In our county high school, people drop out every year. I heard that Hengshui self-study changed their heads and raised their heads too much, including painting Monkey King on a misty window. They were notified that they could only take two leave in a semester. There are also many people who say that I will definitely not be able to take a trip to Hengshui. So, how many people who have been punished for a semester in Hengshui who cannot survive and voluntarily drop out of school? Let me estimate, 1%, is there? Does anyone know?

First of all, I belong to Hengshui No. 2 Middle School. Hehengzhong is not one, but it is stricter than Hengzhong. To put it simply, it is the scholar spirit + counterfeit that has been imitating but never surpassed. I am a girl with a weak appearance, and my academic performance is relatively high (more than 4,000 students with a score of about 1,300, and a class of 90 students with more than 30). I stayed there for three years. After high school, I felt like I was in the palace. Nian slaves and maidservants were released. A female teacher, who was a little dark, was the most memorable one when I did a physics quiz in the afternoon. I did not hand in the answer sheet. The head teacher counted the number of people outside. Then when I finished painting and ready to hand it in, the head teacher yelled and kicked. Kicked me on the ground, and then slapped me twice. I am a small girl, and my parents usually hold it in their mouths at home. This is the first time in my life that I have been beaten. A very small female teacher checks and accepts physics questions before class every day. I only give 2 minutes of physics. My physics is not very good and I have always been afraid of taking her class. She will be in class every time she finishes the acceptance. Counting the number of people. The most impressive time, I did not make her acceptance test, and then she gave me a big zero score, she directly said in class, “The writing is so harsh and I took a big duck egg. She is the only one in the whole class. Why don’t you die if your brain is so stupid?” Let me stick to my face and stand in front of my classmates. At that time, I just came to my menstrual period and only felt that my stomach and intestines were torn apart. Normally (I have the habit of dysmenorrhea), and another boy didn’t hand in the acceptance test. She angrily smashed the stool on his face. In the first year of high school, a certain teacher taught us politics. In one quiz, in the evening analysis class meeting, the teacher asked a dozen classmates to stand up (probably the person who made a mistake on a simple question) and then read a few of them, saying that you are all good students and your grades are still good. This question shouldn’t be wrong, it’s not your level, and then let them sit down, leaving me and the other three classmates standing and standing until the end of class. At that time, I thought “??, this wave of operations is so fascinating, purpose. What is it? Just to say in a disguised form that my grades are not good and I am not worthy of doing the right question?” After going back that night, I felt very uncomfortable. I thought I had a glorious experience in elementary and junior high school. The teacher spoiled my classmates and liked me, but the second and third middle school let me know what life is worse than death, and pigs and dogs are worse. Here, you can experience the personal attacks and insults of the director and the teacher on your appearance, body shape, figure, and grades anytime and anywhere. Every minute makes you doubt the meaning of life and start thinking about whether it is necessary to live. I remember one time in an exam, there was a girl with a mirror on her pencil case. It was accidentally exposed by the grade director. She was spotted on the field tour. In front of the classmates, the director said to her: “Repay him so much. Mom has the habit of looking in the mirror? A few words are written on a paper and still take pictures? Disgusting.” That girl usually loves beauty. I remember that since the exam, she has been depressed and unhappy, and she had a very cheerful personality. She became dull and failed the college entrance examination. It is estimated that this has had an indelible effect on her self-esteem. Everyone eats breakfast and dinner in the classroom, and no one eats in the cafeteria for fear of wasting study time. (laughs) All kinds of fat pork The greasy steamed bun caught in his hand, and was not allowed to wash his hands after eating, and then began to do the styling. He had no chance to wash his hair for several weeks. The books on the foot of the table were piled up, and the smelly feet of the boy in the front seat floated over. The classroom is filled with the disgusting smell of stinky feet and leek buns. Under that environment, analyze physics problems? (laugh). In the past three years, I have experienced too many troubles. I was beaten, scolded, ridiculed and insulted. After three years, my personality and psychology have been distorted to a certain extent. The teachers here are generally very hostile and have abnormally high morale. They originally wanted to write casually, but they