The realization of wealth freedom in stocks does not rely on large funds. High returns are inevitably accompanied by high risks. This is a steel-like law. No one dares to say that they can only make money without losing money. Even the top players can lose 20% to 30%. It is quite possible to lose 50% or more. Whoever wants to say that he can only make money and not lose money, if it is not that his conscience is broken, or his conscience is broken, whoever believes will die. The first rule of trading is capital preservation. Don’t think about making big money. First, think about how to not lose money and how to lose money. In the operation of stock prices, there are two possibilities for ups and downs everywhere. It is often not what you think is the truth, and it is often not what you think is the trend. A true master has a plan every time he places an order, and he will consider what to do if it falls, and then everything will be executed as planned, and the plan will not be changed easily during the operation. In many cases, it is better to make a correct loss than to make a wrong profit. Of these 14 things, 99% of people may never understand. Selling real estate and stocks, investing 5 million in capital, this is called gambling. Even if you achieve financial freedom later, it is your luck and winning the gambling, not your ability. This kind of behavior and thought is a typical novice thinking, and it is very likely to lose a lot of money. Even if you are a top expert, this operation is very dangerous, because in this case, even if you have strong skills, experience, methods, and cognition, the pressure in your heart will be great, and it is difficult to maintain a good mood and mentality. This is the most critical thing. Use the money you can afford to slowly accumulate profits, and then continue to withdraw the principal and use the profits to play. There is no chance and luck, and you can slowly make a profit or guarantee no loss or less loss. Once the opportunity and luck come, the funds will be fast Growing. The realization of financial freedom in stock trading is only for the top masters who are less than 1%, and for 95% of ordinary retail investors, it is already very lucky to be able to not lose a lot of money. Investing in stocks to make big money does not rely on big money. If you can bear a loss of 500,000, then use this 500,000 to play. If the level is high enough, (remember this premise), it is very possible to make millions in a few years, and I think it is normal to make tens of millions. . It is not impossible to sell houses and stocks, but investing a large amount of capital to do it is very ignorant and stupid in my opinion.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Be careful. If you have 5 million, you can invest 500,000-1 million in the stock market. If you do it well, you can be financially free. The remaining 4.5 million will buy some bank wealth management products. Once selected, the annualization is not bad. Don’t bet all your wealth on the stock market. Asking how long can you achieve financial freedom, I am a little anxious, you can think about what you want to do if you are financially free? Life is not only money, there are many things to pursue, not only sixpence, but also the moon above your head, poetry and the distance. According to Murphy’s law, bad things always happen, and one day they will hit their heads. But it doesn’t mean that you can do nothing. The meaning of life is to do things. Just like the myth of Sisyphus, the repetition year after year is the meaning itself.

6 months ago

I don’t know how many houses the subject has? If you sell one set, there are still a few sets, and the bank deposits RMB 200,000 to 300,000 a year, which is enough for an ordinary family of three. (Except for high consumption). If the house is sold and there is no place to live, the 5 million will want to enter the market, and lose 20% first, which is not a big problem. Make persistent efforts, and then lose 20%, easily. If you persist in this way for a few more years and become impoverished, you will be a good worker. I am a trader in business, and I share my daily life, rationality and emotion with Chaoyan essays. Those who are interested can come and watch~

6 months ago

Whoops, I don’t know how many assets you have in terms of financial freedom. In 2021, some stocks will increase by 200%. If you buy it, it will double directly…Of course, there are also the biggest decliners, and there are also those who withdraw from liquidation… The stock market is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market! Familiar. It depends on personal operation, luck, timing, and other factors. No one dared to say that the biggest advantages and biggest disadvantages are “risks.” Generally, as financial management, you need to look at your own style. To be safe, don’t put eggs in a basket to increase the ability to resist risks. For example, according to a certain proportion and different risks, different projects can be invested separately. For example, stocks, funds, financial products, etc. It is also not suitable to regard “financial freedom” as a pursuit goal, as a dream is more appropriate. We are all middle-aged and the house has been sold. I don’t know how stressful your family life is and where to live. Not suitable for this kind of desperate gambling. It feels like taking money from the stock market you said is as easy as picking vegetables in your own backyard. Lost it? The annual income is set at 10%-20%, which is considered to be very high, and it is difficult to realize it. To protect the income of the family’s fixed life, we must ensure that we can live a good life. It is hoped that there will be no higher-risk gains and losses, and countermeasures will be made that are not afraid. Don’t be like an old song: I intended to win the future, but who wanted to lose now! Calm down, good luck!

