even when they go to the toilet, they can remember these concepts. I have to say that they have been spread firmly and ruthlessly enough, and they are widely and deeply rooted. ! Really suggest that you need to be careful when surfing the Internet. Sometimes what you think is nothing but what you think. You try your best to support and believe, but in the end, you just need to feed some people who need some support for their opinions. As for the morals and concepts behind it, in many cases it is just which media spread it for the purpose of dissemination. Really, don’t be too convinced, have your own thinking, brothers and sisters! The bosses are not young anymore, and all kinds of things on the Internet are very few in many cases. Because of their scarcity, they are curious and even made a fuss about them. So when you start to believe in these things, extremes may also begin. Everyone is an ordinary person, and ordinary ideas will do.

8 months ago

Don’t tell me, I’ve seen cases where men and women can qualitatively fight each other. A children’s dance class was on a bench outside the classroom where parents were waiting. A child’s grandmother (51 years old) stepped on the stool with one foot and looked at the glass window. The children went to class. A child’s mother went over and said that the stool was made by everyone. Don’t step on dirty. The child’s grandmother feels that she has no face, so she screams at the child’s mother. Can you control it? The quarrel began, and the two sides talked more and more. When they couldn’t talk, the child’s grandmother took her mobile phone and called her son, a tall man with a big waist and a big waist. As soon as the man came, he asked his mother who was arguing with him, and his mother pointed, the man slapped the woman’s head several times without saying anything. The woman was completely blinded at first, and when she reacted, she kicked the man because the man was nearly 20 cm taller than her. Of course, this kick was not kicked. One aspect of the leg is not long enough. Fight hard with the man. (All of the above process was monitored and video was taken, and the case was studied many times.) Someone called the police to the police, so the two were injured. The female was slightly injured, but the man was not injured. The police in this police station had similar views with the police in the question, and they beat each other because the woman kicked the man in the false kick. The last man is detained for 5 days, and assault is generally detained for 5-10 days. This is the lower limit. The woman was detained for 3 days, and the assault was still applicable. The circumstances were minor. What I want to talk about here is equality between men and women. The views of the police in the two cases of public security management punishment are quite interesting. Isn’t it arguing that men and women are equal? ​​Therefore, men and women must be treated equally when fighting each other. Here comes the problem. Are men equal? Of course it’s more equal, right. However, fights between males and males are generally based on the theory of injury. The injured person is classified as the victim, and the injured person is classified as the assailant. According to the severity of the injury, the victim is slightly injured and is subject to administrative punishment. The victim was criminally punished for minor injuries or more. How come men and women fight, as long as they stretch out their hands and raise their legs, they are defined as fighting each other, even if one side is injured and the other side is not. Fighting can be said to be a real use of force. How do you look at this matter, it seems a bit of a lack of military ethics. Just like power sports, boxing, judo, wrestling, etc., let alone different genders, the same gender should be divided into weights. Let the heavyweights be compared with the lightweights. Then it is not called bullying in competitions, right? It can be said that both of them are male, that is, they are equal, and they can fight each other. Switching back to the issue of equality between men and women, it is normal to understand that equality between men and women refers to equality in rights, such as equal pay for equal work. What kind of logic can be understood as equality of power, such as the equality of men and women in fighting? If this logic makes sense, can it be understood that everything can be equal to men and women? Does it include giving birth?