wrote so many unknowingly. The existence of this high school is really a shame to education. It has only achieved a few. Top students, but ruined most of the middle-lower students, they also went to an ordinary undergraduate college (a level that can be reached in ordinary high schools) and at the same time lost three years of youth that should have been nostalgic The three years of Hengshui No. 2 Middle School have been the shadow of my life. I will not let my child repeat the same mistakes. I will work hard to make money. Let him go to high school in first-tier cities to prevent him from suffering this kind of suffering again. I want to add one more thing. I think of another incident. It is the playground where we ran aerobics every morning after we changed campus in the third year of high school. There was a pit and a stairway. At 5:30 in the winter in the morning, it was blinded by the dark lights and stunned. Second, running exercises are all running from person to person. My fist must be close to the back of the person in front of me. I can’t see the bottom of my foot. I’m still in the middle. If I fall, I’ll fall a lot. Then every time I get to that step, I’m still in the middle. Everyone has to feel like stepping over. Everyone is walking over by feeling. They are especially prone to tripping. There is a pit. Every time someone runs, we have to feel that we are stepping forward. We have reflected this to the teacher, but the teacher said that we are hypocritical? ? ? ? I don’t know what’s going on now, anyway, I think it is a serious threat to the personal safety of students. And I don’t understand the significance of raising the little reading above my head, stepping on the ground, shaking the mountain, swinging arms parallel to the ground, running so close, and stacking tofu cubes in the morning to improve performance… The most memorable one was when I moved the quilt from the foot to the other at noon, but I was recorded as a violation of discipline. I was suspended from class for 3 days to copy the disciples rules at the level department… I was at the same table, and I had trouble with my stomach during my early self-study. I took out a piece of clothes and put it on and was discovered by the English teacher. I was told to stand outside for a morning…it’s all true.) Going to the toilet at noon is a major violation of discipline, so I have to suspend classes and go home, so I eat A bad stomach can only be held back, and I dare not drink water at noon. What’s the point? What’s wrong? Up to now, I have not been able to understand the judging criteria for violation of discipline in their eyes, but one thing worth acknowledging is that the things in the youth pain literature basically do not appear here, and there is very little school bullying (I only saw it once in the second year of high school. It was the whole class and the teacher who boycotted a very sloppy female classmate. She once put the buns on someone else’s bed at will, wtf! I still can’t forget her natural look,), her style of study is relatively positive, and she doesn’t have to talk and talk all night long. Phone porridge (I believe everyone will remember a female classmate who likes to keep talking and gossip, there is no chance to have this kind of outgoing personality here) who did not engage in pregnancy, let alone anyone I want to pursue or reject a person because of their looks, because everyone is almost as ugly…. I didn’t expect that this answer would be read. It was just sent on a whim. For the teacher in the text, I only deal with things and people, maybe The teachers have forgotten me a long time ago, but your inadvertent behavior at that time really caused me so much pain that I still can’t forget it now. I have always felt that the profession of teacher should be sacred. It should be a caring and competent person who teaches based on the principles of people-oriented and student-oriented education, rather than a group of rogue shrews who look for superiority in front of students. When you disrespect your students, have you ever thought about what your students will say about you one day after graduation? Respect is mutual. If you don’t respect me, I don’t need to hold you. Friends, I originally thought that by sending my children to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other first-tier cities to study, these extreme things could be avoided, but I found that the whole country is basically the same (Hengshui is the most extreme). There are too many Chinese people. There are too many people who will do the questions in the examination branch, and they have to fight for every place in order to compete for the few places. To put it bluntly, Hengshui No. 2 Middle School is a malformed product of the involution of education. It provides a shortcut to the upper class for the majority of the poor in China (to reduce the scores of the college entrance examination, one point to ten thousand people), so more and more The more poor and mediocre parents begin to pin their hopes on their children who have mediocre genes like them, (removed later in accordance with relevant requirements, and talked about immigration and said I was illegal? Okay)


