I am the seventh man voted, and he is my first love. I am a person who is very cautious about love. I don’t really like it and don’t want physical contact at all. So I couldn’t understand him at one time. But because he really liked him so much, he persisted, trying to give himself psychological counseling. ps. The children of single-parent families around me seem to fall in love early and have a lot of love. (ー`´ー) I’ve quarreled many times and caused a lot of awkwardness. Remember what he said: Every time I do my best. Every one is a favorite of the moment. Don’t tangle with my past, I can’t change the past. Is it wrong to fall in love. Yes, every sentence is correct, every sentence is correct. It’s just that I’m sad to die, I don’t think I’m a little special, I’m not unique, I’m just his no.7, the kind of innocence and enthusiasm that a girl had in her first love, and her faith in destiny and true love was instantly torn away. crack. I was wronged, and he was innocent. The girl who looked at this answer, you came to see it, it means that you are anxious, it means that you are not safe. If you are protected by a heart-to-heart love, the girl will only feel “Huh, you talked so much about love, because you haven’t met yet. To me.” Who would care about “He has talked so much about love, am I just a random one”? I used to think that many of our contradictions were because he was a little slow and I was too sensitive. Recently, I suddenly became enlightened. This is not the case. From the moment we meet, the feelings of two people are not of the same order of magnitude! I was ecstatic to meet him with him. I throbbed every time I held a hug and had a meal when I went out, and I looked forward to it. It’s easy to be irritated by him, and it’s easy to be coaxed, crying and chirping every day, just like a fool in love. He is different. He is not like this. He is very calm and easy to move. He ignored me during the months of preparing for his graduation thesis. I will tell me if this is a special period, can I be more sensible… Then I I fell into a kind of negative energy of grievance and guilt. Most people, especially boys, are really numb when they fall in love and talk too much, and they are really not so engaged. This is normal, but if he is not aware of the impact this has on the woman, and does not pay attention to it, then the relationship will not go on. What girls care about is not your rich love history, but the love memories in your mind. All the things you and I have experienced have been with others, the most naive tantrums and the most frivolous smiles, those memories of your most cherished youth are shared with you by others. They have got your sincere heart, have got your more ardent love. I even think that our love will not be better than you before, because I have never had the most passionate and youthful you. Even if I was level with them, I was not reconciled. So boys, if you have a splendid love history, if you really love her, and want to stay with her, please treat her as seriously as your first love. Please tell her “I love you very much, and I finally meet her People, you are my favorite, my present and future.” These words may not be “correct”, but its energy is no less than a heart-saving pill. It is the anchor of your feelings. With it, the waves When it comes, love will not fall so easily. Three-year follow-up: I broke up, very lucky.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Why do you invite me to be a single dog…Cry, okay, okay, then I’ll take the experience of having a male ticket to answer your question first: Mind if my ex-boyfriend was before me, there was one in college After I knew about the girlfriend of that time, I found his predecessor by flipping through the Weibo of (former) Nanpiao, and then I ran through her Weibo to find out what she had done with (former) Nanpiao. Wherever I have been, I still found the Alipay profile picture of the male ticket. It was when they ate together on his birthday. I was very jealous when she took photos of them and looked through them. But, what do I mind? What I care about is that in his life, there were other girls who shared his joys, sorrows, sorrows, got his sincerity, and saw him laugh innocently. All of these are things that I cannot replicate in the future. I even feel that I will not do better than her in making him happy. Because she has the most innocent age of him. I once had a boyfriend who was not jealous of him, but not being jealous is not necessarily a good thing, because later, I found out that I didn’t love each other. Then again, what you have to know is that you do not appear to love each other because you are jealous, but you are jealous because you love each other. People are always jealous because they consume our love and ignore us because of such jealousy. Just because I want to love him.

6 months ago

I am a boy. . . I have had six girlfriends, and the current one is the seventh. I will answer from the perspective of a boy. Having so many girlfriends is indeed a painful thing, because every one of them feels that what they have done to her is their former girlfriend. I’ve tried everything on my body, including the title, and when I speak, I feel jealous and jealous. I should belong to a guy with a better temper. At this time, I usually don’t believe it when I go to my girlfriend. She will feel that I’m so jealous. I have also said to my ex-girlfriends, and I feel that my boyfriend is very casual, so this has become a vicious circle. Boys want to treat girls wholeheartedly in all aspects. In the eyes of girls, they think that this is what they have done before. So I am also very distressed, just like the current position. I love her very much. I want to go to places I have never visited with her, eat things I have never eaten, care about her, take care of her, and want to marry her. Had a fantasy, I really regarded her as the problem I wanted to solve. But no one will believe this is true except me. So boys must be sincere and girls must be tolerant. Only when two people choose to forgive and the other choose to be sincere, can they be together forever and answer for the first time. Organization language. .

6 months ago

care! My daughter-in-law is not my first love. When I played with my daughter at home, my daughter relied on my love and often bullied me. Once I casually said: My daughter abused me thousands of times. Before I could say another sentence, I saw a trace of sadness in my daughter-in-law’s eyes that was not easily detectable. I pretended to be careless and not paying attention, but I pulled the topic away. Since then, I will never mention this sentence again, and I am very careful not to say some colloquial sayings, proverbs, verses and passages that may make her sad. In fact, both men and women care. Your spouse is not a first love man and woman. Try to pay attention to each other when you talk. People in the past try not to mention or let the other person think that you want to go, not for anything else, just to prevent him (her) from being sad.

