Because the Jade Emperor is a programmer. Monkey King is a top professional player. The game company “Tiandi” has developed a game. In order to maintain the normal operation of the game without bugs, it is necessary to recruit a team of programmers for daily maintenance. This technical team is called “Heavenly Court”, and the Jade Emperor is the boss of this technical team. The responsibility of the team is to maintain the balance between the world and the earth, keep the rules in operation, and master the wind, rain, thunder and lightning, day and night, the four seasons, the movement of stars, and the six reincarnations. Of course, this is a game company after all. It’s not enough to just write code. You have to be able to play games more or less, leveling, brushing monsters and so on (cultivating mana). As the CTO, the Jade Emperor must of course also be able to play games, but he has to stab his feet when he is thirsty. But this does not prevent him from writing code for this game as a technical expert. Until they met a top professional player called “Monkey King”. This Monkey King is a game genius, not only in the Dongsheng Shenzhou server, but also in the entire Three Realms international server ranks as a professional player. The technical team of the “Tiandi” company was spotted by Monkey King in the game. Naturally, it was very miserable. I won’t say anything about the golden squad dog like the Four Heavenly Kings. Ne Zha in the Star Yao rank is already the best game in the entire technical team, and he is still abused by Monkey King. Not to mention the Jade Emperor, he spends most of his time writing algorithms and programs, and the ranks in the game are only silver. No way, the technical team had to look down, and found the nephew of “Jade Emperor”, “Xiansheng Erlang Zhenjun”. This nickname “Erlangshen” is also a genius teenager who plays games, a great god of national clothes, and he can also write code. Strictly speaking, he is not even a formal employee of this company, but a part-time programmer. However, the technical team was miserably abused, and couldn’t help but cheeky and found Erlangshen. However, it is not optimistic. Both Erlangshen and Monkey King are game gods. They played more than a dozen solo rounds, changed various heroes, and were still tied. “And why do I think my nephew is going to lose…” The Jade Emperor smacked his lips. Although he is good at playing games, he is also the CTO of a game company after all, and he still has this vision. “What to do?” The female programmer of the game’s nickname “Avalokitesvara” frowned. She is a rare female doctor in the team. She looks delicate and weak, but she is actually a black-bellied woman. The game is also very good, only the diamond rank, but she can’t hold back she always writes some plug-ins such as “cleaning bottle”, “willow leaf”, “flower basket” and “help vellus hair” openly. There is not only the Guanyin Bodhisattva in the company, but also a wretched uncle who is nicknamed “Tai Shang Laojun”, who also often writes as a plug-in. The two guys looked at each other: Well, what the hero sees is a little bit the same. This Monkey King is about the same level as Erlang Shen, so he has to open his hands! Guanyin: “You come to me?” Lao Jun: “Your’cleaning bottle’ is not good enough. Let me do it. I wrote a program called’King Kong Zhuo’ before, and it just fits here.” Unable to beat the hanging force, Monkey King was brushed 0-20. Taishang Laojun is still unsure, he was abused by Monkey King in the game before. So I changed the background data, deducted the honor points of Monkey King, and banned him. A bit ruthless. When the game is over, there is nothing to do, and the programmers go back to work again. They are currently working on a “Peach Conference” project and need to upgrade the game system. It is 996 in the past two days. Playing games is just a bit tired and relaxing. In the end, I didn’t expect to run into the bastard Monkey King. Not only did he not relax, he was also angry. However, Yang Jian still blushes a little. He is not a full-time employee of this company, and he is not familiar with the corporate culture yet. He always feels a bit shameless to defeat his opponent. There is one thing to say, this player with the nickname “Sun Wukong” is really strong in operation, and Yang Jian still admires it in his heart. Monkey King was suspended for a whole day, and the more he thought about it, the more angry he became. “Bah, it’s back to the game company, a group of rookie dogs! Just know it!” He was an adolescent boy, usually soaking in the Internet cafe, and playing games with a few netizens. The team’s name is “Seven Great Sages.” Children at this age still can’t understand what capital is, what is a company, and they can only show their operations in the game. Monkey King is very talented, and has participated in the short-term training camp of the professional team “Slanting Moon Three-Star Cave”, and learned a lot of skills from the top professional player “Bodhi Patriarch”. But he was unwilling to participate