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7 months ago

Graduates of Hengzhong, enrolled in general classes of liberal arts. Wenpu is basically at the bottom end of the contempt chain in Hengzhong, and perhaps the only one that is lower than ours is the International Department (non-social contempt chain, don’t arrogate me). From the first year of high school to the third year of high school, the one I have seen voluntarily drop out is that a buddy can’t stand the military training after the first year of high school. It may be too depressing, and finally left with a snot and tears. Actually, Hengzhong’s system is strict and strict, but there are many loopholes that can be exploited, especially in the first year and second year of high school. Like you said, you can only ask for leave twice a year. It’s a bogus, and it’s just a fake. Although the atmosphere of going to school in Hengzhong is really depressing, and the closed life is really boring, it is because it is not difficult to take advantage of the loopholes that many people who are not acceptable can have fun in hardships. In the end, it was actually three years.

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7 months ago

My sister Hengzhong graduated, and just finished the college entrance examination this year, I sent out a paragraph from her circle of friends to have a look at it, and everyone would rate it for themselves. Graduated from high school. Everything is different from what I imagined. I thought that the two days of the college entrance examination were awake all night, but I didn’t expect that those two days were the best time to sleep in the whole senior year. I thought I would be extremely excited after the college entrance examination, but when I walked out of the examination room, I felt a little disappointed. Three years in the balance. I think the biggest gain for me is not how much progress I have made or other superficial things, but my inner strength. Only I know how much I have experienced and gained in these three years. After the epidemic, staying in school for more than two months was probably the most difficult, but it was also the time when I had the greatest gain. After so many days of Waterloo-style regression, although there are grievances and incomprehensions, as long as the problem can be solved, it is not a problem. When I really dare to face it alone and am willing to solve everything, it is probably the coming-of-age gift given to me by my senior year. The moment I left Hengzhong on the 5th afternoon, when the bell rang after class, my heart throbbed, and a sense of loss struck me. When I was carrying things out of the study room, so many lovely people gave me a loving hug, and I felt very warm in my heart. When I took the elevator downstairs, I met the old monitor and took me to the south gate. Everything is so beautiful and touching. Before I came to Hengzhong three years ago, I thought it was a hell, but when I came, I discovered that it turned out to be heaven. Everything that might be complicated in other high schools is simple and beautiful here. Maybe there will not be another place called a paradise by me and her in the future. In the future, there may not be another place where teachers and classmates work hard every day. In the future, there may not be another place that can bring me rapid growth in such ordinary but extraordinary days.

7 months ago

My girlfriend’s cousin, after studying in Hengzhong for two years, couldn’t stand it anymore, and dropped out of school due to depression. Parents were very painful and regretted when they went to go through the withdrawal procedures. They couldn’t think of all the ways they could find all the relationships that could be used and sent their children here, but they also ruined their entire youth. The little sister grew up in Beijing, and her parents started some small businesses in Beijing, and she had some savings at home. Northerners are all about raising poor children and rich daughters. Little girls grew up under the pamperedness of their parents. Because she is not registered in Beijing, she cannot take the college entrance examination in Beijing, and her parents hope that her daughter will become a phoenix. They hoped that she could be admitted to a good university in Beijing, so the little girl was sent to Hengzhong. The little girl who has never left her parents when she grows up and has never suffered from coming to Hengzhong can be said to be a variety of maladjustments. To her, every day is like military training, even harder than military training, after all. Study hard. It is the first time to live a collective life. She has been spoiled since childhood and she is incompatible with other classmates’ lives. There are constant small conflicts. In addition, the adolescent girls are more sensitive and gradually separated from everyone. In terms of study, she had no advantage when she came to Hengzhong. She gradually became the bottom student in the class. In addition, she was always late for class in the morning (mostly because she couldn’t sleep well at night), the teacher He disliked her even more, and even criticized her in public and punished her many times. Classmates who had a bad relationship with her originally laughed at her even more. From the original good student, she suddenly fell to the present level, and the strong sense of the gap made her feel very frustrated. She also tried to talk to her parents, but her parents were too busy doing business and could not detect the pain in the child’s heart. They didn’t know the seriousness of the matter until the head teacher called the parents to take the children home. At that time, my girlfriend was really shocked when she went to her. She couldn’t believe it. She was so cute before and had two dimples when she laughed. She turned into a dull-eyed girl who often talked to herself without communicating with anyone.” Stranger”, she wanted to pull down her sister’s hand, but she unexpectedly started to cry. The family didn’t know what she had experienced in school. Afterwards, it was a long treatment process, running to the hospital, taking hormones, and doing psychological counseling, and my studies stopped. Later, I never heard from her again. I really don’t recommend that children who are more fragile in their hearts go to high schools that are managed by “militarization”. Parents should also learn to accept the mediocrity of their children…

