There can’t be a similar example. When studying in the foreign language department, a spoken language competition was held. At that time, it was said that foreign departments could also participate, so many people went to watch the competition. The foreign department said they could also go. In fact, it was the foreign language department. There is a sister paper in the department at most, with a ponytail, a bit like the little Yingzi in Xiaohuanxi, but a little more rounded than Yingzi. When this sister paper comes on stage, she opens her mouth with a smooth and smooth spoken language, with a natural look, as if We are generally comfortable in speaking, but the English spoken by others is uncomfortable anyway. It is obviously different from other players on the stage. Every word has no accent, and there is no bite and bite to watch the game with me. My classmate, we were good friends at the time. She lived in the dormitory next to this sister paper. She said that this sister paper was very tired. She was in Los Angeles before high school, and then she went back to China to study. She speaks average Chinese and has many allusions. I can’t understand the idioms, but the students who have a good command of English also said that this is definitely a rising star in the foreign language department, but there are not many people who know this girl’s experience. The girl is usually very low-key, and it is their dormitory. I know, because the two of them have a very good relationship with each other in the dormitory, they often visit each other with snacks, and they mixed up as a dormitory. As for why the girl who came back from abroad is still taking the foreign language department, the students said that they have never thought about this problem. I have a chance to ask again. However, this amazing sister paper was brushed off in the preliminaries. The reason was that the speed of speaking was too fast, the words were unclear, and the pronunciation was inaccurate… A child whose mother tongue was English was just like this. The English speaker was judged. So, Chopin is here. Who knows if he can impress the judges. What if the judges think that he plays nothing? What if the judges think that what Chopin is playing is not “Chopin.” Chopin himself said that it was too difficult and too difficult. I wrote this piece like this at the time, but now I want to change my emotions.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

In addition to Chaplin’s experience of this brain hole, Jackie Chan can also answer it himself (Jackie Chan’s imitation contest is not the first). As for the field of science fiction, of course Asimov must be invited. “Immortal Poet” “Yes,” said Dr. Finias-Welch, “I can bring those old sages back to life.” He was a little drunk, otherwise he shouldn’t be such a nonsense. Of course, you should drink more on Christmas Eve once a year. Scott Robson, a young English literature lecturer at a university, put his wine glass and glanced around to see if anyone heard them talking. “I’m serious. Not only the ghost, but the flesh I can also call it back.” “I never thought that this kind of thing was possible.” Robertson said solemnly. “Why is it impossible? It’s just a simple time conversion.” “You mean time travel? This is a bit too — oh — bizarre, isn’t it?” “It’s not difficult for the participants.” “Oh, how do you do it,” Dr. Wilch?” “Do you think I would tell you?” said the physicist with a straight face. He looked around for a drink, but he couldn’t find it. He said: “I recall a lot of people. Archimedes, Newton, and Galileo are really poor bugs.” “Don’t they like us here? Our modern science fascinates them, right?” Robertson said. He became more and more interested in this conversation. “Yes, they are very fascinated, especially Archimedes. After I explained something to him in a little Greek, he was really happy, but, no…no…” “What’s wrong?” “The culture is different. They don’t adapt to our way of life. They feel lonely and fear all the time. I had to send them back.” “It’s bad.” “Yes, they are all great souls. But they lack flexibility. Not that. A soul that can tolerate everything. So I tried Shakespeare.” “What?!” Robert cried out, which hit him at the heart of it. “Don’t yell, boy,” Wilch said, “unsightly.” “You said you called Shakespeare?” “Yes, I want a soul that can tolerate everything, find someone who knows the world, and can be with him. Only Shakespeare can do it with people who live together centuries apart. I have his signature, a souvenir.” “What are you carrying?” Robertson’s eyes burst out. “Right here.” Wilch touched his vest pockets one by one. “Ah, this is it.” He handed a business card to the lecturer, which was printed with “l-Krain & Sons Hardware Wholesale Company,” “Willmshakesper” was scribbled on the other side. [This is Shakespeare’s own signature], which is very different from the current spelling of williamshakespeare. Shakespeare’s handwriting has only been preserved so far with his three signatures. Robertson was completely overwhelmed. “What does he look like?” “It’s not like his portrait. Bald, ugly beard, full of earthy accents. Of course, I tried my best to make him like our time. I told him, his We admire the scripts in five ways, and they have been staged so far. We think these scripts are the greatest works in English literature, and they may also be the greatest works in the world.” “Good, good.” Robert said angrily. “I also said that people wrote a lot of comments on his script. Naturally, he wanted to see it, and I borrowed one from the library.” “How?” “Oh, he was fascinated. Of course, he doesn’t understand. In modern terms, I don’t know what happened since the 16th century, but I helped him solve it. Poor man, he never expected to be treated like this. He kept saying:’God bless me!’ Five centuries, what Can’t squeeze things out? I think people can wring out a lot of water from a rag No. He wrote “Hamlet” in six months. The old story, he just’wiped’ it.” “Wipe it like a mirror.” The English literature lecturer said angrily. The physicist ignored him. He saw an unspent cocktail on the counter a few steps away, and moved it sideways. “I told this immortal poet that we teach Shaxue in our university.” “I will teach Shaxue.” “I know. I gave him a name in your evening class. I didn’t see anyone like poor Bill. [Bill, William’s nickname for Shakespeare’s name] is equally anxious to know how future generations will evaluate him. He works very hard.” “You let Shakespeare take my class?” Robertson said with a dumb voice. Even if this was the professor’s drunken work, it surprised him enough. But this is probably not a drunken talk. He remembered that there was someone who was bald and spoke weirdly…” “Of course his real name is useless,” said Dr. Wilch, “don’t care what name he uses. I made a big mistake, poor fellow. He has grabbed the wine glass and shook his head at the wine. “Why is it wrong?” What happened? “I had to send him back to 1600,” Wilch yelled angrily. “How much insult do you think a person can bear?” “What insult are you talking about?” “Dr. Wilch drank the cocktail in one gulp. “You, you idiot, you failed him.” “

