It’s normal! ! ! Not only are there more and more people taking the exams for teacher qualification certificates, but more and more people are taking exams for civil servants, institutions, and teachers. Even the number of CPA and CFA testers is increasing year by year. Why is the number of teachers taking exams increasing year by year? ? Hahaha, I’m sorry that I am a non-teacher student, I have contributed three times for the teacher qualification exam with my own efforts! ! Because I can’t take any time off, I have already written two teaching resources, and I am now writing the third one hahaha. As a senior veteran exam tyrant, I think there are many reasons for the increase in the number of students who are taking exams: 1. The teacher qualification exam registration restrictions are very small. The teaching resources are not limited to majors, ages, teachers or non-teachers, fresh graduates or in-service candidates, and zz faces. You can sign up! ! The only restriction is that students in school need to be in the junior year and above to apply for the exam. In terms of academic qualifications, college students can also apply for the exam! ! Some provinces can also apply for junior high school teaching resources! ! Where can I find such a loose exam now? ? ? (o´ω`o)ノThe age limit for all civil service examinations is 35 years old! ! ! 2. The teacher qualification certificate is a necessary condition for becoming a teacher. If you want to apply for the teacher establishment, you must become a teacher with the establishment, and you must hold a teacher certification certificate for the corresponding class and subject. Moreover, our current primary and secondary school teachers are still in short supply, especially in the vast rural areas, where there are many teacher recruitment positions every year, which naturally attracts everyone to actively apply for the exam. 3. The teacher’s welfare is okay. I think it’s okay, there may be gaps in each place. However, the income level of teachers in the local area should still be above the middle level, which is about the same as that of local civil servants, and there are benefits during holidays. Elementary and junior high school teachers are really enviable for two or three months of winter and summer vacation each year. High school teachers are really good for one or two months of winter and summer vacation each year. Winter and summer vacations are especially suitable for me who love to travel. The target is heavy travel enthusiasts who have traveled to 100 countries. The air tickets and hotels are not expensive to avoid the peak holiday seasons! The teacher’s job is also very stable, unless you really have a big problem, such as getting caught outside of school, verbally assaulting students, etc., will be expelled and may be disqualified as a teacher. 4. Now the employment pressure is really too great. The number of college graduates is hitting new highs every year, and the employment pressure is really too great. It is not easy for them to find a job. They will definitely go to research and enrich their resumes and create more job opportunities for themselves. Some of these children who graduate each year will naturally enter the system, and will naturally be diverted to the teacher establishment. Every year, there are many in-service personnel who are severely beaten by the society preparing for the teacher recruitment exam. For example, I hahaha back then. These people are also the main force in the teacher qualification examination. 5. The teacher qualification exam is simple! ! The teacher qualification exam is really simple, but the difficulty will become more and more difficult as more and more people take the exam, so it is recommended that everyone try to get the teaching resources as early as possible. Such as IELTS, TOEFL, Note, and frM, these extremely difficult exams will make many small partners daunted, lose their helmets and unload their armor, and run away. When I was a graduate student, I started to study and prepare for the exam. At that time, there were only five subjects in the exam. I bought the book at that time, after reading a few pages, I gave up immediately, goodbye! But when I was preparing for the teacher qualification certificate, I took a surprise study for a week, and I passed all three subjects at once!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Still take a friend around me as a sample, the phenomenon described in the title does exist. A friend who studied chemistry also went to take the exam, and it was passed. His idea is to get a certificate, if he fails to do what he wants to do, he will go back to his hometown to find a job as a teacher. Now that the employment pressure is high, many people are prepared for multiple hands. Don’t put the eggs in a basket. Take a certificate here and try it out over there. The more prepared you are, the less panic you will be. We came out of the same small county. Before chatting, we both agreed that: For us, there are really few career choices that can become a reality. There are many things that cannot be done without certain resources and means. What really makes us competitive is the diplomas we have in hand, and the certificates for the exam. Otherwise, even if you keep saying that you have the ability, you can’t do it without endorsement. Just take our university students out to talk about it, and the reason for the phenomenon in the question is employment. There are really few opportunities for ordinary people, so there are so many people fighting for it.