7 months ago

Some students in the comment area said that they had never seen Hengzhong drop out of school and now there are more than 4,400 people every year. In the past, there were 60 classes, but after reducing the class capacity, there will only be more. What the students saw was the class and the pairing class. Thousands of people dropped out of the school. They couldn’t make any trouble. Most of the parents got the admission results before the military training in August. Those who didn’t get the results, the school started all the time. In the winter vacation, there will be sporadic indicators that flow out, sometimes only for men and women. This is the indicator vacated by students who are not used to it. Hengzhong, Heng-2, 13th, 14th, and 5th middle schools are all like this. In fact, parents are looking for relationships by riding horses to find horses. Therefore, there is a sporadic adjustment in Heng-2, 13th, and 14th middle schools. In this case, the index of the school that despises the front end of the chain is vacated. As soon as the student transfers, the index of the school will naturally be vacated. Another classmate from middle school will transfer to middle school, another classmate from middle school will transfer to middle school 13, and then the classmate from middle school will transfer to middle school 14 again… there is another kind of unsustainable , That is, students who can’t keep up with the paper, and the family is not short of money, so they will work as a parent and transfer to the international class. Pass the preparatory exam and pass the Canadian and English books. Generally, they will be the parents of the family. Let the students transfer the director. Art students enroll more than 4,000 students each year. Local students and high-score students are fine. Every year, there are several students who can’t adapt to giving up. Other grades are fine. The school discipline is frightening. I used to be strict in the East Campus. After the establishment of the South Campus in 2014, it has become more humane. The teacher in charge protects his students. Regardless of trivial matters, every dormitory has a cell phone stolen. The teacher knows that he loves to learn but does not learn, and no one cares about the violation of other people’s discipline and enforcement. Very strict, such as fighting, you will really be expelled from grades, so you have privileges, but you can’t.

7 months ago

Please be cautious when reading the full text of 19093 words. The atmosphere in our second year class is relatively depressing… After going for six in a semester, the next class has persisted. There is still a big difference between liberal arts and sciences. Girls in liberal arts are easy to support themselves. Don’t stop that. For example, I’m the fifth one. If I didn’t suspend school, I think I would continue to finish the third year of high school. At that time, it was okay to mix literature and practice… When it was good, I was in the top ten of the experimental series. In fact, when entering the balance, everyone’s mental state and personality are different. Many mentalities have been accumulated from childhood to fifteen or sixteen. Children who are over-sensitive, soft-hearted, and lack self-confidence are indeed prone to problems under such high pressure. In Hengzhong’s group experimental class, there is a big difference between the experimental class and the ordinary class, especially the experimental class. The competition will be greater, and the state of the senior year will start early. When we were just in the second year of high school, we had already started at 12:33, and we went to lunch at 32. We ran around while chewing on our food… Of course I mean the liberal arts experimental class, the science is really I don’t know much about my inner gratitude to a certain teacher… In the big environment of Hengzhong, I still persuade me to eat well, and I can’t forget some things that refresh my values… During the first semester of high school, I passed a good friend, the head teacher asked me She bowed to me in front of the whole class…just how to say…do not take the student’s personal dignity seriously, and also passionate education and regular brainwashing, strengthen the collective consciousness and family consciousness, and dilute the individual Awareness. In fact, write this answer and it has a little commemorative significance. I have diagnosed major depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder for ten months, and I have been rescued from the detoxification hospital. Not all is the pressure of going to school… There are also some things from my childhood. I just want to live well, every child who survives and the child who doesn’t survive is cute, and they are all worthy of being loved. In my opinion, both demonization and eagerness to de-demonize have a certain extreme color… Everything is a mixed pros and cons, isn’t it… As a student of Hengzhong, in fact, I also think Hengzhong’s core idea is to squeeze memorials, which means I will start a new life in the future.