8 months ago

The description of this subject is weird. What police made the two of them “settled by fighting each other”? Maybe you want to say “closing the case”? But it is true that the reason for fighting each other is “equality between men and women”? It seems that I haven’t seen the exact explanation. However, this does reflect a problem, and that is the standard for determining “mutual fights.” There is a fight against each other that is not controversial, that is, two people have an “agreement” in advance. It may be triggered temporarily. For example, when two people quarrel, one person says, “Believe it or not, I blow your head?” Another person says “Look at who blows whom?” Then the two start their hands. He may also have a more pre-existing “covenant”, the most typical one may be the so-called “group fight.” But there are still many so-called “fights” that are controversial in practice. For example, “defense”, which many people find incomprehensible, is regarded as “fighting each other.” After all, if you understand that “fighting each other” means that both parties have subjective intentions to infringe each other, but objectively they have committed acts of infringing each other, so it seems that the defenders can indeed be regarded as “fighting each other.” On the other side: Doesn’t he just want to force him to stop the assault by assaulting the person who hurt him on the other side? The problem is that with this understanding of “fighting each other,” the right of defense is almost impossible to exist, which is obviously inappropriate. If concepts such as “self-inflicted infringement” or “defensive provocation” are introduced, the problem becomes more complicated. For example, there is a classic case: A took a knife and pointed at B on the street and cursed. If you dare not chop me, call me Dad. When B heard this, he really picked up another knife and wanted to chop A, and the two scrambled together. In the chaos, A used his own knife to severely wound B. This case has a prototype in practice. The court did not determine that A was a defense, but convicted A of intentional injury. To sort it out, A’s infringement (or the upcoming infringement) from B was purely self-invoked, but is this enough to deny his right to defense? In particular, although A’s self-recruitment is illegal (insulting others’ reputation rights), when B tried to attack A, A has stopped the infringement, and B can stop A or eliminate A’s behavior by other means. As a result, you can’t really kill people just to prove that you are not a son, right? So from this point of view, does A’s self-inflicted infringement really make him not have the right to defense? If we are talking abstractly, does it mean that as long as the perpetrator is beaten by others, it is self-invited, then as long as he beats back, he can only “fight each other” instead of “defense”? Some scholars have summed it up very well. There should be no “moral cleanliness” in the determination of the right to defense. Finally come back to this incident. At present, I don’t have enough information to judge who scolded someone first and who did it first. But in my opinion, one cannot simply think that “as long as the two parties quarrel and then both start their hands, they must be fighting each other.” For example, if the man disagrees with the woman going to the toilet, the woman scolds something terrible, and then the man moves his hand. In this case, if the woman fights back, is it necessary to say, “Although you were beaten, you asked for it yourself, so if you fight back, at most it is a fight”? This issue is worthy of reflection. Of course, there are two points that need to be explained. First, I am not opposed to the qualitative nature of the case. I just put forward some theoretical issues that need to be explored. Because I haven’t seen the official announcement so far, I am still looking forward to seeing a clear reason if “mutual fighting” is really identified. Second, I did not say that the woman has the right to defend. The previous example is just to illustrate the problem of self-inflicted abuse, which is a hypothetical situation. If a friend of yours is uncomfortable, you can also replace the example I gave earlier with a statement like “If the man scolds the woman, it is hard to hear, and the woman moves her hand first, then the man has the right to fight back.”

8 months ago

1. When girls go to the bathroom, they are feminist, shocked. This incident is obviously the fault of the male squad leader, why not let people go to the toilet? Going to the toilet is a normal physiological phenomenon and cannot be controlled. Why should you hit someone? What does it have to do with women’s rights? Does this male squad leader have to go through everyone to give him rights when he goes to the toilet? Do you have basic knowledge and empathy? 2. In fact, the ending is also a mystery, aren’t girls defending themselves? Do you stand and let him fight? 3. After watching this video, I feel sad. The term feminism is obviously a very just term, but it is confounded by people who fist indiscriminately on the Internet and people who irritate women indiscriminately-the term feminism is constantly being distorted. It is clear that women should be protected, but the opposite is true. It makes women’s situation worse. Now, just look at the surfing platform. Under news that involves gender antagonism, or even no direct contact at all, there will always be comments and behaviors that pollute women’s rights in the message area (whether it’s gangbang or gangsters, they will all be regarded as Acts that defile women’s rights). In such a network environment, some people start to ridicule when it comes to women’s rights. Even now it has gone from the role of the network to the reality, directly beating people? In this era, it is not uncommon for elementary and middle school students to have a mobile phone. I can no longer imagine whether anyone would use “feminism” to ridicule others on campus, and I can’t imagine whether elementary school students now open their mouths and make jokes about feminism.

