I have been following the school for my freshman year of 985 low-level computer. I learned C language in the last semester, and object-oriented in the next semester. I feel that after I finish learning, I will only write simple math problems or simple management systems. I don’t even know what a configuration environment is. But many of my classmates can write games or websites with rich pages, and even do projects. Am I too bad? I don’t have a direction for self-study. I don’t know what web front-end or github is. I don’t know what the front-end and back-end are. How can I improve my programming skills by self-study?

Very normal. The 985 computer course setting, the freshman year is to lay the foundation, basically higher education + lower, college physics, college English, computer introduction and other courses, the professional courses you can touch are also programming (that is, learning an introductory programming Language). At this time, I suspect that I haven’t learned anything for a year. Don’t worry, this is the charm of the 985 computer profession, that is, “the front is loose and the back is tight”, so that you can sharpen your knife without accidentally cutting wood. It is recommended that the subject of the question ask for a four-year training program for the seniors and sisters of the major. If you can’t find it, you can find me, and I can provide Tianda training programs. Then you can see, as a computer science and technology undergraduate, what courses you need to study for four years, the general curriculum is nothing more than the following: Basic courses: a series of basic public courses in advanced mathematics, core professional courses: data Structure, algorithm (may also be combined in data structure), operating system, computer network, computer composition principle, database principle, compilation principle, discrete mathematics several elective courses: Linux, assembly language, java, web development, mobile development, cryptography Most of the courses of kinky skills are only available at the beginning of the sophomore year. After all, I have just entered the university from high school, and I will come to the core professional courses at once, and everyone will definitely be under pressure. And there is no need for such a volume, first transition for a year, lay a good foundation, many courses of learning will naturally be a matter of course. You now have a secret to breaking through. As a novice, if you feel that you can easily master what you have learned so far, if you have enough energy to learn, and want to make further progress, then learn the courses in the training plan ahead of time. Don’t have too rich resources for computer self-study. Video tutorials + pdf versions of various classic books + blogs written by big guys. If you are really interested, you will find endless treasures. After you finish the core professional courses, you will basically build up your perception of such a subject, and how to further develop it next needs to be combined with your long-term planning. If you want an internship (it is recommended that you start thinking about it in the summer of your sophomore, it should not be too early), learn some of the tricks listed above, and grow up faster when you intern in a company. If you don’t have the conditions for an internship, add one or two instructor experiments. Room, give the tutor free part-time work to do projects. If you want to study for graduate school, shift your focus to the core professional courses. You must not only learn, but also thoroughly, to ensure that you get a high score, which is good for you. I also finished my freshman year, and found that apart from knowing a little programming language, I can do some programming questions, which is not very rewarding. Then I study myself in advance. However, there is no need to study by yourself in advance, it is enough to follow the classroom progress.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I don’t think you should be too envious of other students writing websites, writing small programs, writing games, writing those things, basically just adjust the api and it’s done, nothing is rare. But if you want this high-performance and high-availability server, or make a game that can be launched, it is very difficult. You need a lot of knowledge, and you may not know what knowledge you need… I think the university should be good Learn cpp, learn linux programming, network multithreading and some basic algorithms, compilation principles and so on. Find some wheel projects to write about, such as writing a markdown parser, writing a downloader, low-profile version of the file system, low-profile version of the web server, on-demand server, 2d games and so on. Writing these things can really improve your system design ability, and writing these things on your resume is much better than doing some toy websites or shopping malls. Then wait until you are looking for a job, find a direction, and learn very fast.

6 months ago

I studied computer science at 985 University for a year, and I can only write some simple math problems in C language. This is normal. It shows that you are very obedient and meticulously follow the teaching schedule of 985 University and complete the homework assigned by the teacher. Of course, for a schoolmaster, you should understand that just following the school’s teaching progress is just the most basic thing. According to your ability, you can do much more than this in a year. It is important to know that outstanding high-achieving students have already been able to get an internship offer from Dachang in the summer of their freshman year. How did they do that? It is to learn knowledge and technology far beyond the scope of university teaching on your own. For example, the most commonly used technology for Internet companies to write business is to learn by yourself, so that you can get an internship offer in the summer, isn’t it? Only if you continue to practice internships, you will be more sure to enter a big factory in the future, isn’t it?

