Phoenix directly attacked the scene at the Captain Cook Hotel. China and the United States each allowed 6 reporters to enter the venue. After listening to the opening speech at the scene, China and the United States first expressed their speech. Director Yang Jiechi and Foreign Minister Wang Yi subsequently responded to the concerns of the United States and sternly stated China’s position.

The two sides have kept you coming and going since the opening speech. Therefore, the time is longer than expected, and it lasted 2 hours and it did not end. The US is not only taking notes, but also constantly passing small notes. The White House China Affairs Coordinator is proficient in Chinese, so there is no simultaneous interpretation at the scene; no lunch and dinner are arranged for the meeting.

So far, there is no possibility of achieving results. 2. So far, the first meeting, to use an adjective, is just about throwing the table off the table and cursing people. 3. Blinken of the United States said that matters involving Xinjiang, Hong Kong, and Taiwan are not just China’s internal affairs, which means that US intervention is inevitable. Naked face of hegemony. Brinken said: “We will also discuss some of the measures taken by China, and these measures are of deep concern to us, including Xinjiang-related, Hong Kong-related and Taiwan-related affairs, cyber attacks on the United States, and economic coercive measures against allies. These actions will threaten the maintenance of global stability and rule-based order. 4. The first meeting can be said to be fierce. The media was first invited out of the meeting room and then allowed to return to the meeting room. 5. During the meeting, Yang Jiechi and diplomacy Minister Wang Yi continued to strongly criticize the United States. Yang Jiechi said: “The United States uses its military power and financial hegemony to exercise long-arm jurisdiction and suppress other countries. “Yang Jiechi also said: “The United States abuses the so-called national security concept to hinder normal trade exchanges and incites some countries to attack China. He also said that Western countries do not represent global public opinion, and that the United States is the “champion” in cyber attacks. Yang Jiechi also mentioned the murder of black Americans and the “Black people’s life is also a fate” movement. He said that many Americans actually have little confidence in American democracy. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said at the meeting: In the past few years, due to the unreasonable suppression of China’s legitimate rights and interests, Sino-US relations have encountered unprecedented serious difficulties. This situation has harmed the interests of the two peoples and harmed the stability and development of the world, and it should not continue. “China will never accept unwarranted accusations from the United States in the past, present, and future. At the same time, we ask the United States to completely abandon its hegemonic act of interfering in China’s internal affairs. This old problem of the United States needs to be corrected!” Wang Yi emphasized that the United States was in Hong Kong the day before yesterday. The issue escalated again and sanctions were imposed on China, and this gross interference in China’s internal affairs aroused strong indignation from the Chinese people. He said that the United States introduced this measure on the eve of Chinese officials’ departure to the United States to participate in the high-level strategic dialogue between China and the United States. This is not a normal way of hospitality. “If the U.S. wants to use this to enhance its so-called advantage over China, it is completely miscalculating, and it just exposes its inner weakness and powerlessness. This approach will not affect China’s legitimate position in the least, nor will it shake the Chinese people’s defense in the slightest. A firm will to sovereignty and dignity.” Regarding the United States’s opening remarks that some countries believed that China had coerced them, Wang Yi responded that the United States should figure out whether this was from them or the United States’ own subjective assumptions, “If the United States just because Some countries that are allies of the United States tend to listen and believe, and even protect their wrong words and deeds, then it will be difficult for international relations to develop normally.” 6. It can be said that this 2+2 meeting cannot have any substantial results. This meeting The United States is completely an upgraded version of the Trump era, that is, it first unites its allies and then uses Trump’s pirate face to treat China. 7. The first meeting showed that China will not back down by an inch, and China will let the United States understand that China’s red line is not to scare people into play. 8. The next meeting will depend on whether the smell of gunpowder may be reduced during the meeting. Looking at it now, it is very difficult. This will be a tough battle, and China will not step back an inch. 9. In a video that just came out, Member Yang criticized the Americans: “We thought you too well, thinking that you would abide by the basic diplomatic etiquette.” “Let me just say one thing, you are not qualified to say in front of China, you are from strength The status of starting to speak with China”. Finally, I have full confidence in the performance of our committee members and foreign ministers! Believe in our country’s will and determination to defend China’s interests!


