Just come home after watching it, it sucks! ! ! One and a half hours was wasted! ! ! I’ve been fooled by Huang Cailun’s “Aunt of Li Cha” before. I don’t have a long memory, so I went again this time. I thought that there was Shen Teng, but at least he was nodding, but in the end, ah! Shen Tengte is a paper man in it! That’s right! Shen Teng’s cardboard friendship starred! No lines and no performances, just poke a cardboard into that, nicknamed “Paper Star Man”… In addition, the opening paragraph is completely copied from Simon Peggy’s “Hot Blood Detective”, even the camera angle is the same. After watching the whole movie, the plot is incomprehensible and inexplicable. There are a lot of spoilers below, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t get it through. I don’t know what he wants to act anyway. Huang Cailun plays the role of Shi Yue, the manager of the hotel that never sets, and everything must be planned in advance, regardless of work or life. In this way, he allowed the hotel to operate safely for 118 months without a single power failure. In order to reward him, the superior decided to transfer him to the headquarters, but this was completely outside of his plan. On the same day, Zhang Huiwen’s daughter-in-law told him that she was pregnant, which was outside of his plan. Therefore, Shi Yue resisted all over, did not want to change jobs, did not want children, did not want to change, life and work must be carried out according to the plan. However, his daughter-in-law wanted him to make a change, so the two won a lottery. The prize was a stargazing trip. The next day they embarked on the journey, and found that the destination was Shiyue’s work place-the hotel where the sun never sets . Then began the inexplicable plot. The hotel rooms are full, and Shiyue and his wife can only live in a messy storage room. At two o’clock in the middle of the night, Shi Yue woke up and walked out of the door, only to see Shen Teng’s human-shaped cardboard standing at the door. “Shen Teng” held a cardboard with lines on it and told Shi Yue that he was a paper star person, and the storage room where Shi Yue lived was his spacecraft, and he would take off back to paper star in 15 minutes. At the same time, “Shen Teng” also disappeared the door. At this point, Shen Teng’s role is gone…yes, that’s it, it’s still a cardboard… Then Shi Yue is anxious, my wife is still in the house, I have to get her out. But the door is gone, what should I do? He decided to turn out the window of the next room and enter the storage room to save his wife. The next plot is even more daunting. In the first room, there was an unspoken rule by the screenwriter and the actress. As a result, the actress’ boyfriend broke into the house. After the screenwriter disputed, a plate killed the man and tied the actress to the bathroom bathtub. All this was hit by Shi Yue who rushed in, and then a “problem-solving master” who claimed to be able to solve all problems was smashed into Shi Yue’s hand. He woke up suddenly, found that it was a dream just now, and went back to the storage room at two o’clock in the morning. Then he walked out of the room again, saw Shen Teng’s cardboard, the door disappeared, and ran to the second room to climb the window. In the second room, a man and a woman erected a background board of a tropical island and video with the woman’s parents. The girl lied to them that her boyfriend is the richest man in Fiji and the two are on vacation in Fiji. In fact, the man was a poor singer and didn’t want to deceive others. The two had a dispute. Shi Yue entered the room and started to act as a servant in front of the camera inexplicably, and interacted with the two of them. Then, she was stunned by the fallen fake coconut tree next to her and woke up again. Back to the storage room at two in the morning, walked out of the room, saw Shen Teng, the door of the room disappeared, and ran to the third room to climb the window. In the third room, even more so, a man confronts a killer. The man bought an insurance and then hired a killer to kill himself, so that he could leave a sum of insurance money for his son. But he found out that his son was not his own that day, so he decided to commit suicide so that the insurance company would not settle the claim. But the killer is very professional and thinks that the work he has taken must be completed and he must be killed by himself. The two faced each other, Shi Yue came in, was caught in the middle, was shot by the killer’s crossbow, and woke up again. When she woke up this time, Shi Yue woke up her daughter-in-law in advance and went out of the room with herself, but this time she did not see “Shen Teng”. Then, the two went to the rooftop to watch the stars with their equipment, and embarrassed a romantic scene. Shi Yue felt that although he had been transferred from this hotel, he had foreseen that the guests in several rooms were in danger and he had to rescue him. So I mobilized the three hotel employees and my daughter-in-law to work out a rescue plan. However, the plans of a few giant bullies were embarrassing and unreliable, and completely failed. At this time, the movie forced a wave of positive energy. Shi Yue wanted to pull the switch. Everyone persuaded him, don’t Shi Manager, you have set a record of 118 months of uninterrupted hotel electricity, are you going to end it? Shi Yue’s face was righteous: In order to save the guests, what is this! Then he pulled the switch awe-inspiringly, and the hotel lights went out. Then, it started to explode and caught fire… Everyone ran to the three rooms, shouting loudly to make the people in the room run quickly. In this way, everyone is trying to escape, and other dangers are gone. The fire is called a big one, and the explosion is called a fierce. I suspect that this is not a hotel, but an arsenal. Everyone escaped. After experiencing this life and death escape, the original conflicts and disputes between each other were gone, and the members began to live in harmony with the family. But Shi Yue didn’t escape, he ran to the rooftop against the fire and went to find his own book full of plans. When I was staring with my daughter-in-law, I dropped my notebook there. As a result, the fire was so strong that he was trapped under the roof and could not go. Finally, the daughter-in-law stood by the pool downstairs and made Shi Yue jump off. Shi Yue said that she knew no water, but she looked up at the sky, and a star swished away. It is estimated that this is the paper star of Shen Teng. Then he made up his mind and said to himself: Go forward. The daughter-in-law also shouted downstairs: rush forward. Shi Yue jumped from the rooftop, and the film ended. In the entire theater, there were a dozen people sitting sparsely, and there was no laughter during the movie. Halfway through, there was a couple who left early. I guess they couldn’t hold on anymore. I followed the principle of “all come” and came to the end. At the end of the scene, a big sister behind me complained: I was asleep… Maybe this film has some connotation in it. Maybe my level is too low to get what it wants to express. Anyway, in my opinion, there is no logic to be logical, to laugh but not to laugh, to perform but not to perform. The only bright spot is that there is actually Gao Ye.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The genre of this movie is a scam movie. The protagonist of Shen Teng three times, played in the form of a paper man in less than 2 minutes. This also gave China’s crews without a budget a great inspiration. In the future, if directors can’t afford Andy Lau, Gu Tianle, Shen Teng, Xu Zheng, and Wu Jing, they can put a few of their posters in the movie and give them the starring name. Maoyan predicted a box office of 2000W, which refreshed the record low of the movie box office that Shen Teng had been famous since “Charlotte’s Annoyance”. You may guess that this film is bad, but you may not guess that it can be so bad. People who are so bad that they want to spoil it, but don’t know how to start. It’s so bad that it makes people wonder if Huang Cailun is Zhang Chen’s long-lost brother. The biggest stain in Teng’s film career. none of them.