8 months ago

Why is it all about him? I don’t understand what it has to do with male power and feminist power. Male power and feminist power also include the ability to beat people? Which country’s rights, China is not used to you, so hurry up. The problem is that the law education in this school is not in place. It is also possible that this man knows the law and breaks the law and loses our man’s face. It is estimated that in two days, someone will pick up whether the beaten woman has any melons. I hope she has no bad rumors. I found that as long as the victim is a woman, someone will pick her up. As long as there is a little taint, it will be There are a bunch of people who say that the male monitor is doing well. I personally think that no matter how bad a person’s character is, it should not be you and me who punish him, but life and the law. (If no one picks it up, then the boxer’s brain has finally improved, and I will feel very pleased.) There are also people who blame the marketing account, and I am puzzled. Who is the normal person to be brainwashed by the marketing account? I’m a high school student, isn’t it that I’ve been brainwashed since I was born, and I don’t have the correct values ​​and three views? I believe that most people will feel very disdainful of this kind of rubbish remarks. If you are too idle, you can recite the core values ​​of society several times. After that, if someone breaks the law, don’t catch the person who breaks the law. You can destroy the earth so that no one will commit a crime and laugh to death. I am very curious whether this type of male boxing is the same as female boxing in reality. It is a reverse of women (not in black women). Normally responsible and orthodox-educated men will not do such things as beating women. Yes, (it’s not right to hit a man), and I don’t think it’s a good fight, and it’s simply inexplicable to hit someone for this. I also say something about feminism. If you have a problem with your own behavior, you have to find a pot. By the way, is it difficult to understand the division of male and female monitors? When I was in high school, I also divided monitors into male and female monitors, not the principal and deputy (not a remote city, and I don’t say anything about it. Some people in the province said that my area is superior. , You haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or is incorrect, it makes sense at least). Let’s make an analogy. In case the little girl in the class wants to talk to the monitor or have any privacy issues, how do you let the elders solve the little girl’s problem? Does the old man blush? The other side is the same. If two boys in the class are playing, our class is blown black whistle, and we ask the representative of the class leader to comment. Can ordinary girls explain it? (There is no meaning that black girls don’t understand the ball.) All day long, patriarchal rights are equal rights, and women’s rights are equal rights. It’s time to avoid suspicion. Isn’t the class divided into two gangs, everyone is as sinister as you? If the male squad leader can’t handle the matter, he will find the female squad leader. If the female squad leader can’t handle the things, he will find the male squad leader. If he can’t handle the things, he will find the teacher. We live together peacefully and support each other. Human society should be like this, not the situation it is today. Properly defend rights, don’t let people who are truly treated unfairly fail to be fair and just. It is also said that the division of male and female monitors is for the purpose of confrontation. When the term confrontation was not invented, we did not confront each other. Why don’t you just separate men and women? Everyone enters the same toilet and does the same thing. There is a difference between doing the same thing. The thing is antagonism? (I’m more honest. Some people give examples, but I can’t think of them.) There are also examples of one country, two systems. I also admire its brain circuits. You are an undercover agent sent by Taiwan independence and Hong Kong independence. Put the doubtful comments I encountered here, I don’t understand what this person wants to express, no more, nothing.

8 months ago

Finally, I can say that I changed my gender, and I have commented over ten thousand times. Many boys think that “female boxing” (let me just talk about it) is to step on the man’s feet. Wrong, they are scared, they just want to stay away. What I see is that women are afraid of men and men hate women. The noble Zhihu er looks down on bilibili, post it, Weibo. There is one thing to say, every time I play Zhihu, I am not happy because it is too extreme. Do you know that there is no registration threshold? Look down on this and look down on that all day. Some extreme patriarchs want women to die. I have seen a strange flower, saying that women will be wiped out after the artificial uterus is invented. I don’t think so, because men and women have no intellectual advantages or disadvantages. Moreover, after the artificial uterus is invented, production should not require physical labor. Women will not have the company willing to ask because of fertility issues

