Among all the Zhou companies mentioned above, only Chow Tai Fook and Chow Sang Sang are considered to be brands with a long history. The rest of the brands are basically companies established after 2000. Among them, the founder of Chow Tai Fook was Zhou Zhiyuan of Shunde, Guangdong. It was founded in 1929. At the time of Zhou Zhiyuan’s hands, Chow Tai Fook was only a small gold shop with no special features. However, in 1943, gold shop apprentice Zheng Yutong married Zheng Yutong. The boss’s daughter, Zhou Cuiying, gradually took over the business of Jinxing. Under Zheng Yutong’s hands, Chow Tai Fook began to gradually grow and become one of the largest jewelry companies in my country. Chow Tai Fook also laid the foundation for the rise of the Zheng family, making the Zheng family a Hong Kong One of the big family. The founder of Zhou Shengsheng is the same as the founder of Chow Tai Fook. They are both from Shunde, Guangdong and are from the same hometown. Therefore, the surname is Zhou. Zhou Shengsheng was founded by Zhou Fangpu in Guangzhou in 1934, but at that time it was just a small gold shop. , The name is called “Chow Sang Sang Jinpu”, Chow Sang Sang grew up in the hands of Zhou Fangpu’s three sons, and was listed in 1973, earlier than Chow Tai Fook (Chow Tai Fook only listed in 2011). Saturday Fu, Jin Liufu, Chow Dafa, Chow Tai Sang, Chow Jin Sang, except Chow Tai Fook and Chow Sang Sang are brands that have developed with a long history, the rest of the week, all kinds of blessings and all kinds of students are named for the popularity of these two. After all, many times, when people buy jewellery, they don’t pay much attention to it. Maybe we even saw Chow Tai Fook and Chow Sang Sang’s advertisements and the impression of this brand, but when we saw Saturday Fook in the mall, it was often because of memory. , I mistakenly thought it was an advertisement we had seen, so an advertisement was invisible, which was very important in the early stage of enterprise development. Saturday Fu: According to the company’s information, Saturday Fu is a company established in Shenzhen in 2004, and its legal person is Li Weizhu. Jinliufu: There is a brand in Hong Kong called Lukfook Jewelry, which can be regarded as a big brand; Jinliufu is actually imitating Lukfook jewellery, although its full name is Hong Kong Jinliufu Jewelry (Group) Co., Ltd. (founded in Hong Kong in 2002). But it’s actually a mainland brand (went to Hong Kong to register). In addition to Saturday Fu and Golden Liufu in the mainland, Luk Fook has also encountered Panqin brands such as “Hundred Years Liu Fu” and “Liu Gui Fu Jewelry”. Zhou Dafa: Zhou Dafa is the one with the shortest establishment time among several companies. It was established on August 20, 2013. The founder is Ren Zhiwei. It is also a brand that has been complained about for its quality. Zhou Dasheng: Founded in 1999, Zhou Dasheng opened its first counter in Wangfujing, Beijing. It is the earliest company to follow suit and was officially listed in 2017. It is considered the best among the few homes. At that time, Zhou Dasheng could not be considered as a complete craze. , After all, its founder happened to be Zhou, named Zhou Zongwen, from Fuqing, Fujian. Zhou Jinsheng: Zhou Jinsheng Jewelry was registered in Shenzhen in 2005. Its legal person is Li Chuyi, not Zhou. In conclusion, if you want to recognize jewelry, the oldest and strongest are of course Chow Tai Fook and Chow Sang Sang, followed by Luk Fook Jewellery. As for the companies that follow the trend, the best-developing company is Chow Tai Sang.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