6 months ago

I am not surprised by such bad movies. I said before that when Chinese films accidentally took a crooked road, several important friends, represented by Wu Jing and Shen Teng, used an attitude different from rushing to make a movie, but making a good movie. , To pull the off track back. Among them, the audience played an important role. We want to thank ourselves for dedicating the box office to good-looking movies. We need to be alert to not give bad films a chance to eat traffic and money. As for “The Sun Never Sets Hotel”, movie audiences who have gone astray with shoddy and false propaganda should resolutely resist!

6 months ago

It’s not pretty! I don’t know what I’m talking about. The logic is not coherent. The previous paragraph describes how Huang Cailun is excellent in logistics. There is no brain in the middle of a vacation plot. He died strangely in different rooms and was “reborn” in a secret space in the hotel. At first I thought it was like “Happy Death”, but later I found out that I totally overestimated it. Everyone reconciled strangely when the hotel blasted. I thought that the reality would not be changed by expressing people’s hard work, but then it was so reconciled! So what did you want to say? The heroine Zhang Huiwen can judge that there is no love in the marriage of the heroine and the heroine in one minute. The two are immersed in their own world. The first reaction of the heroine about the heroine suddenly having a child is “take it away, because it is not planned.” “Nei”, the hostess’s reaction after hearing it was “Don’t mess around.” Did you two get to know each other before you got married? The conversation between the two is like friends living under the same house rather than a lifelong partner !! So why set up a “plan” for the male protagonist. The movie stopped abruptly when the male protagonist jumped and jumped off. It did not indicate whether he accepted the job arrangement or quit the unplanned job. The subject is vague, if I can make a star, I don’t want to give it half a star.

6 months ago

Such as sitting on needles, such as thorns on the back, such as knuckles in the throat. Promise me that even if I try to scan Li Huanying again, don’t look at it. After countless bounces, it was finally released. When the rain came, the windows were forgotten to close, and I just watched this. Playing the sign of Shen Teng’s cameo, but if you know what kind of cameo, you can laugh. The movie is completely incomprehensible. At first glance, it seems to have everything, but in fact there is nothing. This feeling is like you buy a bun, take a bite without filling it, and another bite without filling. After eating it with great expectation, you find that this is a bun like a bun, and it has been left for too long. The noodles are still a bit rotten.

