Regarding the start time, as a college student, I really don’t care whether it is early or late. What I want to complain about is that the school’s arrangements for the start of school are so hasty! The Ministry of Education issued a document saying that the start of school should be postponed, and following this principle, the start of school should also be postponed. The school announced the matter very seriously at first. First of all, the class leader organized a meeting notice; secondly, the counselor met to arrange related matters, which shows that this matter has already been discussed clearly! Many students are urged to refund their tickets. The time for many students to purchase tickets is not in line with the principle of waiving fees from the Civil Aviation Administration, so the loss is great. However, after the school issued various announcements and statistics on refunds, it made a hasty decision to start school again? What suffocating operation is this? As a student, the difference in ticket purchase, refund, and repurchase of tickets is not borne by us, but it is the gold and silver that our parents earned back during the epidemic! Under your hasty decision, the hard work of others has become so worthless? If the school is willing to pay for air tickets or compensate for the losses, we will not complain! All hasty decisions have at least a price.

How many colleges and universities have delayed the start of school? Our school noticed the early start of school on the night of the school start. The ticket price was moving. I hesitated. I think it might be delayed. After all, the general direction is delay. As a result, I went to see the ticket again the next day. Good guy, it more than doubled directly, it became really touching! Can’t afford it instantly. But I believe in my heart, I believe that the foresight of our school leaders will definitely delay or start school in batches for our safety. Finally one day, I saw the instructor in the group @全同学. I clicked in with great excitement. As a result, “Please prepare in advance, and report as early as possible.” The report on a certain day became the end of the report in the afternoon. Good guy with this hand, the delay is gone, and even more advanced. But the price of air tickets remains unchanged. I don’t dare to say more if it matters if it gets higher overnight. Anyway, I want it again. I always thought that our leadership was amazing enough, but when I saw your school today, I was swinging to start school… and I felt like I could hug you. It’s too difficult.

A student complained at school: “This kind of school is really bad!!!”

The result was heard by a school leader and seized and remembered.

The student argued: “I didn’t tell which school it was at all. How can you punish me casually?”

“You don’t lie to others,” the school leader roared, “I have worked here for decades, don’t I know which school is bad?”


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

Student refunding is also a matter of fingertips, which is very small, but for the majority of airlines, this is not a trivial matter. Airline ticket refunds will incur expensive handling fees, and the closer the departure time, the higher the cost. Let’s make a bold estimate. The total number of students in the school is 40,000. Assuming that about 12% of them will choose to fly back to school, it’s not too much. This is about 4,800. Let’s assume that the refund fee for each person Two hundred, that’s nine hundred and sixty thousand, oh, good guy, I’m calling you good guys, business prodigies, just a word of effort, which makes airlines make a million dollars if they don’t do anything. (Purely fictitious, if there are similarities, then I am really a prophet.) So I suggest crowdfunding to buy a hot search, so that your school will be well known. It is the 21st college entrance examination season, so that the college entrance examination freshmen from all provinces will have insights. The academic style of the leaders of your school, I believe that there will be an endless stream of people applying for your school.

9 months ago

At a group meeting in the school, the host suddenly said: Next, please think that the comrades who have delayed the start of school will sit on the left side of the meeting place. The comrades who think that the normal return to school will sit on the right side of the meeting place. Some people sit on the left side and some people sit on the right side. One person still sits still in the middle. Moderator: Comrade, do you think it is better to return to school normally or to delay school start? Answer: I think it’s good to return to school normally, but I think we must ensure that the school can delay the start of school. The host hurriedly said: Then please sit on the podium as soon as possible.

9 months ago

As someone who has already experienced the show operation before the winter vacation, I can only say it is expected, not surprising. I am studying at a 985 college in the Northeast, and I have to say that in the end, 985, Sao Operation is leading by 211 votes. The situation is like this: As the Northeast has YQ in early January, the school decided: before January 18, all students in the school must leave school. On January 10, each class must report the departure time of the staff. On the 10th, YQ was spreading and expanding, and the school was anxious.