6 months ago

Sold the house
Quite courageous, quite capable of execution
The market prefers people with courage and execution
According to the current trend, this year will be a shocking market without any accident
I believe that the subject is so courageous and executive, in the shock city, within two or three years, out of 5 million, 3 to 4 million [freedom] will go out.

6 months ago

Middle-aged unemployment, selling a house, stocks, the three things put together, it is too scary. More than 90% of people trade stocks for financial freedom, 90% of people think they can be financially free when they first entered the market, and more than 90% of people also lose money. Think about how you are different from others. If not, you will definitely lose money. It’s not that it might be a loss, but it’s definitely a loss. The probability lies there. Leave a way for yourself. 1 million stocks are already a lot. I have never seen anyone who makes money without losing money. One million tuition is expensive enough. 5 million has paid the tuition, what financial freedom do you take? I really want to focus on speculation, knowledge and experience have to be accumulated for more than 10 years before I have a chance. Don’t wait until you finally know how to make money to find out, Ben is gone.

6 months ago

The house is also an investment product. In the past few years, the rental yield was good, but in the past few years, the pressure was suppressed. If the capital gains from rising prices are included, it would be good to have an annualized 5% a year. In the past few years, the stock market will be liberated. There are also stable investment products and stable companies similar to real estate in the stock market. I buy a state-owned enterprise that pays high dividends and pay a dividend of 6-15% a year. I don’t think it moves anything. It’s basically no problem with eating and drinking. Does this count as financial freedom?

6 months ago

Zhou Jintao gave the answer to this question. Teacher Zhou Jintao once gained fame in 2007 for successfully predicting the subprime mortgage crisis, the so-called Kangbo recession. In 2016, the bear market of 2018 has been predicted, and market predictions have gradually been confirmed. Zhou Jintao wrote an article: “Fate and Reincarnation”. Proposed the very famous Kangbo cycle: life is a Kangbo, three real estate cycles, nine fixed asset investment cycles and eighteen inventory cycles. Human life is such a process. The following are the original words of Mr. Zhou Jintao 1. Everyone’s wealth accumulation must not be thought that you are capable. Wealth accumulation comes entirely from the opportunities given to you by the time of the economic cycle. 2. In this era, if you want to make a small amount of money and work hard, there is a high probability that you will be able to worry about food and clothing, but if you want to make a lot of money and get to the pinnacle of life, you still have to rely on trends. 3. In theory, there are only three opportunities that a person can get in his life. If every opportunity is not caught, you are sure that the wealth of your life will be gone. If you seize one of these opportunities, you can be at least a middle class. The following are Mr. Zhou Jintao’s predictions and opinions. 1. Zhou Jintao predicts that people over 40 will have the second chance in 2019. “For individuals, sell investment real estate and NEEQ stocks this year and next year and buy gold. , Take a two-year vacation, exercise, and come back in 2019. This is the life plan for everyone in the future.” (From a research report by Mr. Zhou Jintao in 16 years) 2. When making life wealth planning, you must know that everyone is Run in the large social system, and the large social system gives you time and opportunity, and you have time and opportunity. This large system does not give you a chance, and it is useless for you to work hard in this area. 3. The wealth of life does not depend on wages, but on your investment in asset prices. What about asset investment? It must be a low point to buy to make sense. Buffett has nothing to do. The reason why he was able to invest successfully is because he was born in the recovery stage of the fifth Kangbo cycle, so he can succeed. If he can’t succeed now, this is fate. And the cycle is determined. Although personal efforts are important, historical progress must also be considered.