7 months ago

I’m just a few ordinary girls from the countdown in the science experiment class of Hengshui Middle School. There was indeed something “unsupportable” in our class, but she didn’t want to die. She had the impression that she later transferred to school. Except for that girl, I should be the more vulnerable student in the eyes of our teacher. I have been inexplicably deducting points for my roommate, I have not dared to remove my quilt because of poorly folded quilts, I wore down jackets to sleep in winter, I used to go out without washing after getting up for half a year because of the assembly time, I used to have my feet ulcerated and I didn’t have time to go to the doctor and secretly wipe toothpaste in the middle of the night. , I used to avoid going to the bathroom in the middle of the night because of school regulations countless times, and I used to think that I didn’t make progress to the extreme level and doubted myself… I still remember these things, and they are just an experience in life. In my second year of high school, my suspicion of myself went to the extreme. I went home crying and discussed withdrawing from school with my family. I even wrote a so-called life plan to prove to them that I can live well without going to school. My mother persuaded me to let me stay one last week to see if my thoughts have changed. Sure enough, the law of truth has been fulfilled. I was 14 when I enrolled in high school, and I was only 17 when I graduated from high school. During that experience, I always magnified my pain and didn’t think about what I had. The teacher’s praise for my hard work, the class teacher wakes up and runs with us every day, the strength given by a united class, the novels discussed on the way to dinner with my girlfriends, the teacher’s classic quotations that I secretly recorded, the small book for new ideas Strong words to say about sorrow, even representing the school in aerobics competitions in the busy study life, one afternoon self-study class teacher suddenly organized the whole class to make snowmen on the playground, and even small jokes in the five-year college entrance examination and three-year simulation… Haven’t you experienced youth and happiness in it? When Hengzhong’s reputation was not so great, the one who scolded the most in Hengzhong should be the freshman in the first year of high school. We spent our first year of high school scolding the school all the way, but when we got used to it in the second year of high school, and experienced the sorting of general classes and experimental classes in liberal arts and sciences, we all found that the school’s regulations were not so difficult to achieve. The quality of teaching and learning atmosphere in Hengzhong has a kind of magic that makes you unconsciously develop your potential. Whether in the balance or in the society, we always have to learn to work hard and learn to grow.

7 months ago

I know a lot of alumni, and I’ve talked a lot about sorting out the school-level address book before, and the ones I’ve talked about show the following distribution: 1. Those who hold a positive attitude towards the Hengzhong model are basically more critical than those admitted to the school. The attitude (including negative) is worse; 2. Everyone agrees that the education plan in Hebei Province is rubbish, but if there is a 985, it is not as bad as it was in the past. 3. My high school experienced three years in the east, west and Fuyang Liberal arts, what I have learned is that no one quit school voluntarily. For the others, one is persuaded to quit because of continuous major violations, and the other is forced to transfer back to Shijiazhuang because of a bad heart; 4. Hengzhong also has a large number of students every year Those who take the second exam may be considered as unsupported; 5. Regardless of whether they support it, it is a personal choice. It may be a perspective to criticize Hengzhong education or Hebei education, but please also respect all those who make choices. Classmates.