in professional competitions, so he did not choose to stay in the end. Sun Wukong’s favorite is to abuse food, and he is an old Zuan. He was once suspended by the system for scolding his teammates during the “Life and Death Book” season. It would be bad luck to change someone else, but as soon as Sun Wukong’s blood got on his head, he had a stubborn temper. He just inquired about the person in charge of the game company’s credit points system this season, and found the person in charge of the game’s name “Ten Temple Yama”. After adding a friend, he gave him a hard time. Then he went back and forth, and by mistake, he gradually got into the bargaining with the entire “Tian Ting” technical team. As a result, Monkey King was suspended again this time. In fact, it is not that he can’t afford to lose, the Erlangshen operation is actually quite strong. But opening up is too much. So as soon as the ban was lifted, he went back online and began to provoke the game account of the Heavenly Court team. “Hanging! Can’t afford to lose! There is a kind of solo!” “Cooking! The technology is so good, you are still embarrassed to develop games?” “Trash game! Trash company!” Tianting programmers are already busy for the “Peach Conference” system upgrade It’s been half a month, and I’m dizzy when typing the code, playing games to relax, and encountering Monkey King’s lingering stinky mouth, I’m really furious. But who would dare to stand up and fight him? Everyone looked at each other and could not speak. Yang Jian went back to the school to take the exam. Besides, he was also a part-time intern college student. Unless he was the nephew of the CTO Jade Emperor, he would not have helped him last time. What to do? In the end, the Jade Emperor came up with a way, took out his cell phone and made a call: “Hey, Tathagata, it’s me, I’m the Jade Emperor. How is your copy of the West Tianling Mountain project done? Okay, you can speed up the progress. At that time, I’ll have to go online with the copy of the Pantao Conference. By the way, there’s a little thing I want to ask you for help—”Tathagata Buddha is the vice president of the company’s technical department and a technical expert who is proficient in algorithms. He works in game development. One piece of technology is second only to the Jade Emperor. The two of them have worked together for many years. Now they are each bringing a project team to develop two copies of the game. Tathagata is the person in charge of the copy of “West Tianling Mountain”, and Jade Emperor is both the person in charge of the “Peach Conference” and the overall project leader. people. In fact, there is a secret that only the Jade Emperor knows. Tathagata Buddha is not only proficient in program development, but also the world’s number one professional player in this game. But like the Jade Emperor, Tathagata doesn’t play this game much. The Jade Emperor did not play because he was too good at it, and Tathagata did not play because the game was not challenging for him. All in all, after listening to the Jade Emperor talk about the situation, the Tathagata instantly became happy. Sun Wukong, a young man, knew that his teammate “Pudi Patriarch” once drank at the wine table once, and he mentioned this name. At that time, he was very sorry that this kid could not stay to participate in the professional league. Tathagata was busy developing projects during this time, and the pressure was not small. He still had a few algorithmic problems. He wanted to ask the Jade Emperor. He just happened to stop by and play a game with Monkey King, which was considered relaxing. So the following dialogue appeared: “Monk Wukong, come, let’s play the game.” “You? Who are you?” “You don’t need to know who I am. The game is going to be upgraded recently, and everyone in the company is busy. You can’t always delay With the company-wide technical team playing games with you, come, if you want to play, I will play with you.” “Haha, you are a bad company! Playing games are so good, what good games can I make? Let me say , It’s better to change me to be the chief technology officer of your company!” “You? Do you know how to write code?” “What if you can’t write code? I play the game well! I play awesome!” “Just play the game well! Can you be the CTO?” “Of course! You always let a silver-ranked rookie be the technical leader. Isn’t it ashamed?” “That’s OK, let’s make a bet. You don’t mean that you are qualified to play the game well. Game development? Let’s play a solo game. If you win, I will propose to the board of directors that you be the CTO of the company!” “Hey, then I’ll win!” “What if you lose?” “You say What should I do?” “If you lose, you will be permanently titled, and you will never play this game again. Do you gamble or not?” “Afraid you won’t make it?!” The hot-blooded boy Sun Wukong went on his way of no return. So looking back and continue to say: Why does a programmer have to play better games with you? What qualifications does a professional player with the No. 1 national server have to be a programmer?