I have been in this industry for many years to say a few words: The relationship between these companies is very clear. Let me sort it out and tell you something new. 1. Only Chow Tai Fook and Chow Sang Sang are the old brands in Hong Kong (the two are not related). Chow Tai Fook was founded in 1929 and Chow Sang Sang was founded in 1934 (listed in 1973). The name implies “weeks and starts, endless life” 2. Chow was founded in In 1999, the founder of Shenzhen Enterprise also had a surname Zhou, which had nothing to do with the other two companies. The brand publicity said that “Dasheng” was taken from the great virtue of heaven and earth in the “Book of Changes”, and Yuesheng 3. Saturday Fu was established in 2004. Shenzhen enterprises, the reason why there is “week”, the official website explains that Zhou has the meaning of “complete” and “complete”. The founder is actually surnamed Li. 4. Zhou Dafa was founded in 2013, Shenzhen enterprise, the founder is not Zhou, but the official website I also promoted myself as a time-honored brand in Hong Kong, saying that I was founded in 1991. 5. Zhou Jinsheng was founded in 2005, a Shenzhen enterprise, with the founder surnamed Li and above. It is the relationship between these companies. In essence, in addition to the relationship between commercial competition and commercial imitation, Basically, it doesn’t matter. Although both are surnamed Zhou, there is actually no relationship between Yang Guofu and Zhang Liang. What I want to say next is actually a very valuable news. If you plan to buy jewellery diamonds in a short time, the following paragraph will save you a lot of money by exempting you from paying IQ tax. 1. When buying diamonds, you don’t need to be too stubborn to recognize the brand, because there are too many nihilistic things in it. It is not so much a brand premium as it is a business that allows customers to actively go through marketing methods such as celebrity endorsements. Undertake the department that digests higher marketing costs. It is called the brand premium, which is actually the IQ tax. 2. If you know the 4C grading of diamonds, you will understand that the quality of a diamond has nothing to do with the brand of the diamond. Diamonds can only be of the same grade and quality. But because many people don’t understand, the prices of diamonds of the same grade and quality in different brands’ counters are not the same. Foreign brands of the same grade can even double the price difference of domestic brands. 3. The respondent has been with a jewelry supplier in Shenzhen for a while. The reality is that there are basically chain jewelry stores like this kind of chain jewelry stores with hundreds of offline stores, and brands that consume hundreds of thousands of diamonds a year. External OEM OEM supplier. Therefore, they are essentially the same batch of raw materials and the same production process. Therefore, when a smart person buys a diamond ring, they usually contact the supplier instead of actively paying the IQ tax to the brand. As long as people who can contact the “source factory” of jewelry, they can usually get the same diamonds at the counters of most domestic brands at ultra-low prices (or even half price can be obtained directly).

7 months ago

I just bought wedding jewelry last year and ran through all the jewelry stores. Four major jewelry brands in Hong Kong: 1. Chow Tai Fook, founded in 1929. 2. Zhou Shengsheng, originated in 1934. 3. Lukfook Jewelry, founded in 1991. 4. Xie Ruilin, established in 1971. Other brands such as Chow Tai Seng, Saturday Fu, Jinliufu, and Jin Dafu are all following the trend, and some of them have set up their company headquarters in Hong Kong in order to keep up the enthusiasm. However, as long as the material of jewelry is fidelity, it is about design and brand. As long as it is not a luxury brand, it is almost the same where you buy it. What you see is just an eyeball, just like it yourself. Here to talk about the bargaining routines taught by professional sales (these are applicable to chain brands): 1. Generally at least two visits: the first time you just don’t want to buy, first choose the models, try them on, ask for the price, ask for discounts, diamonds, and gold by the way Ask about the weight; take a cell phone or small notebook and write it down. When you leave, add the sales WeChat account by the way (sales will usually take the initiative to add you, Xie Ruilin usually does not, because Xie Ruilin is not allowed to play with mobile phones at work) After selecting the style and brand for the second time, you can visit two more counters of the same brand. , Try on and ask for prices and discounts. 2. Then there is bargaining (specifically refers to K gold and diamonds, gold should not be available, gold can have gifts): aim at bargaining when there is an event, generally the four major discounts can be as low as 15%, and then discounted, or reduced a little. Other domestic follow-up brands generally can be discounted up to 7.8, 7.7 or so, and maybe 30% off for large-scale promotions. Generally speaking, a basic discount is reported first, and you have to take the initiative to ask if there is a discount. (When the other party sees that you are very familiar, it is generally very refreshing.) On this basis, you will rub a discount, wipe a zero, and give something. (Basically every store has promotional gifts) Some brand stores clearly don’t have them, let’s not entangle them. 3. Finally, talk about after-sales service. Generally there are: changing the ring, engraving, refurbishing, cleaning and buying the ring. The key point is whether it is possible to change the ring (adjust the size of the ring), and charge for changing the ring (some free, some 50 times). There is also a free replacement service for the K gold jewelry of Saturday Fortune, but In other words, the one you changed may have been worn by someone else. If you just wear styles, you can consider it. One last thing: jewelry must be tried on, don’t be embarrassed, the effect of jewelry on the upper body is very different from the picture.

