At 9:10 am on March 19, local time, the Chinese delegation came to the meeting venue again, and the third session of the China-US High-level Strategic Dialogue officially began. (CCTV reporter Xu Tao)

At 12:02 on March 19th, local time, the China-US high-level strategic dialogue officially ended. The Chinese delegation had walked out of the venue and drove back to the hotel where it was staying. On the 18th and 19th local time, China and the United States held three meetings. This was the first face-to-face meeting between China and the United States since the new US administration took office, and it was also the first high-level contact between China and the United States after the first New Year’s Eve call.

Source: The third session of the China-US High-level Strategic Dialogue officially

After the Sino-US high-level strategic dialogue was officially concluded, Director Yang and Foreign Minister Wang accepted a joint interview with the Chinese media as soon as possible. Yang: This dialogue is beneficial and is conducive to enhancing mutual understanding. The two sides still have important differences on some issues. China will firmly safeguard its national sovereignty, security and development interests. China’s development and growth is unstoppable. The so-called “enhancement of mutual understanding” shows that during this meeting, the Chinese side has informed the United States of all its requirements, and the Chinese side also clearly understands the private ninety-nine of the United States. Obviously, the demands of the two sides are contrary to each other, and no consensus has been reached on important issues. It is not difficult to guess that the US must want to interfere in Xinjiang’s human rights, Taiwan’s status, and Hong Kong’s elections. However, China will never compromise on China’s internal affairs and will never discuss with any external forces. At the same time, Yang’s words also represent China’s attitude: China will resolutely resist and crack down on any external forces that want to interfere in China’s “sovereignty, security and development interests”; China will resolutely remove any stumbling block that hinders China’s development. China is not a vassal of the United States, and there is no need to please the United States in exchange for ostensible support. China’s status and achievements today are achieved by the Chinese people through their own efforts. China will resolutely defend its sovereignty and the fruits of its labor. To encircle China and isolate China will not work, and it will definitely fail. Wang Yi: China conducts dialogue with sincerity, because dialogue is better than confrontation, but dialogue must be conducted in the spirit of mutual respect and seeking common ground while reserving differences. It cannot unilaterally pull orders and raise prices. The male god’s words stated that China did come to the meeting with a problem-solving attitude and sincerity. China and the United States are major countries in the world, and it is best not to be tit-for-tat if they can get together. However, the U.S. was blindly arrogant and unreasonable during the meeting, and was full of prejudice against China. Trying to rely on the United States’ international status would turn the meeting into a single word. Not only did it fail to resolve the problem, it did not even have basic respect. Such “unilaterally pull orders and raise prices” talks have highlighted the hegemonism of the United States, but China is not afraid, does not back down, and does not buy it. Today is different from the past. Russia, Britain, the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Spain, and the Netherlands can suppress the Qing government, but cannot suppress the Chinese. The tone is even more so that in the next 120 years, the Chinese people will no longer be oppressed and frustrated by imperialism, and be able to stand upright as citizens. China clearly pointed out to the US that sovereignty and territorial integrity are major issues of principle. The US should not underestimate China’s determination to defend national sovereignty, security, and development interests, or underestimate the Chinese people’s will to safeguard national dignity and legitimate rights and interests. After the Sino-US meeting, the US State Department spokesperson Porter spoke out loudly: “The United States will not allow China’s exaggerated diplomatic rhetoric to succeed.” He even strongly urged China to release spies that endanger China’s national security such as Kang Mingkai. But as China clearly pointed out: “The U.S. should not underestimate China’s determination to defend national sovereignty, security, and development interests, and the Chinese people’s will to uphold national dignity and legitimate rights and interests.” If the U.S. insists on going its own way, you might as well listen to Martyr Wang Wei and Martyr Wang Wei. Minjinyu 5179 represents the voice and warning of the Chinese people: “This is Chinese territory, please leave immediately.” “This is Chinese territory, you have crossed the line, please evacuate immediately.” “This is Chinese territory, and Chinese territory will not move forward. yield.”


