There are really not many people who can resist the temptation in the face of money. Although the game prowess of classmate Rat has been exposed face to face by pdd, his personality has been affirmed by pdd and also by netizens. Such a person with strong self-control can actually do other things without playing games. Very good, trusted by others, and able to take responsibility. Even for classmate Rat, in the face of the fact that the team has been corrupted to the root, they can only avoid the competition by pretending to be sick, and there is no way to refuse directly. People, they kneel to earn money and are not too cold. But the information revealed in the live broadcast is chilling. The extent of the LDL fake match this time is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many things that pdd didn’t say or don’t know, which have already happened or are happening. The level of commercialization of LDL is not enough to support the daily expenses of the teams, and the cost has risen even after the commercialization of LPL. After the capital has entered, the price of players has been greatly increased, resulting in excessive club expenses. In addition, the temptation of BC is too great. With a salary of 10,000 and a BC of 600,000, most of the players who are caught in it are probably unable to hold it. No way, the road to rectify fake matches is long, and the key is how to increase revenue and reduce expenditure is the top priority. According to the current development model, more than half of the LDL club’s expenditure will exceed the income. If the BC is broken, the money will be cut off. Who will stay there at that time.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

If an actor is done before registering as a professional player, it shouldn’t be a big problem. FPX’s Beichuan is also Xiaoyuji’s thugs, if xun planted Beichuan, he would not be able to run. Of course, there is also an ancient predecessor, Promise Promise. I don’t think Xiao Yuji’s so-called ldl is really true. The chat time in the picture is March 7, 2020, and xun’s first appearance was April 2020, so when the conversation happened, xun hadn’t played on ldl. After the game, not to mention IGY is known for its strict management. It is almost impossible to fight a fake game at IGY.

7 months ago

The day before Bo and FPX surrendered, he also posted a Weibo saying that there was a player from the S championship club involved in a gambling game, and he had to break the news at 10 points to coerce Bo into a counterfeit match in FPX, which also gave Bo a consideration. Over time, Bo immediately ran to surrender and deleted the Weibo after he surrendered. If you think about it for a little bit, you know, a person who has Kandi’s fake game recording and Wei Yan’s fake game chat record, besides participating in the fake game, who can contact the players for the fake game? He had posted a post in the Anti-Pressure Bar before, and the people in the Anti-Pressure Bar were very polite to him, and lined up to ask questions. After the anti-bar post was moved to Hupu, no one scolded him. Obviously, the fake trader who can’t be more obvious, why is no one scolded?