7 months ago

Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, and Luk Fook Jewelry In fact, in addition to the two old brands of Chow Tai Fook and Chow Sang Sang, the other surnames above are all “imitations”, which are just hot, and the industry is commonly known as “Porcelain”. It is to use a name similar to that of the old brand to increase its visibility and increase sales. This kind of “touching porcelain” is very common in China. For example, there are many people who know “Pin Duo Duo”, but have you heard of “Pin Xi Xi” and “Pin Shao Shao”, they are here to catch the heat.

7 months ago

If you are buying gold jewelry, then I must say that as a banker, gold trader, and pragmatist, I don’t care about the brand, just like I don’t care which banknote printing company printed the banknotes in my hand. . Both are 20g, and the fineness is 99.99%. Then these two things are the same. As for the logo, it does not affect the value of the two pieces of gold. Therefore, I never think that the brand of gold jewelry has any big impact on its quality, because as long as the content of gold is constant, its quality is indistinguishable. The same principle applies to Ag925, Pt950 and other products. From the perspective of jewelry attributes, it is enough to pay attention to the appearance of a jewelry, not the brand. If the big brand is not good-looking, then what should I do. So, if I want to pick a precious metal jewelry, I will go to all the counters to have a look, and just pick the one that fits my eyes and buy it. If you insist on comparing prices, then I will subtract the cost price of gold according to the quality, and then roughly compare the process fees to see which one is more cost-effective.

7 months ago

It happened that the little girl at home was preparing to get married some time ago and needed to buy gold ornaments. I accompanied them on a lot of shopping and researched. There is no doubt that Chow Tai Fook must be the industry leader. It is the largest jewellery company listed in Hong Kong by market value. After that, the three brands of Chow Sang Sang, Saturday Fook and Chow Tai Sang are also good. [Brief introduction] Chow Tai Fook was founded by Mr. Zhou Zhiyuan in 1929. The first gold shop was on Hongde Road, Henan, Guangzhou. Mainly engaged in traditional gold jewelry, gold ornaments, gold crafts. Chow Tai Fook really became famous in 1956, when the son-in-law of the founder Zhou Zhiyuan and the future “jewelry king” Zheng Yutong vigorously promoted 9999 gold (that is, gold with a gold content of 99.99%). At that time, the gold quality on the market was all 99 gold (that is, 99% of the gold content), and many merchants would charge it as shoddy and sell it with 94 or 95 gold as 99 gold. It is precisely because of this that a good reputation and brand effect have been established. Zhou Shengsheng originated from the gold business of the same name in Guangzhou, China in 1934. The founder, Zhou Fangpu, named Zhou Shengsheng, which means “everything goes back and forth, endlessly”, which not only includes his surname, but also expresses his blessing to the company. In the early days, the products focused on fashion modeling and inlay craftsmanship. In 1983, Zhou Shengsheng also created the golden zodiac. In short, it’s so windy. Founded in 2004, Saturday Fortune is a jewelry company integrating R&D, creativity, marketing and service. At present, Saturday Fu has opened 2,200 national chain stores, and has won a good reputation among female consumers with its unique design and exquisite craftsmanship. The brand implication is also quite good: Zhou means “complete and complete”; Liufu comes from “Book of Books”, which means “blessing of health, blessing of peace, blessing of harmony, blessing of prosperity, blessing of virtue, and blessing of achievement” . In recent years, the products independently developed by Saturday Fu have many breakthrough innovations and novel styles. Coupled with the good meaning of the brand name, Chinese people love to draw a good picture, so they are very popular in the market and have a very good development momentum.
Chow Tai Sang, it is said that in 1966, the overseas Chou family founded the “Dragon & Dragon Company” in Hong Kong to engage in jewelry wholesale. In the 1990s, the Chow Tai Sang Jewelry Co., Ltd. was established as a joint venture with the “Zhou’s Heda” company. The joining speed is very fast, and the style is relatively popular. It should be emphasized here that although Chow Tai Fook, Saturday Fu, Chow Sang Sang, and Chow Tai Sang all start the week, they actually have no relationship other than market competition. Brand strength is part of the selection, and later on, they will be more concerned about their styles and craftsmanship. After all, it is also an important step to enhance taste and temperament. When buying, you can walk around and take a look, it doesn’t hurt.