6 months ago

From the perspective of students: Students are under great pressure and are confused about the future. Multiple certificates may lead to multiple paths. People around you may be taking the test, so they are also taking the test. Realize the importance of textual research, or have been instilled in the importance of textual research, so I test. From the examination itself: the teacher qualification certificate is relatively easy to take. There is basically no limit to the number of people, just cross the score. The content of the exam is relatively simple, and the accumulation of knowledge in the student days is still useful. I think it’s better to get all kinds of certificates through hard work during college than to get through in a muddle-headed manner. Many people get the certificate, but they don’t necessarily go to the teacher’s editor in the end. But I also have friends who wanted to take a teacher exam after graduation, but regretted that they didn’t take the teacher qualification certificate at the university. Public institution exams are often once a year, and those who have a teacher’s qualification certificate take part directly. Those who don’t have a teacher’s qualification certificate will take the exam first. If it goes well, it will take one year. In other words, when it comes to choices. Those who have the opportunity can go directly, and those who have no chance will have to wait a year at the earliest. There is also an advantage during the university examinations, which is that there is sufficient time for review. Regardless of normal students or non-teacher students, the number of people who test for teaching resources has been increasing year by year, which shows that the number of people who take precautions is increasing. Perhaps, it also shows that for ordinary people, there are not many occupations that they want to choose and can choose, and the establishment is tempting.

6 months ago

Good thing. First of all, even though you have passed the exam, you may not necessarily become a teacher. However, many things we do in this life cannot be viewed solely from a utilitarian perspective. No matter what your original major is, the pedagogy and psychology knowledge involved in the teaching certificate can enrich your original knowledge structure and ideological system. You understand these, even if it is only a superficial understanding, in a long life China can benefit you. Even the trial lectures during the interview can make you more aware of whether you have any advantages in on-the-spot performance and language expression, and whether it is suitable for you to choose a job that requires communication with others in the future. As long as everyone wants to improve themselves and achieve a strong heart, they must reach a reconciliation with their past as they grow up, and they must go through a process of understanding and accepting themselves. Therefore, these pedagogy and psychology knowledge will play a certain role in the process of communicating with others, and in the process of marrying and becoming a parent and educate your own children, so as to enrich your life. Secondly, many people were only seventeen or eighteen years old when they applied for their majors. They didn’t really think about what kind of work they wanted to do and what kind of work they were suitable for. Don’t underestimate the four years between the age of 18 and 22. For a young person, it is enough to broaden their horizons, enrich their knowledge, and make them think more deeply that they had never thought about it four years ago. Many of his problems, including his own life plan. The young people most in need in the education industry are those with a “teaching heart”. That is, people who have enthusiasm for education, love and care for children, and can get a sense of accomplishment and happiness from teaching and educating people. Such people have one thing in common: they want to be teachers. Not because of stability and competitiveness in the marriage and love market, but because they want to be a teacher and want to be a teacher-such a young man, no matter how young and immature he is, is the most suitable person to step into the teaching profession. And many of these young people did not choose a teacher’s major at the beginning. Exams for teaching qualifications gave them another option. Of course, they may still not be able to go to good areas and schools (there will be restrictions on their professional counterparts), but many township schools still do not have so many restrictions on applying for the exam. For example, special post teachers can apply for the exam. After passing the entrance examination, there will be opportunities for transfer and the opportunity to enter the city, and the national policy gradually supports rural education, even if you stay in the countryside, it is not necessarily a bad thing. Finally, there are some young people who may be doing research for the purpose of textual research. They don’t know what they want to do until they graduate. They don’t understand the cruelty of the whole society and the mechanism of operation of all walks of life. They may be relatively blind when applying for jobs. In order to become self-reliant as soon as possible, without spending money at home, before finding a very satisfactory job, many of them go to work with low thresholds and high mobility. At this time, if you have a teaching certificate, plus a general undergraduate degree, it is enough to go to most training institutions. Of course, the life of the training institution will not be very comfortable, it is a mixed place. If you are a fish, your days in a training institution can be a good transition period, and it can also make you more aware of whether you are suitable for the teaching profession; if you are a dragon and have outstanding abilities, you can also stand out in the training institution , Realize your dreams and values. Therefore, whether it is for yourself or society, whether it is spiritual or material, it is a very good phenomenon for students to take a large number of teaching resources, and it is not difficult to obtain this certificate. Come on, boys and girls~