6 months ago

Thanks invite. . As soon as I saw the “too much” in the question, I wanted to ask you how to define “too much”. Generally three or so are normal, ten should be considered too many. . In the end you said two! What a lot of two! The standard answer on the blind date market is all three, okay! When you look at it again, you said it was your first love, you see, have the disadvantages that haven’t been discussed come out? All the fuss. . What you need to care about is what kind of person his predecessor is, what is the reason for the breakup, whether they still have contact, whether your boyfriend still has pictures, things, etc. of the predecessor, rather than entangled in talking about two. . It’s normal to talk about two!

6 months ago

Boys’ emotional experience may really become very cheap. For him, if he feels a little bit of affection, he thinks he’s sincere. In fact, this kind of relationship comes and goes quickly, and the freshness period is not so long. Because in his eyes, he has read countless women, and if this one is gone, there will be a better next one. So when someone first started talking about his ex-girlfriend or showing his suitor and the opposite sex, my heart hurts so much. Later, when I became numb, I just “haha” “haha”… So there is really no need to show a few suitors. I never mentioned more than ten suitors every year in my university. One week before I was with him, a graduate student mentioned to me that he had a suite in Suzhou when he was chasing me, and he wanted to buy and give me thousands of gold-inlaid fans, but I arrogantly refused. I chose the person I like. I didn’t regret it, but I was sad. I don’t know if my true heart is the price of cabbage in others. In fact, this is a disaster for girls, especially girls who are their first love. You will feel very insecure about this. I think you are the most unremarkable relationship he has ever experienced. I feel that the next one will replace myself at any time. He will feel that in his heart, there is no difference between marrying you or marrying another woman. You may feel that you give up everything for him and go far away. In the end, he may think that it doesn’t matter whether you go back with him or not. It would be nice to find a local woman. I will feel that he just treats you as a pastime in loneliness, a small companion when lonely. The most important thing is that he has liked so many women in just a few years, do you expect him to fall in love with you in the next few decades? Is the idea too naive? You, the Victoria’s Secret Angel, will have a day of old age and decay. Maybe next year it won’t be you? Don’t be foolish and slap yourself. Don’t take yourself in for love unless that person really cares about you writing to me

6 months ago

meeting. No matter how many, it will. The male ticket talked about one before me, he was my first love. If there is one in front of me, I might not mind too much. I also know that falling in love and breaking up are all normal things. But if I only talked about him, I would mind. Acceptable, but I will mind, because I also hope that all of his is mine. It’s not that I am afraid that he and his ex are too deep or something, but I just hope that his initial love and all his experience of love are mine. The desire for control, selfishness, possessiveness, just because I like you.

6 months ago

Before deciding to be together, I always ask, how many exes have been there, how long have been together, why they broke up…I don’t know if his numbers are true or not! But there are many things that can be seen from his answer… For example, why are the statements inconsistent! For example, because of what broke up! Attitudes towards the ex… Later, a stupid kid reported to me more than a dozen at a time! After that, the whole person is not good! No matter what you encounter, the first reaction is that he and his ex-girlfriend are the same, he used the same way he used his ex-girlfriend to deal with me, if it was his ex-girlfriend, would this be the result? Is he able to get this on his ex-girlfriend? Experience… Therefore, I feel more determined that I can’t associate with people who have a particularly rich love history! ! ! What’s more, I always feel that the girl who really read countless women means anything to him. Anyway, it’s almost meaningless at all. Will he bend…

6 months ago

A girl who has a delicate mind will definitely care about it. The most entangled best friend ever met because her boyfriend once had an ex-girlfriend, and kept feeling that her boyfriend was dirty, that her boyfriend would betray, and that her boyfriend was impure, made trouble many times, and finally got married. In the end, the happy knot was resolved because both of them worked hard, only caring about the sincerity of the relationship, and the process of prosecuting was very uncomfortable. In fact, the girl’s worry lies in whether the boy will rekindle his old feelings, or become indifferent and rational after paying too much. Smart boys will handle these things well. If you love someone, look at their character and don’t look for prodigal sons and scumbags. .

6 months ago

It’s normal to care. However, people who have experience in love tend to manage relationships better. But pay attention to a few points: First, what is the state of his first two romantic relationships. If it is normal to fall in love and break up instead of casually chatting, it means that his outlook on love is normal. Second, why did he end the two romantic relationships, and how did he evaluate his ex-girlfriend afterwards. If a man puts all the reasons for his love failure on the girls, or ends his previous relationship in an irresponsible manner, then you have to carefully consider your current relationship. Third, are you a replacement for a certain predecessor in his mind? Fourth: If none of the above is true, he will take an objective view of his past two relationships and be able to treat you responsibly. Congratulations. In fact, you have harvested the fruits of the first two girlfriends. People grow up in love, and the mature concept of love needs to be tested by practice.

6 months ago

One way is to talk about many boyfriends. This way you won’t mind this question so much. Who is not a person with a story yet! Zhang Ailing wrote that a woman who is not jealous is somewhat sick. In many cases, not love does not necessarily mean that you are not jealous. It may also be possessive, but love will definitely be jealous. It’s like buying ice cream with great interest and being bitten by others. Of course, it will be uncomfortable. But you have to learn to convince yourself that it is still your ice cream after all. You can eat slowly, throw it up, and throw it away if you don’t want to eat it. Opportunity to taste.

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