The spoon of the chef’s wok chef at the back of the hotel is useful for fetching water. Each time you finish cooking, you have to wash the pot. The spoon can scoop water to thicken the thickening. Basically, the thickening of the cooking is done in the spoon. When it comes to spreading the oil and putting the seasoning, Chinese chefs put the seasoning on the basis of feeling. Generally, they first put it in the spoon and feel it, and then put the stock in the pot. Many dishes in the stir-fry will add a little broth to enhance the umami taste of the dish. Too much MSG is too low-grade, medium and high-grade will basically put broth to extract fresh dishes. In many cases, instead of frying one dish at a time, several dishes will be fried together. Putting the pot on the pot rack makes it more convenient to divide the dishes, especially It is a boiling water cooling stove with soup. The hotel’s pot is basically two hours after it is opened. The temperature of the stove will be very high. The chef will splash water on the stove from time to time to cool down, pour the sauce, a lot of braised, red braised, and top For soup dishes, the main dish is placed on the plate first, and then the juice is poured. The shovel can’t do it. The pan is too heavy and it is difficult to handle the pan. The wok in the hotel is generally not small. It’s hard to pick up. The master will use a spoon to hook the ear of the opposite pot. The spoon is still the chef’s extended hand to lift the pot. Generally, the newcomers are new to the lottery. (Go to the pot stand if it’s dry for a long time:) Chef I can use a spoon to adjust Dahe and do inadequate assistant work. I probably think of so much. What I am talking about is that the general mid-to-high-end restaurants mainly focus on banquets and gatherings in Fujian and Cantonese restaurants, which are not universally representative


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7 months ago

Because the restaurant has a fierce fire, large pots, small dishes, and stir-fry mainly rely on the pot. Using a spoon can ensure that the ingredients are intact, and the seasoning of the restaurant’s back kitchen is placed in a large wide-mouthed tea mug, and the spoon can be used to quickly and easily take out the seasoning, especially the liquid seasoning. At home, the pot is small and the fire is small. It is inconvenient to flip the pot like a restaurant. It is easy to flip the pot, and the pot with a small firepower is not easy to cook, so you have to use a shovel to stir fry. In the canteen, where the amount of food cannot be overwhelmed by the pot, a shovel must be used to ensure that the dishes are cooked and cooked evenly.

7 months ago

I used to cook at home with a spatula. I also thought about it. Why do chefs use spoons, but I always use shovel? Is this the reason why I can’t become a chef? Later, I bought a spoon for cooking, and found that it was very easy to use some basic operations, such as putting soy sauce, putting cooking wine, putting sugar and salt can all be done directly with a spoon. There is also oil, and starch thickening, etc. , It’s much more convenient to use a spoon. Even when the cooking is finished, using a spoon is much more convenient than using a shovel. Since then, I have replaced it with a spoon for cooking at home. In fact, what tools are used for cooking, there is nothing invariable. Which tools are used depends on your own habits, and sometimes it is more convenient to use chopsticks for cooking? So as long as the tool properties are easy to use, you don’t need to care about their shape.

7 months ago

Why are all the spoons used in the cooking at the back kitchen, but all the spatulas used at home? It’s very simple. Cooking and raw soup are basically done in one pot, and most of the cooking at home is in a pot, and a soup pot is used for soup. In fact, if you imagine the small spoon for making soup at home, you will understand it together! (Key point) In addition, it is more convenient to use the combination of the back kitchen, and it is also related to the cooking methods. For example, the small stir-fry made by Cantonese chefs is almost all fried with a spatula. This is more convenient for turning the food than tossing the food in the pan. The heating time of the food in the pot, and the thickening can be more uniform and convenient. The dishes can be “dried and fragrant”. The fried dishes are also more potent! Of course, the frying spoon can also be made, but the convenience and flexibility are different! Cooks in the north or chef friends in Hunan use a frying spoon more for cooking, which is also related to the cooking characteristics of local cuisines. It’s not that which is good and which is bad! Because some dishes such as Hunan’s “Chili Stir-fried Pork”, you can’t make that effect with a spatula! Because the pepper needs to be beaten in the pot to make its skin softer, removing excess moisture can effectively reduce its spiciness! This is what the spatula can’t do!

7 months ago

Without it, everything is for the convenience of service. First of all, it is convenient to scoop water. Needless to say, dishes with soup need to be added with water. Many dishes without soup also need water. The stove has been used for a long time, and the temperature is extremely high, and some even burn the iron sheet red. At this time, the advantages of the spoon are revealed. The cooking space is filled with two spoonfuls of water to lower the temperature. The seasoning is convenient. The seasoning of the hotel stir-fried dishes is not directly transferred to the pot, but first transferred to the spoon, and then poured into the pot (you can correct it if you make a mistake). Hotel stir-fries are basically several servings. Obviously, the shovel can’t hold so many seasonings at a time. It’s easy to turn the pot. It is not hard to turn the cooking pot. It needs the help of a spoon, which saves effort, especially when there are a lot of vegetables. Pull the pot back with the left hand and push the spoon forward with the right hand, and the dish is turned over. Although the shovel can be turned over, it is not very convenient. The spoon is also a measuring tool in the kitchen, and the spoons used in hotels are generally one catty or eight taels. Whether it’s soup, water, or solid things, the chef probably knows how many things are needed for a dish, and the energy can be approximated with a spoon. The spoon is sometimes with the other hand. When a portion of the dish is fried, the temperature of the pan is extremely high. The chef grabs one of the pan ears with his left hand, and pulls the pan down with a hook of the spoon with his right hand. The shovel doesn’t get stuck, it’s a bit hard. The back kitchen uses not only a spoon, but a high frequency. Depending on the specific situation, a shovel and a fork are also used (for oily use, to quickly break up the meat pieces).