7 months ago

No, because a considerable part of piano skills is muscle memory. If the soul passes through, he cannot adapt to the new body. If this new body is not a piano boy who has practiced since childhood, his finger conditions may not even be able to perform Chopin’s music completely. Of course, even if you change your question and let Chopin’s physical deity play it, the answer is still nowhere. . . Because human energy is limited, a great composer may not necessarily be the same great pianist. As a composer of the highest level, Chopin’s piano skills may not be able to catch up with the pianist who has studied intensively. And his skill level was not as good as Liszt’s at least at the time. If you put it now, with the continuous improvement of playing skills, although Chopin’s technique still surpasses most ordinary people, it may be difficult to compare with the top players in the world.

7 months ago

As mentioned in some answers, Chopin may not be able to adapt to modern pianos, so it is not a question of unsteady taking the first place. However, since 18 years, there has been the Chopin Piano Competition (The 1st International Chopin Competition on Period Instruments) held on the pianos of that era. There is a battle above this.

7 months ago

More than not being able to get the first place, even Preliminary may not be able to pass it. He has to bring his own playing habits, music aesthetics and so on…I’m afraid that what comes out will shock the current fashion-did Chopin have to play like this? Feeling sick? There are no crackles above two f? What’s wrong with this man playing the piano, why are his hands so soft and disgusting like a puddle…Why is there no “grain feeling”, why is the speed not as fast as imagined…Wait Chopin is no longer Chopin, who is to blame? The Chopinists of the 20th century that the merchants gave out… Go back to your hair salon and go to Chopin!

7 months ago

It should not be possible. It is very likely that the judges will not recognize Chopin’s own artistic treatment and skills. The true interpretation of Chopin’s works by later generations itself is mixed with many speculations. Maybe there are many different art from the original author. Understanding, coupled with the fact that Chopin himself is a composer and pianist, it is wonderful that he can play his own composition at his own convenience. If he judges his skills from the perspective of a pianist, he is definitely not as good as a pianist under strict training. It may be removed in the first round due to technical problems.