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Do you think Trump can beat Tyson or Fido? A great emperor, does the relationship with personal force need to be so great? Besides, besides the Jade Emperor’s lack of personal combat effectiveness, where is the cowardice and incompetence? The so-called cowardice and incompetence is nothing more than drilling under the table for watching TV shows. This clip is to inherit the spirit of the anime Havoc in the Heavenly Palace. Haunted in the Heavenly Palace is a single story, theatrical version. Just show the protagonist’s majesty and prestige without thinking about before and after. So it can be contrasted with Jade Emperor. Modern web texts, and readers’ consciousness, feel that big bosses must have strong force. It is the result of the joint action of new martial arts, Japanese comics, and old Japanese RPGs. These things lack the ability to build a grand world view. It is simple to play a military system. For example, the Swordsman, the decent Fangzheng master, and the undefeated villain in the East, are the supreme force of force. But look at the Water Margin, how about Gao Qi’s force? How is Song Jiang Wuli? As for crossing the catastrophe, in Journey to the West and similar worldviews, most rely on resolution and avoidance. The concept of catastrophe is “a fatal disaster in your destiny.” This is actually very scientific. According to Murphy’s law, as long as the time is long enough, the sample is large enough. , No matter how small the probability is, it is inevitable. The ancients neutralized the concepts proposed by fatalism and causality. In the Journey to the West, what is the method that Bodhi ancestor taught Monkey King to survive the catastrophe? Seventy-two changes, why? Because the catastrophe is like a guided missile. It is aimed at your identity. If you change, it will not hit you. And some fatal incidents hurt you, you can make some kind of change, let the replacement of death replace you. The Jade Emperor didn’t know how to do it, but that was probably what it meant to cross the calamity. It was not a tough battle. The ancients valued luck. Tathagata told the monkey how many calamities the Jade Emperor had crossed, which meant that the Jade Emperor had invincible luck, that’s heaven. The son of choice. To be the emperor is the choice of Tiandi Dadao.