6 months ago

There are many reasons for this phenomenon, mainly in the following aspects: 1. The “foundation” of being a teacher requires our country to attach great importance to the education industry. Even if it is not to enter a school as a teacher, it is just a training class. Teachers also need to have a teacher qualification certificate. As early as 2018, the State Council issued a relevant notice that all off-campus training courses engaged in the teaching of related subjects such as language and mathematics must hold a teacher qualification certificate. For many people who just want to be teachers in off-campus training classes, this requirement is a basic limitation. This is the most basic requirement for a teacher, so more and more people apply for the teacher qualification certificate, but with this The advantage of the certificate is that you can directly be a teacher. 2. The teaching profession is relatively stable. Many people say that the teaching profession is an “iron rice bowl.” The biggest reason is that the profession of teachers is relatively stable, so there is no need to worry about unemployment and other problems. Nowadays, the competitive pressure of job hunting is relatively high, and there are also great competitiveness among enterprises. Some small enterprises may face the risk of bankruptcy at any time. However, the teaching profession does not have to worry about this certainty. This is also a very important advantage of it. Many people choose this profession because of this. 3. Teacher salaries are gradually increasing. Many people have the impression that teachers’ salaries are not very high in the teaching profession. However, in recent years, as the country has paid more and more attention to the teaching team, the salary level of the teaching team has increased a lot. The Ministry of Education has even issued a notice that the salary of teachers in various regions is not allowed to be lower than the average salary of local civil servants. This is good news for teachers, and it is also a good guarantee. Now that the salary and benefits have been increased, there is another advantage for those who choose to apply for the teacher qualification certificate. 4. Enjoy many discounts in life. Those who have a teacher qualification certificate, whether they are teachers in school or not, can get some discounts by showing this certificate in life. For example, you can enjoy half-price discounts at major attractions, and some restaurants each year have certain discounts and concessions for those who have a teacher’s qualification certificate. 5. There are subsidies in some areas. In some provinces and cities, there will be some skill subsidies for those who have certificates. Not only the teacher qualification certificates, but other certificates also have certain subsidies. Although the amount is not a lot, it can be regarded as an income. For those with this certificate, it is also an advantage and benefit. 6. Many people have the mentality of trying it out. Actually, there are so many people who apply for the teacher’s certificate every year, but not many people really get the test. Many people still sign up with the attitude of trying it out and wait until the final exam. At the time, it was basically a “naked test”, and there was not much review, so the chances of passing the test were not very high. However, there are still such candidates applying for the exam every year, which is one of the reasons for the increasing number of applicants, but these candidates have basically become “accompanying runners.”

6 months ago

Joining in the fun, having too many skills but not overwhelming, having multiple certificates and multiple outlets is just an excuse for certain organizations and individuals to fool others. As a normal student, I heard some people discuss topics after the exam, and I only learned the most basic theoretical knowledge, let alone participate in teaching activities in combination with theory. If you don’t be a teacher, your teacher’s qualification certificate will only be eaten up in the box. If you are a teacher, in addition to teaching resources exams, public schools and private schools, many of them require entrance exams. Every entry is required. You can rely on a few months of accelerated education knowledge. Do you think it is enough to pass the entrance examination to become a contract worker? The second is the staffing of teachers. Do you want to test the staff even if you are not up to the contractual level? The last one is the educational institution. Go ahead, and there is a mixed educational institution that can accommodate it. As long as I don’t know what to do, whoever loves what I love. It was just being fooled. I also comforted myself and reported that I was abandoning the test too much temporarily. The teacher is relaxed, this is the biggest joke. Do not listen to the advice of the teacher industry, trust the nonsense of educational institutions. What can you say

