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Tsinghua bans electric vehicle charging in dormitory is a temperature ban. Tsinghua bans electric vehicle dormitory charging is a temperature ban. Tsinghua University revised the accommodation management measures and listed electric vehicle batteries as illegal electrical appliances in student apartments. The new regulations will come from September 18 Take effect. This means that charging of electric vehicle batteries will be prohibited in the apartments of Tsinghua University. After the regulation was announced, it caused heated discussion among students. In the face of doubt, the Tsinghua Property Management Center responded that the number of electric vehicles has grown too fast, and there have been several accidents of charging explosions in the dormitory. This regulation is to solve the safety problem of indoor charging. (The Beijing News, June 15) A few years ago, the main means of transportation for college students was bicycles. Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer people riding bicycles on college campuses, and electric vehicles have gradually become the most important means of transportation for college students. There is no doubt that compared to bicycles, electric vehicles are more convenient and faster, do not cause pollution, and are green and environmentally friendly. Therefore, the number of electric vehicles on university campuses is also increasing. Take Tsinghua University as an example. In 2011, there were about 700 electric vehicles in the student area, more than 900 in 2012, 3,200 in 2015, and 4,760 in 2016. The number of electric vehicles has risen linearly at a growth rate of 50% for many years. At this rate, there will be more than 7,000 vehicles in September this year. Everything is good, but there are disadvantages. While electric vehicles bring convenience to college students’ travel, they also give rise to many problems. First, the traffic accident rate has soared. Because of the dense flow of people on campus, the speed of electric vehicles generally far exceeds the speed limit of motor vehicles on campus, and in many cases there are violations of people, which can easily cause traffic accidents. The second is the frequent occurrence of explosions or fire accidents caused by electric vehicle charging. It can be seen that campus electric vehicles have reached the point where they must be managed. It is commendable that Tsinghua University’s ban on student electric vehicles charging in dormitories is not simply a ban. Its supporting and alternative measures are also remarkable: in order to minimize the losses caused by students abandoning electric vehicles. , The school announced the electric vehicle purchase service and incentive plan. The school foundation collects donations from alumni to reward students for abandoning the use of electric vehicles, and each person who meets the corresponding conditions can receive a reward of 300 yuan; the school also optimizes the school bus route, increases the frequency of bus departures during peak periods, and promotes free rides with student IDs; the school will also share with you Bicycle companies negotiated to strengthen the scheduling and management of student areas, teaching and research areas, etc., to provide convenience for students. From this point of view, Tsinghua’s ban on the charging of electric vehicle dormitories is actually a very warm ban, not only for campus safety and management costs, but also for the safety of teachers and students of the school. June 16, 2017 15:16:43   Tsinghua News


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

I really convinced that my department needs to walk half an hour away from the dormitory. There will be classes at 8 am the next morning. If I lock my electric car, I have to get up at 7 am. Is it because I don’t want to get up early? no. The meeting last night lasted until 11 o’clock in the evening, and the report for the next day was not finished yet. Because I hadn’t had enough sleep in the professional class for several days, I finally went to bed early. I heard that I had to lock the car, so I had to go downstairs in my pajamas and move the electric car to the school gate. Cycling in the cold wind and crying again and again, the pressure of study and social work is really great, but the management of the school makes me feel that there is only more pressure. I had only one thought in my mind at the time. I just wanted to sleep a little longer. Will I die young because I slept less? If I don’t need it, will I buy an electric car? The school is so big, I have to ride on the road for an hour a day in class, not to mention that it takes a long time, I am really tired. Why doesn’t such a big school provide supporting service facilities? Why didn’t I manage the related matters of the electric car well, and only when my classmates bought the car, did they simply and rudely told them that they couldn’t drive? Don’t do this, I don’t want to conflict with the school, I just want a suitable solution channel. I drove ten yards, stopped the horn, obeyed the traffic rules, and charged off-campus. I support the use of non-standard electric vehicles, but I really need it. Can the school hear my voice? Okay, I’m going to get a car at the school gate