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8 months ago

If it is the same as the summary, the male squad leader is in charge of boys, the female squad leader is in charge of girls, and the female squad leader does not prevent the male squad leader from managing boys to go to the toilet. What’s on the top of his head? Wouldn’t it be the same if a girl goes to the bathroom and he lets a boy go to the bathroom? Some people are too much affected by the Internet, they can’t tell the reality and can’t think, and they are full of eyes that they are wronged, right? Just like I saw the problem that girls do not take the initiative two days ago, some boys are hostile to girls in this problem. They think girls should take the initiative to ask boys to associate, be enthusiastic and generous, and be gentle, otherwise you will live for girls. It’s time to be left! Anyway, our boys improperly lick the dog. The so-called licking of the dog should mean that no matter how much the other person doesn’t care about him, he perseveres in silent dedication, just like the idol drama male two female two. But these boys’ cognition is obviously biased. They think that licking dogs means that if others do not treat them as licking dogs, then they are licking dogs. The better thing is that if I take the initiative two more times, as long as I feel that I have paid more, although it may not be as good as the contribution to a normal friend, I will become a dog. How can a woman be used to her? Not being enthusiastic about me might be using me as a spare tire, so I have to wait for her to take the initiative! When men and women are full of antagonism, there will be no specific analysis of specific issues. This male squad leader understands it even more erroneously. Even if it is female boxing, it is because they have hurt the boys and asked them to do their best to enjoy possession without giving back. What about women’s rights that boys understand? It may be that girls do not follow the requirements of boys, and girls are called feminist if they do not obey. I didn’t ask the boys to go to the toilet. You girls deserve to be beaten if you dare to go to the toilet first. I think that in reality, doing this boxing or that boxing is either the life is too good or the life is too bad.

8 months ago

This boy was obviously affected by the issue of the confrontation between men and women on the Internet, otherwise he would not blurt out any feminist rights (perhaps he was talking about women’s boxing?) and after a class spanning half of the classroom just to fight a girl. Going out Anyway, in reality, I have never encountered such a strong sense of gender antagonism. It feels very inexplicable, and I have been dazzled by online comments? ? ? Who will play this set with you in reality?

8 months ago

Regarding the consequences of women’s misogyny, observation shows that they are misogynistic and misogynistic, and they rarely attack men inexplicably because of hatred. The more extreme practice in this group (implemented in practice) may be abortion, which hurts his own body. But more people choose not to marry and have infertility, 6B4T to be precise. 6B: Don’t marry a man, don’t give birth, don’t fall in love with a man, don’t make love with a man, don’t buy misogynistic products, single women help each other 4T: get rid of corset, get rid of religion, get rid of otaku culture, get rid of idols (regardless of gender) And misogynistic men are different. Foreign countries have similar terrorist organizations, the notorious incel, which organizes offline activities in an organized manner, and has been blacklisted by some countries. The probability of this group taking illegal actions and venting hatred to innocent people is very high. From a national perspective, it is a very unstable factor. In contrast, more extreme behaviors of misogynistic men and women are directed at themselves, and more extreme behaviors of misogynistic men are directed at other people. If it develops, it is easy to form organizations like cults and terrorism, which is a very unstable risk factor. In general, the disgust of a certain group for a certain group has nothing to do with ordinary people at all, but this sentiment should not be vented on innocent people, should not endanger the safety of the people, and should not intensify conflicts and affect the lives of ordinary people. The fashionable answer, I didn’t want to fall into disputes and chose to be anonymous. After thinking about it, let’s make it public. Welcome to the comment section for rational and friendly exchange of views. I found that some people may have misunderstood their reading comprehension. The article mentioned that the male squad leader who raised gender antagonism was on the girl’s side. Internet cautious diode thinking. Let me just say it straight. From the perspective of a normal person, the male monitor’s behavior is undoubtedly wrong. To some extent, he is very extreme. You need to see a psychologist and pay attention to whether he has criminal tendencies, because he is obviously very emotional. Serious, easy to be incited, lack of independent thinking ability, easy to commit crimes with passion, and sha ren at fault. Male squad leaders can argue if they have disputes, and there is no need to resort to violence, or even rise to the antagonism between men and women. At the same time, I want to remind you that normal men do, but you must be careful to control your own public opinion on the Internet, and don’t always be represented by foul-smelling men! With more such incidents, women will become more misogynistic, and the 6b4t group may increase. On the whole, the country’s marriage rate will gradually decrease, the divorce rate will rise, the number of singles will gradually increase, and the fertility rate may continue to decline and show negative growth. Normal men also hate the scum in the group, and even cut off seats with them, while misogynistic men tend to form a group of forces, attribute many unsatisfactory things to women, and their prejudice against women often makes them in reality. Courtship is frustrated and thus becomes more misogynistic and extreme. It does something similar to terrorism. Put a prediction here. If you don’t intervene, this kind of force will inevitably come back to them and become the existence that everyone avoids. .

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