7 months ago

Li Kuiyu Li Gui said with certainty that there are purely similar names in it. Brands with non-pure motives can’t really have a good impression. Because not only the name, but also the characteristics of copycat products, that is, the quality is not good enough. First pick out the real big brands inside. Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, and Luk Fook are all listed companies on Hong Kong stocks. Both have a long history. All are big brands, with guaranteed quality. Chow Tai Fook and Chow Sang Sang should be the most expensive pure gold prices and labor costs in the industry, and they are also time-honored brands with a history of nearly a hundred years. From the perspective of gold jewelry alone, Zhou Shengsheng looks more fancy and more diverse. The history of Lukfook is not as long as the first two, but as a representative of the Hong Kong product brand, it came to the mainland for development earlier, and it should be linked to tourism promotion. In the early years, guides would take Lukfook to purchase with a group to travel to Hong Kong. In the past, mainlanders like to go to Hong Kong to buy gold jewelry, because the price will be cheaper than the mainland, and there will be more appearances. Chow Tai Fook was founded in 1929, Guangzhou, and operated traditional gold jewelry at that time. Later moved to Macau. It is the largest jewellery company listed in Hong Kong by market capitalization, stock code: 1929. What is special is that it first created 999.9 pure gold jewelry in 1956, which was stipulated as the fineness standard of Hong Kong gold jewelry in the Hong Kong government’s gold product legislation. In terms of product quality, it is a trusted brand. Chow Sang Sang opened a gold bank business in Guangzhou in 1934 and later moved to Macau. In 1973, it became the first listed gold jewellery company in Hong Kong, stock code 116. The special feature is the testing of securities companies and precious metals, and the qualification for gold fineness testing. Luk Fook Luk Fook Group was established in Hong Kong in 1991 and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1997, stock code: 00590. What is special is that the representative of Hong Kong flavor, like Bonjour, Crocodile Shirt, Sizhou and Taixing, is a famous Hong Kong real estate brand. With all due respect, in my opinion, the remaining ones are more like the relationship between Master Kong and Kang Shuaibo. They are very copycats. It can also be said that because sometimes a copycat catches up with development opportunities, it can also be famous or even listed… Zhou Dasheng opened the first counter in 1999, operating in the form of self-employment and franchise. Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2017 with stock code 002867. Complaints about quality problems are often reported. Saturday Fortune was established in 2004, following a radical expansion route. Due to product quality problems, it has repeatedly been on the black list. Jinliufu felt that it was not as good as the above two cottages, because the first reaction was Jinliufu Liquor. Established in 2003, it is also a form of franchise. Was punished for infringing on the trademark of “Lukfook Jewelry”. Jin Dafu was founded in 1997, and there are news that the quality sampling failed, but it feels better than the above two. At least it is designing and selling jewelry, not simply joining the line and charging the initial fee. At this point, several brands that the subject of the question asked have all finished. Counterfeit brands have low prices and poor quality. Jewelry is not a must. If you don’t buy it, it won’t affect your life. But if you buy it, it will be the icing on the cake. You should still buy the good quality, which can be left to future generations. If you buy the impure and bad quality, it will become an obstacle. It is really unnecessary. It was unexpectedly discovered that the first three truly old brands all started in Hong Kong. The last four “cottage” brands are all headquartered in Shenzhen. It may also be close, and found the first opportunity. Take a plausible name, and then set up shop in the Mainland to make money. Don’t be afraid of the same name. What makes people annoyed is that the quality is not good. Cut the leeks as shoddy.