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

After the third session of the Sino-US High-level Strategic Dialogue, I remembered a few poems, Qi Lv Zhong Shan, the wind and rain turned yellow, millions of heroes crossed the river. The tiger and the dragon beat the past, turning the world upside down and generous. It is advisable to chase the poor with the courage left, but not to be the overlord of fame and learning. If the sky is sentimental and the sky is also old, the right path in the world is the vicissitudes of life. The waves scoured the sand and the heavy rain fell on Youyan, the white waves were overwhelming, and the fishing boats outside Qinhuangdao. Without seeing a vast ocean, who knows where to turn? The past is more than a thousand years old, Wei Wu waved his whip, and there is a legacy in the east of Jieshi. Xiao Se Qiufeng is here again today, changing the world. There are a few flies hitting the wall in the small globe full of red river. Buzzing, screaming, and sobbing. Ants are bound to exaggerate the country, and the mayfly shakes the tree is easier said than done. Under Chang’an under the westerly wind and falling leaves, Fei Ming Dy. How many things are always anxious; the world is turning, time is short. ten thousand years is too long, fight for now. The seas are tumbling, clouds and water are raging, and the five continents are shaking and thunderous. To wipe out all pests, invincible. Nian Nujiao Kunpeng spread his wings, 90,000 miles, turning and swinging the horns. Looking down with the blue sky on his back, they are all fortresses on earth. The artillery fire, with bullet marks everywhere, frightened the tentacles. How come, oops, I want to leap. Asking where you are going, Que’er replied: There is Fairy Mountain and Qiong Pavilion. Not seeing the autumn and the moon of the previous year, three treaties were concluded. There is also something to eat, the potatoes are cooked, and beef is added. No need to fart! Try to see the world turned upside down.

7 months ago

My father is a fan of military affairs, and Central Qitai is always his favorite. He watched every National Day military parade, and he was fascinated by it. He once wanted to send me to the army, just because I failed the medical examination and failed. His greatest wish is to see Taiwan return in his lifetime, and China is strong. Unfortunately, he passed away due to illness in 2014. I hope I can help him see a China that is so strong that no one can touch it. I hope I can see the motherland. Unify. New China has never bent its knees. It used to be poor and weak, and even less when it is strong. We have principles and bottom lines. We are willing to talk, but the United States must respect us equally. Stop trying to provoke civil unrest in China, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan, our own place, we have the ability to solve it. The mountains and rivers are intact, and the prosperous times are as you wish. I will get to know you again during the Qingming Festival this year.

7 months ago

Do you want to buy U.S. Treasury bonds? All the foreshadowing is for this matter, tacitly. Negotiation is just a process, and the result is the negotiation that the two sides had long anticipated. The most inferior choice, all-round, but the attitude is basically clear and impossible. The results of the middle and lower interests, take the part, and compromise. There is a probability. If the result of medium benefit is to take part, you have to change something. Maximum probability. As a result of middle and upper interests, take care of my business and turn around and run away. The second possibility. First-class profit results, take care of my business, and then bring things. impossible. I hope that the motherland will come back with a middle and upper benefit, and it will be cool to scold me, and I will get stuck with the neck technique. The shit bowl in the United States really can’t take it. There will be countless times in the future.

7 months ago

The global landscape has indeed undergone qualitative changes. In the next 30 years, China has two very big certainties: According to the long-term plan, China’s GDP will definitively surpass the United States and become the world’s largest by 2035. Economy: In the second 100 years, 2049, the global pattern will change from “I am 70% to the United States” to “I am 70% to the United States.” Moreover, according to the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, the Politburo Meeting, and the Economic Work Conference last year, our economy will undergo transformation, reduce inflation and interest rate pressures, restore ecological balance, and control the anxiety caused by the disorderly expansion of capital. Director Yang concluded at the meeting: “The Chinese people are smart, and we can’t get stuck if they want to get stuck. History will prove that the one who gets stuck on China is the one who suffers in the end.” In the same way, if we are both different. This kind of entity has no cognition of China’s deterministic development process, and does not establish the thinking of “doing more China”, then the future is bound to be very tormented.