6 months ago

Because the purpose of cultivating is to live forever, combat effectiveness is not important at all. It was not that the Jade Emperor had no magic power. For example, in Fengxian County, Monkey King was completely helpless with the Mishan, Mianshan, and Golden Locks set by the Jade Emperor. However, this does not mean that there is any conspiracy theory, a big game of chess, it is too ridiculous, it is simply that mana is not equal to combat power. Like Laojun, Jade Emperor, Buddha, and Guanyin, they are all people with high powers, but you have to let them go shirtless to fight against others. That’s really impossible. That’s why Laojun is headed by monkeys and Manjusri is hung by mortals in well Waiting for embarrassment. Therefore, clerical gods of this kind have either raised mighty mounts, or have gods on the side to guard the law, or they have powerful magic weapons nearby. The point is that these gods have super survivability. Monkey King made a riot in the Heavenly Palace, and the buildings were destroyed a lot, but the important gods, even the Jiuyao Xingguan and Twenty-Eight Lake, who were chased by monkeys, had one dead? No. To escape from reincarnation, not to be born or to die, this is the true ability of the gods. Therefore, the book says that the Jade Emperor has practiced for more than 200 million years, which is the greatest affirmation of the Jade Emperor.

6 months ago

The subject of the subject has too little experience, and he actually regards scheming as cowardice and incompetence. What is great wisdom if foolish, and the Jade Emperor is really great wisdom if foolish. The Jade Emperor has experienced 1,750 calamities since he was a child, 129,600 years per calamity. If he hadn’t had the ability to teach people, he would have died many times. “Journey to the West” is a world where there is no law and justice, so many monsters cannibalize people, and all the people of the lion and camel country are eaten up. The gods of all walks of life not only don’t care about anyone, but also indulge in their mounts to cause chaos. If the Jade Emperor was not powerful, he would have known how many times he had been eaten. Tang Seng has only been studying the scriptures for more than ten years, and he has already suffered ninety-nine and eighty-one difficulties. The Jade Emperor has experienced 1750 calamities, and the hardships encountered can be imagined. The Jade Emperor was not born with boundless magical powers, he became the Jade Emperor directly, but after years of hard work, he lay down his own country step by step. Tang Seng has Sun Wukong and other disciples to protect him, and he has been in danger of being poisoned many times. Even if the Jade Emperor is protected, can he continue to protect him for 1750 calamities? The Jade Emperor’s offensive power is unknown, but his defense must be at the top. After 1750 calamities, he was afraid of a 342-year-old monkey? In the Journey to the West, the Taishang Laojun is a god who pioneered the world and refines the earth to replenish the sky. Such a status still has to be surrendered to the Jade Emperor and be sent by the Jade Emperor. Why didn’t the Jade Emperor directly and immediately take action against Monkey King? It’s because it’s easy to clean up the Monkey King, but it’s not important to clean up the Monkey King. Although Sun Wukong had some skills, he was nothing compared to gods and Buddhas. He was beaten by countless monsters on the way to learn the scriptures, and he could only win by moving rescue soldiers. Sun Wukong did not enter the High Heaven Hall, but was stopped by Wang Lingguan, who was just a god general, and was able to stop Sun Wukong. Therefore, the Jade Emperor didn’t have to worry about being unable to deal with the monkey Monkey Sun Wukong, but worried that someone would instigate Monkey King from behind and someone would take the opportunity to make trouble. Many gods have the ability to clean up Monkey King, but they didn’t make a move, or even though they made a move, they secretly released water. Why? Is it not a matter of hanging up high? Or is it schadenfreude? Are you deliberately preparing for trouble? Or is Sun Wukong making trouble alone? Therefore, the Jade Emperor pretended to be panicked and wanted to see how everyone behaved, so that he would not be stunned and let the master behind the scenes escape easily. The Buddha was invited to come forward because he didn’t know who was related to Monkey King. Since there are spies inside, it is safer to ask outsiders to participate. The Jade Emperor was able to experience the 1750 calamity but did not fall, and became the leader of the Heavenly Court, successfully suppressing many ambitious and capable subordinates. On the one hand, because his own defensive power is really strong enough, on the other hand, because he has a good strategy, this is the emperor’s skill.

6 months ago

Others cultivate Taoism. The most basic thing that is not used to become a god in martial arts is Taoism. This thing cannot be used to fight. In the book, Wukong first learned the Dapin Tianxianjue (the Bodhi ancestor did not say what it was called). The name was later revealed by Wukong when he was fighting monsters. Many of the dialogues in Journey to the West are composed of poems. This Dapin Tianxian Jue appears in a poem, and many people may not pay attention to it. It became the body of the gods. But this thing can only guarantee that he will not die for the time being, and he has to hide from natural disasters, so the ancestors only preached his seventy-two changes, but these seventy-two changes are just a change technique. As for whether he can be used for fighting, the original text is also Did not say. I think the force of the monkey may have been honed in the fight with monsters. After all, he had to fight with other races in Huaguoshan in the early days (Huaguoshan is not only monkeys, but there are many other monsters), but it is certain. Yes, with spells, Wukong’s fighting ability must be improved. In addition, he is born with a stone monkey, and his energy is endless (in the original text, Wukong has never been exhausted), which caused the gods of heaven to fight The situation where he can do nothing. Speaking of the Jade Emperor, he wanted to cultivate force, of course, but it was not necessary, because the supreme ruler did not rely on force to govern the Three Realms. He only needed a group of powerful war gods to follow him. I haven’t heard of the Supreme Ruler personally charging into battle. Don’t tell me about Li Shimin. He didn’t become the emperor when he charged into battle. Finally, don’t always compare all kinds of gods with Wukong. The spiritual creature raised is extremely savvy, and can be considered as the protagonist of the bug designed by the author to highlight the difference. Everyone compares with Wukong, so it’s maddening.

