According to a report by the US state media “Voice of America” ​​today, in order to allow members of the US Congress to approve more budgets for the US military, even the commander of the US Southern Command, who is in charge of affairs in Central, North and South America, has begun to hype. The theory of China threat came up, saying that China is approaching the southern border of the United States, posing a “major threat” to the security of the United States and the region.

In this article entitled “Warning by the Senior Commander of the U.S. Army: The front line of confrontation with China has reached the southern border of the United States”, the Voice of America stated that the commander of the U.S. Southern Command Craig Faller (Craig Faller) recently came to the U.S. Washington, the capital, participated in a hearing of the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee. In the meantime, this Faller said that China’s threat to the United States has approached the door of the United States and is seriously affecting the security of the Central, North and South American regions in the south of the United States.

According to a report by Voice of America, Faller believes that China is threatening the security of the United States in Central, North and South America. An important piece of evidence is that mainland China is providing new crown vaccines, building 5G networks and providing infrastructure to countries in the region. Then use this as a “coercion” to sever relations between these countries and China’s Taiwan.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

This is outrageous! Use China as the wealth code! If it is the Indo-Pacific Command, the Strategic Command, even the Cyber ​​Station Command and the Space Command shouting “China Threat!”, it is understandable to ask the Congress Master for money for performance art. After all, Qiafan, not shabby. But you, the commander of the Southern Command, why are you embarrassed to say such things cheeky? This is like a habitual rapist calling 110 to the police and saying: Because the old king at the other end of the village is repairing their home, I suspect that he will rape my neighbor tomorrow! In fact, “too far from heaven and too close to the United States” has become a consensus among American countries (except Canada), and everyone dares not speak up. Amei is the real village tyrant. As for the military forces of China and the United States who are approaching whom, who is threatening whom, check whose planes are always tens of kilometers off Guangzhou for reconnaissance, and whose warship has crossed the Taiwan Strait more than a dozen times a year can be clear at a glance. ? I think it’s probably not our Chinese who are most angry with this passage, but the commanders of other US military commands: Are you trying to get rid of your face? Even Venezuela can’t handle things, so I am embarrassed to pull China out as a shield? Where do you put the brethren who are dying in the Western Pacific with the DF series of anti-ship ballistic missiles? Congress just cut your budget by dozens of points. As for? Let’s do this, you are quite pitiful. Tens of thousands of people under your hand want to eat and drink. I’ll give you a good idea. Didn’t you say that China is threatening Taiwan’s “diplomatic countries” in the Americas? That way, you can go to Taiwan’s “chief commander” and ask for money! I don’t think she dare not drop it.

7 months ago

A country’s ships and aircraft belong to the country’s mobile land. The United States has an aircraft carrier land that has arrived in the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea today, and a U2 aircraft will fly into China’s airspace tomorrow. Everyone has studied physics in junior high school and knows that sports depends on the frame of reference. If we use small areas of the United States as a static frame of reference, we can find that China is frequently approaching the U.S. border and sometimes even encircling the United States. The billions of people in China are dissatisfied with these small American territories, and they are trying to attack these American territories. This is something that everyone knows about.

7 months ago

The admiral said his budget for those assets was cut 46% for fiscal year 2021, leaving him with critical gaps Cut 46%. The landlord’s family has no more food! And their South American brother, it seems that he is not so loyal: “What I hear from our partner is:’We know that the United States military is the best, [and] we want to partner with you. But, we’re drowning , and we need a LifeRing, and we’re going to take the LifeRing from whoever throws it,’” including the Chinese, Faller said. It’s very simple: your little brother is not following you because of freedom, democracy, and freedom, just because you can help They. The result is better now. During the epidemic, only China helped them. The boys had to vote with their feet. The “overlord” who is eloquent but not true, forget it.

7 months ago

Good thing! Great thing! What is the biggest problem in the United States now? It is the short-term weakening of the current international blood-sucking system and the long-term collapse of the current international blood-sucking system. What does the United States need most? It is necessary to shrink strategically, use limited resources on the blade, and give priority to solving internal contradictions, so as to prevent internal and external contradictions from erupting at the same time and raising the superstructure. Why did the US military commander pick up the China threat theory? For a lot of military expenses. Will the United States be able to crush us around our country if it fills up a large amount of military spending? Impossible, no matter how many aircraft carriers come, a land-based missile saturation attack can send Ya into the sea. Then the United States continues to waste money and waste its national power. Of course, it must verbally oppose it and support it from the heart!