7 months ago

When the Shimonoseki Treaty was signed in 1895, Li Hongzhang pleaded bitterly: “Taiwan is already the meat of your mouth, why are you so anxious?” Ito Hirobumi said: “I haven’t swallowed my stomach yet, I’m very hungry…” In 1900 When the “Xin Chou Treaty” was signed, the Qing government was stunned by the guns of a cannon to sign on the forehead, garrison, cede territories, and make indemnities, “to measure the material resources of China, and make the country happy.” When the “Versailles Contract” was signed in 1919, European and American powers could ignore the Chinese representatives and directly sell China’s Qingdao to Japan… The Beiyang government even prepared to sign the contract… In 1945, the Kuomintang government and the United States signed the “America’s Aerial Photography Agreement in China” “To ensure that the U.S. plane has full rights to conduct military investigations in China’s airspace. In the same year, the Kuomintang government and the United States signed the “International Monetary Fund Agreement” to ensure the United States’ monopoly on Chinese currency. In 1946, the Kuomintang government and the United States signed the “Chengdu-Chongqing Railway Construction Agreement”, confirming that the United States has the right to sub-railway; in the same year, the “Sino-U.S. Aviation Agreement Draft” was signed, confirming that the United States had China’s airspace rights; in the same year, the “China-U.S. Three The Ten-Year Dock Secret Agreement confirms that all China’s seaports and US warships are free to enter and use; in the same year, the Sino-US Gendarmerie Joint Service Protocol was signed, confirming that Americans have “extraterritorial rights” in China; in the same year, the Sino-US Friendship was signed Treaty of Commerce and Navigation, all of China’s territory and all undertakings will be opened to the United States… In 1949, during the Liberation War, our army shelled the British warship “Amethyst”. Since then, foreign warships are not allowed to enter China’s inland rivers. The Jiang dynasty fell, and New China did not recognize all unequal treaties or all the privileges and interests of imperialism in China. The teacher said: “Farewell, Stuart.” In 1951, the Korean armistice negotiations were held in Kaesong. The U.S. used all means and did not gain any advantage. The instructor said: “What is not available on the battlefield is not available on the negotiating table”; “How long will the war last? It’s not our decision, it’s decided by Eisenhower or some other American president. We will fight for as long as they want, and we will fight until the victory is complete.” The final armistice agreement was signed in Panmunjom. The general said: “The era when the imperialist countries can enslaved a nation by setting up a few cannons on the eastern coast is gone forever!” In 2018, the Trump administration of the United States initiated a campaign against China. In the “trade war”, our side initiated reciprocal sanctions, and said: “If you want to fight, we will accompany you to the end!” In 2021, the diplomatic team of the Biden administration of the United States made small moves at the China-US talks, being arrogant and rude, and continued to be imperialist. Robber’s face. Our side said: Please weigh your own strength.

7 months ago

Yesterday, the two sides played against each other in the first round, and the two young factions on the US side fell behind, and there must be a lot of convergence in the subsequent talks. In the second and third rounds of talks, many topics were discussed. In fact, just talk about it, after all, there are too many things to communicate. The two sides closed the door and confessed to each other, letting each other know the boundaries of competition and cooperation. Blincoln has a prominent family and aspiring youth, but he obviously doesn’t understand China. What about the so-called Chinese think tanks in their team? It is suggested that they should at least read Lee Kuan Yew’s “Lee Kuan Yew on China and the World”. Lee Kuan Yew made it very clear in his book: China absolutely cannot accept the Western democratic and free things. What Chinese people care about is the unity of the country and the strength of the nation. Only those who truly understand China can understand that the unity of the country and the strength of the nation are the soul of China. These things may be really incomprehensible to Americans who have only a history of more than 200 years. In an interview with reporters after the talks, Foreign Minister Wang Yi replied loudly. We clearly pointed out to the US that sovereignty and territorial integrity are major issues of principle. On these issues, the US should not underestimate China’s safeguarding of national sovereignty, security, and development interests. Determined not to underestimate the will of the Chinese people to defend national dignity and legitimate rights and interests. I will enter China without regrets in this life, and I will still grow flowers in the next life. May I see you over the world in the rest of my life

7 months ago

What impressed me most about this negotiation was actually a concept. The United States is not equal to the world. American thinking is not universal, correct, or morally high. In particular, the United States’ interpretation of its values ​​is usually the opposite of its actual behavior, which shows that the so-called universal values ​​are more often used by the United States to endow them with moral justice—a well-known tool. Otherwise, how do you explain Saudi Arabia? How to explain Jiang Baldou? How do you explain Park Jeong-hee? How to explain a large number of independent warlords during the Cold War? American values ​​exist and exist. But this concept is more of a public opinion propaganda function as a diplomatic means, rather than their actual performance. It is not that universal value itself is wrong, what is wrong is that the United States uses it as a tool of diplomatic strategy. What’s wrong with the United States is that through propaganda, whether it is media or entertainment, it repeatedly binds itself to universal values ​​and molds itself into the incarnation of universal values, as if their words and deeds are clearly for the national interest, but But it is shining with the light of universal value. As a superpower, the United States has always emphasized safeguarding the existing international order and situation. But is this correct? Is our contemporary international situation fair? Is it just? When the vast third world in Alabama is trapped in hunger, cold and poverty, when there are still people in the world suffering from starvation and freezing, or in the pandemic of war, who would dare to talk so loudly? China’s development is generally more positive than negative to the world-if the world is not confined to developed countries in Europe and America.