6 months ago

The original text of the seventh chapter of Journey to the West is as follows: At that time, the gods gathered the great sages in one place, but they could not get close to each other, clamoring and fighting, and alerted the Jade Emperor early. He then preached the decree that You Yi Lingguan and Sheng Zhenjun went to the west to ask the Buddha to surrender. “After hearing the edict of the Tathagata, he said to the bodhisattvas: “You wait here to sit firmly in the Dharma Hall, and you will be messed up in the Zen position, waiting for me to practice the demon and save you. “The Tathagata did not dare to disobey, and he folded his palms together and thanked him: “The old monk has come here to declare his destiny, what power does it have?” Or is it Tianzun and the gods who dare to thank you? The original text of the above original text, I’ll translate it into a modern version for you. The jade emperor can’t be clamored outside, and the jade emperor sent two hands to call the Tathagata. After hearing the jade emperor’s call, the Tathagata immediately came to pick up the monkeys. The emperor sent people to call Tathagata to have a dinner together. Tathagata did not dare to disobey, but he also replied with sincerity and fear that the leader was worthy of it and called me to work, and the job was done, not because I was great, but because of everyone’s good fortune. Pay attention to the original text: The old monk has come here to declare his destiny, and then look at the original book’s statement to the god Erlang that Nai Ta (shen Erlang) just listens and does not listen to the announcement. Your Majesty can send a will to adjust the troops, and he can help him to capture it. In other words, it is also to clean up the monkeys. The Tathagata came by declaring an decree, and the Erlang god was sent by the order. Tune: It is equivalent to the central official document with the big seal, and it is hereby sent to order XX to do a certain job. Xuan: It’s equivalent to “Secretary Wang, the provincial committee will return to the city tomorrow afternoon after I have opened the meeting, and you will arrange a car to pick it up at the high-speed rail station.” Therefore, the Jade Emperor is completely responsible for the leadership of the Tathagata. The attitude of the emperor is also the way to deal with the big leaders. I don’t know where to see the jade emperor being cowardly. Read more of the original work and not be deceived by the film and television works.

6 months ago

Weak and incompetent? There is no passage in the original book that describes the weakness of the Jade Emperor. Throughout the whole article, you will find that the Jade Emperor’s political skills of Emperor Xiangshu are absolutely top-notch. You can look at the whole Journey to the West from several angles, and you can read it as an official novel. First of all, there are several contradictions. The contradiction between the imperial power represented by the Jade Emperor and the divine power represented by Daozu Laojun. As a result, the Jade Emperor introduced Western Buddhist forces to balance the power of Laojun Taoism. This is the contradiction between new Buddhism and primitive Taoism. The four-valued kung fu Cao, Wu Fang Jie Di, Liu Ding Liu Jia, who secretly protected the Tang monk, are Taoist gods, and the guardian Garan is a Buddhist god. From the lineup of these immortals, it can be seen that the Jade Emperor and the Buddha are on one side. Laojun’s boy, Laojun’s cow, Laojun’s banana fan, Laojun’s various treasures, the three monsters of the Chechi Kingdom (monsters who have obtained the Tao, the authentic Taoism asks for rain), etc., all show the obstruction of the old gentleman to learning. . Until King Dou, the old gentleman Qingniu took the vajra to attack, Wukong went to the west, and saw the Tathagata for the first time. See what the Tathagata said. The original text “I heard about the Tathagata, watching the wisdom eyes far away, already knowing, and saying to the traveler: “That monster Although I know it, I can’t tell you. You monkey is open-mouthed. If I say he is the preacher, he will not fight with you. He will definitely yell up to the Lingshan Mountain, so that he will do harm to me. I am here to help you catch him with magic power. Opening the library gave Luohan eighteen golden pellets, that is, eighteen golden mountains. After the Jin Dansha was trapped away, Luo Han told Wukong to find Laojun and surrender Qing Niu. After Lao Jun got eighteen golden pellets, the Taoist sufferings were gone. The Buddha’s compromise and Laojun’s acquiescence. So far, Buddhism and Taoism have been balanced in the Journey to the West.