7 months ago

The Global Times posted a question, how does the problem describe nothing substantive. How do people who don’t know how to evaluate this? It’s very simple. Paraguay is seeking help from China recently because of the epidemic. Why not ask their eldest brother Miguo for help? Because the United States refuses to assist them. Although the United States has 1 billion vaccines in its pocket, it just refuses to use millions to aid Paraguay. So what should Paraguay do? I have to ask China for help, even if they have no diplomatic relations with us. Yes, that’s right, Paraguay is a country with diplomatic relations with the Gulf, not ours. That’s why this matter will be involved in Wanwan. Next, Paraguay exchanged views with us on issues related to epidemic prevention and hopes to expand cooperation with China in all aspects. So the United States could not sit still. Although I don’t give you vaccines, and although I don’t want to give you financial assistance, your little Paraguay cannot rely on China. You, China, really want to help, do you want to reach into the backyard of the United States, do you have more plans? For the actions and logic of the US, I can only borrow Liang Ge’s lines, “I have never seen such a shameless country.”

7 months ago

This is the shortcoming of the democratically elected government. Every four years and every eight years, civilian officials lack the ability and qualifications, and they lack authority to deter military attaches. Military attaches also lack the awe of the civilian government. After all, guns are the real power. , No matter how hard the pen is to blame, how many murmurs in my heart against the gun. Therefore, the civil servants endure the soaring price of the purchase of cups, the corruption, the civil servants endure, the change of tricks to budget, the civil servants endure. The civil servant can’t bear to lift the table. Now the warlord needs a budget again. I guess the civil servants have to bear it. After all, the environment is like this, and you can still get past it. When everyone wanted to succumb to each other, a few who wanted to be heroes couldn’t make any waves.

7 months ago

I think it’s very good. Our country should also cooperate appropriately. For example, sending warships to South American countries for goodwill visits. It is best to approach the supply at a dock close to the US military base on the way. When the aircraft carrier is training, you can also run a little farther, go to Guam or even Hawaii for a stroll to verify the performance of the ocean. The important thing is that the value of the money we spend can improve the level of training and international image, and it can also provide people in the United States who want to hype issues about China. Master Congress, you see, the Chinese warships are all pasted on our faces. There are pictures and the truth. I didn’t deliberately speculate and increase military spending. As for the money approved, there are so many high-priced purchases, such as coffee cups worth 1,000 US dollars “gold”, 500 US dollars “UHV power supply” sockets, 10,000 US dollars “handmade by the gods of Japanese craftsmen” toilet seats, return There is also an ashtray with the same $10,000 “vibrating gold to create never broken”. Ah, thinking that our country can consume so much military expenditure of the US military without a single shot, I can almost wake up in my dreams.

7 months ago

The thief shouts to catch the thief! Its so-called “fire of war” turned out to be…, I was shocked in a cold sweat! I’m afraid it will delineate an American version of the “March 8” line in the next step? According to it, the United States has ignited the war at the door of every country in the world. The militant American military, in order to defraud American citizens of money, does everything possible! It has ghosts in its own heart, and it turns out that the Bodhisattva is no longer a Bodhisattva! It hurts too many people, and I can’t sleep well. The final result: the world is rebellious! “Hey”, if it wasn’t for the little butler to stare at and really want to swear a few words, think about it or endure it!

7 months ago

The direct reason is to ask for money from the Master of Congress, and when you get the money, you should say that China is vulnerable. The indirect reason is that the United States must export hatred to the outside world. If the United States did not have the hegemony of the US dollar to reap the world, it would have collapsed due to serious involution. Why is the United States talking about a small government all day long, but in fact the functions and powers of the government are getting bigger and bigger? Because even if the dollar is harvested all over the world to ensure the stability of the domestic economy, it will not be able to withstand sharp social contradictions. The sharp social contradictions in turn prompted the government to grow bigger and bigger. In this context, the United States can only constantly find other countries’ faults and keep exporting hatred to avoid involving too quickly. So we often see all kinds of officials and sociologists in the United States talking about China all day long.

7 months ago

I don’t know why so many people ridiculed the American commander. People are right. From the American perspective, only South America is in chaos and is harvested periodically, that is the royal paradise of the United States. And what has China done in recent years? As long as the United States starts shorting South America, it will immediately fill in the gaps with industrial products and infrastructure. The logistics, power, energy, and communications industries in several South American countries are full of Chinese companies. If this continues, South America will no longer be the place of Mianyang and chaos under the scissors of the United States. Isn’t this a major threat to the United States? The congressional lords didn’t rush to give money so that I could kill the people in South America.

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