6 months ago

It’s ugly, like sitting on pins and needles, it’s no wonder that you have to change gears repeatedly. Happy Twist’s film production level in recent years can be said to be declining, and it can be called a bad film production site. It is that every work of Happy Twice basically uses Shen Teng to attract the audience. This time, “The Sun Never Sets” actually dared to write Shen Teng’s cameo! Obviously, it is just a paper man, which simply deceives the audience! This movie “The Sun Never Sets”, which starred Shen Teng in a special role, is how xx? It is shameful that Shen Teng himself did not appear in the movie at all, but only exists in the form of a human-shaped poster, no lines, no performances, no participation in yu

6 months ago

Inventory of comedians who seem to work so hard to be funny and hard to laugh.
In the past, there were Zha Zhahui in Hong Kong and Taiwan, Zheng Zhongji, Huang Baiming, and yes. . .
Now, Bauber has added another one afterwards. . .
It’s too embarrassing if the story is not well said, and it is too embarrassing to not find a suitable way of expressing oneself.
Relatively speaking, touching porcelain and Shen Teng is a trivial matter.
After all, Shen Teng didn’t say anything about it.

6 months ago

The rubbish in the rubbish, I can’t believe that this is the level of happy twist. Shen Teng can be on the actor list with a piece of paper. Why don’t you post Cixi as a supporting role? Throughout the whole article, it can only be described in four words inexplicably. In my opinion, there is only one scene and one line. One is the heroine playing World of Warcraft shirtless. One is that Yoko Raimou wants to finish the praise and say that deceiving people is not a good death. The rest is gone. I don’t know why Huang Cailun has to be the leading role. Aunt Li Cha has proved that he has no audience.

6 months ago

look in. Playing on the phone. How do I say how to say how, in fact, I feel that the movie has a good idea. It can be regarded as the day of a low-match groundhog. But how could he shoot so badly! The line was like drinking two bottles of Niulanshan vodka, and then poured into the toilet to drink toilet water without a sip. I can’t describe it anymore. No wonder there are so many withdrawals. The fare is 19, and you can get 25 off if you buy two. Fortunately, although I bought two tickets, there was no one to accompany me to the movie.

6 months ago

Don’t look! ! It sucks. As the author of a codeword, I can proudly say that I can do my job. The script is very similar to my work in previous years, and its characteristics are very obvious-1. The main line is extremely chaotic, mixed with too much and nothing, like being in the water for a long time, without a sense of expectation, and I don’t know what to watch. After watching the movie, I didn’t know what it wanted to say, and I didn’t eat dinner when I was full. 2. The character image setting can’t stand, except for the killer, everyone in the audience will collapse when they say it collapses. There is no hesitation. 3. The logic of the story cannot be followed up and down. The mistakes often made by novice authors, thinking of what to write, feel like there is no outline. The whole story can be roughly divided into several parts. At the beginning, he was promoted, and he came to the original hotel and entered the mysterious space. He became a state of infinite novels. He died repeatedly, solved the problem, and finally escaped. The story of each paragraph can be taken out alone without any problems, some parts are pretty good, but! It is spliced ​​together… what? The upper and lower logic shit doesn’t make sense, most of the places are not accepted, and there are few foreshadowings. Then, after digging a big hole and not filling it, is it the operation of most novels? ? Just one word, water. There is no need to write a lot of things at all. 4. It is still a script problem, the rhythm is not right, and it is very tiring to watch. Not the rhythm of traditional business novels. 5. What kind of drama is this? comedy? Suspense? Art films? I wanted to shoot everything, but I didn’t make it. The audience was full of awkward play, and then suddenly sensational… the theme style kept changing, and finally it was nondescript. I suspect that the editor brought money into the team… the whole crew, dare to be angry but dare not speak! Probably that’s it, I can’t remember the others, anyway…don’t look at it! ! ! Time-wasting stuff!

6 months ago

I didn’t see the happy twist in the beginning of the movie, so I felt a little bit ominous! Keep reading. I always lie to myself, there will be flips, there will be subtle miracles, there will be arrangements that I and other mortals cannot predict. Fart, waited for a lonely, I baah! There are still such bad movies these days! Now that it is marketed, there are still such films alive! Never look at the fare to buy a ticket again! Recollection, this film, from the beginning to the end of the film has been inexplicable, very boring, not scary, not funny, not good storytelling, in any case, you can’t define what type it is, and if the scam is counted, then count it! The most funny of so many is Shen Teng’s paper man, Shen Teng is really amazing, I can laugh when I see him! It’s worth the fare (continue to lie to yourself and lie to lie)…Thinking about it, fortunately, there is no happy twist in the title. Otherwise the signboard will be smashed…

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