The wireless communication prototype system based on smart metasurfaces independently developed by Professor Yin Haifan’s research team from the School of Telecommunications of Huazhong University of Science and Technology has created the industry’s highest performance record. Currently, the team has completed seven national invention patent applications in the research on smart metasurfaces, of which four Item has been officially authorized.

“Wireless communication prototype system” has the following meanings: 1. It indicates that the technological development of communication has entered: the stage of exponential power development. The 5G high-frequency band (above 6GHz) wireless bottleneck has been broken through and resolved, coupled with the DSS (Dynamic Spectrum Sharing) in the middle and low frequency bands, 5G-NR (New Wireless) will not stagnate in the 4G-LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology progress. 2. The idea of ​​the “wireless communication prototype” has made a breakthrough: new materials and reconstruction methods are adopted, starting from the “first principles”. To solve the wireless transmission problem. It marks the rise of the Chinese “Musk”. American Musk is a huge cow and my idol, but from a patriotic point of view, China has a larger base of engineers and scientists, and there are more engineering examples using first principles. In terms of communications, China has become the overlord of network engineering and will be unbreakable. 3. Behind it is a profound educational foundation and legal background. People like the richest man Musk and Apple Jobs are involved in: physics, engineering realization, business economy, industrial needs, professional division of labor, legal protection, personal talent ~ experience ~ pursuit, and many other aspects. It is estimated that it is more difficult for China to produce an original “Musk”. The originality of Europe and America will remain for some time. This time the original is also proposed by foreign countries and can be seen. 4. This technology is believed to be only a small part of civilian use, and military industry will definitely use this technology. A war without gunpowder adds a dimension of terror. We know about “laser” (stimulated radiation of light), but there are also “excited particles” (excited identical examples, such as electrons). With this technology, the weapons of the future are very scary. 5. Compared with the low-frequency DSS technology (for 5G), this technology is indeed 5G+/6G technology, and there is a lot of room for imagination. This is good news for the 5G-related industries. The introduction of competitive products (high cost-effectiveness, speed, performance, economy) is becoming more and more important, even to the extent of rolling. (The most significant is the mobile phone industry) 6. The technological singularity may be seen in a lifetime, but the technological singularity does not mean the singularity of engineering and business, and the road is very long. Hope and blessings, under the humanism and moral conventions, the good aspects of technology can be brought into play, while the bad aspects can be suppressed. 7. After all, the competition of schools is the competition of talents and the competition of the system environment. The more conducive a school’s academic atmosphere and system are to attracting and promoting talents, the more achievements it can make. The strongest comprehensive enterprise in China can be said to be a private enterprise (Huawei). The fastest-growing city is Shenzhen, Guangdong, and the strongest comprehensive school in the future is likely to be a reformed school with “proper self-control and full of vitality”. 8. So technology is useful. The reason why we are excited is to see incredible and counter-intuitive engineering possibilities that benefit our own lives. The greater the ability, the higher the moral expectations.


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7 months ago

Intelligent hypersurfaces have been thoroughly studied by Academician Cui Tiejun of Southeast University, so now most of the domestic research groups engaged in communications and the Internet of Things have begun to use them. The general function is nothing more than beam control to improve antenna directivity and gain. You irrigate, I irrigate, it’s meaningless. As long as electromagnetic waves are involved, they can be used, plus a good background, and a set of systems (such as perception, detection) can be published.

7 months ago

The results of the laboratory, can it mean that the performance of this thing is the world’s leading? Those who have done scientific research, especially applied research, know that the answer should not be that simple. First of all, the results in the laboratory are idealized, which are very different from the working conditions in the actual use process or the service conditions. Secondly, is this invention and creation, including important performance indicators, derived from standard experiments? Has it been repeatedly verified by standard experiments? Third, as for patents, anyone can apply for and be authorized if anyone is interested in these technologies. Fourth, there is no mass production, and the actual technology used in it is untested and immature technology. So, let’s not say that the technical achievements of a certain laboratory have reached the international leading level. Some indicators may be good. However, the real world leading is the technology that has been used on a large scale and has been tested in practice.