8 months ago

Interest has nothing to do: There is no purchase of an electric car, and no related plans in the future. The school has adopted very, very tough measures to forcibly rectify this problem, without considering the needs of students. After all, although the proportion of students who hold electric vehicles on campus and use them to commute from the dormitory building to the teaching building, department building, and off-campus is not that high, it is definitely not a minority. The school’s consideration is space and safety issues. After all, the installation of charging piles requires a lot of building area. However, due to the large number of faculties and departments building their own department buildings, the school’s campus area is very tight, and it is indeed difficult to provide unified charging piles. In addition, electric vehicle batteries are easy to explode and burn, and there are indeed safety hazards in the case of irregular use. These considerations are also very realistic. In this case, various measures can be adopted, including but not limited to “car lottery” and other means, to limit the total number of electric vehicles owned by students, so as to solve the management caused by the proliferation of electric vehicles while satisfying the interests of students as much as possible. Wait for a series of questions. But the school did not do so. A series of incidents since this semester, including forced return to school two weeks in advance, sandstorms that made students still go outdoors or in gymnasiums for physical education, and the lockup incident this time all revealed the lack of leadership in some parts of the school. The consideration of the interests of students only seeks to facilitate administrative management without considering the interests of the main body of students. This kind of problem hasn’t existed for a day or two. I still remember the GPA reform trend that was turbulent in 19 years, and finally came up with a solution that was not good at all to temporarily quell it. The existence of these things will undoubtedly deepen the sense of distrust between the students and the corresponding administrative leaders of the school, and make any decision made by the superiors arouse preconceived revulsion among the students, and have a strong negative effect on campus governance. Although I still believe that school leaders have the ability to manage the campus well and provide convenience for students as much as possible. But I still hope that school leaders should take into account the interests of the more than 40,000 students in the garden more comprehensively when formulating any administrative plans. This is definitely not a minority. Schools should still create a good learning and living environment for students within the scope of conditions, instead of issuing administrative orders indiscriminately to hinder students. All governance should be dredged and not blocked. Finally, I hope to explain the improper behavior of some relevant persons during the execution, including but not limited to the refusal of on-site shooting, verbal threats and other behaviors.

8 months ago

One size fits all, formalism, face engineering… People who have never scolded the school can’t help it. This kind of behavior turned out to be a method used by the teachers of Tsinghua University to deal with students. Isn’t it true that you are not afraid of being ashamed when you say it? Is there any essential difference from robbers, bandits and street hooligans? When you think about it, you will come out. Do not conduct in-depth research, do not consider student experience, only to facilitate management, this is not lazy administration, what is it? I hope that the school will make careful decisions in the future and not lose the trust of more students. I also hope that this matter will not dominate the hot search again, although it seems to be inevitable now

8 months ago

Refer to Wuhan University to dig the school into a hillside and leave only the stairs. Just kidding, Tsinghua has an inexplicable obsession and special rights to the land under its jurisdiction. Subway enthusiasts know why there is a station called the West Exit of Tsinghua East Road, right? Legend has it that the subway is going to pass through Tsinghua University, and it may even build a station inside, but because of Tsinghua’s unique existence, municipal policies cannot affect him to some extent. As the so-called Haidian is the city serving a group of universities. Which school in Haidian is not an alumni association economy (maybe the joint university and the city college are close to each other). Good service rewards you both for policies, and poor service. Electric bicycles are almost equivalent to bicycles in Beijing’s policies, and both the license plate and the license holder are non-motor vehicle license plates. The traffic station is just outside the two-stop Lenovo Bridge. If there are no special accidents on the internal roads of the school, it is not qualified to restrict this right of students, let alone this kind of fainting. (It’s about Amway. The logo of Huangzhuang in Haidian next door is a 3p university. It’s time to show the real traffic and municipal administration. Schools are not extraterritorial, and section management is not extraterritorial. Life and death are indifferent. It’s done. However, it is not possible. In the end, only big things can be turned into small things. “How many politicians (and classmates of the sulphurous bears) I have given out? Do you know how many politicians (and the classmates of the sulphurous bears) are in charge of me?”

8 months ago

Tsinghua University, the world is a big one, forcibly locking this is really too pediatric management method? At least every electric vehicle needs to be equipped with a speed control unit, GPS + Beidou positioning system, and a face recognition and automatic deduction system on campus to control it, right? Of course, the most advanced one should be the automatic driving system for electric vehicles. As long as each electric vehicle is added, there is no need to lock it, right? So, simply put out funds to offer a global reward for the investigation and implementation of the above-mentioned internal transportation ecosystem on the campus next door. And how can engineering students be controlled by a primitive “lock”? ?

8 months ago

“After May 1, 2019, electronic tags will no longer be issued.” And will the number of people needing electric vehicles decrease? It is undeniable that compared to bicycles, electric bicycles pose a greater threat to self-safety than bicycles (my friend’s electric bicycle slipped and hit his leg bone and fractured), and it would also affect the appearance of the campus, but reasonable policies have always been No introduction. I had acl surgery in July 2019, what should I do? From the Bauhinia apartment to the teaching building, I want to turn over? If I really have to trouble others to push me in a wheelchair, I can’t bear it, and it’s mainly inconvenient. Why did the person driving your car on the Qingxuetang road accidentally hit my little wheelchair? More importantly, it takes time. After several considerations, I finally bought an electric car, and I also knew the policy that requires electronic tags in advance. You know the price of this electronic tag on Shuimubang is really not low. I haven’t got the electronic tag just a few days after school started. My car was towed away on the third day of school and to the far east. At last, the security rode an electric car. When I went, the security guards also rode electric bikes. Although I signed the car and took it back, the electronic tag is a top priority. Thanks to my seniority, I gave it to me. I went to the security office to ask about this one day before the start of school. They said that there was nothing to do. After 5.1, it could not be done. The school had no relevant policies. I didn’t expect it to be almost 2021.5.1, and there is still no relevant policy. I have said so much just to express that you are halal and someone needs electric vehicles. Even if you don’t really have to rely on electric vehicles to travel, do you have to carry forward the work for the health of the motherland for 50 years? Besides, you are a mixed bag of people who ride bicycles. There are not a few people who have just learned it two days ago. There are more than a dozen car accidents in a dormitory. Finally, let’s go to the traditional arts, welcome to apply for the next door.