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8 months ago

“Let me say one thing now, you are not qualified to speak in front of China, you speak with China from the position of strength.” The Chinese expression of this sentence sounds very awkward, and I only understood it after checking it. This sentence was first expressed in Chinese from the English position of strength, and then the translator turned it back. The purpose is to respond to what Blinken said in a previous speech: The master who said this was sitting on the opposite side, and said directly that you do not have the qualification to say that… It’s just a slap in the face, this Blincoln still sits quite firmly, and his concentration is okay. . To add, the meaning of position of strength: a position where you have an advantage over someone, especially in adiscussion. It is actually quite difficult to accurately translate into Chinese, but people in English-speaking countries are probably not tougher than this. The expression of it.

8 months ago

Are there any other points worth paying attention to? Isn’t it the translator? ! Yang Jiechi went crazy for 16 minutes in one breath! ! The translator translated for 15 minutes in one go! ! When Yang spoke, she took crazy shorthand throughout the whole process, feeling that she had memorized dozens of sheets of paper. . . I glanced at Yang on two occasions. I didn’t stop my hand, while I was scribbling. Almost crazy). I glanced at the first glance: The boss Ning has been speaking for a long time, stop and let me translate? Glancing at the second glance: The big guy would rather take it seriously? ? Forget it, continue. After 16 minutes, Yang Jiechi turned back to Wang Yi: Oh, Wang Yi, just say a few words. Wang Yi fingered the young lady to translate, and motioned for translation. Translation: Let me translate first. Yang Jiechi: Do you want to turn it over? Translation: awkward smile Yang Jiechi: Turn over you. Translation: Then I’ll look through it first. Yang Jiechi: It’s a test (Everyone laughs) for the interpreter. The other party: We are going to give the translater a raise. Then the translation lady will start Her performance. There is no tone, no jamming, steady tone, appropriate speed, and rigorous wording. Horror! ! ! What kind of qualities do you have to have, what kind of training you have to go through, to be able to show up like this! ! ! Then you compare the Chinese translation of purple hair on the opposite side. There are eight um and five in a sentence. Really, it’s a good idea. A lot of people want the video, so I’ll post it.

8 months ago

I believe Brinken is dumbfounded. Because he said this call was to show the media the tough attitude of Old Bden to China. Invite the media in first, and after you scatter about China One Link, then invite the media out. The next day on the front page of the news, the United States would unilaterally reprimand China, and Brinken would become a general of the United States to conquer barbarians. This set of gameplay can be understood by Chinese people above junior high school education level: No, Qin Wang ordered Zhao Wang to play. The response method is also very simple, Zhao Wang ordered Qin Wang to hit Fou. Don’t go out from the media, and record my scolding of the United States. So the headlines of the next day changed, and Brinken was scolded at the meeting. Because at least since the 1970s, no secretary of state has been scolded by China in bilateral talks. The United States scolds China, they are all clichés, and they are tired of listening. China scolded the United States, it was the first time in decades, and it was fresh. Therefore, the scolding in China is not news, but the scolding in the United States is news. The media naturally report the news, so the news of Blincol’s scolding was spread to the whole world by the media of his own country. Blinken’s operation is equivalent to the waterman’s anti-wave highland, and the puppy can’t open bkb. The audience was helpless and could only congratulate og. It is really foolish for the United States to try to play such a curse on this occasion. What is your strength? Where’s your stick? There is no strength, no big stick, still scornful in this big mouth. People pierce your pretense with a single sentence, and then it will only be you who laughed generously. I suggest that the next time the United States engages in this kind of negotiation, it should cooperate with some military exercises, so that all aircraft carriers can be pulled over. Otherwise, using our Wuhan dialect, we will lose the foundation.