7 months ago

Actually I went to read Mr. Yin’s article on arxiv, and there are also places that the news did not mention: the smart super surface needs to be very close to the transmitting end or the receiving end; the power consumption is in watts. Personal understanding: The theoretical method uses adaptive beamforming, and the hardware innovation should be the design of the super-surface board. The dazzling sight lies in the prototype verification of Mr. Yin, which is very eye-catching compared to the many theoretical irrigation articles brought by the rush of heat in the field of RIS. However, there is no direct comparison experiment result of 500 times in the paper. Is the news propaganda too big or rigorous?

7 months ago

Explain it in layman’s terms. This is a major advancement in beamforming technology. There is no directional omnidirectional antenna, and the signal emitted by it is spherical wave. Later, the antenna has directivity, and the radio frequency signal has side lobes and main lobes. The better the side lobes are suppressed, the stronger the main lobe and the stronger the directivity. The next development is adaptive antenna and beamforming. Now it’s the stage of wireless channel customization. Assuming that the WiFi signal at home will be transmitted by this metamaterial in the future, the signal will be pointed to wherever the user goes. You can also control the size of the allocated wave number according to the size of the communication volume. The signal energy in other spaces of the user is very small.

7 months ago

After a brief look, let’s spit on the table in the draft. The 150 times of Tsinghua University in the table refers to the 256 (16*16) units used by Teacher Dai Linglong’s team to obtain a gain of 21.7dBi at 2.3Ghz frequency, while the 500 times of Teacher Yin’s team refers to the use of 1100. The front of each unit obtains a gain of 27dB. This gain difference is caused by the number of units, which is in line with the theory (1100/256 is approximately equal to 6.3dB, and the gain of Mr. Dai’s 2bit RIS is slightly higher than Mr. Yin’s 1bit RIS). Personally, the main contribution of this paper is to spend money and time to test the real objects, but there is almost no contribution to the theory.

7 months ago

The exaggerated wind of biochemical materials has been serious enough, and now it has blown into the communication circle. The performance can be increased by XXX times at any time, breaking the world record. Isn’t this your favorite routine like perovskite? In fact, anyone who has done scientific research knows that there are bound to be various factors hindering practicality behind such exaggerated reports. In this way the media is bragging, all existing technical difficulties have long been resolved. For example, the battery life of electric vehicles has long been no problem. XXX years ago, there was a report of charging for 10 minutes and driving for 8 hours. Of course, I believe that this is the pot of the media. After all, this kind of sensational headline is the most understandable and the most attractive to the public. For this kind of report on how many times the performance has been improved, the material circle has been playing badly. Under the premise that no major breakthrough has been made in the basic mechanism, this kind of surprise is simply impossible. In the industrial world, if you say that a certain technology can increase the existing performance by dozens or hundreds of times, the engineer will definitely treat you as a joke. The above complaints are not directed at scientific research workers, but at media reports. Any technology must go through a long process and overcome various difficulties in order to become practical. However, the current technology media feels that a group of liberal arts students are operating, and the headlines of UC’s shocking department have come at their fingertips, all kinds of sensational headlines. The results of the Nobel Prize are also awarded after many years of verification, and now in the reports of the scientific and technological media, what is discovered now, boasting that it can change the world immediately, has added a fire to the originally flamboyant academic circle.

7 months ago

From the report alone, I did not see that there are particularly big highlights in the design, which is a bit exaggerated. Many teams have done related work, such as the team of Academician Cui Tiejun of Southeast University and Professor Yang Fan of Tsinghua University.

7 months ago

The super surface will be taken out and fried every once in a while. What is this reconfigurable reconstruction? Isn’t this an equivalent lens? The effect of changing a cauldron is the same.

7 months ago

The headline should be wireless communication. I always want to make big news these years. In essence, it may be a new type of beam shaping and directional emission based on metasurface technology, plus algorithms and subsequent signal amplification. If the signal in a single direction becomes stronger, the coverage area becomes smaller. If you want good directionality, you have to rely on my free space optical communication (dog head)

7 months ago

Recently, the intelligent metasurface wireless communication prototype system independently developed by the research team of Professor Yin Haifan of the School of Electronic Information and Communication successfully broke the industry performance record, and achieved a 500-fold increase in the received signal without changing the power of the transmitted signal. The team completed the industry’s first smart metasurface outdoor long-distance signal transmission experiment, using its signal enhancement effect to overcome the loss of electromagnetic wave long-distance propagation, and real-time playback of high-definition video streams beyond 500 meters transmission distance.

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