9 months ago

The big brother of Shihezi University is fair: the country and the university are right, but I have a big burden, don’t panic, the brother is really not here to wash the ground, the fault is those who add weight to the national policy. Why, let’s analyze the timeline: In January, the National University Qingbei first announced the start and end time of its winter vacation, 35 days of winter vacation, and school will start at the end of February, and then adjust according to the actual situation of the epidemic. On the eighth, the school will start on March 8. There is nothing wrong with this wave of operations. At the end of January, Shida thought it was too early. Considering that students from all over the country are returning to school, they should not be notified in a hurry. Why? There is a game of chess in the autonomous region. The administrative order has not arrived. Be cautious and nothing wrong, but the implications of the administrativeization of education are quite obvious. After mid-February, the pressure came. Based on the administrative problems mentioned above and the inertia of the university for students’ consideration, the first result was born: buying tickets for the end of February and beginning of March, anyway, will be within a few days. It is said that March 8th, our Xinjiang road is far away, and we have missed the peak. Okay, the Sao operation is here. People who don’t teach classes and don’t face students think that on March 8th in Qingbei, how dare I run in Xinjiang? Right, the executive order verbally suppressed: It must be pressed late at night, staggered! We must also add detailed measures such as isolation to show that our autonomous region earnestly implements the principle of peak shifting! Do you think Shi Da is going to advance or follow the instructions above? Yes, what about you? Do the right thing or the task assigned by the superior?

9 months ago

I am from Xinjiang University. Actually, I had a feeling of sympathy with my friends from Shihezi University. The same province, the same university. This kind of thing is also very common in Xinda University. There was an epidemic in Xinjiang in August. We notified the postponement of the Level 4 exam, so that we had a busy day, filling out the form or something, saying that it was to be reported to the education department responsible for the Level 4 exam. I still felt that this is a 211 university after all. It’s pretty awesome. As a result, it was notified in September that the postponement failed, and he was preparing for level four and preparing to start school. I forgot it at that time, there are still more than ten days before the CET-4 exam, which is not enough for a person who has put down English for two years. But I still have to take the test, and I won’t be able to take it next time. So I can only bite the bullet. Sometimes I feel that there is only one person in the management of the new university because he always makes mistakes. He is uncomfortable because the nucleic acid test every Saturday does not let us shoot the team for two hours.

9 months ago

Seriously, there is no way, because the school is also following policy changes, it is indeed impossible to compensate all, then the loss must be very large, and this is also determined and judged based on the actual situation of the school, if there is no local Risks, or can basically be consistent with the country’s requirements for reducing the risk of travel, so early start of school is also necessary, especially since many colleges and universities have already delayed a lot of online classes last semester, then make-up classes after vacation must start as soon as possible, especially Some areas suddenly say that they can let go, and do not need to be tested when they return to school, so they must face-to-face teaching as soon as possible. Some students or families in difficulty can be subsidized for returning to school, especially for scholarships. I think ordinary students will comply School regulations are fine.

9 months ago

Still, it’s useless to complain. The school also hopes that everyone can go back and start classes as soon as possible. If the cost of online courses is very high and the efficiency is not high, then it is to go early, change the sign or have road problems. Try to coordinate as much as possible. In fact, this should be reflected with the railway, highway, and aviation departments. It is useless to find a school. If you open more trains and flights, you can just use the flight.

9 months ago

Some schools follow suit and change school hours. Seeing that others have changed, I feel that I must change. One is to let the above think that they have made a difference, and the other is to make the precondition for exemption behavior for the sake of something really wrong in the future. In fact, many schools have changed the school start date to the few days of the concentration. Finally, the flow of people has not changed much, which is equivalent to no change. A school goes to school on a staggered peak, but I don’t know that universities across the country do not start on a staggered peak.

9 months ago

The two students met and greeted “You seem to be very busy these days!” “Of course, in the student union.” “Ah, what do you do in the student union?” “We are responsible for finding out those who are dissatisfied with the school” “What do you mean. …Is there anyone who is more satisfied? “”These people are not in our control, they are in charge of us.” Two students who were disciplined in the school were communicating. “Are you being punished for inappropriate remarks?” “Of course. I am an engineering student, and a sprinkler on the lawn is broken. I looked at it and said,’The entire system should be changed.’ The leader heard it, so I Was punished.”

9 months ago

I finally saw that this issue was on a hot search, and I removed it from the blacklist. I saw that it was completely hidden underneath, wonderful! What else can I say? The coordinates are Su Daqiang, northern Jiangsu and southern Jiangsu. It was originally planned to start school on the 28th. I excitedly booked the high-speed rail ticket in advance. Good guys! Not to mention the form that I bothered to fill out a few days ago, an emergency notice suddenly came last night and it was pushed to 3.4. Look at this notice, OK, I can bear it. After all, I changed the high-speed rail ticket to 3.4 last year. I asked the monitor before the change. He didn’t think it would change anymore, hehe, kid, the school said You are too naive and you don’t believe me. I’m afraid the ticket is gone, so I changed it recklessly, but I pushed it for two or three days after thinking about it. Thousands of calculations, but school

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