It’s not just a question of “update the database”. First of all, you have to see whether the user’s nickname is the unique identifier of the account. Steam does not use the user’s nickname as the basis for uniquely identifying an account, but the account name when you log in. Most It’s your email name at that time. You can’t change this string of characters even if you spend money. Blizzard I don’t know, maybe you used your user nickname as the basis for identifying your account? If you can use this user nickname to log in to your account, it’s so big The probability is the same. Similarly, you can change the WeChat nickname at will, but there is a threshold to change the WeChat account, and the WeChat account can only be changed once a year. Of course, the user nickname can be changed by updating the database. But for the account that can uniquely identify the account Account name, you need to know that if this field is changed, even if the original data has not changed, your account is no longer the original account. The programmer needs to create a new account with the new account name you provided, and then change the old account’s The data is migrated to the new account. Why is the migration account not as simple as “update the database”? The migration process is not as simple as imagined. It is not a question of “pouring a glass of water into another glass”. For example, you give the account. A changed its name and now has account B. However, before you change the account name, a programmer wrote “Regularly check the data of account A” on the notebook. Then the data checked by the programmer is still the data of account A, Rather than the data of account B you are using. In other words, if you want to migrate an account, there are two parts of data to consider, one of which can be traced back through the old account, that is, you are from the old account For the data that can be copied or indexed directly, it is good to copy this part directly to the new account. There is also some data that cannot be traced through the old account, that is, other databases or programs record the account name of the old account, but for the account , I don’t know about this. You can’t affect this part of the data when you update the account database. Therefore, for a uniquely identified account name, changing the name is not a very simple matter, and may require manual operation by the programmer. It’s even a dangerous thing.


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7 months ago

In fact, this is simply: Without peer pressure, you can’t stop you from collecting money. Many people may not know that before the emergence of Meituan, a large amount of income for group purchase merchants came from “customers who bought group purchases forgot to spend”, which means that no refunds for group purchases expired. This fucking policy used to be an important part of group purchase websites. The source of income can even reach 40%. However, as soon as Meituan was born, this clause was changed, and the group purchase expired and refunded automatically! This was severely condemned by many group-buying merchants at that time: we used to be bad money, but now you don’t let us do it, you are really a bitch who is cheap and cheap! ! ! Of course, there is no cost to change the ID of the game. Of course, there is no problem if you don’t charge money. The question is, if you have to pay for it, why don’t I charge it? Blizzard is such an example. So the name change of requires money. However, steam does not charge money for name changes, and Yuanshen does not charge money for name changes. Of course, I am not simply condemning Blizzard. Because Blizzard has to charge money for the name change, there are other services that are relatively favorable: a monthly card of Warcraft can be used for accounts of all servers under, and products purchased with Krypton Gold in Warcraft can be used under Tongzhan. New numbers for all Warcraft servers. . . For the vast majority of domestic online games, it is necessary to repurchase a monthly card and re-credit the payment of a new server account. Blizzard has a fee-based service transfer service, and most domestic online games cannot transfer service for money. The above two points, in fact, Blizzard has too much conscience than other domestic online games. So the answer: has to charge for the name change, just because Blizzard chose to use this as the gold point, there is no profound reason, it’s just that different businesses have different choices in terms of the gold point.

7 months ago

This thing is really not washed away, and there is no cost control theory. Blizzard monopolizes several games under his platform, and then the enclosure is just bad money. As long as you still play Blizzard games, you have to swallow and accept Blizzard’s Overlord Clause. That’s how Dad taught his son to play games. But steam is not. There are a small number of V company games on steam. It is just an integrated platform. It is like a supermarket. It only produces a small amount of its own products, and most of the products are purchased from outside. Not to mention that there are competitors like epic waiting for you to make mistakes. Steam will definitely not do such a stupid thing as changing your name and charging for it. Some people say that steam has everyone’s login id, and everyone has an unchangeable number, so you can change your name at will. Does Blizzard not have it? High school students all know that the database is not Excel. Would Blizzard not know that he will give you a whole uid when you register?

7 months ago

The reason for changing steam casually is very simple, because the name change is really costless for g fat. Your login name is id, not your name, and there is also a unique digital id (multiple formats). These are your account. The binding is dead but your name is just a key value corresponding to your account. For example, for my own account, the identifier when logging in is the id of KOTORI__MINAMI, and the number obtained by the game is the id of 316537125. The third party What the platform obtains is the numeric id with a long number starting at 765, and the displayed name of honey pomelo fruit tea is queried based on the above id, so when you change your name in the game, the game will not fail to recognize you, the third party Although the platform may not update the name in time, it can still recognize that your name change is nothing more than returning a different value when querying the name. It does not involve the change of user id, just like qq. How do you change your name, your QQ number is not Change, then the qq number in Tencent’s database is your unique identifier, and you can query the name display based on your qq number.

7 months ago

This is the same as a vegetable vendor. This handful of green onions costs one dollar, and the other one is free. One thinks that a dollar of green onions is also money, so why not make it? Another thinks that small things like green onions will not be charged, so he wants to be a repeat customer. . That’s roughly the case. As for whether the name should be changed or not, of course it should be. The subject thinks that it is to change the database. The question is who is going to change the database? Can’t be manual? Then you have to have a corresponding system, you have to develop it, and you have to consider the possible problems. These are all inputs. If there is investment, you can collect money. This is no problem. You can’t just say why you want to collect money just because other people don’t collect money. Whether you can collect money or not, it’s okay, depending on whether the other party wants it. And nothing should or shouldn’t. This is the same as some singers who have to let others listen to their songs for free. Therefore, all singers cannot be required to make their songs free.