8 months ago

In February 2001, Yang Jiechi, the newly appointed Chinese ambassador to the United States, left for the United States. Ambassador Yang had a good personal relationship with the family of the then-U.S. President George W. Bush. Especially with George W. Bush’s father, former US President George W. Bush, he has a deep connection. As early as when Bush Sr. was the US ambassador to China, he established a friendship with Yang Jiechi, a translator of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Bush family, as well as politicians such as James Baker, who served as Bush’s campaign adviser, chief of staff, and secretary of state, all called Yang Jiechi “Tiger Yang” in unison and affectionately. Because Yang Jiechi, who was born in the Year of the Tiger, has a tiger in the word “chi” in his name, this is a unique “nickname” for Ambassador Yang in the mouths of Americans. The special friendship between Ambassador Yang and Bush Sr. can be seen in one thing. In the early 1990s, during the presidency of Bush Sr., he met Yang Jiechi who was visiting the United States at the White House. At this time, Yang Jiechi was still a deputy director-level cadre of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is not the treatment that ordinary diplomats can enjoy. Up to now, Bush and his son can be regarded as the relatively most friendly US presidents to China after the war. Later, Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao” once commented: “If the emotional zone between Bush Sr. and China has long been shaded, then there should be a share. Yang Jiechi’s credit.” With this level of relationship blessing, coupled with the previous 10 years of long years, Yang Jiechi served under four ambassadors to the United States, from second secretary to first secretary, to political counsellors and ministers. , From immature to maturity, eventually became the sole ambassador extraordinarily and plenipotentiary, and ambassador to the United States. Ambassador Yang, who was full of ambition, understood that he was burdened by the weak and small motherland’s ardent expectations for further stabilization and improvement of Sino-US relations, but he soon encountered a huge Sino-US diplomatic and political crisis. On April 1, 2001, a collision incident occurred in the South China Sea between China and the United States. There are a lot of information on the Internet about the beginning and end of this crisis, and I won’t go into details here. I won’t go to the level of enthusiastic netizens to explore the truth. However, one thing is certain. After the incident broke out, it is impossible for a rogue country like the United States to apologize. Various anti-China forces have begun to engulf the American public and the US public opinion situation does not allow the US government to apologize. Under these circumstances, Ambassador Yang accepted an interview with CNN, and through presentation of facts, reasoning, explaining the truth, clarifying his position, and directly doing the work of the American public. Ambassador Yang made an easy-to-understand analogy for the incident: a group of people always wandered in front of your house, and someone at home went out to check it out. As a result, his car was destroyed and the person disappeared. In this regard, the family should always have the right to do a little investigation, and the other party should at least apologize, which is “very important”. He hoped that the American people would make their own fair judgments. Please pay attention to this passage. As a victim in China, Ambassador Yang speaks humanely and empathically to the perpetrators. Although we did this to achieve our goal, this figure is soft and transparent, and it looks a little bit sad. After the interview was broadcast, the proportion of Americans who agreed with the US government to apologize to China has increased dramatically, from less than 20% at the beginning to more than 50%. Some U.S. crew members said that if the U.S. apologizes, their families can be sent home, and they support apologizing to China. With the foundation of public opinion, the attitude of the US government began to soften. After six exchanges of the drafts between China and the United States, on April 11, 2001, U.S. Ambassador to China Prueher formally submitted it to China on behalf of the U.S. government. Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan accepted the apology on behalf of the Chinese government. Ambassador Yang is at the forefront of China’s diplomatic solution to the crisis at this time. The degree of arduous work can be imagined, and it is difficult for us to know the details of the work behind the scenes. So this exclusive interview became Ambassador Yang’s moment of out of the circle among the people, especially the American people. Ambassador Yang Jiechi’s performance in this political and diplomatic crisis impressed the Americans. He has a soft figure and a bottom line that he cannot give up. Later, when the 9/11 incident broke out, Sino-US relations took a major turn. When Bush took office, he intended to contain China, but reality forced him to gradually embark on a path of compromise and ease relations with China. In addition to personally deflating and alleviating the tension on the Taiwan issue, former Deputy Secretary of State Zoellick invited China to play a more international role, positioning China’s relations as a stakeholder; Treasury Secretary Paulson prevented Congress from making trade decisions. The dispute is even more dramatic; Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s dependence on China on the North Korean nuclear issue and cooperation on counter-terrorism incidents have brought a new combination of interests between the two parties. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Sino-US relations, which once fell to a freezing point due to the plane collision incident, have improved significantly. Bush Jr. brought three generations of grandparents to Beijing to attend the opening ceremony. On the screen, the US president was filled with a smiley face at the opening ceremony. Now it seems that it is undoubtedly the shift of the strategic focus of the US during the Bush Jr. era, taking the lead in covering up the landmark event of China’s rise. The Chinese man behind Bush’s trip is said to be Yang Jiechi, then Minister of Foreign Affairs. Looking back on the history of Sino-US diplomacy during Bush’s presidency, one can think of one sentence-the warriors are invaluable, and Yang Jiechi, from ambassador to minister, is worthy of being a member of the nation. According to my personal memories, when Ambassador Yang left office, there were media comments in the United States that the Chinese character for “chi” means tiger in the woods, and Tiger Yang does not have the murderous and domineering of a tiger, but is elegant and unrestrained, which is impressive. The most beloved star diplomat. Americans are uneducated. Chizi does not mean tiger, but an ancient Chinese musical instrument. Americans may also be a little naive, is Tiger Yang really only elegant? When Commissioner Yang set foot on the land of Alaska in 2021, it happened that twenty years had passed since he first set foot on the land of the United States as the Chinese ambassador to the United States. Ambassador Yang, 20 years ago, understood that China and the United States need to deal with small things relatively, and that being refined and not arrogant or humble is the only option for his diplomatic style. Maybe Ambassador Yang at that time faced countless difficulties and oppression, and had countless thoughts of lifting the table, but he dared not and couldn’t. Twenty years later, the stars have changed. The former ambassador Yang has become a member of Yang. The strength of China and the United States is no longer what it used to be. Of course, elegance is no longer his only option. He can also use the attitude of lifting the table and tell it hard. The U.S. Secretary of State who will no longer kindly call him Tiger Yang, “We think of you too well. We think you will abide by basic diplomatic etiquette, so we have to clarify our position just now. Let me just say that you are not qualified. In front of China, you say that you talk to China from the position of strength.” Recalling the interview quoted in the previous article, it seems to be an internal drama: Twenty years, Lao Tzu has been acting elegantly for 20 years, Lao Tzu doesn’t want to now. Acted! For a man, this feeling of forbearing for a lifetime while being able to explode with strength is really cool! After all, who can rely on strength to be tough, who wants to rely on graceful figure?