7 months ago

I don’t believe that the PDD counterfeiting match started from the tiger pounce. Those who play Tiger Punch during this period should be aware that almost every day someone is washing BO, saying that he is being threatened, how difficult it is, that he should not be suspended for a long time, and he must be unblocked as soon as possible. At the same time, the BO counterfeiting match was in ESY. ES shareholders used to have PDD. Because of suspicion, Hupu started to attack PDD frantically, blacking him for cancer and blacking him for hope elementary school. BO, has been beaten by a real hammer, but the navy has been washing him, saying that he was forced; and the PDD in the suspicion stage was scolded so badly, and the PDD with such “rich and powerful means” has no water. The army washes him, outrageous! That’s ridiculous! If PDD is really behind the scenes, public opinion does not stop there; at least while washing the BO, PDD should also be washed; but no one has been scolding for the counterfeit match, only the PDD, I have to wonder if the real dealer is protecting the BO and transferring at the same time Firepower? The older generation of e-sports people are really sentimental. Although this “older generation of e-sports people” sounds ridiculous now, in his era of PDD, playing professionally is a very pure thing, and there is only one goal. –champion. As everyone knows, Xiaoxiao, Ruofeng, these people almost used their own money to play games in the early stage, not for anything else, just for the championship. Before the factory and PDD had no money, they had to take orders to make ends meet. When there is a relegation, PDD hopes to be able to break into the LPL, but every time YM opponents are too powerful. Three consecutive jumping IM, relegation emperor doinb, Hou Ye, Wei Shen, Sima old thief these people. In the finals of the 2016 Spring Split, YM played against EDE, losing 2 to 3. EDE was renamed IM after entering the LPL. They also entered the S game that year and became the legendary team that completed the triple jump; the 2016 spring game was promoted and relegated. We competed with the HYG team for promotion, and finally lost 3 to 2; in the 2016 summer finals, our opponent was NBY led by Doinb, and we were finally defeated 3 to 2; in the 2016 summer relegation competition, we again I met the OMG led by the relegation emperor Sima Laozie; in the 2017 spring competition finals, I met the wolf line and the SN led by Avoidless who helped the team twice in the LPL, and lost the game 0 to 3; the 2017 spring competition relegation competition, We met LGD led by godv and was taken away 3-0. In the 2017 summer game, the promotion was cancelled. At that time, we played against VG led by easyhoon, and finally lost the game 1 to 3 (from PDD Weibo) PDD It is said that YM lost 10 million in the early stage. Everyone thinks that it is outrageous. Where did PDD get so much money to lose, it must be a counterfeit match. In fact, PDD was a joint venture with a few people at the time. This money is considered to be PDD and a few people. Each shareholder lost 10 million together, and when PDD was in Panda, it had an income of 30 million a year without some endorsements. This is written on the court’s judgment, no one thinks it is false, right? 30 million a year, five or six years of live broadcasting, plus advertising revenue, the assets of over 100 million are really not much. After all, I ate the live broadcast bonus and signed the contract when the platform competition was fierce. Then coupled with the high popularity at the time and the good program effect (now live broadcast is indeed a draw), I signed the best salary. After that, the league cancelled the promotion and changed it to the development league. At this time, the RNG group of all-China classes found PDD, and hoped that he would sell Xiao Ming to RNG and offered a price of 5 million. PDD felt that he could not enter the LPL, plus I went to RNG to assist the puppy. In order not to delay Xiao Ming, I chose to send Xiao Ming to RNG. At that time, Xiao Ming actually said that he hoped to follow PDD and did not want to go to RNG. PDD felt very moved, but there was no way. RNG made a half-fold and sent Xiao Ming to RNG, and most of the transfer money was also given to Xiao Ming. After that, Ning was also loaned to IG.
These two sales of players made PDD unexpectedly discover that it can still make money like this, so YM took advantage of the trend and transformed its youth training team to specialize in training powerful young players to LPL. There are people like Ming, Ning Knight, Tian, ​​Qiya, Xiaolongbao, wei, cryin, rat, etc. Or, when relegated, PDD puts the team into the LPL and sells places. Isn’t it possible to make more money? Just like a QG boss, if you enter LPL to sell quotas, then buy an LSPL quota, then enter the LPL, and sell it twice. Don’t people still make money? YM has produced two MVPs in the S game and has a good reputation. PDD does not need to risk a fake match, which will ruin itself. Isn’t it good to train players to gain both fame and fortune? Selling players to make money is in conflict with counterfeiting matches. Like FPX, because BO fake matches have been hit hard; all club owners know that you fake matches, they can’t buy your players; the same is true for PDD’s YM, so the former coach found fake matches. , And hurriedly reported it to the official the next day. Today’s PDD live broadcast, it was revealed that former coach Zhou Xingchen was still working in other clubs of LDL, and he was named to kill this person; but this matter also offended LDL and proved the corruption and incompetence of LDL! If someone had previously questioned that PDD was looking for a “scapegoat”, but in this live broadcast, PDD has forced the “scapegoat” to a dead end, and he does not need to mention it, so I think he is more like “killing a chicken and beating a monkey.” Looking at the whole thing, I was more shocked. Why is Zhou Xingchen, who has been suspended for three years, still in the MAX club? Why can I still earn money in LDL? Why can you still appear in the backstage lounge of the players? Can the people who reported the club report and the league announcement deal continue to mix in other clubs? The interests here are involved and connected, and it really can only be said that LDL sucks! On the other hand, LPL’s brainless copying of the NBA system is a particularly stupid behavior. There is no relegation match in LDL, what is the significance of LDL bosses spending millions of teams a year? Anyway, they can’t make it to the LPL. If they don’t play fake matches, how can they make money back? The teams behind the LPL are completely used by the teams in front to score points. They are particularly rubbish. Anyway, they will not lose their ranks and are even more unscrupulous. In this case, did they renounce themselves and fight fake matches? So this is the root cause! There is no hope for the people at the bottom, and the people at the bottom of the top are all messing around. In the end, everyone simply abandons themselves for profit and makes money through fake matches. It can only be said that the system of the alliance, the management of the alliance, the ecology of the alliance, the problem is too big, it is really too big. Take advantage of this opportunity to rectify, and if you don’t rectify, the LPL is really gone, it sucks…

7 months ago

There are reasons and evidence to refute one by one.

It was shocked to see the scar on his stomach.

This wave of response is quite powerful, but I don’t know if the phone exploded after the broadcast.