6 months ago

This cannot be measured by brute force. The Jade Emperor is the defender of the highest order in the space, not a fist. Obviously, the Jade Emperor can mobilize more resources to kill the stone monkeys instead of directly going into battle. It looks weak, but it is actually annoying, annoying this unconscious dead monkey. Especially at the beginning, Stone Monkey is not even a junior monster, how could he be afraid? Therefore, I couldn’t bear it, so I hired foreign aid to control the monkey. Therefore, as a leader, ability is very important, but you may not have the ability to understand all professions, such as killing stone monkeys. The key is to see how many resources, people, money, and things you can mobilize, as long as you use them for your own use. In addition, you must be able to tolerate mistakes outside of your subordinate’s ability, instead of retributing it. For example, the Heavenly Court has failed to kill the monkey again and again, but Lao Er Yudi didn’t take it too seriously. No, can you do it again? After trial and error again and again, the Tathagata finally came.

6 months ago

In short, the wood is beautiful in the forest, and the wind will destroy it. The Jade Emperor, as the highest-ranking person in the world on the Westward Journey, was actually in a very embarrassing position. He is the only human left from the last era, and what he gets along with is the human power of the new era or ascend to the heavens through the opportunity of the war of the gods, or through continuous self-cultivation and apprenticeship to learn skills to open up mountains . It is necessary to know that in the Westward Journey system, the Huangdi Xuanyuan who has been ascended by his continuous practice is only 4000 years away from the Zhenguan period. Like the expansion of Jiang Ziya and Zhao Gongming during the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, the wave of “civil servants” only has more than 1,000 years . And when Qide Dao soared to see the second god in Tianting about 4000 years ago, the Jade Emperor was actually the “Hermes” of China. It is the messengers of the ancient gods and the earth, such as Nuwa, King Taishan, King Yunzhong, etc., then ask “Hermes” as one of the twelve Greek gods after the demise of the Olympus gods ? Do you think he has beaten Hercules or the couple of young female Herb with his small body? Eighty percent can’t even beat hell dogs! But who can prevent him from ascending to the righteous position after the fall of the other eleven main gods and Hades? The Jade Emperor was the only survivor after the fall of the Yuqing system. Naturally, he was succeeded as the righteous god of the heavens. The Jade Emperor, who was still the Jade Emperor at the time, was ranked No. The eleventh, headed by the Yuanshi Tianzun who transformed into three pure Qis. In Chinese and foreign myths, the creation gods still have world-keeping work in the creation of the world. For example, the Egyptian god Ra has to fight with the ether every day. Contacting Huoyun Cave, so I tend to go to Huoyun Cave to fight against the natural laws of disorder, instead of truly falling in Yuqing All Saints. Even if Huangdi, Fuxi, and Shennong have become saints, they can only look at the gate. The relatively useless Jade Emperor is just a quasi-sage and has no power to fight against disorder outside the world, or the “Jade Emperor”, but the Jade Emperor is a clone outside the Huoyun Cave, and the Jade Emperor is also in the Huoyun Cave .