8 months ago

It may be a bit hypocritical to say it. I watched the video office and cried and listened to the serious protests for so many years. I went to QNMD to reprint the following passage from a friend. If infringement, I will delete it immediately. Your seniors or elder brothers protested and condemned on the streets. The official said you have to bear it. After all, we have not joined the WTO, and we can’t break our arms with the United States internationally. Two years later, the U.S. military plane was walking around in our South China Sea and knocked us off. Fighters, your predecessors or elder brothers protested and condemned in the streets, the official said you have to endure, we do not have a comparable aircraft. Compared with the bombing of the embassy and the collision in the South China Sea, what is this conversation? Why should the official attitude be clear this time, and the principled stand will be positive? Because he is telling you clearly, after the continuous efforts of countless martyrs and every ordinary Chinese. Now, you don’t have to bear it anymore.

8 months ago

The American diplomat once again confirmed an old saying: Playing chess with a stinky chess basket gets worse and worse. The American diplomats have not played chess with great powers in 30 years, and have not played chess with normal-thinking powers in 40 years. Play with Iraq and Syria all day long. It is the same as the lowest difficulty of the Spanish god map of Civilization 5, the desert along the river hills + two great barrier reefs + King Solomon’s palace, a round of 1,000 gold coins, ten rounds of the Great Library, 30 rounds, Petra, horse iron There is no shortage of coal and aluminum oil. From the first round of invincibility to the last round, you can pinch you as you like. Now is the time when you think you are awesome and walk around with a big square, the double-click long-range Qi Xue on the opposite side has already started flying a kite. Change to a master, a low-hand is really not good.