6 months ago

The realization of freedom of wealth has nothing to do with the amount of funds, there is a lot of luck in it. It also depends on how much risk you are willing to take.

If it is a risk-preferred player, then the possibility of achieving wealth freedom is greater, but correspondingly, it is possible to lose more things.

6 months ago

Just looking at the problem, this is a math problem. First of all, you have 5 million principal. So, what is your expectation for financial freedom? 30 million? 50000000? One billion? It depends on your own ideas. With the starting point of 5 million and the end point of your expectations, you can calculate how long you can achieve your goal based on your current rate of return. Of course, reality must be constantly changing, and no one can guarantee a stable rate of return. Therefore, I cannot give the correct answer to this question. Let me talk about my other thoughts below. I suggest that you still don’t put all your funds in the stock market. Over the years, too many people have rushed into the stock market with the idea of ​​speculating in stocks to support their families. The stock market is cruel. If you can’t achieve stable profitability, it is recommended to put banks or other sound investments. You are now middle-aged, and it is not sound to put it right. If you lose money in the stock market, it will be difficult to make a comeback. It’s not that you have no other choice. Even if you deposit 5 million in the bank for a year, it is enough for ordinary people to live. Financial freedom is just a vain dream for most people, like a dream bubble. Take a look at how many of the more than 100 million stockholders in the Chinese stock market have actually achieved it? Have you heard of it, have you seen it? If you have heard of it, you have seen it, then congratulations. You can spend hundreds of thousands of millions on tuition, and ask him to teach you the method of financial freedom. If you haven’t heard of it, haven’t seen it, then give up as soon as possible. 5 million, depending on which city you are in, if you are more stable, it is enough to buy a few small apartments, according to the general decoration standards and market rental prices. It’s okay to be an apartment. This is how my friend did it. Take the Nanjing market that I am familiar with as an example. It is enough to buy 6 or 7 apartments with a full payment of 5 million. It depends on your ability to buy a loan. Many apartments are still well decorated. Decoration costs can also be saved. The low rents in Nanjing are all around 3,000, which is the lowest of the five apartments for full purchase. The monthly rent is as low as 15,000, which is 180,000 a year, which is pretty good for ordinary people. My friend demolished several houses in good locations. He sold two of them and replaced them with 6 small apartments. The rent of the monthly apartment was more than 20,000 yuan. Now I am looking for a listed company to do the administration, with a salary of 5,000, purely to pass the time, and I am afraid that I will get sick. This is just an idea of ​​mine. If you were to trade stocks instead, as a stockholder who is in the stock market, I will tell you my thoughts. I have more than 10 million stocks in the stock market, and every point of stock fluctuation is more than 100,000. You have tried this kind of volatility. Is it stressing you? I am also an ordinary person, and sometimes I am happy because I have risen a few points and earned hundreds of thousands, and sometimes I have retraced and lost tens of millions. Are you sure you can afford it? I believe that most people can’t stand this kind of joy and compassion, and the physical and mental pressure will be great. Even if you earn money, is it worthwhile to break your health at your current age? Alas, I always like to write a lot when I write, and I didn’t pay attention to whether it is right or not. Do you like to listen to it? Please forgive me if you say something wrong. There are risks in stocks, and investment needs to be cautious. I wish you well.

6 months ago

how long? Never? As a retail investor, that is, an ordinary person, with 5 million yuan, it is recommended that the first choice be 3-4 million yuan, as the down payment for real estate in first- and second-tier cities. 30% of the remaining money will go to the stock market or stock index funds, 30% will be deposited or stock-based, and the rest will be placed on demand. If 5 million studs enter the stock market, there is indeed the possibility of wealth freedom, but according to the ratio of 7 losses, 2 draws and 1 profit, why are you that 10%? There is a high probability that you are the 70%, you will lose everything, your mentality will explode, and you will achieve nothing. The most important thing for investment is to control risks. In order to control risks, only diversified investment, good asset allocation, and stable appreciation of assets is a reliable approach.

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