I’m a little curious about what doinb’s PR is, he feels it’s a mortal thing over there.

7 months ago

About the Bo incident. Before the game, there was a man named Xiong who found ES.Y manager Amao and asked him to find players to play a fake match. Amao went to Laofei (top laner), Rat (ADC), and Bo (jungle) respectively. Among them, Laofei and Bo both participated, and Rat didn’t pretend to be sick on the day of the game. Before the game, he told spunk (the top order) that he would lose the next game. Spunk asked a Lei to buy esy and lost, and afterwards gave a part to Bo. After Bo went to FPX, Mo Lei asked Bo to play a fake match in FPX. Brother Xiong, Moulei, and Huang Tianxiong (Weibo: Yue 20411) are communities of interest for information sharing. Among them, Kangdi’s fake game voice and Wei Yan’s chat records were also exposed by Huang Tianxiong. After Bo refused repeatedly, Huang Tianxiong began to threaten him. After that, Bo confessed to FPX.

7 months ago

YM and Xiao Yuji’s holiday: When Xun was about to sign YM before, Xiao Yuji contacted Xiaoma and threatened that she had a black history of Xun’s counterfeiting match as an actor and uzi doinb and others. If Xun signed YM and became famous in the future She would burst out these black materials and ruin him. Xun ran away on her own the next day, and later Xiaoyu Ji introduced XUN to IG, earning an introduction fee from it. Therefore, YM doesn’t believe in Xiao Yuji’s people, and is worried that the signed players will be threatened by some black material at any time.

7 months ago

Estar merged with v5. Bo was first sold to Suning after V5, and Suning was sold to FPX. During this period, they had nothing to do with pdd. Because before the merger of Estar and V5, estar experienced a tear-up. The senior Liu Hao who had been close to him had been cleared during the tear-up, so he also directly withdrew the shares of ES. The first time I met Bo was also during the Chinese New Year this year. The following are some chat records about pdd and es. The chat records indicate that pdd wants to appeal to es. At that time, es jungle wei sold 1500W

7 months ago

The suspended coach Zhou Xingchen and the fake match leader Huang Tianxiong, even if they know they are operating the fake match and intimidating the players, but they lack key evidence and cannot convict them. They can even live better and better. This is also a fake match. The reason for the rampant. Players and coaches are easily corrupted by money when their monthly salary is only a few thousand to ten thousand. Some even threaten players directly by threatening their careers. Players want to resist but have no way to compromise. esy’s adc is the player who pretended to be sick on the day of the game mentioned earlier. After going to the LPL, and learning that this was his last game, and then he was about to be replaced on the bench, someone offered him a fake match for 60W, but he still chose to refuse.

7 months ago

After watching the live broadcast of PDD, I wondered why after Bo was confirmed to have a fake match, PDD gradually fell into the turmoil of public opinion? Even so far, no evidence about his match-fixing has been exposed, but pdd has to spend money and effort to produce evidence in response to various rumors and slanders? Just because he had invested in estar, is this fair to PDD? Is it really appropriate for some people to use others to donate to elementary school or get sick to make vicious jokes without a bottom line? I know that in the current environment, everyone hates the fake match. Fujii’s punishment for the fake match is ineffective. The audience needs a vent to vent their dissatisfaction with the fake match and Fujii’s dissatisfaction. But I think this vent should not be PDD. Such a person who has brought great help to e-sports should not use him to vent at least until there is evidence. Shouldn’t the black pot of the fake match be carried by Huang Tianxiong, Mr. Lei, and manager esy who manipulate the fake match and intimidate the players? These people can get away with it, let an unrelated PDD be scolded, and have to investigate the case in person after scolding, and what is the logic of paying to improve the environment? The coach who is reported by YM and suspended from the game can change clubs to continue recruiting. Is there any problem with the club that accepts him? There is evidence that Xiao Yuji is an actor in a fake match of xun. Isn’t it possible that Xiao Yuji’s play shop specializes in training players for future fake matches or as a den of canyon actors? People like Huang Tianxiong and Mou Lei have been found out, and they all know their identities, so how can the official conviction be convicted? Now all kinds of problems have been put on the table by pdd, and I look forward to how the officials and those involved will respond.

7 months ago

As far as the currently known evidence is concerned, it can be judged that pdd did not participate in the fake match for the time being, unless there is other information later.
To be honest, pdd can be mixed to this level. I don’t believe it if he is “Bing Qing Yujie”, but the people who maliciously spread rumors and slander and can’t come up with a real hammer are dirty from the inside to the outside, right?

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