6 months ago

Being a freshman is normal, and being able to realize that one’s shortcomings are already above the median line. Your problem is that you did not take the initiative to learn knowledge other than the course. The original intention of the university computer course is only to enable you to master the principles of the subject and master the mode of thinking about problems. The specific practical skills cannot be taught in textbooks. You need to practice, experience and think to master any industry. When entering the engineering practice stage, it is not a simple course/technology that can be solved. For example, the management system you mentioned. The development of a truly usable management system may require the team to have so many abilities: 1. The professional knowledge of the industry in which I come into contact with my usual work. The development team needs to be able to understand the basics. Accounting standards, valuation methods, business processes 2. Various technical parameters, specifically the interface specifications, connection methods and calling APIs of each related party 3. Various technologies used in project development, such as java, c++, python, front-end development, Database development, etc. It is normal to use multiple development technologies in a project development process. 4. Development process methods, project management, version management, team collaboration, etc. 5. Operation and maintenance tools, including at least project deployment platform and testing tools , Daily operation and maintenance monitoring tools, so it is not enough to just learn from the textbook. The important thing is to learn by yourself. What do you do when you need to use a certain technology, a certain component, a certain tool, or you are interested in it? Just learn. For things in the general technical field, go directly to the official website to get the most authoritative guidance, not to mention that there are so many books and technical blogs on the Internet. I think the advantage of professional is computer. Take the git you mentioned for example, and other professionals have read it. After the book, I may only memorize the operations on the hard set of books; and a computer professional background should actively think of the pointers and arrays in the C language after reading the git operation manual, and then I can reverse it if I implement git myself. Design, combined with engineering practice, it is easy to understand whether merge is appropriate or rebase is appropriate, but it is not too late to understand anything in the freshman year. You can choose some interesting topics while reading more books and do it yourself. When you really practice it, you will gradually think about the problem from the perspective of engineering. In actual work, you don’t need specialists, but the really favored specialists are not the kind of people who don’t know anything outside of your field, but A person who has a basic understanding of other related fields, has a deep knowledge of his own field, and can understand by analogy

6 months ago

I have always said that the computer major actually needs someone who can stand outside the course to give a certain degree of guidance. Because there are too many things outside the computer professional courses. I transferred my major to the computer at the time. After a semester, I learned that the computer industry is also divided into front-end and back-end. It took a year to find out that there are good things like github. And these “essential common sense” in developed areas, perhaps everyone already knows almost before university. The bigger trouble with hindsight is, which path should I choose? The school is a general education, he teaches you the basics, and then you have to choose your own way. Is the postgraduate entrance examination for image recognition? Is the postgraduate entrance examination for natural language processing? Or do you learn java to do the backstage honestly? Is it good to learn Vue as a front-end? Or is it okay to learn C++ to do game development? There are a lot of roads in front of you when you are studying, and university spare time does not allow you to be proficient in every road, so how to choose is a very painful question. But no matter how you choose, the most effective answer is to choose fast. The sooner the better. The slower you choose, the fewer the final choices. If you follow the steps in a step-by-step manner, you will find that you know a lot about Java among your options, so you have to choose Java technology. And if someone guides you in advance, you might jump out early to examine this issue and choose a different technical route. On the contrary, if I do not realize the importance of speed of choice when I am studying, and always hold on to what I teach in the school first, I will not find a job after graduating from high school. In the end, I will be thoroughly arranged by school education. Get caught in the law of arrangement.

6 months ago

You can refer to the roadmap in this guide to learn. Each topic lists the learning resources and why you should learn this. The whole is a very good guide for systematically learning computer science. For specific courses, you can go to Zhihu to search for corresponding learning methods. Also, if you just follow the school, it’s really easy to find that you didn’t learn anything…because the CS teaching in most schools in China is a mess, so if you want to really learn something For things, please make sure that every core course is ready to go to an excellent foreign school for public courses.

6 months ago

The freshman year came here dimly. You now think that you have to study more fully as a very high level of consciousness. Most people are still in the wake of the waves. When you have an idea, go to Baidu and Google. If you don’t understand these things, you can slowly find out. You are a master. As for how to do it, others can only give you suggestions, but other people’s paths may not be suitable for you. First explore it for a while, maybe you will understand it!

6 months ago

Hmm…I am a freshman this year, low-level 211, and a by-product of the planning department. Never touched the computer before the college entrance examination. I am not even a major in statistics, but an interdisciplinary major in raspberry. Learned half a year less than you. Next, take a look at my README below. If you find that it is not as good as me, then you have to reflect. C language liver for more than 2 months. The level is probably a level two that no one can afford? C++ has been water for a while, and it is better than c. Have engaged in a snake-eating level (need to refer to). Qt, after a few lessons, I gave up halfway, I will only be a window or something. (Instead, I have improved my English ability?) Python, good at using it, but not good at it. After all, positioning is to do some chores for me. The algorithm data structure can only be said to have been encountered. It is okay to be a simple binary tree, but not to balance or heap sort. This will be the main task for a while. OK, the above is my level for half a year. I still can’t do anything, the foundation should be worse than yours. On the one hand, the classmates around me suffered from the ravages of Teacher Spicy Chicken. On the other hand, they didn’t pay much attention to it. Not to mention cpp, c wrote a linked list and copied the ready-made code and made mistakes. If they do not change in the next few years, they will have to rely on postgraduate entrance examinations to escape employment will become an established destiny. Not to mention the difficulty of the postgraduate entrance examination. After passing the entrance examination, don’t you still have to learn these things? Of course, being aware of this problem is already worthy of praise. Many classmates around me thought that their major was mathematics. The problem is that compared with the real mathematics major of the Faculty of Science, it is completely incomparable. So no matter what, learn what should be learned first, and do what should be done.