7 months ago

You will know the convenience of using a spoon when you know how to spoon it.
A few years ago, I replaced the shovel in my house with a hand scoop. It was called an easy-to-use, basically omnipotent, and I have already spoken about its usefulness.
What a shovel can do, a hand spoon can basically do, and what a shovel can’t do, a hand spoon can do.
Of course, the premise is that you have to know how to do it. Because of this, the kind of pot that cannot be overturned (such as the ground pot) still has to be handy with a shovel.

7 months ago

The main reason is that the average family can’t turn the spoon, the spoon is useless, and the spatula can only be used to stir fry food. Shovel and long chopsticks and clamps are also used in the hotel. Spoons are the most common. Use a spoon only to scatter the ingredients, and stir-fry the food is done by flipping the spoon. It’s not impossible to throw a spoon at home, one is technology, and the two burners can only hang in the air without a stable focus, which is too tiring. So generally no one in the house will go to tease. Finally, the equipment and operations in the hotel are professional. The division of labor is clear, the job skills are high, and the equipment is specially designed. This is really different from Western food, the basic kitchen utensils of Western food are common. It’s a bit like the specialization of western fast food’s back kitchen is more prominent and the difference between household kitchen utensils is greater.

7 months ago

This one seems to have not grasped the essentials of cooking on different occasions. . What are the differences between cooking at home and back kitchen? ? 1. The fire in the house is small, and the back kitchen is always hot. The dishes are served in a short time, and some dishes require oil. Isn’t a spoon better than a spatula? ? 2. The condiments at home are put in the original packaging bags or bottles. When the fire is small, you can pour them directly; many kitchens have a lot of cooking, and the condiments are filled in a large bowl. It is more convenient to use a spoon when using it. 3. Some The ingredients should be fried in the pan, and it is more convenient to use a spoon to pour the oil or the soup after cooking on the ingredients. 4. Add water to the cooking, and it is more convenient to use a spoon. 5. When the pan is turned, it is better to use a spoon than a shovel, don’t believe me you try. China’s cuisine is extensive and profound, and countless chefs have figured out which tools are more convenient for the back kitchen. I don’t understand, you can also try to cook with a spoon

7 months ago

I have used both tools. I find that the shovel is easy to use if you don’t turn the pot. You can stir the dishes quickly. If you want to turn the pot, the spoon is better. Push the back of the spoon forward to push the dish evenly and the dish will separate on both sides. Be careful if you use a shovel. Will roll out the pot. We often get a little confused when we cook. The battered part will stick to the pan. Use a spatula to easily remove the paste and stick it to the dish. On the contrary, there is less contact surface with a spoon when turning the pot. This situation can be reduced. Ensure the color of the dishes.

7 months ago

Because the food is fast! Add seasoning quickly. Many seasonings in the restaurant are fluid. The seasoning tank is round. The spoon is easy to dig and the shovel is not easy to handle, especially when draining the oil. If you don’t use a spoon, wouldn’t the chef arrive in the pot with the oil drum every one or two minutes? How convenient it is to use a spoon. The oil is in the pot in one dig for one second. When the restaurant is busy at noon and night, the back kitchen is like a war. You have no choice but to be fast. Answers from the kitchen staff for ten years.

7 months ago

As a veteran who has worked in the catering industry for more than 20 years and a senior chef, I really know this question. Mainly because of the following 3 reasons. 1. The usage scenarios are different. Restaurants and hotels have larger stoves and larger pots. Seasoning pots, oil pots, etc. are all larger. In restaurants and hotels, chefs use eight or two spoons (the special name for the hotel cooking spoon) to put oil, salt, and MSG. At home, the stove is smaller and the seasoning pot and oil can Small, it’s not easy to buy eight or two spoons. Secondly, when we are cooking at home, we will find that when using a spatula for cooking, it takes a little longer and the hands are very sour. In fact, the spatula is very laborious and does not conform to human mechanics. Instead, use eight or two spoons (the special name of the hotel cooking spoon) to work. In fact, it is more labor-saving. It is necessary to know that the cooking work of restaurant and hotel chefs can last up to six or seven hours a day, and labor-saving is the most important thing. Second, protect the ingredients. If you use a spatula to cook, fragile ingredients like tofu, fish, etc. can easily damage the shape of the ingredients, which will eventually affect the presentation and production. If you use eight or two spoons, these problems will not occur. Eight or two spoons are round. Shaped, unlike the sliced ​​shape of a spatula. Third, it has a wider range of applications. Use eight or two spoons. When starting the pan, you can use it to spread the oil (put the oil into the pan). When frying, you can use a spoon to add the stock soup into the pan. When starting the pan, use a spoon to thicken the starch, and finally wash the pan. When, you can use a spoon to scoop water to wash. And if you use a spatula, congratulations, you need an assistant with a water scoop to help you. In summary. “I am a boneless chicken feet, I hope you are happy!” Every food creation focuses on brewing, grilling, and marinating dishes, and provides customized dishes for restaurants.

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