7 months ago

These so-called brands are all products of industrial assembly lines, high-priced gold bars without any distinction. Their craftsmanship does not cost gold bars, and the price is 30%-50% more expensive than gold bars. There are also engravings on the gold bars, and these so-called jewelry stores have no engravings at all. You will never see anything [Made by Chow Tai Fook] and [Made by Lao Fengxiang] on a gold ring, never, because lettering is a nightmare for jewelry, and the cost is too high to pay. The products are not branded, so there is no difference. As for the craftsmanship, there is absolutely no, it is a crude gimmick. This is the same in all gold shops, and they are all industrial products of computer assembly lines. Fudge the uneducated grassroots to buy, and lose money when they buy it, and sell it at a gold store at 85% of the price of paper gold. Why? That’s a brand, it has craftsmanship. Nothing, Dumei has it! What is craft?

7 months ago

There are thousands of jewelry brands in our country, but in general shopping malls, the most common one is Zhou’s jewelry brand. Many friends ask so many jewelry stores, whether it is Chow Tai Fook or Chow Tai Sang, Chow Sang Sang, which one should we choose when buying jewelry? ? Who is authentic? Is there any relationship between them? As a professional in the jewelry industry for ten years, Xin Yu is familiar with these jewelry brands, so I can share with you the origin of Zhou’s brand.

7 months ago

Gold only depends on purity, diamonds only have certificates. As long as they are real gold and real diamonds, it doesn’t matter where you bought them, because the factory that produced it is in water shells. Don’t trim the useless ones, you have to trust the professional ones! More than 90% of the brands on the market are made in water shells, including what you often say. Chow Sang Sang Chow Tai Fook’s orders are also distributed to many factories for processing, but generally they will sign exclusive supply and copyright agreements with the manufacturers. However, the reproduction of gold jewelry products is too easy, there is no difference in craftsmanship, and the shape is 1:1. The product is only in terms of color. More than 30,000 water shells make jewelry, and a new product can be reproduced within two days as soon as possible. Like the hand-held bracelet, it is about five thousand cheaper than the store to customize it directly to the factory. There is no need to care too much about the brand. Purity is important. It is the same if you take it back and melt it.

7 months ago

Ordinary people don’t actually need to know the difference between these brands. From the perspective of value preservation, don’t care about the difference between these brands. After all, the realization is based on the price of gold on the day*. What brand value, style, and gold standard currency are all useless under everyone’s demand for realizing gold jewellery. Gold itself is soft and difficult to shape. No matter how good it looks, it is only temporary. If you wear it for a long time, it will inevitably become deformed and slightly oxidized. It doesn’t keep the way it was when it left the factory. Don’t say anything about the previous process that caused the gold to soften, but now it is solved by adding metal. No matter how you add it, the content of other metals in Thousand Pure Gold is only 0.1%. Is it possible to rely on this 0.1% of other metals to make it harder? Therefore, the craftsmanship, style, beauty, etc., the gold jewelry of various brands will be the same over time. The style is indefinite, but the gold content has a national standard. The national standard “GB11887-8P” stipulates that the gold content is not less than 990‰ as pure gold, and the gold content is not less than 999‰ as thousand pure gold. At the same time, the purity of K gold is also stipulated. The gold content of 8K is not less than 333‰, the gold content of 18K is not less than 750‰, and the gold content of 24K is not less than 999‰. Each open (short for English carat and German karat, often written as “k”) contains 4.166% of gold. 18k=18*4.166%=74.998%, 24k=24*4.166%=99.984%. 24K contains 99% gold, 22K contains 91.7%, 18K contains 75.1%, 14K contains 58.5%, and 12K contains 50%. The gold content cannot be faked. Therefore, there are several principles for buying gold jewelry: 1. Buy 999 gold and 9999 gold. 999 gold is also called a thousand pure gold, with a gold content of 99.9%. It is not much different from 9999 gold (99.99% gold content), but the price is much different. It is specifically reflected in the realization of cash, the ten thousand pure gold will not sell much more than the thousand pure gold. To put it bluntly, a thousand pure gold is the least fooled. 2. Don’t buy K gold. The gold store sales will tell you that K gold does not fade, and the style is good-looking Blala… She will never tell you that K gold is not worth money.

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