6 months ago

This is a relatively normal phenomenon. After studying computer science for almost a year, I can only write some simple math problems in C language. In fact, it can be regarded as a relatively normal situation. I have been following the school, but I still can’t master what I have learned. It cannot be said to be abnormal. But it may not be very normal. The subject of the topic is the C language. C language itself is a more difficult programming language. In terms of learning, it is not very good to learn. Therefore, it is a relatively normal phenomenon that the subject of the title appears. If the subject has this problem, you can use your free time to practice more. Use more practice to improve your programming skills. You can also go online to find some related teaching videos. There are a lot of c language videos on the Internet that can help you learn. It can also reduce problems. Through continuous efforts, I can always learn. I can still learn very well. The above is my opinion, I hope it will be helpful to you~

6 months ago

According to the subject’s description of the problem, this is actually a normal phenomenon, so don’t deny yourself. In fact, the situation described by the subject is a problem that many college students will encounter, and it can even be said that most college students have faced a situation before. After all, the number of students in the university is so large that it is impossible to perfectly cater for every student. The curriculum standard is not formulated for one person, the teaching materials are not written for one person, and the courses are not arranged for one person. Therefore, I am more inclined to take care of middle-level students. The things taught in the school are relatively simple. If you want to learn more in depth, you must pass self-study. Some students can make a rich game interface or website, and they must have put a lot of effort behind it, so the subject should also start to prepare for learning. You can start based on your own hobbies first and see if there are more interesting directions. Through self-study, you can also learn with like-minded students.

6 months ago

Seeing the situation of the subject, I remembered myself back then. The freshman followed the seniors to learn the C language early, and when the goal was to participate in the ACM competition to win prizes. At that time, I used TZOJ every day. Although I was ashamed and failed to win the prize as I wished, it really made me more fascinated by computer programming and made me realize the importance of learning data structures and algorithms. C language can be learned as a “graduation” language. If it were not for the syllabus arrangement, it is estimated that few people would use C as an introductory programming language, but this does not mean that C language is not easy to get started. On the contrary, I think From the comprehensive consideration of learning difficulty, psychological influence, thinking construction and many other aspects, C is the most suitable language for academic students. Although it is boring compared to many high-level languages, it is difficult for beginners to make a decent thing in a short time, and even many people have not been able to leave the cold black frame until they graduate from college. Looking at the fancy web pages written by others, some people even start small projects, which are very attractive, but I think that as a freshman, you should learn to endure loneliness, especially for those who have just entered the computer industry. For people, it is necessary to be soberly aware that learning computer is not playing computer, nor is it as legendary as hackers in film and television works. Later, I was the same as the subject, watching other people make something decent, and I was still stuck in the “black frame”, and I was also very anxious. So I started to teach myself HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. To be honest, because I had only been exposed to the C language at the time, and had always focused on algorithm training, I couldn’t accept this kind of thing when I first came into contact with it, because the brain works differently, especially when writing HTML and CSS, although They are very simple, but still very uncomfortable, just like writing a Chinese composition after completing a math test paper. But believe me, as long as you adapt to this coding method, HTML and CSS will become as simple as talking. Here are some suggestions for the subject: keep your curiosity and enthusiasm for computer learning. Since others will, you should also understand. First understand what they wrote? What are the characteristics of the technology used? What is it suitable for? Just understand this level. It won’t be long before you find out that there are only a few things they know. Then you think about the future development direction you want based on the information you have learned. What kind of things do you want to make? In what direction do you want to develop? Realize that now that the computer industry has developed into a “towering tree”, you can’t cover everything and work hard in the direction set in the previous step. When a direction develops deep enough, you should also come into contact with some intentionally or unintentionally. Broaden the scope of knowledge in the surrounding fields. To learn programming, you need to write more and practice. College students don’t always play games when they have nothing to do. Write more interesting things. It’s quite fascinating to get in. Apart from learning programming, you need to communicate more, you need to communicate with friends and classmates, and also with colleagues on the Internet, check Github (don’t know what Github is, don’t you know how to go online?) to broaden your horizons, Enrich your experience. Programmers generally can do it if they think, but the key is not. Just like when I first learned programming, I don’t understand why the programming language can control the system to change the file name and change the system configuration. Later I learned that there was something called API (Looking back, it was too vague, but beginners really need this kind of literacy learning). Be confident, don’t be fooled. The computer business is like magic. Sometimes some things seem very mysterious, but if you really understand it, you will feel that it is nothing more than that. Although 985 is awesome, I don’t believe you 985 freshmen (except freshman programmers who have learned programming since childhood) what can they do with a “front-end” game? It may be that you know some concepts in general or you just started, so don’t be fooled. Be confident. You can catch up if they understand. After all, it has only been a year, and you can catch up. Besides, you don’t have to be behind the subject. Up. Finally, my personal suggestion is that if you don’t focus on C language (for employment, for you who don’t know each other, in fact, I don’t advocate focusing on C), I would suggest that you don’t forget about C, whether it’s going to school. During the period or after graduation, I have time to look back at C again. Although I don’t know what practical value I can lead you, I think it is necessary (only subjective feeling).

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