8 months ago

The security office in the university has great powers. Although I don’t know where this power comes from, in fact, they do exercise many police powers. For example, confiscating your electric heating rod, such as locking your electric car. But in any case, this practice is illegal. Even if the police want to seize the property of others, they must go through strict legal procedures. To lock the car directly like this, I can only understand that this is deliberate sabotage. Another question: Can electric vehicles run on Tsinghua campus? The answer is yes. Under the circumstances that laws and regulations do not prohibit it, the school does not have the power to restrict electric vehicles. To solve the safety problem of electric vehicles, it must not rely on prohibiting electric vehicles from driving. Just like solving traffic congestion, it must not be prohibiting vehicles on the road.

8 months ago

I watched Moments in the middle of the night last night. Someone reported that their electric car was forcibly locked by security, and the sentiment in the tree hole was also exciting. Lao Hu believes that the electric vehicles on campus really need to be managed. First of all, whether electric vehicles are charged in the corridor or in the dormitory, they will cause great safety hazards. The repeated news of electric vehicle fires also illustrates this point. Moreover, the high density of dormitories in the school will affect the life and property safety of a large group of students if a fire occurs. Furthermore, electric vehicles are larger than bicycles and occupy 2 to 3 bicycle parking spaces. The bicycle parking spaces in student apartments are now very tight. If everyone buys an electric car, they will face the problem of nowhere to park. Tsinghua people have to work for the health of the motherland for 50 years. If we can’t stand riding a 2km bicycle every day, then we are too hopeless. However, Lao Hu felt that the act of forcibly locking the students’ electric cars was a lazy policy, one size fits all, and infringed on the students’ private property. As far as Lao Hu knew, the students were not notified in advance of the lock, and when registering the electronic tags of electric vehicles at the end of last year, there was no mention that vehicles that were not registered would be impounded. Many electric car owners did not understand the registration policy at the time and did not have time to register, but now they are not allowed to register. Finally, Lao Hu would say to school leaders: Please control electric vehicles more scientifically, rationally and humanely. The school’s electric vehicle control must be stricter than that of the society, because Tsinghua has a certain particularity. It is the 110th anniversary of the school. It is understandable that school leaders hope that the school order will be better and that safety hazards will be eliminated. Lao Hu also gave the school leaders two tricks for reference only. First, cycling can also play a role in physical exercise. We might as well convert cycling mileage into Forrest running mileage according to a certain ratio. For example, riding a bicycle for 3 kilometers is equivalent to running 1 kilometer. In this way, it can reduce the burden of running for the students and achieve the effect of physical exercise. Secondly, Tsinghua students like ranking and internal scrolling the most. It’s better to let the students record their weekly bicycle mileage and rank uniformly. Every time the top 100 are in the top 100, they can add 1 point to the physical education class. Lao Hu believes that as soon as the bonus policy comes out, the owners of electric vehicles will surrender, and the electric vehicles will be unclear and self-destructive. Isn’t it beautiful that the politics are clean and the people are harmonious?

8 months ago

Do not understand the starting point of the school. Are you not letting students ride bicycles? Still not letting students recharge? OK, at the time the epidemic situation was under closed management, students were not allowed to charge, OK, then stop riding. Now that the school has resumed normal management, it’s not okay to go out of school to recharge? Then I want to argue about your starting point? What are you doing? Serious discrimination problem. As far as I know, it seems that the electronic label can be applied before May 19, and you will become the “human master” in the electric car. OK, then why can’t students enrolled after 19 years enjoy the same policy? What about the treatment? Why do you have double standards? If you ban cars, you ban them all! If you apply for the system, you will give everyone an electronic label. What do you mean by making it nondescript?

8 months ago

They said that students are easy to get infected when they go out freely, so they cut us all down. They said it was not safe to eat takeout, so they went down and installed barbed wire and fully equipped security personnel at the door. Now they say it is not safe to ride electric bikes, so they went down and installed big iron locks on all the bikes. How to do it is superficial, what has been haunting is the attitude behind the behavior. What will happen in the future? It is not recommended for students to play games, so when all electronic devices are connected to the campus network, they are equipped with passwords and then apply level by level when they are used? It is not recommended that students sleep for too long, so they dismantle all the beds and send out a stack of corrugated paper and a gall? It is not recommended that male and female students have close contact with each other, so the male is forced to ligate, and the female is pulled on the ring? However, watching the teachers and children entering and leaving the school gates at will, and the rhubarb sneaking out under the fence, the students were silent. Looking at the takeaway box in the counselor’s trash can and the circle of friends at the teacher’s meeting, the students were silent. Looking at the four wheels of Mercedes-Benz in the school, the students were silent. You said, is this a problem with electric vehicles? Thought is the root.

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