8 months ago

Wang Shibei set the Central Plains Day, the family sacrifice never forgets to tell Nai Weng! My grandfather participated in the back-line work of the War to Resist U.S. Aid and Aid Korea. Although he had never fought on the front line, he was carrying a stretcher behind, crossing the river in the ice water, eating black cakes and insisting on being a stretcher soldier. He also walked through the rain of bullets…so he fell. The root cause of the disease, before I was born, I died in the 1980s. Because I am a second child, my father is 60 years old, and my uncle is in his 70s. If my grandfather is alive, he should be around 100 years old. This is the first time since 1840 that our country has been so tough with the United States at an international conference. We are finally qualified to stand on the world’s poker table to “grab the landlord”, and dare to double, super double!

8 months ago

Looking for live videos everywhere, in addition to the 35-second video that the central media is using, the three non-recognitions raised by Yang Jiechi in the video sent by the observation network can be described as historic moments. 1. Most countries in the world do not recognize the universal values ​​that the United States says. 2. They do not recognize American speeches are international public opinion. 3. They do not recognize the rules set by a few people are the international order. From this moment on, China has finally taken the big brother’s attention. Big banner. We are no longer just playing in the rules set by the West. We clearly pointed out that the Western system is not recognized and accepted by most countries in the world. From this moment on, the competition between China and the United States has officially entered the development model competition from the previous trade competition. The core of the Soviet-American hegemony was that the two countries proposed the path for the future development of mankind. Why did the United States regard Russia as the biggest threat so far, not nuclear weapons, but on the line. The battle for routes is endless. Under the battle of lines, the Soviet Union reached the peak of communism. The well-being of the American people has also seen the best development. After the end of the Cold War, Russia and Eastern Europe are still lingering in the trough. The welfare of the working class in the United States is also falling off a cliff. Now, the new challenger to the American model has finally come forward. Everyone, be prepared for the struggle.

8 months ago

The talks in the United States this time are actually very lacklustre. Anyway, it was opened in your house. You don’t want to eat out for lunch and dinner. One dollar of fried chicken buffet should be enough. If the Secretary of State of the United States intends to pay out of his own pockets to let them see the abundance of American products. There is nothing that is not a foreign country, but it is nothing. Besides, even if the eight regulations of the United States do not allow banquets, let the Chinese delegation set up a real oven and let them roast four turkeys at the same time by themselves, right?

8 months ago

The two sides explained their respective positions… This is basically nothing… Yuan replied: Actually, if we look back… this time we are also pressed into a hurry. In fact, the reaction in Europe and the United States during the period after Biden took office can be said to be more radical than in the Trump era. Almost all anti-China forces are using unnecessary things to discredit China. And it’s not just the media or individual organizations, it’s the same with many countries. In fact, the two sides are now in a state of tension. In this epidemic in the West, the injuries were serious. So they urgently need a blood transfusion. And China will be their best blood transfusion port. It’s like the United States and Europe rely on Japan and the Soviet Union to recover their blood. This time, the United States and Europe also hope to press China to allow China to agree to let them suck blood and let them eat. Therefore, although the king is gone. However, the ultimate pressure of the king has been inherited. And this group of politicians used it in a more skilful way. However, it is different from before. China will not back down. On the contrary, the Chinese who have gone through a century of humiliation only believe in absolute strength. Unfortunately, Europe and the United States do not have the strength to make China retreat. Therefore, this time, if Europe and the United States still want to exert extreme pressure, then what awaits them will be even stronger rebound and resistance. A friend is here and there is good wine. And as for the jackal here? Of course the shotgun is ready. This time, the initiative is in China’s hands.

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