6 months ago

What everyone said makes sense. But let me add one more sentence. The character design of the Jade Emperor in Journey to the West has a lot to do with the background of the time. Everyone knows that, whether the Romance of the Three Kingdoms or Journey to the West, it was originally some scattered folk tales, it was fortunate to be collected by the storyteller for the first time, and it was polished by a great literary master. The most important influencing factor is naturally the audience, the reader. The audience likes that the storyteller will applaud and reward the silver. And the person who writes the book must also consider the reader. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Journey to the West, Water Margin, and Dream of the Red Chamber all originated in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Before this was the Yuan Dynasty. The Yuan Dynasty was a dynasty established by the Mongols’ brutal occupation of China. In this dynasty, Confucianism was humiliated to the point of being dispensable. As for the so-called emperor, it was a symbol of brutal tax collection. There is no justice at all for the officials of the Yuan Dynasty. There was the rise of Quyi during the Yuan Dynasty. Famous articles such as The Story of the West Chamber began here. At this time, there should be Journey to the West, the embryonic form of the Three Kingdoms. The brutality of the Yuan Dynasty provoked an uprising among the Chinese people. At that time, it was not Confucianism that led the crowd, but Buddhism such as the Bailian Sect. Zhu Yuanzhang started with the Red Scarf Army and finally unified China. After Ming Hsing, Confucianism has entered a kind of decline. Although Confucianism is carried forward by Wang Yangming’s philosophy, the actual audience is not large. The folks rely on religion (Buddhism, Taoism and even Christianity) to provide relief, and there are even clubs and organizations to carry out low-level governance (cao gang, beggar gang, etc., which later evolved into Hongmen, Qing gang, etc.). There were already ten Confucianists and nine beggars in the Ming Dynasty, which shows the status of Confucianism. In the Qing Dynasty, the status of Confucianism among the people was lower, and people’s minds changed. We won’t talk about the details. In such a social context. We can understand his character design by looking at the Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Journey to the West. The masses believe that the current emperor is incompetent and needs a good emperor to save themselves. Need the help of the gods and the Buddha. Therefore, in the Three Kingdoms, people like Liu Xuande benevolent and righteous to prosper Han, Guan Yu Zhuge and other gods like to assist. Although Cao Mengde is powerful, he is incompetent (incompetent to some extent) and has no benevolence and righteousness. In Journey to the West, there is Monkey King’s incompetent Tiangong, frightening the Jade Emperor to get under the table, and a kind of deity puts on his mount Daotong to harm people, and only the Buddha of the West can save. In the Water Margin, the Red Chamber also respected Buddhism and despised the officialdom of Confucianism. Of course, what everyone said makes sense.

6 months ago

Journey to the West is originally a drama on earth, and the heaven is the court. The emperor is not one term, and of course neither is the emperor. So after each reincarnation, it will have an impact on the character, there is no problem, it has nothing to do with whether you are strong or not. A good example is when the elephant was tied to a wooden stick when it was young, then even if the elephant grows up, it will not break free of the stick. Assuming that the Emperor of Heaven has a reincarnation where he has been bullied from birth to death, there will be a deep psychological shadow even if he regains his memory. The question is how to regain the memory? I think it can be completely analogized, the emperor read the daily diary or writings of the first emperor. Similarly, even if the emperor is weak and cowardly, the emperor is still the emperor, and the emperor is still the emperor. The important thing is not mana but legal principles, and the people underneath will not rebel at will. Isn’t it easy to make sense? The time when the Journey to the West novels were written still had illusions about the feudal dynasty, so the emperor still had a magic spell. However, the re-release of modern screenwriters naturally does not need to preserve the face of the emperor, and the cowardice and weakness are more real and leave a deeper impression. On the contrary, imagine that the Emperor of Heaven on the screen is majestic, not angry and self-prestige, surrounded by a golden dragon robe, and the monkey grandson is directly annihilated into nothingness when he shoots. Is that still a villain? Is that still a supporting role? Is that still anti-feudal?

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