7 months ago

In fact, everyone has a clear mind about what the United States wants and what China wants. What China wants is: lift the sanctions on Chinese technology companies, lift the tariffs on the trade war between the two sides, stop hostile propaganda against Xinjiang and Hong Kong, what Meng Wanzhou wants to return to the United States is: to achieve trade balance, China purchases a large number of American products, Including Boeing and other orders, buying a considerable amount of U.S. Treasury bonds to ease the United States’ financial difficulties, maintain China’s technological advantage (maintain the 5g ban on Huawei), maintain the suppression of China’s economy, and maintain the confidence of allies in the United States. Obtain greater economic and political benefits for the hostages and safely resolve the detention of two Mikes in Canada. In fact, this is all clear at a glance, but what China wants is equal exchange. You take a penny of goods and exchange for my penny, you lift the sanctions against me, and I will talk about the purchase of goods. What do you want? I have to change everything. But the U.S. wants too much, and he doesn’t want to change everything for a penny, so he is very contradictory. On the one hand, he wanted to intimidate, hoping that China would agree to all his conditions, and on the other hand, he did not dare to tear his face when China responded with cold politics. The United States will not be reconciled to a thorough confrontation, nor can it make up its mind. Sitting down and negotiating, I felt that I couldn’t get the conditions I wanted no matter what. I also fantasize about using little tricks and tricks to squeeze something out. Then the current situation in the United States requires the current government to immediately resolve the actual financial problems. This makes the U.S. government vacillate, fidget, and retreat, fighting but not wanting to fight, and not wanting to make peace. It will talk cruelly, negotiate again, get angry, calm down, and the entire United States is in neurotic anxiety. The state is unpredictable. In fact, to put it bluntly, the current strength and status quo of the United States no longer match the pride and self-esteem of the American people, and American politicians conceal this fact from the American people to gain political benefits, but after taking office they are unable to fulfill these promises. This has led to the United States. The schizophrenia of China policy.

7 months ago

After a big quarrel in the opening remarks yesterday, the outcome of the Sino-US Alaska dialogue was far better than the worst-case scenario, or in other words, the talk was still good. Not only did the two sides finish all three rounds of talks, they did not stop talking, but at the press conferences they held after the dialogue, both sides said that the dialogue was “frank” and both mentioned the word “cooperation” to find or expand. Through this dialogue, both parties have learned more about each other, and have accepted the reality of each other’s toughness, and are willing to find possible cooperation points in this extremely unfriendly atmosphere. If the two countries can work actively and expand their strategic patience, and instead of letting the relationship between the two countries spiral down, but can stabilize the current situation, and allow such positive efforts to exist, I think such a Sino-US relationship is just unsatisfactory. , Non-destructive. In the final analysis, as two world powers, the Sino-US relationship is not only a bilateral relationship, but also related to regional and global peace and development. Strength also means responsibility, not only serving the interests of its own people and the country, but also for the world. Provide public goods. I hope that in the future, the US can seriously reflect on the psychological model of dealing with China, change its zero-sum game thinking, give up confrontation, and conduct extensive and candid discussions on issues of mutual respect based on mutual respect, so that Sino-US relations can return to health. The stable development track also builds a stronger framework for the future of Sino-US relations.

7 months ago

I remember going to a meeting abroad once. Obviously our official language is Chinese, and the other party’s official language is also our own. As a result, both sides of the meeting used English to communicate. And this is not a civil meeting, but a national ministerial meeting for regional cooperation. Although this may indeed save time and cost, I still feel very uncomfortable. From the private to the official, our country sometimes thinks too much about the other side. The right to speak, the right to speak, even if you can’t use your own language, you can still talk about the right to speak. Therefore, I hope that the country will issue a rule in the future: Public servants must speak Chinese when meeting outside.

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