7 months ago

There is no why. You can also ask why about this kind of decision-making… Only science can ask why, even social science. But you can’t ask why you paint like this and why? Because they are happy. I can also ask a bunch of similar questions: Why does WOW transmogrification only need gold coins and Jianwang needs RMB? Why can QQ directly support pasting GIF, but not WeChat? Why is there so many functions that can be implemented on the Steam web terminal, but can’t? You can talk about a bunch of problems about making decisions like this. You can complain about whether you are smart or stupid, but you have to struggle with a “why” that is to find yourself unhappy. Or you can ask: Why can the operation department of be so arrogant / profiteer / stupid / chicken thieves? You can also make complaints together. Although there is actually a standard answer to this matter, it is that they feel very

7 months ago

This is a design strategy problem. WeChat does not cost money, but there is a limit on the number of times, but you don’t think WeChat recognizes WeChat as the only account number, but anyone who has read the WeChat development document for five minutes will not have this This idea; the name of Weibo does not cost money to change, but there is a limit on the number of times a year; by the way, what is meant by “database update”? Which magical person’s speech is this? Besides, you can’t charge for just updating the database? That’s just to change the number of gold coins (usually this is called recharging). This is obviously just to update the database, and can’t charge it?

7 months ago

Are these two things of a nature? Blizzard is bound to part of the game’s internal names. To put it plainly why you want to change your name, the first possibility is that you may choose the first name very casually, so after careful consideration, I want to change to a better name. Second, you are a professional player and you have changed teams. You need to wash out the original team id. Third, the account you bought on Taobao wants to change your name. Fourth, you have done something unintelligible, burn the rope script and add id spray people to black gold and black equipment (of course, the name of the monster is customized separately). I found myself dead by posting it and wanted to re-emerge out of the arena under a different name. Except for the first case and the rare second case, the latter two cases are unacceptable to merchants and players. You have to pay a price for doing a wicked thing. As long as the name of is displayed in the game, how can you change your name at will? Have you ever seen LOL change its name for free? Or is the name of Onmyoji changed for free? Is steam a nature thing? To put it bluntly, steam is just equivalent to a forum account or QQ account, that is, friends and comments are visible. Have you ever seen a charge for a QQ account to be renamed? Let me add a digression here. If the forum charges for anonymity and name change, the low-quality content also has marketing accounts and navy at least half of the time. I will ask you if it is a good thing or a bad thing?

7 months ago

There is no technical difficulty in changing the name. It is much simpler than changing the mobile phone number. The mobile phone number needs to be verified by a verification code. Changing a nickname does not require verification at all. You can change your mobile phone number at will. Changing a nickname means you want to charge. So charge, there is no other reason for this question, if you haven’t gotten started with a bunch of people database, don’t put aside the strong answer. . Anyway, what is the primary key on Baidu? If you let the user change the primary key, why don’t you go to heaven? You can’t do this kind of sand sculpture operation in the projects you write and play. In 1984, the first-generation ID card knew that the name could not be the primary key. There is an ID number (primary key id), you tell me that Blizzard programmers don’t understand? Some people say it’s not as simple as updating the database. I tell you it’s as simple as updating the database. I didn’t expect

7 months ago can have the same name… You can’t lock the user with a nickname alone, you must add a digital suffix. Haven’t you added friends on Open login → click “add friend” → enter the friend’s nickname and digital suffix, such as “ change name charge #5421” just enter the nickname, there will be a bunch of users with the same name, such as “ change name charge #1314” “War.” Net rename charge #6879″ So, this is to update the database. As for why changed its name and charges, Steam changes it casually. Of course, it is because Blizzard is willing to make money to change the name, G Fat has not thought of making this money, or lazy to make it.

7 months ago

Why do so many people say that they use nicknames as their IDs. Generally, we call the unique identity id of the user-userId calls the user name that the user logs in-userName calls the nickname displayed by the user-nickName userName is only used to verify the user’s identity with password (password); nickName is the user and other users For communication and display, only userId is involved in the program logic. Therefore, to change the nickname (nickName), to put it bluntly, is to update the database. However, in applications with many users, complex business logic, and high concurrency, updating the nickName is also different. The data on the program is ultimately saved in the database, but user operations will not directly perform addition, deletion, modification, and query operations on the database. Considering the load balance of the server and the database, no application will not be cached, and certainly More than one level of cache. So changing the nickname (nickName) involves not only updating the database, but also refreshing the cache. So which level of cache and refresh mechanism need to be refreshed to update the user’s nickname? Different application designs are different, so the server-eating resources are also different. Assuming that the server can process 100 million services per second when performing high-frequency operations such as killing monsters, refreshing books, communicating, and voice, but it can only process 1 million times per second when processing the name change, so too much The business of “changing nickname” will take up too much server resources, and there is a risk of server crash. Therefore, the server does not want to accept this kind of business. It can only increase the threshold of “change nickname” and lower this Frequency of business occurrence. From this perspective, there is a high probability that the renaming to charge is a matter that was decided at the beginning of the design, unless it was refactored.

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