7 months ago

As far as the interpretation of the work is concerned, it may not be what you have said. The judges cannot accept Chopin’s play. We have left some of Chopin’s works with pianists who have seen Chopin played and later recorded them. In fact, we can get a glimpse of the leopard and guess the style and way of playing at that time. But it is really difficult to hold the first place. The technical level of today’s pianists is actually much better than that of the romantic period in the past after so many years of improvement. Especially after experiencing the devastation of modern music, the technology has reached a very high level. Chopin’s piano was very light in that period, and it was actually easier to play. Chopin certainly cannot reach the height of today’s pianist technically.

7 months ago

Can’t. You know it by playing the piano of Chopin’s time, the keys are very light. And it is said that Chopin’s hands were relatively weak at the time. I don’t know if he can adapt to Steinway. And then he doesn’t know whether his aesthetics can be in the same frequency as the judges of the 21st century. If you listen blindly, you should not be able to pass the primaries. If you go straight to the semi-finals, maybe his “unique personality” will cause a wave of attention. After all, the handling of music, etc., Chopin himself must be fine. Well, this is art…

7 months ago

Absolutely impossible, it is very possible that you will not be able to enter the preliminaries. This is true. Chapnin imitated the show, and Chapnin himself also participated. Of course, the judges didn’t know that the preliminaries were brushed down. Understand, I look at a photo of a person every day. If this person appears one day, there must be a gap with the photo. People who beautify or undress what they think of themselves are different from what others think of themselves. How can you do that? Compared with this, it is much easier to imitate yourself in the eyes of others

7 months ago

Before discussing this matter, let me share a few short stories with you: When Lao Na only went to work twenty years ago, because he came from the countryside around Qinling, the office colleagues always quarreled and asked me to bring some wild apricots back on weekends. I was naturally. Fully agreed. But when I walked to the door of the unit early on Monday morning, I suddenly slapped my head and remembered that I forgot to bring them apricots! What to do? So the old lady set up a street stall at the street corner and weighed two catties of apricots, and brought them to the office to pretend to be “Yanye apricots.” I don’t want all of my colleagues to be hungry and thirsty, eating with relish and full of praise, and even said, “This mountain and wild apricot is fresh, and the apricots bought in the city with pesticides and ripening agents are simply incomparable…” A few years later, this Helping colleagues again clamoring to go to my hometown to eat farm meal. So I brought it to my house and made a whole pot of dough, plus a few side dishes and scrambled eggs. After that, the group of people left contentedly. They were full of praise for the native eggs in our village. Afterwards, they still talked about them for a few months, but they still couldn’t get enough… Don’t you know that there was a chicken farm in our village at that time, and the so-called native eggs were long gone. The eggs laid by these fodder chickens are not only eaten by the villagers, but also sold in the city. The eggs eaten in the village and the city are basically the same… A similar example, the 86 version of Journey to the West, we post 70s and 80s. It’s a classic. My eldest daughter born in high school still loved watching when she was a child, but when I was a little girl born in ten, she couldn’t be interested anymore. The crappy stunts and gloomy colors can no longer attract this. The children of the times, the classics only live in the minds of our generation… don’t they? As far back as the 1970s, Bruce Lee’s movies have been popular all over the world. When I first came into contact with them when I was a child, I felt that its slow martial arts, old images, and the viewability were almost inferior to Jackie Jets’ new-style action movies at the time. Than, this so-called classic is the classic in the minds of the previous generation…what do you mean? The so-called classics are memories and feelings. They are the ultimate and classics of that particular era. They can only represent that era. They are unique and non-replicable. Even if the classics themselves live again, they will live again in this era. It cannot become a classic of “this era” again. It is like a copy of a cultural relic. Even if it is exactly the same as the real cultural relic, it cannot have the same value as the original, because “it” has no experience and meaning in it. Nowadays, there are no real wild apricots and native eggs. To let people eat the scent of wild apricots and native eggs, they must first tell him “this is wild apricots and native eggs!” Back to the topic:-Chopin Possession Can Xiaosai be the first to another person? My answer is: if you tell everyone in advance that “this man is Chopin”, you will be able to get the first place, but if you don’t tell, you won’t be able to get it.

7 months ago

It must be said that the skills and development of the piano at that time are completely different from the present. You can understand it as two musical instruments. This piano is not the other piano, and it cannot be technically speaking.
But from the perspective of music, I think it is. If you listen to it more and feel it, you will know why it is. This one or two sentences cannot be explained clearly.

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