7 months ago

Three years in school, graduation in 2019. I’ve heard that few people can’t sustain it mentally. There are also very few physical health problems. I am opposed to talking about students from Hengshui Middle School and senior decadence. You don’t know or understand the real situation. I want to tell you that the current generation of young people in China, in my opinion, is really not as decadent, less ambitious, and less courageous than many people imagine. In normal times, the sales are weak, the comparison is miserable, and the appearance of the Buddha style, these are all superficial. But when there is really a chance, or when it really comes to see the real chapter, many young people really dare to go up and go desperately. Such as the college entrance examination. There is a classmate in my class. Everyone knows well and often sells weakly. He must repeat these words when he says something, but in fact, everyone knows it. Everyone knows that this is just his lifestyle or a small habit. It’s really a college entrance examination. At that time, he took the exam very well and went to the best major in Zhejiang University. This is actually the situation of many people. On the surface, it is very decadent. In fact, when the critical time is really reached, many are not all, but there are really many young people who dare to go up and fight. Like the classmates in Hengzhong, I am in the experimental class. I only talk about the situation of the experimental class. When the college entrance examination is in the last few days, everyone is in the best state for the final sprint. Speaking of how unbearable Hengzhong is and how perverted Hengzhong students are, the two words unbearable and perverted are really important. People who use these words are often outsiders. Many excited reviewers themselves may not be very To understand the situation of the college entrance examination, you don’t know exactly what Hengzhong is like, but you don’t know where you heard something, so just talk about it. I don’t mean to criticize these friends because I believe that these friends themselves want the young people to be better and that the education in China is more reasonable. However, after everyone considers it together, the comments of many friends, especially whether the language is very elegant, are really very good. Is there a basis? I’m afraid not. Hengzhong accepts criticism. For example, someone said that the time for students in our school to go to the toilet (large) was too short and unreasonable. We made a change. The year I was in high school, Hengzhong officially started “green”. “Preparation for exams” means that instead of pressing down on time like that, it turns to a greater (because it is already huge) efficiency pursuit. So in fact, Hengzhong has begun to give students more time to deal with their own affairs. Change always requires a process, take it slowly. Everyone makes suggestions and we change it reasonably. Everyone scolds swear words, ugly, this is not good. Everyone works hard. If you want to go to Tsinghua University, you have to put in enough effort or even more effort. In any high school, if you want to get a good school or a school that really raises you, you have to make a real effort. I don’t think it’s not that in Hengzhong, it takes a lot of hardship to get a good school entrance exam. In other high schools, if you want to get a good school entrance exam, it’s easy. Can you lie down every day? It’s impossible. On the contrary, I feel that it is easier to enter a good school in Hengzhong than a high school with a weaker relative strength. For example, if you want to go to Tsinghua University, there are many people in Hengzhong every year, and a hundred or so people go to Tsinghua, so if you want to go, is there a way to go, but in your County No. There was no one who could be admitted to Tsinghua University in 2015. If you want to be admitted to Tsinghua University, do you have to peel off your skin? You may not be able to pass the exam because you really don’t have the environment. One, but at what level is this number one, compared with the whole province, at what level, do you really have a good grasp of it? ? It’s difficult. Anyway, it’s the right thing to do, try to do your own thing, try to improve yourself, it’s good, come on.

7 months ago

Hengshui No. 2 Middle School destroyed a lot of me in those few years and gave me a lot of it. I shed my tears and copied my name a thousand times every day. The most important thing every day is to put the pre-exercise reading in the pocket of school uniform and wear school uniform to sleep. I checked it and stood under the eaves for more than ten hours on a rainy day. I washed my hair outdoors on a snowy day. I was running barefoot on a snowy day. I missed my home 10,000 times a day because I couldn’t eat rice. A piece of four or five people fell on me and cried, the head teacher said not to cry, and then stood at the level department for two days because of the fall and was scolded by the teacher. The countless examples were my experience. I was lying in the dormitory bed for one night and one night. Sleeping sleepless tears drenched a large pillow towel. Later, when I went to college, I found out how happy children in other provinces except our children in Hengshui No. 2 High School are in high school. I blamed my parents. I took contraceptives for a year because of depression and irregular menstruation. I adjusted my hormone levels. My happy mental health. I don’t know how to return to health. I don’t know why I’m already at work.

7 months ago

At the end of sophomore year, draw a dog. Two years after graduation, he was still pushed to his alma mater. I have average grades in Hengzhong, I haven’t been unable to hold it, and I have never seen such a person. I don’t think high school has survived. I miss home in my first year, feel confused in my second year, and be full and happy in my third year. It has to do with mentality. When I was in a mess when I couldn’t write any homework at school, I cried and felt wronged and felt hopeless. I didn’t have the idea of ​​giving up. I just thought about a lot of things, I can do as much as I can. Learn how to make plans when there are many tasks, and finish them one by one. So now, in the Department of Architecture, there is a period of time per semester with various DDLs, drawings and drawings are not complete, and designs can’t be produced. Procrastination is even worse, but every time I can complete the task after the plan, because I Knowing that these things are like high school papers, they will always be completed one by one. A few days ago, the drawing and pushing of the copywriting was urged by Party A and held on, because I know that things will always be done one by one. I never feel that when there are too many things, I can just give up or yell that it’s stressful Up. In short, I am not the pride of my alma mater, but I have always been grateful to the school, which really made me grow and exercise. Please don’t hack it, just shut up if you are not in the middle of the game.

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