6 months ago

There are three main reasons. One is that since the outbreak of the epidemic last year, it has been difficult for graduates to find jobs and start a business. It is relatively stable to work as a teacher after taking the teacher qualification certificate. This is a good choice for most girls. The second is that one more qualification certificate is more likely to be considered for employment. Some students studied hard during the school and took several certificates for future employment. Among them are the teacher qualification certificates, which is to increase the weight for future employment. The third is that the training organization is fooled. Many students have a herd mentality, and they are also influenced by other students. Others have taken the exam, and they have taken one. In short, it does no harm. Coupled with the large-scale publicity of the training institution, they also joined the army of teaching qualifications. In any case, this is good for individuals and for the country.

6 months ago

If many people try their best to make a choice that you think is stupid, then it must be you. Including, but not limited to, giving up high-paying jobs to test civil servants, having a score of 985 to study medicine for both non-profits, and trying hard to test the teacher qualification certificate… I didn’t understand why so many people went to the civil servant test, and hundreds of people competed for one. Jobs cost tens of thousands of training, and many people took the exam for several years. I originally believed that Zhihu’s so-called “advise people to study medicine, thunderstorm”, and I was puzzled as to why the admission scores of medical colleges and universities set new highs every year, which is much higher than that of ordinary majors every year. I didn’t understand why everyone obviously didn’t like the profession of teacher, but they chose to take the teacher qualification certificate, and the number of applicants is increasing year by year. The qualifications for recruiting teachers in primary and secondary schools are getting higher and higher. Who has given these schools the courage? Until I was severely beaten by the society for a few years, I realized that I was a pure waste. I don’t need to say more about the rest.

6 months ago

How can this be treated? The economic environment is not good! I think back when I first went to university, 15-16 years ago, when I went to the school recruitment fair to learn about the employment situation, and talked and laughed with HR of various companies. The HR of a subsidiary of a state-owned enterprise recruiting translators abroad (need to be sent abroad) clearly expressed disdain for the English teacher major… (Statement: This is a personal quality issue of this HR, not the idea that this article wants to convey!) Feng Shui turns Turn, today in 2120. I thought that the company’s life abroad would definitely be very difficult. Perhaps he had regretted it in the dark: Why didn’t I go to a teacher’s school back then and became a stable teacher in China? The economic base determines the superstructure, and the butt determines the head~

6 months ago

The development dividend gradually disappeared, and people began to pursue stable jobs. In addition, the increase in the salaries of civil servants and teachers has also made people more inclined to choose civil servants and teachers. In fact, the craze for teaching resources and civil servants, postgraduate and postgraduate examinations, and state-owned enterprises were almost born together. It is directly enough for undergraduates before 2010. Education is not important. The trend of going to enterprises to make big money is completely opposite. On the one hand, the salary is actually much better than before. On the other hand, corporate squeeze is getting more and more severe. 996 and 35 years old have become the stigma that private companies can never get past. Do you want to make a lot of money, but you can only work until you are 35 years old and get sick, or do you have a stable income and promotion? Everyone knows how to choose.

6 months ago

First: Do not overwhelm your body with a lot of certificates. It is better to have a certificate than without a certificate. Textual research does not mean that you have to participate in the recruitment of teachers. With the certificate, there is an extra layer of protection. Second: The teacher qualification examination itself is not difficult to take, and the degree of difficulty is not high. Third: There is a lot of employment pressure now, and teachers are a very stable job. It is a very safe choice for the current environment where it is difficult to find a job. Fourth: The temptation of teacher establishment. With weaving, it means having [iron rice bowl]. Fifth: Not only is the teacher qualification certificate, other certificates also have certain subsidies. Although the amount is not a lot, it can be regarded as an income. For those with this certificate, it is also an advantage and benefit.

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